01 February 2012

A breath of relief to beat Wolves

what A RELIEF! and oh what a FEELING! It as if Andy Carroll needed to  be `threaten' to get a sack for him to score.

All the fear was swiftly put aside with that brilliant performances by the Liverpool FC squad in securing the much-wanted 3 points against Wolverhampton Wanderers last night. There were no hangover, no deja vu, no stupid after-the-big-match-must-lose syndrome. In fact, what's on show was completely opposite. It was a continuity from the crazee double whammy against the two Manchester team last week as the three goal proves. 

We were absolutely confident that Craig Bellamy would again wreck havoc into the opponent team, and were betting on hard currency that Dirk Kuyt would continue scoring. Both prediction went well, of course. But the surprised package was Andy Carroll. After 36 games of unbelievable run, at last Andy scored. Not with his head but his lethal left foot.

Well, I don't intend to write too long on this game, as many of you would have saw it yourself. I intend to watch the game again tonight. Watching the game at 3.45am Malaysia time was a torrid way to enjoy the match but apparently, we still have to endure many games at such a horrible time. Next is Tottenham Hotspur at 4am on February, 7th (Tuesday). You'll never wake up alone and You'll never watch alone.

As I have said, the man of the hour: Craig Bellamy was again the MAN OF THE MATCH in the defeat of Wolverhampton last night.
Dirk Kuyt to Milan? He can go there to shop with his wife, but  Dirk Kuyt is here to stay  in Liverpool FC.

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