08 October 2010

A DREAM COME TRUE! The `pilgrimage' to Anfield on 3 Oct 2010

A shopping spree in the merchandise store in the stadium... more like a shopping orgy!

In front of the Paisley gateway, with the new jacket I bought for 50 pounds.

With Bill Shankley's statue, there's nothing can beat the feeling I felt then (& now).
  1. REGARDLESS of the result where the Liverpool team lost to Blackpool on that day, I personally think my trip was worth every penny! I was on a business trip to Paris for 5 days when I got the good news from a dear friend who is pursuing his Phd. in John Moore University in Liverpool that he managed to secure 2 tickets for the match. It was 39 pounds each. Never mind. It's all on me! The most important thing is to be there ON A MATCH DAY. To be able to sing along the Kops singing YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE on the top of your voice, and felt the shivering within yourself of the anxiety & pride, that won't be able to be asses with any monies.

  2. I flew in from Paris on the first flight to Liverpool. Never mind I had to be at Charles de Gaul airport as early as 6am, in order to catch a 7.50am flight. The journey took about one & a half hour but due to the time different (UK is an hour late than France), I arrived in Manchester airport at about 8.30am. I was wearing a LFC cap & of course, caught the attention of the immigration officer who questioned me more on the football aspect & wanted to know how did I got the ticket & where I would be sitting. Apparently, he & his mates are season ticket holder and even quipped to me that they might be seeing me later in the stadium. If that's not a warmth welcome for a far far away Liverpool fan like me, I find it so fun and `at home' when a few more people like cab drivers greeted me while mentioning about my cap. Seriously, I feel at home (even though it was Manchester's territory but I do suspect majority of the people working there are Liverpool fans).

  3. The weather was lousy. It was heavy rain. The distance between Manchester to Liverpool is about 55km. Due to the nice motorway, the trip was easy. My friend, Masrur Mohd Khir fetch me and brought me to his house in Speke, quite close to the John Lennon airport in Liverpool. We then embarked on the trail of Anfield road, together with many local football fans.

  4. Upon arriving at the stadium compound, my heart was pounding hard, the adrenaline were rushing in and I keep on telling myself to steady my reaction... as not to attract funny stares from the people who were in fact, looking at me with interest (hey mate, you're must be a Chinese fans of ours) if I could get their Scousers accent correctly.

  5. Before the match kick-off, I participated in the sing-aloud of YNWA. Funny thing was that the ref had to wait until we finished the chorus. Steven Gerrard was in no hurry, even though he kept his eyes on the ref who anxiously slotted the whistle on his mouth a few times. But we didn't allowed him to blow as yet.

  6. I won't be commenting on the game. Most of you have seen it. Miserable.

  7. After the match, many of the fans converged into the merchandised store. Some just walk through, but in my case, I had a mission. I am looking for the new jacket. And I got it for 50 pounds (picture above). The weather in Liverpool was so cold. I came from Paris but you can still walk steadily on the streets. But in Liverpool, the wind didn't allowed you to do so, particularly for those coming from hot tropical country like Malaysia. I am not used to this kind of coldness. Thus, the jacket.

  8. It's almost 3.30am now, I am experiencing the jet lag. I tried to sleep at 11.30pm just now but managed only for 15 minutes before my eyes were wide open. hmmm.... I will end my memoir now and try to get some decent sleep. That's all for now folks! YNWA...
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