31 January 2012

Craig Bellamy is LFC's man of the hour

Craig Bellamy to prove he is our man of the hour. - REUTERS

Liverpool FC have won just one of the last six in the Barclays Premier League and away from Anfield taken maximum points in just one of the last five. What a sickening stats, if you ask me. What made it worst, the failure to register a winning game came in the matches against the supposedly easy to win. It may sounds arrogant but hey, we just defeated Manchester City and Manchester United last week, how in the hell we failed to beat Bolton Wanderers and oh... all the bottom clubs. 

So tonight (3.45am Malaysia), the Reds are looking for their first league win of 2012 having drawn one and lost two of the three games played. After that momentous week, of course every one of us expect LFC to win tonight, some more against Wolverhampton, a club that stand on the verge of relegation at 19th place.

If you have read the stats, you must be fuming like me (a bit, may be?), Liverpool and Wolves have each scored 25 league goals this season. Isn't that slowly inducing you to ponder? We have a very very serious issue of goal scorer!

Fortunately while our main striker Luis Suarez is sitting his eight matches ban, this Welsh man emerged as our saviour. Craig Bellamy has been a true sensation. At the age of 32, people may have thought him as a player who is almost at the end of his career. After all, not many like him. Craig has been labelled as a tough guy, who would protest aloud, not only to the ref or opponents but also to his own team mates and even his own manager. Guess what happened between him and Roberto Mancini at Manchester City?

Interestingly, Craig seems to be at ease with Kenny Dalglish. I guess the story we heard that the relations between a Scott and a Welsh has been traditionally harmony for ages. We do hope Craig and Dalglish would forever stays in good favour of each other. It is important because Dalglish has proved that he is practising the rotation system religiously. Bellamy was not in the starting line-up in the Manchester United match, even though he was the man of the match a few days before in killing off Manchester City to advance LFC into the final of Carling Cup. Bellamy was subs in the last 10 minutes. 

Apparently, Craig is prepared for tonight's game. However, at the time of writing, I'm still unsure if Dalglish would start Craig or still insisting on Andy Carroll to prove himself to all of us. Yes, Carroll did his best and could have shown his best game ever in the last 35 games he played for LFC. It's never too late. Though I must say, while we enjoy an interesting win in the Carling and FA Cup against the big guns, we must never let our points slip any further down south. We have to win the match against Wolves and for me, Craig Bellamy is the man of the hour to bring victory to our team and the much-sought after three points.

I shall sleep for a few hours, then wake up at 3.40am. See you guys then. YNWA

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