23 November 2008

LFC 0 - Fulham 0 (Luckily the other 3 also didn't win!)


I am listening to one of the 80's song entitled Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears. The duo was a smash hit then. Among other songs that topped the chart by them were : Everybody wants to rule the world and Shout! All this songs has a strong influence on my life as most of the wordings in it really powerful and memorable during my growing years.

And if I can summed it all up : Yes I was Head Over Heels with Liverpool Football Club and Everybody Wants To Rule The World (which Liverpool did over and over again) but last night's game against Fulham makes you just want to SHOUT! hahaha...

Any one of you who is not born yet before 1990, can google the songs in the Net and listen to the sample. I guarantee you... the songs still relevant to your ears today.

It was a blow when Torres & Co. failed to convert any goals. It surely a let down as Torres could be the only player on the field that really show his ambition, determination and eagerness to win. The team last night, was a bit lackluster. Some would say that is normal every time when team came back from their international duties. Torres played in the Spanish squad and even scored but he did well last night, though luck was not with him. Well I shall not ponder too much on that draw.

After all, Liverpool wasn't the only team that went goalless. Man. U and Chelsea failed to toppled their opponents. Though Arsenal's fate is sealed with their 5th loses against Man. City. The infighting with Gallas against every one else in the team, has brought a titanic downturn to Arsenal.

Starting next week, they will be fighting for number 5 downwards. As I suspect, no.4 slots will be between Aston Villa and Man.City. But the league is still a long way to go. Arsenal could be back on the contention in January though there's no way for them to win the premier league now.

And hopefully by then, Liverpool maintained its resilient and still on top of the chart. Last night is something for all of us to forget. The night of the zero capacity!

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Khan said...

Whoa! The very groups I used to stay away as far as I could (with the longest pole I could find then) in the 80s haha!
Liverpool sucked last night!!



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