30 November 2008


$1) This is because they are playing rubbish. They beat Man. U but couldn't stop been hacked 5 times themselves.

2) Average age is 23 years old and that's why none can accept Gallas as their contemporaries. The result? Total chaos.

3) Lost their title challenge as early as November 2008. And some die-hard fan still believe Arsenal will emerge as the champion... by hoping Chelsea, Liverpool and Man.U to lose 5 times also. Which if its granted, the eventual winner would be Aston Villa. hahaha....

1) Anelka must be smiling to see that his touch has resulted in quite a satisfying number of goals. He knows Drogba will fight for his place, soon. Though every one seems to notice that Drogba is fighting his place in some other team in Italy...

2) Relying on referee's sympathy and bias to win, though on a few occasion it was vice verse. The sentiment among the opposition fan remain intact that is : Chelsea is a filthy-rich club, spurred by a Soviet multi-millionaire and so that they must be crushed. At least tonight, Arsenal will do their job. I hope laaa

1) Of all things written here today, nothing compares of how much I hate Manchester United. I hate their players, the manager, the fans and even the fans spotting their car-stickers. I just feel like to ram their rear with my truck.

2) Tonight, Man. City will prove their expensive signing of Robinho is worth every penny. Lets just hope Robinho is playing. hehehe...

# All the signages were taken from the Internet without permission

28 November 2008

CHELSEA & MAN.U to lose this weekend!


B) MAN. CITY 2 - MAN. U 1

Chelsea vs Arsenal 30 Nov (this is not a preview, rather a wish...)


Bonus show in most of Chelsea-Arsenal game : THE BRAWL

I'm not obnoxious though I might be guilty as charged by posting this article. What with the title Chelsea-Arsenal? Aren't this blog supposed to be Liverpool only? hehehe...
Our own game against West Ham is on Tuesday 4am and I'm not sure if ESPN will aired it live. The other issue is that if I can stay awake on working days... Luckily it was against Zola's team. If I missed the game, it won't hurt me that much.
So what do you do while waiting for Tuesday to come? Lets make fun of the rivals game, in particular Chelsea vs Arsenal. The other one - Manchester derby is a lame occasion. May be some people might want to see the duel between Robinho and Ronaldo. But Gallas vs Chelsea is more intriguing and mouth-full.
Personally as a Liverpool fan, I will support Arsenal to win this game. After all, with the gap between Arsenal & Liverpool is huge... let them win. And the most important part is that, if Chelsea is downed by Arsenal, it mean they'll lost 3 points. An opportunity for Liverpool to stay one game ahead, provided that they beat West Ham on Tuesday.
So anyone willing to go for RM10 on Arsenal? I will be rooting for Fabregas and Nasri to shoot down Chelsea. hahaha....

27 November 2008

What's wrong with Mascherano?


One particular lousy performer last night was Javier Mascherano. He was un-Masherano at all. He lost possesion easily, he failed to connect the passes or break-through the towering midfielders of Marseille, namely Hilton and Cheyrou. He was outplayed by Ben Arfa (I wonder if Rafa is interested in him... this guy is versatile - he can attack and he can defend).
Has all the start-struck occasion of being elected as the Argentinian captain by Maradona affected him? The second half was so frightening. We were leading 1-0 and a draw is not accepted by our current standard. Luckily Alonso kept his feet and covered for Mash in many occasions. The weirdness display by Mash culminated in the sequence where he tackled-from-behind an OM player and almost hit by a revengeful Niang. Nuts... Mash please clean your act. Last night... it was so un-Masherano of you!

LFC 1 - Marseille 0 (job well done by Gerrard!)


Sometimes you just can't comprehend the system used in the blog... I have written a piece just now and in the processed of publishing it when it suddenly gone awry and all the writing is now vanished... I'm not gonna write another one. So tiring. isshhhhh.....
Simply put, Well Done Steven Gerrard!

26 November 2008


yeaaa right! How miserable we could be if this is true... hahaha

You've got to stay cool - Carragher calls on Kop to keep faith with Liverpool

hey Kajang-Today.... behave or I kick the %^&$ of you!!!!


Jamie Carragher has moved to quell the first rumblings of discontent among Liverpool fans by telling them: ‘Stick with us if you want to see the title back at Anfield.’ The long-serving Liverpool defender could hardly conceal his dismay at the animosity from the sidelines against Fulham and, at one stage in the second half, turned towards fans in the Centenary Stand to remonstrate over the level of criticism.
Though Liverpool remain level on points with Chelsea at the top of the Barclays Premier League the 30-year-old centre back clearly fears the mounting impatience among his fellow Scousers could yet pose the biggest threat to their hopes of being champions for the first time in 19 years.
Stoke had already held out for a goalless draw at Anfield and Fulham followed suit against a background of angry protests from the disgruntled home support.
Carragher sympathised with their frustration but explained why an atmosphere of tension and anxiety could jeopardise their best chance of finishing top since Kenny Dalglish’s side won the old First Division in 1990.
‘The crowd want us to win so much that it transmits itself to the players on the pitch,’ he said.
‘You could feel that when we were trying to get a breakthrough in the second half against Fulham on Saturday.
‘The supporters have to realise we are still in November, not March or April. We all have to stay patient. It is a long race and we have to accept it is not the be-all and end-all if we draw a home game.
‘Like us, the fans are passionate about winning the title but sometimes that passion can bowl you over. Don’t get me wrong, the fans are great for us but we are in this together and we all have to realise the importance of being patient.
‘We can’t afford to get too downhearted because there are going to be plenty more games like the Fulham one between now and the end of the season. We have got to be ready for that and make sure we deal with it.’
Carragher pinpointed a growing danger to Liverpool’s title aspirations as he reflected on deserved victories over Chelsea and Manchester United but some desperate struggles against lesser opposition.
‘Pretty much every team coming to Anfield is going to rely on a counter-attacking style,’ he said.
‘We can’t very well complain about that seeing as we have done exactly the same in so many big away games in Europe but we have to be ready for it. ‘Even if we had beaten Fulham and Stoke teams would keep coming here and throwing men behind the ball. I’m sure Chelsea have to put up with the same thing at Stamford Bridge and you just have to show you are good enough to rise above it.
'If we want to challenge for the title we simply have to adapt and prove we can cope with that sort of problem. ‘In between people shouldn’t get too down if we occasionally fall short. We know we didn’t hit the heights against Fulham and didn’t deserve to win but it’s important to keep a sense of perspective.’
- Daily Sports UK

24 November 2008

Don't Get Mad, GET EVEN !!!! and stay loyal to LFC


I have many friends who claimed themselves to be a Liverpool fan - Whom I greet and open my arms to and embrace them as if they were my long lost friends. I guess I am easy to be identified as a Liverpool fan, most of my shirts are with the Liver Bird emblem, be it original merchandise or otherwise. Mind you, I do have other shirts... hahaha... it's just that I am comfortable wearing the Bird on my weekends or on certain occasions, I think I must wear it due to my heavy investment in acquiring them expensive shirts!

Now what I want to convey here is about being a loyal fanatic fan. How do you behave and how do you carry yourself of being one? My principles on this matter is more of less the same with when I am attached to my working place. I must be loyal, defend my organisation to the utmost and sometimes, do the right marketing pertaining to the product.

In terms of being a fan of Liverpool Football Club, I simply think it is the same. We must be loyal - never flip flop to other teams when ever we have a bad situations. Evidently, supporting Liverpool all this years has taught me this aspect to the highest degree. Remember the time when Liverpool failed to register a win for 11 straight games? Those were the example I am referring to. I do believe people close to me would remember that I never once lost hope on the team to come out of the blues. In fact, after the 11th game, Liverpool then continue to win the whole next 12 games.

Amazing, isn't it? But where were you during those turbulence times? Jumped ship? Go making a fun on the players? Indulging the mud-slinging with other people from the opposing club in poking insult to Liverpool? That ... is something a loyal fan must not do, at all.

Among the so-called loyalist in my circle, there would a few who wanted to be heard. They have the ability to analyse the team, the individual players, the manager's tactics and even what the timing of the game (was it sandwiched between the UEFA Champions League and international game)... to me that is extra ordinary gift. Who cares what people might say about arm-chair critic? One must not be hindered to be heard simply because others refused to listen.

The same goes to our friend, Kajang-Today... I must say I am a bit perplexed with his posting this last 2 days. Apparently, he is still smarting on the failure of Liverpool to win the game. He even criticised me in his posting for declining to comment further on the futile game. I wish not to answer him now. I have no intention to wage a blog-war against Kajang-Today. After all, we're buddies and we're the same self-confessed Liverpool fanatic.

One side that I want to say about Kajang-Today is pertaining to him rather-robust criticism against every one in the team. The latest is Lucas Leiva. I'm not Rafa's apologist and in certain angle, I agree with Kajang-Today in questioning what was Rafa thinking when he preferred Lucas, Vi's-a-Vi's some other midfielder in the squad?

However, the manner that Kajang-Today lambasted Rafa, Lucas, Keane and every one else's - to me is a bit annoying. (Sorry bro. This is for the sake of discussion - no malice and nothing personal... I'm not using your birth name here) It is a bit annoying in the sense that why is that we - the self-confessed Liverpool fanatic going all out in condemning the team? Is it because the love for the club? So that entitled us to write anything under the sun about the team? Do you think by expressing your anger would help the team to prosper? Even the UK-based newspaper can't influence Rafa on his decision-making, what more to say about our Liverpool-blog?

By saying this, I'm not suggesting that we must refrain from criticising the team. Or write only the good stuff. It would be funny to read if we do so but then again, in our dedicated-to-Liverpool blog, I think it is a bit diversion and massive contempt if we go on attack and screwing the team. The writing must have pro and cons. If you can't write the positive only, try not to do other wise... as an article that filled with negatives only would easily turned us off. hehehe...

Kajang-Today... don't get mad on me... GET EVEN!

A loyal fan, Stay Loyal Forever! - utusanlFC

23 November 2008

LFC 0 - Fulham 0 (Luckily the other 3 also didn't win!)


I am listening to one of the 80's song entitled Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears. The duo was a smash hit then. Among other songs that topped the chart by them were : Everybody wants to rule the world and Shout! All this songs has a strong influence on my life as most of the wordings in it really powerful and memorable during my growing years.

And if I can summed it all up : Yes I was Head Over Heels with Liverpool Football Club and Everybody Wants To Rule The World (which Liverpool did over and over again) but last night's game against Fulham makes you just want to SHOUT! hahaha...

Any one of you who is not born yet before 1990, can google the songs in the Net and listen to the sample. I guarantee you... the songs still relevant to your ears today.

It was a blow when Torres & Co. failed to convert any goals. It surely a let down as Torres could be the only player on the field that really show his ambition, determination and eagerness to win. The team last night, was a bit lackluster. Some would say that is normal every time when team came back from their international duties. Torres played in the Spanish squad and even scored but he did well last night, though luck was not with him. Well I shall not ponder too much on that draw.

After all, Liverpool wasn't the only team that went goalless. Man. U and Chelsea failed to toppled their opponents. Though Arsenal's fate is sealed with their 5th loses against Man. City. The infighting with Gallas against every one else in the team, has brought a titanic downturn to Arsenal.

Starting next week, they will be fighting for number 5 downwards. As I suspect, no.4 slots will be between Aston Villa and Man.City. But the league is still a long way to go. Arsenal could be back on the contention in January though there's no way for them to win the premier league now.

And hopefully by then, Liverpool maintained its resilient and still on top of the chart. Last night is something for all of us to forget. The night of the zero capacity!

21 November 2008

LFC vs Fulham 22 November 2008 11pm

ooopssss... this is not Fulham's stadium. Though it is owned by Al Fayed.
Below is the real Craven Cottage...

Fulham is one team that doesn't make silly noise in the media (Silly = irritating). I think this is the only few teams in the Premier League that is really a fighter. They don't have any primadonnas. I don't think Danny Murphy belongs in that category more than his wife (hihihi...) and that certain Iranian player, Teymurian has been a good addition to the team. Together with that bulldog (Jimmy Bullard), Fulham got to be on the 10th spot at the moment. Way way much better positioned than Hotspurs. Of course, over the months the situation could be changing if Hotspur really grow under Mr Redknapp. Fulham, however under Mr Hodgson is quite a force. Roy Hodgson is the third different man to take charge of Fulham in a league game at Anfield in the last three seasons, following Chris Coleman and Lawrie Sanchez.

Well... Fulham is also infamous for its owner, Mr Al Fayed who also owns the posh shopping boutique, The Harrods. He handles the club just like his business. There's no lavish monies to buy big names and that is not an obscene act which is the practice of the current crops of foreign owners (including our own Liverpool but... what the heck! hahaha)

The one aspect it is famous also is that people tend to believe this club has no real strong followers. It is a club cramped in the London area, so with many of the residents plying their colours toward the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal... so said Fulham is in fact, a small club. It has no real international fan-based. No nothing. In fact 2 seasons ago, some pundits were talking that it should have been Fulham who should be demoted and not the likes of West Ham, Sheffield United who boasts a massive supports all over the UK isles. The rational was simply that Fulham is a small club. hahaha...

Good friends forever... Murphy didn't mind to foul former teammates, Gerrard!

Liverpool has a strong record against Fulham. Last season Liverpool completed their fourth league 'double' over Fulham and their second in the Premier League. Tomorrow night, nothing would alter that record. Liverpool is too much a superpower for Fulham under the captaincy of our own former midfielder, Mr Murphy... won't disrupt not a bit our defence. Though Mr Murphy will definitely get a warmth welcome in Anfield tomorrow. I still remember fondly of his beautifully taken double shots against Man. U during those yellow-jersey era of Gerard Houllier.

20 November 2008

ENGLAND 2 - Germany 1

Upson and Terry scored. errr.... unimportant, irrelevant and a waste of time. No current Liverpool player involved in the England set up. No points to discuss. That's it. hahaha

17 November 2008


ME INJURED? Of course I am - said Gerrard after he scored the second goal against Bolton last Saturday.

WHEN I read the story that Gerrard is injured and ``will be out for 7 to 10 days but should be fit for Fulham's game''... I cannot help but chuckled. This could be the one time in our life where we least afraid of his injury. We know his injury is not life threatening. But it could get aggravated if Capello forced him to play in the meaningless game on Wednesday in Germany. Capello has ordered Gerrard to travel 200-miles to England's Hertfordshire hotel to be assessed by FA medical staff. This one Italiano doesn't accept any diagnosis by the Scouse's own doctor!

The issue between the club vs country is a boring subject. I for once, had lost the interest to watch the England match. At World Cup level or Euro, I always being a fan of England. My justification is simple : it's the only team that I recognised by name and every each of them either the first 11 on the pitch or the rest on the bench... even up to the coaches!
This is because every week I watch EPL.

Some of my buddies confessed to be a German fan. Or Spain. But I know they hardly watch Bundesliga or La Liga. I know because majority of this bluffers sat with me til the wee hours at the mamak stall - after watching Liverpool, most of the time!

During the recent Euro, it was a big exception for me to throw my bets... since England was not qualified. So I opted for Spain. Another simple reason is that we have about 4 Liverpool players in it. Starting with Torres who started in the first 2 games and the final. Alonso was used periodically while Riena and Arbeloa was the permanent subs.

As I have told you guys before, that endeavour created lots of happy memories for me - especially in terms of monetary gain! It was the first time I won nearly RM2k on a single tournament. To think about it, I might have been a massive loser if England were in the tournament. I will surely put my money on them and they will collapsed in the quarter-finals. Always!

And during Ericsson and McClaren era, Gerrard's game was not really outstanding. Most people would prefer to forget his penalty-missed (together with Lampard etc etc...). So I guess, with or without Gerrard in the England squad, I'll take a pass. I'll rather save my slumber. I'll wait for the Fulham game. It would be more interesting, more entertaining.

16 November 2008



Liverpool : 4 defeats - 23 points after 13 games and on top of the charts Chelsea and Arsenal sharing 32 points - which is in truth 9 points different or translated as 3 games to wish for both to falter. So you wish...

And every body - the media, pundits, former players, former managers, even those who has never bothered about football all along... would condemned Liverpool as a no Hopper for the title champs. They would say Liverpool is again living their dreams, season after season and worst of all, the record would be broken by Man.U any moment now. There's no way for a team who have lost in such a margin at this early stages could muster a miracle by upstaging Chelsea, Arsenal or Man.U now.

Everybody is not saying as such when it concerns Arsenal. Everybody is wishing and praying that Chelsea and Liverpool could tripped on at least 3 games in the coming months. After all, 13 out of 38 is STILL FAR AWAY to determine the champion. So they say.

My point of taking this matter up is : the bias Liverpool have to face massively against all odds. The media in particular, are known to be incline towards the London based clubs and a great admirer of Man.U but little thoughts on Liverpool. I'm not sure why. I never know why. But I can speculate. My speculation is that the London based media is jealous of Liverpool - the supposedly-backwater-city and shouldn't be a world champion... hahaha...

My speculation is supported by the facts that all of you can see today and tomorrow. Today for instances, touch mildly on Arsenal's failure. Wordings like ``Arsenal's title hopes took another huge hit...'' is so mellow in journalism jargon Vis-a-vis when they talked about Liverpool. I sincerely believed that if it's Liverpool and not Arsenal, the media would use the wordings like : ``Liverpool's title hope KAPUT...'' or ``AGONY by Agbonlahor crush Liverpool 19th title'' or what ever.

For most of the media, they are hoping Arsenal would still be the top 4, challenging at least for the 2nd spot or even the 4th.

Frankly, what is Arsenal facing now is really in dire straits. There's no way to make an improvement on their standing by hoping other oppositions to lose points. That would be like waiting for the Santa Claus to visit you not on Christmas eve but on April 1...

Well, I agree that there's still a long way to go. Still 25 games to go. And usually, December is the crunch time for all the teams in the Premier League (English is the only team who keep on playing during the week of 24th December to 1 January) and remember, Liverpool is facing Arsenal on 21st December. Hopefully, Liverpool then still in their top form and Arsenal remains in their inconsistency. hahaha...

As of now, Arsenal is breaking down. The win against Man. U last week, means nothing. It was just a one off. Similar like Liverpool may be... when they beat Chelsea before shockingly shut by Hotspurs the following week. But the different between Arsenal and Liverpool is not on consistency issues but media treatment which are so bias against the Liverpool team. One which I abhorred so much.

The reality is that Arsenal now is a goner. If they keep on playing with those teenage boys, Arsenal would find themselves fighting not for the no.4 spot but more like no.5 or no.6 that is UEFA.

If that's the fate of Arsenal in this current campaign and as a fanatical supporter of Liverpool Football Club, I say : SO BE IT.




Beautiful header. It could have been a beautiful poke-in if he use his left foot.... and the scoreline could have been 4-0 (plus Keane's not-supposed-to-be-right footer also)

LAST NIGHT, the first sight that worries me is not any of the Bolton players. Perhaps, it could have been a bit spicy if El Hadj Diof is still around. If I'm not mistaken, this Senegal man had scored twice against his former team. It as if he put on extra spirit and determination when going against Liverpool. It must be a big satisfaction for him to do so. Well, Bolton wasn't a threat at all... may be a bit during the 2nd half. But that didn't bothered me at all. The confidence is riding high and we all knew that only stupidity of failing to convert a 100 % opportunity like Keane and Gerrard right foot decision.... might cost us dearly. Luckily, Kuyt didn't use his foot but his head and Gerrard did managed to regain his momentum also with a header.

A scary Mr Rob Styles. Not for his ferociousness but more to his blunder.

Actually... the first sight that worries me is the ref - Rob Styles. Mr Big Blunder. Remember his wrong decision when we played against Chelsea last season... that cost us 2 points! Until now, I still have that concerned. Fortunately last night, the onus was on Gary Megson. He was incensed when Styles disallowed the goal after he judged Reina was fouled by 2 Bolton players. Heyyy... for me it's all right! hahaha... From the repeat, it was obvious that Bolton's tactic was to disrupt Reina - every time they got a corner. Wow... it's like - you can't beat him, so hold him?

I pity Keane. Seriously, we are still waiting for the old-Tottenham Keane here in Liverpool. We're expecting him to score, in the absence of Torres. And most of the times when we focus our attention on him, we tend to overlook that there is another striker that have been instrumental in our ascendancy to the top spot - Mr Dirk Kuyt.

BRAVO KUYT! Your determination has paid really well this season. All the fans are delighted with your performance.
P/S Arsenal were beaten by Aston Villa 2-0. Only a few days ago the young Arsenal players were hailed as the future of England bla..bla.. bla... Typical media bias towards Arsenal? Beautiful and skillful doesn't equates a good team i.e winning the game and earning those precious 3 points. That is what Arsenal stands for now. Lots of fun to show but no points to show.

14 November 2008

Bolton vs LFC 15 Nov 2008

Is this the man Liverpool have to face tomorrow? - Michael Bolton...? So tell me how am I supposed to live without youuuu...? hihihi....

I admire the Bolton Wanderer's logo. It look like a kite. May be more suitable if its a logo for an aviation company. May be a balloon company. hahaha...

Bolton will be hosting us at the Reebok Stadium. Thank God we switch to Adidas, if not... our jersey would be similar. Remember the white kit a few season ago. It was horrific! Bolton wear the same (almost) design but with black stripes while Liverpool with red. I even commented that Reebok is such a dull, uncreative designer. They can't find two different design for different teams. You might argue that the current Liverpool kit could be the same with some teams. But in my observation, no other team is wearing a total Red like us. Chelsea is wearing total blue. The design might be the same but since it is different colours .. so it is not too obvious. Though when you check the stores (Adidas boutique) you might notice the similarity ... not only on the jerseys, but also the begs. hmm...

Apparently, Bolton had a good couple of games. They beat Hull and Man. City. Unlike Liverpool who just been beaten by Hotspurs a few days ago... but this is Premier. There will be our first 11 on the pitch. Plus Torres. Remember the last game? Jussi Jaaskelainen was left staring at his hands after spilling a Steven Gerrard speculative shot and hit an own goal. Funny. Lucky. That's how scared the opponent of Gerrard's prowess. He presence is immense for Liverpool.

Anybody would surely worried sick thinking that he will have to find a way to stop him. And you can't stop Gerrard by tripping him. He's so strong. Perhaps the only way to really stop him is to punch his face point blank. But any player who dare to do that would face a lifetime ban. hahahah....

I don't want to speculate what is the margin tomorrow. All I know is Liverpool will win the game. Be it 1-0 or 2-0. A win is a win. And then we turn our attention to Chelsea. But they will face a much malign opponent : West Brom. hmmm... but don't be despair. Lets hear it for West Brom! hahaha... If should West Brom managed to stop Chelsea from winning... wow...


This is Mercedes-Benz ML350. I tested this beautiful SUV in May. This photo has nothing to do with the article below. It's just simply to entice you guys to come and read my posting. hahaha

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that cash crisis could force American co-owners to accept £500m bid from Sheikh Mohammed.

According to this daily (and without quoting any sort of sources) Tom Hicks and George Gillett may have to swallow their pride and accept a take-it-or-leave-it £500million buy-out offer from Sheikh Mohammed in the wake of grim forecasts about their prospects of steering Liverpool through a worsening financial crisis.
With the deadline looming for repayment of a £350million loan to Royal Bank of Scotland, Liverpool's co-owners face a dilemma over their next move, following claims from financial expert Keith Harris that the Anfield club are 'the ones who worry me most.'
hmmm... the open warfare between those two idiots and Rafa last year was really sickening and embarrassing. Seriously speaking, all this while it has been a nice and honourable thing to be associated with Liverpool (and still is, actually) until the debacle between the owners and the gaffer started. The stupidity really shook the ground around us. Liverpool has never been a loud entity.

As some said, Liverpool is known as a team who handle their business domestically in a manner that might arose respect from the corporate entity. All the money transactions and administration were done professionally. Nobody laughs at us then. But since the Americans came aboard (and hardly a year after their takeover of the club, even!), Liverpool's business was done in open view, creating lots of negative news - thus the chain-reaction of negative vibes, negative images and ruined the prestige that has been built carefully for decades.

All of us agreed that the Americans bought Liverpool for the sake of business and love has nothing to do with it. And for that, our relations (fans) with the American businessman can best be described as sweet as the Taliban and the G.I. Fortunately, none resort to terrorism.

I lend my support towards the initiative started by some brilliant fans based in the UK. I even send an e-mail voicing my opinion as it was a big problem for fans like me - really really far away here in Malaysia and with a seriously weak currency exchange to provide 5,000 pounds which is roughly RM35,000 for one equity stake in the fans initiative to buy back from the Americans. That RM35,000 is an average income for most Malaysian per year!

However, what is transpiring in Anfield is watched and monitored closely by not only me but many Liverpool fans from this side of the world. I am proud that our support has been recognised by many, including the Great Ian Rush who voiced his amazement with the massive support that he saw for the club when he came over to Malaysia either as a pundit for ESPN or conducting a training class for our national football team, not that long ago.

There are some really fanatic fans like me and you out there. A buddy (who yet to register in this blog), Jagdev confessed that he won't hesitate to spend more than RM300 just to purchase the latest edition of Liverpool kit. Some of you might opted for a double-usage attire such as the polo shirt. One you can wear while you're hanging around with your goons and at the same time, can wear it to the office on Saturdays. I belong to this category. I buy shirts that I can use on two separate occasions. Because jersey, you can't wear it in the office. Not with that Carlsberg logo so huge on your stomach! hahaha...

But I do get some help from my relatives who resides near the Malaysian border with Thailand. yeaa... the knock-off which is termed as 1st grade imitation of the jersey. Well... it cost only RM25 but you hardly can notice the different. Compare that to a RM300 original jersey but actually was made in China or Hong Kong. So what is the different with the knock-off made in Thailand? Not much. I'll wear the jersey in my weekly futsal game without hesitation. After all, who wants to ruin a RM300 shirt in a futsal?

And Jagdev has his own justification for spending that type of money on original items. ``for all I care... the money goes back to the club...'' he said, though for 5 days I spend with him abroad recently - I was the only one wearing my Liverpool colours. hahaha... (original too...)

13 November 2008

Hotspur 4 - LFC 2 (CARLING CUP) ... nobody cares cup!

Damien Plessis scored...

TOTTENHAM (4-4-2): Gomes 4 (Cesar 74min); Hutton 6, Dawson 6, Corluka 6, Bale 6; Lennon 7, Zokora 6, Huddlestone 7, O'Hara 7; Pavlyuchenko 8 (Boateng 90), Campbell 8 (Bent 90). Booked: Pavlyuchenko, Campbell

Above is the Tottenham FIRST ELEVEN which equals to : FULL FORCE.

LIVERPOOL (4-4-2): Cavalieri 4; Degen 4 Darby 84), Hyypia 5, Agger 5, Dossena 4; El Zhar 5, Lucas 6, Plessis 6 (Alonso 6, 66), Babel 7; Ngog 5, Torres 5 (Insua 5 56). Booked: Plessis, Torres, Babel, Lucas.

And when did you hear or read names like Degen, Darby, Cavalieri...? These are the second string and unfortunately, I sincerely think not only Hotspur but Burnley surely burned this team to ashes.

Then our golden bastion, Hyppia scored the second. But to no avail against 4 goals deficit.

oohhh... well... what to do. It's a Carling Cup. Something easy to forget. I must say, the defeat wasn't that bad - compared to the last defeat by Hotspur when we controlled the whole game, only to falter by a last minute lucky goal by that damned Russian.

Drogba is practising his finger licking good to Burnley's fan....

Let's focus on Bolton this Saturday. Actually, the result wasn't that bad as compared to Chelsea... yeaa... they got burned by Burnsley and worst of all, in a penalty shoot out! And Drogba could be in a hot soup for showing his middle finger and throwing back a coin to the opposition fans.

If I were to put it nonchalantly... it seems that both League leaders are determined to let go this nonsense cup. Liverpool under Rafa, is concentrating fully to the Premier League. And I do believe Rafa is targeting the UEFA Champions League as well. For this, I support Rafa.
Though FA Cup could be another good tournament for Liverpool to participate. The memory of 2001 (beating Arsenal) and 2006 (beating West Ham) is so fresh in me.

12 November 2008

LFC vs Hotspurs 3.40am tonight (CARLING)

So Rafa have decided. Or so it seems.
Steven Gerrard, Robbie Keane, Dirk Kuyt, Xabi Alonso and Jamie Carragher won't be playing tonight.
I'm not sure if I want to believe Rafa 100 %. Not that I'm accusing him of lying but we fully understand all about football tactics. The only confirmed thing is when you see who is coming out on the pitch tonight. Or may be it's all true altogether? We shall see. The emotion in all of us is that we must assemble the best team to beat the craps of Hotspurs. To rest the `creme of the creme' of Liverpool is.... err... OK lets give our B Team a chance. Earlier in the season, I was impressed by David Ngog's play. Then he spend more time on the bench. I think Plessis got more appearance time than Ngog. Both should be starting tonight.
I don't remember how much I hunger for a win against the likes of Hotspur, whom we never take them as a serious contender - not even when the dynamic duo were there (Keane & Berbatov). The lost inflected upon us by Hotspur has left me fuming and reignited my anger towards Hotspur. hihiihi...
I don't think I will be watching the game tonight. It's 3.40am. And it will end nearly 6am. Usually I wake up at 8am, send my girl to school and then straight to my office. If I were to stay awake the whole night, it's gonna be a terrible day for me tomorrow caused by lack of sleep. You guys how?

11 November 2008

Whisper it quietly, but Liverpool CAN win the title

Below is an article written by Mr Oliver Kay of The Times (The title is above). I must say I have been following his article. He is based in North West (where Liverpool, Manchester and Everton resides). So this one is good. Yeahhh... as long it is a good reading on Liverpool, it is good. hahaha... :

Oliver Kay

An e-mail arrives from a leading bookmaker, containing not, thankfully, a final demand for payment, but the latest odds on the Premier League title race. Chelsea are odds-on favourites – fair enough – but Liverpool remain distant third-favourites behind Manchester United. It got me thinking: have the bookies got it wrong for once?
I was driving north up the M1 on Saturday afternoon, my head still spinning after the pulsating encounter between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium, when the thought occurred to me: the opportunity is there, after a formidable start to the season, for Liverpool to claim their first league title since 1990.
It is just that, for whatever reason – and it clearly isn’t all to do with Chelsea – nobody seems to want to board that particular bandwagon.Perhaps that is partly Liverpool’s own doing. The word emanating (quietly) from the Anfield dressing room is that Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and their team-mates are quite content to let the spotlight shine on others. Having witnessed more than a few false dawns in their time at the club, Gerrard and Carragher are more aware than anyone of the danger in shouting from the rooftops. Indeed, they have made a point of warning some of their team-mates that there should be no giddy predictions and no getting ahead of themselves when a microphone is put in front of them.
Liverpool do not have the jaw-dropping technical skill of Arsenal. They do not have the match-winning flair of Manchester United, who have more potential match-winners than any of their rivals. And yet, as things stand today, with Rafael Benitez’s team six points clear of Arsenal and eight points clear of United, I regard them as more credible title challengers than either.
This is a dangerous prediction in United’s case, particularly as they have already got many of their toughest fixtures out of the way, but there seems to be a slight lack of conviction around the champions at present, the sort that can only be banished by a long run of consecutive wins.
Some would have it that Liverpool will struggle to maintain the form that has seen them take 29 points from their first 12 games. There have been some very scrappy victories along the way, but there are signs that things can get easier rather than tougher in the weeks ahead.
A personal view is that, while United are not yet firing on all cylinders, the same could be said of Liverpool. Now that Albert Riera and Robbie Keane are beginning to look comfortable in their surroundings, now that Fernando Torres is back from injury, now that Javier Mascherano and Ryan Babel are approaching full fitness, having had their start to the season punctuated by the Olympics, it could be a case of full steam ahead.
The worry for Liverpool is the form of Chelsea, who, if anything, have an even more formidable look about them. Where Liverpool are grinding out victories, often in the final minutes of matches, Chelsea are winning games with plenty to spare. Their 2-0 win in the driving rain at Blackburn Rovers on Sunday was mightily impressive.
Yet three points are three points, no matter how they are won. That is something that the aesthetes of Arsenal and, to a lesser exent, United must get to grips with because Liverpool, like Chelsea, mean business this season.
Keeping pace with Luiz Felipe Scolari may prove to be an impossibility over the course of a 38-match campaign, but, at present, Liverpool seem like the team most likely to do so.

LFC vs Hotspur 13 Nov 2008 3.40am


It's a league game. It's Carling Cup. It's worth nothing cup. So some said. But if you look at it carefully, those big guns still send their best players. I'm not sure what Rafa will do. I supposed he will rest Gerrard, but keep Torres in - so he'll get more playing time. Perhaps we'll see more of Babel. Who knows?
This game would be an interesting one because it was only 12 days ago that Hotspur defeated Liverpool at the last minute in the Premier game. It shocked everyone and the fairy tale of Harry Houdini reinvented...
So tomorrow's game could be a perfect time for us to stop all that nonsense and kick Hotspur out off the Carling Cup. oh yaaa.. they're the defending champion. hihihi...
p/s I ruined my truck's aerial today after I unwisely parked it under a tree. The aerial was twisted in the branches as I tried to untangle it but to no avail... the aluminium thing just peeled off. I guess I have to find a replacement tomorrow. May be something like shark's fin on the BMW top? That would be a cool thing to put on my truck... if the product is avalaible... Any suggestion?

10 November 2008


Above is the headline news carried by The Daily Mail Sports today (For full story, just click it).
After 12 games(out of 38), Liverpool standing is good. We are on the same 29 points with Chelsea and only second because of huge lack of goals.
Those funny people at Arsenal and Manchester United still consider themselves in the contention for the top of the league, regardless of almost 3 games apart in terms of points... And we shouldn't argue that. Man.U in particular has this knack of `late-boomer' during the start of the season and often, they will be on top when the season ends. Now it's up to Liverpool to show that this season is ours for the taking and we must not lose anymore points. It seems as if Chelsea didn't hurt at all eventhough they were defeated by Liverpool. Now they are above Liverpool in the chart. How amusing. The defeat against Hotspur was a damning situation. If not, we could be 31 points and a game clear off from Chelsea.
Do you sincerely believe Arsene Wenger? That the champion will be decided between the BIG FOUR and it would be the `tightest title race'?
Say your piece :

09 November 2008

SUPPORT BLACKBURN ROVERS TONIGHT !!! and beat the hell out of Chelsea


I'm not trying to be an infidel or anything... but we must lend our support or sympathy, at least... to Blackburn Rovers. We know the mountain is so high for them to topple Chelsea but if they can steal a point, their mission is accomplished. And Chelsea won't go top of the league... and we - LFC, will stay put on top. See...? simple mathematics for you and Blackburn.

KEANE 2 - WBA 0 (Arbeloa 1)


I must say, Keane has a powerful left foot. He scored both goals with his left leg (in fact Arbeloa too... it was a night of THE LEFT FOOT). Thank God...
How do we summarise this game? One thing for sure, I will not have a parade simply because we beat WBA... a lousy team in the Premier League. The Ecstasy of winning the game is not on par when we beat Man. U and Chelsea.

I would prefer to focus a bit on Keane. I would like to compare him with our former striker, Mr Peter Crouch.

Crouch took 18 games before he broke the duck. He also scored a brace in that game against Wigan. What made it a bit sweeter is the fact that Wigan was riding high at that time. They were unbeaten and it took Crouch's shots to bring Wigan back to the reality. the new arrival had to wait four months and 19 games for his first goal. Even then, his duck-breaker against Wigan on December 3 had to go to the dubious goals panel after taking two deflections. We know after those goals, Crouch couldn't stop scoring and it was a joy to watch as he not only excel for the club but also for England. (Lets not talk about Torres here...)

As for Keane, he had to wait for the 12th game to do so. But how do you count his 2 goals in the Champion Leagues? Those goals were vital too for the advancement of LFC, in particular goal difference tally as Atletico can't accept that they were denied a win in Anfield by our superb Gerrard.

So who had the best goal opener, Crouch or Keane? You guys - go discuss it here.

Terms & Regulations :
1. We're not including Torres... he's on different planet! (and we discuss him on another forum)
2. The argument and evidence must be confined to the game mentioned (Crouch : Wigan and Keane : WBA).
3. Winner will get a BROAD SMILE from all of us. hahaha...


Below is the 4 frame photos taken from almost the same angle by different photographers. If you think the photo is the same... I advice you to follow the yellow ball...

p/s Arsenal young guns managed to hold on to their nerves and shot down Man. U 2-1. This result put a wry smile on our face because now Man.U is 8 points out from Liverpool. I hate them more then the rest. Let's see if Blackburn can do a miracle tonight and held Chelsea.

08 November 2008

West Bromwich Albion vs LFC 1.30am 9 Nov 2008


I just realised... waiting for the 1.30am game will be a really tough challenge to my sanity. Last week, I had a terrible time watching LFC vs Spurs as I believed I only stay awake about 15 minutes. Then on and off and on and off. Today, I spend the whole day with my family. Didn't achieve much aside then finding a huge place of air-conditioned building... this time it was IKANO. The day is so hot. Crazy. I must admit, I feel more at ease when it is raining, though my truck would disagree with me.

Last night was brilliant. I played futsal with my buddies. It was the 2nd game since it was restarted last week (after Ramadan and Aidilfitri break) which I missed because my plane only landed a day after. There were 2 new mates joining the game. They were good. I never got their name, though. I think he might think the same. It's still early days to get acquainted. But next week, I know... I'll get him to be in MY team. He can shoot a blistering ball from 50 yards straight to the goal. I know my mate on the opposing team (the goalie) had a hot pairs of palms after the game... As for me, I was wearing Torres jersey but settled at the back (I fancy myself to be a one hell of a tough defender, in real speaking terms)... to which I thought I should have been wearing Carragher's shirt, instead. I did save a few hit and my left leg is a bit swollen when I go for the 50-50 ball. And of course, I did let go more than a few when we were caught napping. Actually, I blame it to the opposition tactics. The opposition defenders were paranoid. They will simply kick the ball away when ever they managed to stop our strikers. That sometimes resulted the ball went like a pinball and landed on their strikers who were most of the times behind me. hahaha....

Yesterday also, I studied the league chart. I had to know why and how did Liverpool who had extra win is now in the 2nd place under Chelsea - whom we beat soundly. I guess most of you would know the answer and I'll tell you - keep it to yourself.

My wife did ask me a peculiar question when she saw me reading the charts vigorously. I supposed she thought my action is peculiar, also. Usually, for a football fanatic and a follower of a certain team - in our case, LFC, we start our week talking about the next opposition. The weaknesses from our side, their side. The strength - also from respective perspective. Then we start making a joke or two, here & there. After the game, we analyse - from our own favourite angle. We might condemned the ref if the result didn't go our way. We might not even give a slightest thought about the ref if we win. It's true, right?

This is `the beauty of human communication', as relate to me the first time by my communication professor. `Nobody is right, nobody is wrong'. Each has to be respected. As long as you guys don't resort to name-calling or using all the explicit words to each other. That would be immature and unprofessional, he said. Since that day, I try my best to practice his wisdom. By having my own blog, I was told that it is a platform for me to express anything I want to. Of course this blog is solely on football. I do mix it a bit on international and national issues that interest me.

A blog become a good communication platform when you open it for the public to express their thoughts - be it positive or negative comment. I guess I am receptive to that and open myself to be scrutinised. But if you find me to be unreceptive in my blog... trust me, I am still in the learning process. So forgive me if I retaliate! hahaha (but I try not to be that obvious laaa...)

06 November 2008

West Bromwich Albion.... ohhh... be very afraid of the furious Reds !!!

Usually, I post the pre-match articles on Friday. But tonight in the office, I have another 2 hours to kill. So what do you do until then? Browse the Internet? DID THAT. Go hang around at the cafeteria? DON'T LIKE THAT. Start your engine and go M.I.A at the nearest mall? NEVER DO THAT. Go home silently? errr... DON'T HAVE THE BALLS TO DO THAT (hahaha...)

I guess - to the blog is what I shall do in this 2 hours or less. And I think it is better to do it now because tomorrow I will be busy with my truck. I'm sending it for oil change. It just registered 15,000km yesterday. So it is a 2nd service. You must be wondering why it took me 10 months to register 15k km? Well... as a motoring writer, I do get to drive other people's car and get to keep my own truck idle at home. That's the reason my mileage is so low even on a 10 month period. Then in the evening, I will be doing my mountain-biking. I hope it won't rain.

Then at 11pm, it's FUTSAL time. My gang restarted the game last week. But I was away so tomorrow night would be the 1st night for Jo Carragher playing.... hahaha (I hope it won't rain...)
So what do we know about WBA? Again, my knowledge about this team is limited. I did browse through their official web sites and there was a lot of stories quoting their manager. What? Can't other people speak to the media? hmmm... And of course I try to comprehend what kind of a team is this.

It appears that WBA is rich with history. They were among the founding members of the English FA. They were never great, not in the mould of Liverpool, Manure or Arsenal. WBA could be in the same category as Chelsea, if WBA got a filthy-rich Russian oligarch. Or we better put it this way, Chelsea could be in the same category as WBA, if not for the Russian money. Got it?

Currently, WBA stands second from bottom on 11 points and were 2 points off than Hotspur who beat Liverpool last week. They have conceded 18 goals and converted 10. Liverpool were broken 8 times and scored 16. If you're a mathematician or loves to gamble, just play around with those numbers.

My intention is solely to express that : on paper, we have all the advantage and superpower. We scored more and conceded less. That's why we're on top two of the league and WBA is the lowest two. Is this will be another Stoke City in waiting? That will be a big nuisance. When a team whose sole target is to grab 1 point by playing only 1 striker up front while the other 10 standing in front of the goal post, most of the time... Liverpool wouldn't know how to go about. I say it again, Stoke City is one heck of a team who utilised this tactic to a great effect. Can't blame them, can't simply cursed them for that.

Any coach will tell you, defending is an integral part of football tactics. You know your limitation, your players ability... against a top-notch team laden with international-proven players like LFC... so what do you do? You play dumb. You wait. You stand your ground. You flood the back with 5 defenders, 4 midfielders and if it's possible, two goalies at the goal post. Will WBA do the-Stoke City-act on us?

I hope Rafa has a game-plan for such a terrible tactic. We must know how to break the walls. To disrupt their game-plan. One best way is to score as early as we could (we did that against Stoke City, if not for the stupid ref who misjudged Kuyt's position).

And are we gonna see Torres return to the line-up? I thought we have done quite a good job winning the crucial games even without Torres playing. We beat Man. U and Chelsea without Torres. Of course, we were beaten by Hotspur and almost got beaten by Atletico without Torres.

Since WBA is a punching-beg... it's up to LFC to give the right jab or not...or hurting thems


Look into my eyes: Atletico's Mariano Pernia, who was adjudged to have fouled Gerrard in the penalty box in front of the Kop, earned himself a yellow card for remonstrating with officials. Picture: EPA

The referee who gave Liverpool a late penalty had apologised. Well... it didn't matter. It won't change the result. If Atletico thought they have been robbed... well, tough luck. We had our own experience of being robbed by a bad referee decision.
Remember Rob Styles in the first meeting between LFC vs Chelsea last season (the inaugural goal by Torres of 33 goals)? It was obvious that Malouda thrown himself at our defenders but he was deemed as been fouled, thus the penalty decision which saw the game ended with a draw. Styles was promptly penalised by officiating a lower grade games. So I guess this latest controversy would see the same outcome. But the points we gained in the draw won't be rescinded.

The other English representatives in the Champion League today didn't register any positive result. Apparently, it wasn't just Liverpool or Chelsea had a bad day yesterday. The same faith fell onto Manure (1-1 against Celtic) and Arsenal (0-0 against Fenerbache). Though I must stressed Chelsea (the multimillionaire club) had the most peculiar circumstances when they were down by 1-3.

05 November 2008

Congrats Mr Obama. Hope you're not a war-junkie.

Today is a historic day. We in utusanLFC domain would like to congratulate Mr Obama who has won the presidency seat of the United States today. We are proud that America have decided to elect Mr Obama rather than the war-monger, war-junkies of his opposition who were in cohorts with the crazy cowboy in the White House now. Good riddance.
Though, most observers would not go further than the congratulatory remarks as they are well aware, Mr Obama can't change (unable, unwilling and powerless to do so...) USA's foreign policy of direct interfering with other countries domestic affairs. At least, we hope Mr Obama would calm down those inhuman Bush's anti-terrorist policy (if you're not with us, you're with them - a silly policy) around the world.

p/s I still have a good memory of my visit to the Grand Canyon. It has been 5 years since... I shall be BACK! And the worst place to be in the US is the airports. Anybody who is not white or black or with Asian look... ``please step aside and empty your pockets, take off your shoe and undress....'' I had a bad day in Georgia. And it was an African-American airport police lady who decided that the whole bunch of us (Asian looking boys & girls) were to be stopped and harassed. Luckily, none of us had to endure stripping. Simply put, coming to the East Coast of US were a stressful journey and still is til today. US is maintained in the state of paranoid. US created those monsters in the first place. I doubt Mr Obama can change USA's foreign policy.

LFC 1 - Atletico 1 (another last minute equaliser...another boring game)

The draw against Atletico Madrid last night, somehow fit the movie title I watch yesterday's evening : The Quantum of Solace. Oh my God. Not only the movie sucks...It runs so short... about 1 hour 45 minutes. It could be because of censorship on the sex scene. hahaha... However, the car chase in the opening part of the movie, really really put me in the state of horror. At least two Alfa's were damaged i.e rammed by a truck and another jumped off the cliff. Then the James Bond Aston Martin DB9 also badly damaged (bullets hole and drivers door were shattered...). The whole plot is lousy. Instead of villain aiming to conquer the world, now the target is simply in Bolivia. And we're not even referring to the oil catchment.... instead it was about water supply. Simply to destabilised the military junta. ooopssss.... I shouldn't give away the plot to all of you who yet to watch the movie. But as for me, 1 thumbs down. But don't get influenced by my judgement. I think Pierce Brosnan still the best. He got charm and he's one liner is marvellous. This new Bond is rather one bad looking Brits. Though I must say, he look dashing in the well-tailored suit. I don't know if its Armani or what... I think I dream myself of getting one... but I have to flatten my belly first. hahaha...

Now, lets talk about the game. I as usual won't go to the inner tactical part. I leave it to Mr Manaf Khan to do it later. I prefer to bore you guys with my funny yet tragic experience last night. I reach home at about 11.15pm from the cinema. Just imagine how fast I drove my truck all the way from the MidValley to Shah Alam. Well, there were not much traffic and the route was a long straight highways, so it was easy for me to reach home within 20mins.

I try to sleep but it took me til 12.30pm before I can doze off and woke up at 2.40am. This is the tragic part. I didn't really count properly the timing. I was so sure the game starts at 2.45am. The fact is the game started an hour later. I realise then, my battery would be very low when the game eventually start. But I try my best. I fix myself a hot drink. I sat straight (instead of lying on the couch)... and I think... my eyes managed the beauty of the game for 15 mins. Then I was in the state of twilight. A few minutes dozing off... then woke up... then slowly dozing off before I was shaken by that 1st goal.

Carra was absolutely fooled by that fella. I believed it was somewhere at 39th minutes. At half time, I text Manaf telling him that I couldn't bear to stay awake as I have to be in the office at 9am today. When I woke up at 7.50am, I saw 2 messages. One from Manaf and one from Sufi. A draw. Thank God. If I sacrifice my sleep just to see that kind of results, I must be cursing myself. hmm.... a truly quantum of solace, isn't it? hahaha

p/s : when you see how terrible Chelsea's result (they lost 1 - 3 to Roma), we should be thankful that we managed to draw this game. But are we?



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...