27 April 2010

Liverpool to assist Man.U for its 19th title. Obnoxious thinking!

  1. It is heavily debated now, still very much on people's mind and been analyse thoroughly since yesterday of this notion that `Liverpool have to beat Chelsea, thus in directly help its own bitter rival, Man.U to win the 19th premiership title'.

  2. I am a bit offended on that very thought. In any way, Liverpool will never, must not, don't have to, help Man.U - be it directly or indirectly. It's a blasphemy to even suggest it. Let the nature of football take its own course. Let the goals-scored be the one to determine it. Not the interested parties who are in a foolish way, trying to belittle another party with their stupid thinking.

  3. I prefer to see it solely on Liverpool requirement. Of course Liverpool need to win, because the need to pursue for the No.4 spot, no matter how remote it could be at this juncture with 2 other teams are in a better position to gain it! So we must beat Chelsea. And because of that, Chelsea could lost its opportunity to grab the title, well... we can't do much about that.

  4. Liverpool must win for its own survivability. Even so, if Liverpool were already secured for the Champions Cup, I don't think we will give Chelsea any quarter. Liverpool is simply not a team that would do that.

  5. On the other hand, with a hugely depleted squad - without Torres and possibly Kuyt (let's hope he'll recover by Sunday), Liverpool has lost its threatening charm. Chelsea don't see anything to fear of from this ordinary-looking Liverpool team. They will go for easy tactical, stop Gerrard from playing and Liverpool will stop playing altogether! So still, Chelsea come into this game as a favourite to beat Liverpool.

  6. If you ask my opinion, I think if Liverpool is to win, they might come out as a winner with a margin of a single goal only. Chelsea is on the high at the moment. They were surprisingly beaten by Tottenham but that could be a one-off situation.

  7. With so many focus on the Chelsea vs Liverpool match and how the outcome would decide who'll win the title, I think it is wrong to suggest that Man.U is having a free-ride for its remaining matches.

  8. The same evening, Man.U will be going against Sunderland. On paper, this is another frustrating team. But if you watch them play, Sunderland is a team that gives themselves a 100% effort. They have a good attacking-minded team, though something must be done for its fullbacks - who kept on losing the plot!

  9. So I think, Sunderland could spring a shocking result against Man.U. Realistically, it's hard to imagine that Sunderland can beat Man.U. but if they can hold them to a draw, that is a great achievement for the average team in Sunderland.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Man U..if we beat Chelsea it's simply because we want to win for our own good,and got nothing to do 'for you'....this is football, anything could hppns, and how sure you are that you'll easily beat Sunderland, when in the reverse fixture at own ground you only managed a draw although realistically no one imagine Sunderland could win.



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