29 April 2010

The Final of our lives!!! Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid

  1. Once in a blue moon, I get to travel on the same time when a crucial game is on. The challenge would be - how to find the time to run to the nearest TV that shows the match! It was the case in 2005 when I had to travel to Tokyo during the final of the historical come-back of Liverpool in Istanbul. The commentary was in Japanese & fortunately I recognised the whole squad back then, especially Jimi Traore...

  2. Im now in Elciego, southern Spain for a motoring event. The lousiest scenario is that the launch will be on the same time with the kick-off tonight. How to skip without invoking wrath on my host!

  3. My title says the final of our lives. Is it true? I would say that. In a season such as lousy as we are having now, to win the game against Atletico Madrid will be a huge moral booster and get to the final of Europa Cup is something that can erased the whole bad episode of season 2009/2010 especially when we get to win it.

  4. Trailing Atletico by a single goal is not much of a task, though having Kun Aguero on their side will be a tall order for our fullbacks. Hey... Carra did well to stop the likes ofmanytop top striker... what is the different with Kun? One thing for sure, I will be wearing Liverpool shirt tonight in southern Spain. Viva le Liverpool!

  5. Thats all for now. Adios amigos!!!

27 April 2010

Liverpool to assist Man.U for its 19th title. Obnoxious thinking!

  1. It is heavily debated now, still very much on people's mind and been analyse thoroughly since yesterday of this notion that `Liverpool have to beat Chelsea, thus in directly help its own bitter rival, Man.U to win the 19th premiership title'.

  2. I am a bit offended on that very thought. In any way, Liverpool will never, must not, don't have to, help Man.U - be it directly or indirectly. It's a blasphemy to even suggest it. Let the nature of football take its own course. Let the goals-scored be the one to determine it. Not the interested parties who are in a foolish way, trying to belittle another party with their stupid thinking.

  3. I prefer to see it solely on Liverpool requirement. Of course Liverpool need to win, because the need to pursue for the No.4 spot, no matter how remote it could be at this juncture with 2 other teams are in a better position to gain it! So we must beat Chelsea. And because of that, Chelsea could lost its opportunity to grab the title, well... we can't do much about that.

  4. Liverpool must win for its own survivability. Even so, if Liverpool were already secured for the Champions Cup, I don't think we will give Chelsea any quarter. Liverpool is simply not a team that would do that.

  5. On the other hand, with a hugely depleted squad - without Torres and possibly Kuyt (let's hope he'll recover by Sunday), Liverpool has lost its threatening charm. Chelsea don't see anything to fear of from this ordinary-looking Liverpool team. They will go for easy tactical, stop Gerrard from playing and Liverpool will stop playing altogether! So still, Chelsea come into this game as a favourite to beat Liverpool.

  6. If you ask my opinion, I think if Liverpool is to win, they might come out as a winner with a margin of a single goal only. Chelsea is on the high at the moment. They were surprisingly beaten by Tottenham but that could be a one-off situation.

  7. With so many focus on the Chelsea vs Liverpool match and how the outcome would decide who'll win the title, I think it is wrong to suggest that Man.U is having a free-ride for its remaining matches.

  8. The same evening, Man.U will be going against Sunderland. On paper, this is another frustrating team. But if you watch them play, Sunderland is a team that gives themselves a 100% effort. They have a good attacking-minded team, though something must be done for its fullbacks - who kept on losing the plot!

  9. So I think, Sunderland could spring a shocking result against Man.U. Realistically, it's hard to imagine that Sunderland can beat Man.U. but if they can hold them to a draw, that is a great achievement for the average team in Sunderland.

26 April 2010

Burnley 0 - LFC 4 (when TV commentators became annoying!)

Bunley should have more respect towards Gerrard and not trying to spark anger in him. After 1st half of taunting by the crowd, Gerrard returned the fire with a double... so are you talking to me?

  1. Prior to the game, many of us would have expect a sure win for Liverpool. But who would score? Because aside than Torres, we really have striking issues. Fortunately, it was Gerrard. And he's double open the others (the goal-shy fellas) to emulate. The first half was horrible for Liverpool. Well... after a torrid week of Le Tour de Europe, some of them look a bit slower than the usual.

  2. One thing was clear, it was the inclusion of Benayoun that changed our luck. Not to say Kuyt was the blunder (and hopefully his injury is just temporary and be available for Atletico match). I must also comment on Aqulaini. Now we start to see bit by bit he's real value. It's never too late because he will be good for Liverpool next season, if he stays fit majority of the season.

  3. What anger me most last night was not the match, the ref, the pitch or even the players. It was the freaking weird TV commentator. I didn't get his name because I am a bit pissed off. He mentioned that Burnley was unfortunate to let in the first goal. Then he repeated it again when Gerrard blazed his screamer onto the left side of Burnley goal.

  4. Fine. Burnley was dominating but nothing can be deemed as `life threatening' effort, because none of their players could beat Pepe Reina. But the TV commentator repeated the same sentences... ``Bad Luck... simply Bad Luck. The score didn't give Burnley a fair assessment by the way they play...''. Excuse me Mr Bias, you can say it once or twice but when Babel scored Liverpool's fourth goal, those words confirmed you as a `bias dim-witted S.O.B.' Who is in the right mind to say ``4-0 is not fair to a side that plays better''? Jose Morinho, may be!

  5. Burnley play better. But in football, no matter how good you control the ball, it mean nothing if you don't freaking score. Ask Mr Arsene Wenger. He knows very well of that theory. Liverpool may have played one of their lousy game, but remember the fact that they had just travel to Spain via ferry, buses and train. Then go against a formidable opponent in Atletico Madrid's den. Rushing back, luckily with a flight available at last to face the Burned-really team.

  6. Any team that scored four is a manifestation of a good team, in actuality. Because even when you play lousy, but managed to score... that's just fine with me.

24 April 2010

Atletico Madrid is not invincible. Liverpool can go to the final of Europa Cup

Not me! Not me! It was him!... Not Gerrard nor Lucas or even Kuyt ready to accept any card and pointed the finger to some one... though I'm pretty sure it wasn't Johnson that they referring to. hahaha

  1. wow... this could be the longest time I didn't post anything in this blog. My sincere apology. I must admit that the current situation of LFC is one of the many reasons why I don't have any motivation to write. Also because that I am a bit hooked up with Facebook and my new hand phones. hahaha...

  2. Let's talk a bit on the last Europa match against Atletico Madrid last Friday. The goal by Forlan was a fluke but effective. But I must say, the best player on the field that day was no other than David Ngog. Again, he show his true value to the club. Not valuable. But worthless. He failed to hold the ball AT ALL...!!! He can't stop the ball, not even passing a normally simple knock-on-the-front tips of his boot. Really pissed off.

  3. Regardless of the 0-1 deficit, if this is the way Atletico is playing (with all the superstars like Forlan, Simoa, Reyes and next Aguero), I think Liverpool can contain them in Anfield. We don't have a ready solution because Torres won't be playing, unlike Aguero who was benched because of one-match suspension. So who do we have? Ngog again? hmmm...

  4. Many would agree if the number one slot should be given to Babel. And the three powerful forwards of Gerrard in the middle, Benayoun on the left and Kuyt on the right, would do the pounding.

  5. I agree but not really agree on the tactic. Imulating Serbegeth Singh... if I'm the manager (wow!), I'll put Kuyt as the number 1 striker, get Benayoun on the right, and Babel on the left. Gerrard middle. Two Latinos, Mascherano will be the holding midfielder and our beloved Blondy, Lucas Leiva as his assistant.

  6. And also, to ensure a fair match, UEFA should enforce the ruling that Atletico Madrid to travel by bus, train and ferry to Liverpool. At least, while Liverpool had to endure the agony of traveling thanks to the Icelandic volcano, the Madrid team failed to capitalise the situation and should have been scoring more. Our key to that success of containing the margin is none other than the superb Jose Reina.



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