30 April 2009


  1. Liverpool will continue to dominate the headlines well after the season ends, with the Reds touring this region, and we are taking advantage of these visits by offering incentives to members. The LSCM are offering three tickets to travel and watch Liverpool FC in Singapore on July 26, 2009 as lucky draw prizes for those who renew their membership between April 28, 2009 and May 24, 2009. Every member who re-signs with the LSCM is entitled to a lucky draw coupon. Renewals can be completed at the LSCM office between Thursday and Saturday, at Cobra Club and Baywatch during match gatherings and during LSCM's legendary Members' Nite next Wednesday (May 6, 2009) at the Carlsberg Brewery Lounge in Shah Alam between 6pm and 10pm.

  2. Another round of games may determine the destination of the title this week as the Reds take on relegation-haunted Newcastle United on Sunday and both the Cobra Club and Baywatch are hosting the matchday gatherings.

  3. There is a special membership renewal drive at the Cobra Club where complimentary drinks will be served between 7pm and 8pm, before the game kicks-off at 8.30pm. Members will also be able to pre-order the match tickets for the Liverpool tour at Cobra Club and Baywatch.

  4. Please call our coordinators Norman (019-230 5927) and Kwan (016-222 1608) or surf www.lscm.com.my for updates. Alternatively, please call to the LSCM office at 013-33 66 88 99 to obtain additional information. , Regards, BOOTROOM BOYS.

28 April 2009


No Alonso wasn't heading the ball. In fact, he was celebrating his thunderous kick into Hull City's net.

  1. A few stories came out about the necessity for Rafa to sell the players first before he can acquire new ones. My only question : why is he still linked to Gareth Barry?

  2. So he has to sell first. So a few names have been mentioned, in particular Daniel Agger and that Italian Dossena. Let me say it first, Dossena must go. But Agger? hmmm... For his age, Agger is definitely the ones we should keep for the future. Carragher wouldn't be that sharp after next season, so we must have a cover. We do have Skrtel at the moment but what happens if he gets injured? I doubt if our left & right flank in Arbeloa and Aurelio can do what Carra, Skrtel and Hyppia have been doing splendidly all this while. The two just don't have that enough heights, body built and toughness to be our last-man.

  3. The interesting point about Agger is his ability to score. I believe the only think that stop him from scoring more is that he is forbidden from doing so by Rafa. Remember the calamity against Wigan very early in the season. The ball was stolen from him by Zaki and as a direct counter-attack, Agger went for a solo-penetration into Wigan's penalty box and Kuyt scored the equaliser. We won the game scrappy but 3-2 is what fans like us have been craving. Massive anxiety, massive suspense!

  4. So I think it is important for Rafa to really really persuade Agger to stay.

  5. The thing about LFC being high-flying in March and a little bit out-of-composure in April, proved to be our liability now. The huge gap in goal tally between us and Man.U is now a mere 2 goals. Why? Remember that crazy Arsenal match? That stupid Geovanni goal? Those leaks must be stopped at all cost. We're meeting Newcastle next i.e Michael Owen. Based on their performance at the moment, there is no reason that Liverpool couldn't inflict more misery onto them. And most importantly, we must not let in the consolation goals. We must keep the goal advantage. It could be nasty by the end of May and having those advantage in goal-difference could help us somehow by then!

26 April 2009

Hull City 1 - LFC 3

Michael Turner prefer to smack Torres's face...

  1. I don't rate last night's match against Hull City in the same category as the previous 4 matches. We won, but with no style at all, not much of a conviction or the real essense Liverpool game of late. May be the marking on Torres were tight, may be the physical aspect of Hull's only-way-they-know-how-to-play or may be the LFC players think that Hull would be easily destroyed. Which was not. We were lucky that they only managed to steal a consolation goal, remember that these same team managed to push for a draw at Anfield.

  2. The was a bit expectation for Tottenham Hotspur to assist us in stopping the scum. My and my buddies hanged at a mamak restaurant without Astro channel. Well... it gave us a more comfortable surroundings without having to squeeze in among the tv-watchers and can talk with ease. So I had to rely on Zaidi and Manaf for the updates. Both were enthusiastic to report the 2-0 in the first half. By 2am, no one update me. By then, I returned home and turned on the tv... hmmm... no wonder no one's text me. hahaha...

  3. Well, Hotspur is no Liverpool and Man.U is simply Man.U. If Sir Alex utilised his `hair-dryer' treatment, definitely in the 2nd half the team that emerged was totally different from the 1st half. Some news report suggested that the turned-around was very much attributed to the ref's bad decision. I didn't watch the game and I hold the principle that a win is a win. No matter how you complaint, ultimately the decision is final... unless there was a riot or something. But referee bad decision? Forgetaboutit!

  4. Truthfully, the waiting for the scum to fall is a dangerous game and a draining-your-heart thing. Again, the bias-UK-media sounded the trumpet again that : IT'S ALL OVER. yeahhh...right! Liverpool is still trailing. Very close. It ain't over til the Arsenal game, you mexico-swine!

24 April 2009


  1. I know it's a bit late for my posting but when you wake up at 11am then rushed to PJ... there's not much time to do so. In the afternoon I had to go to Cyberjaya to collect BMW325i. Don't ask me anything about the car because I'm still enjoying every bit of it. I didn't even bothered to read the pamphlets. Let me drool with the luxury... hahaha

  2. But I want to share with you what I heard... well it is still categorised as speculation at this point of time. I heard... I heard that Tottenham Hotspur will go for broke against Man.U on Sunday, thus stopping the scum from early celebration. And I know you might have heard this also... Liverpool will beat Hull City 4-0 tomorrow. hahaha...

23 April 2009


  1. I must say, the situation between us and Chelsea - the chaser with Man.U, is not that terribly far. It's far okay but must I remind you there's 5 more games to go? Must we throw in the towel, tooth brush, after-shave lotion or napkin into the pitch? I'm not trying to reason out Chelsea. Let Hiddink speak for himself, let him go aloof. We - in Liverpool must not follow suit. The fight is still very much alive. It's not in our hands but we don't do, must not do Hiddink. Coward. Pussy.

  2. To listen to the bias-UK-media, Man.U might as well be handed the championship now, today, right here! That was the same tune they wrote prior to 14 February 2009 and despite that huge margin of losses, those bias-UK-media still think Man.U can do the sweeping and eat Fulham. But truthfully, Fulham was another animal altogether. The supposedly-small team raised to the occasion and bring the giant trembling and red carded to the ground! Are you being sensible, Mr Hiddink to say that the remaining 5 teams that Man.U will meet is a small-club and would be easily beaten by Man.U? Learn and listen carefully what happened at Fulham, you bloody fool.

  3. There was some bias-UK-media also trying to portray Rafa's statement as conceding the defeat vis-a-vis Hiddink. oh...ya it was THE SUN. Well, true I like to browse the web site, because the lay out is easy to read and they have a good art designs like the picture above and most of the times, some juicy photos of WAGS, Hollywood star etc etc...

  4. But it was a deliberate attempt to take Rafa's words out of context. You guys must double checked anything that is reported by the UK media with Liverpoolfc.tv. Based on the verbatim report, you can identify which is not meant by Rafa, which is overblown by the media. Crazy nuts! Liverpool will not surrender. Not till the final games! 5 points is massive but nothing is impossible in football. I repeat NOTHING!


  1. LIVERPOOL FC will face Thailand in Bangkok on July 22 before flying to Singapore to take on the national team on July 26. It will be the first time the Reds have visited Thailand since 2003, while they have not played in Singapore for eight years.

  2. Since some of you are divided, either to pick Bangkok or Singapore, I think it would be okay. Because I will be going to both cities! hahaha.... You decide.

  3. Below is the news quoted from Liverpoolfc.tv

    Paul Eaton 22 April 2009

    Liverpool Commercial Director Ian Ayre today spoke of his delight after the Reds confirmed a two-game tour of South-East Asia this summer.
    Rafael Benitez will take his players to play games in Thailand on July 22 and Singapore on July 26 as the Reds continue their preparations for the 2009-10 season.

22 April 2009


  1. The first goal was off-side, then the next three were all `presented' by our defenders. It's so alarming. There's nothing faulty with the efforts of our forwards and the new partnership of Torres and Benayoun but what happened at the back? Arse-shove-in really took the opportunity and became another Mark Viduka to score 4 goals at Anfield.

  2. And today, everybody is shouting that Arsenal has dented Liverpool's chance. Here we go again. All Liverpool fans around the world knew very well how desperate the media wanted us not to win. If the opportunity presented them, like last night crazy result, those UK media people will have a field-day claiming that Liverpool now is kaput.

  3. So let it be. They said the same when we lost to Middlesborough but drastically changed their style of writing when we beat Man.U 1-4 at Old Trafford and of course, crushed Real Madrid along the way. The last three games showed that Liverpool was only beaten once, by Chelsea, then two consecutive draw... big draws albeit in a different tournament. Does it merit to call doomsday for LFC? And I wonder.

  4. The funny part about Arsene Wenger is that he knows very well that Arsenal is playing the role of a kingmaker. After the game, he said something like... don't worry, because we will go to United and try to win. I think the title is still very open even now.” This is because the Frenchman thinks Arsenal still has a chance to win the league. Nuts.

  5. Again, at this point of time, I repeat my regrets of being in this situation where our destiny is depending on other team's result. Let's see if Pompey could do some miracle tonight against Man.U. Surely Crouch would be contacted by his former teammates to do some damage to that oh-so-great-team.... But if we are destined to be the no.2 team this season, we shall remember the double winner we had against Man.U and the memorable 14 February 2009 when Man.U were beaten 1-4 at Old Trafford. hahaha

21 April 2009


  1. Funny some mates trying to provoke me on the supposedly-mighty Arsenal. My quick reply is that it's should be the other way around. Who is actually really really on-form team at the moment? True Arsenal is unbeaten for quite a while but so did Liverpool. Count how many goals each team scored and converted? I'm sure you'll find Liverpool is way way up of the statistic table.

  2. But I don't really bothers about the stats. After all, Liverpool is the team to watch for the next 5 games (excluding the Arsenal game tonight). Everybody is saying that Man.U and Arsenal would be distracted with F.A and CL matches. So be it. Their worries is not our concerned. No doubt Liverpool didn't want to go out of CL, but we did and the opportunity presented to us to really concentrate on Premier League. During the early season, I told myself that it would be great if we can go for two cups : CL and Premier League. So now it's not really that far off since we do still eyeing for the Premier League.

  3. I'm sure all of you must have read the so-called verbal-wars between Rafa and Sir Alex. Of course, we are right behind Rafa on this issue. Though I must say, it's a little childish on the part of Sir Alex to pick a fight in such a way. Man.U might win the CL and roll the Premier League but one thing they can't erase is the fact that Man.U were beaten 1-4 by Liverpool at Old Trafford on 14 February 2009. Thus my question to Man.U fans: Which one do you prefer? Beaten by Liverpool 1-4 or beaten by Everton in the penalty shoot-out? Both teams are from Liverpool county. hahaha...


  1. Based on the latest news report, it seems Arsenal will be coming to Anfield as a depleted team. They won't have the regulars. There won't be Robin van Persie (groin) and striker Emmanuel Adebayor (hamstring), goalie Manuel Almunia, Gael Clichy (back), William Gallas (knee) and Johan Djourou (knee). But they will have Bacary Sagna who has recovered from a virus and could feature along with fit-again Croatia forward Eduardo.

  2. On our side, it's still Steven Gerrard that need to recuperate. At this point of juncture, where we understand fully of how the team works, with or without Gerrard - could mean a flip-flop. The team could do very well even without him and of course, without him also caused some questionable performances. but if to analyse the team-without-Gerrard in the Chelsea game, I think it would be okay. Because we have the durable and reliable mothership in Alonso and Mascherano in the middle. Of course, we have Torres at the front. I think we have a formidable team to last the thrilling the must-win of the remaining 5 games.

  3. There was an article in the UK newspaper arguing that Wenger might not use his top players, fearing injuries in particular for their CL semi-finals. Also mentioned in the report, Sir Alex saying that he is hoping Wenger will help Man.U in stopping Liverpool. Sounds funny. Since when do we rely on our direct nemesis? hahaha...

20 April 2009

EVERTON beat MAN.U in the Penalty shoot-Out

  1. I'm supposed to finish my work but I couldn't focus. At 12.10am I switched on the TV and watched the FA semis. I thought by 1am I could resume my work but it lasted til almost 1.45am... and I must congratulate Everton for making our night and tomorrow a smiling day for everyone who is not a Man.U fan.

  2. At first, the whole world would be amazed to see the Man.U's line-up. There were no Ronaldo. But with the good defence at the back, I doubt if Ronaldo could alter the outcome. Because Berbatov certainly couldn't. Must we touch on Ferdinand? hah...

  3. Would this be the excuse for all the Man. U fans to use when they are mocked tomorrow? Sir Alex gradually replacing the young boys (with the exception of Park... why not that fat Anderson?) late in the 2nd half. Then you see of course, Berbatov, Scholes trying to break free but to no effect. The truth is that Sir Alex took the gamble and lost. No one to blame. It's Sir Alex's decision. He might argue that after Porto all of his 1st 11 were tired. Thus he used the unknown school boys.

  4. One thing for sure, Man.U is definitely feeling the heat from Liverpool. Sir Alex knows very well he couldn't afford to lose Ronaldo or Rooney in the FA games that would affect the whole end-of-season campaigns. So much for the loud talk of hunting for 5 cups. They lost tonight, got 2 to go. Though I do suspect the scum could make it to the final of CL. But they would be beaten soundly by.... Barca.

  5. And of course, Liverpool have to stay focus and retain their style of attacking play for the early Wednesday morning match against the school boys of Arsenal. Only after beating those kids, then we can relax a bit and watch Man.U struggling to sustain their runs in the Premier and CL. As I said, the advantage for the Premier League lies with Liverpool. Should I say more?

19 April 2009


  1. I guess we're a bit lucky that the city of Liverpool boast 2 top clubs in the Premier League. One is obviously gigantic than the other but in the oldest FA competition in the world, somehow the small club managed to beat Liverpool. It's okay. It already passed.

  2. So, I think it would be fine if we support Everton tonight, since they are facing the same nemesis in Manchester United. Agree? So I won't be called a traitor? hahaha...

  3. On paper, man to man Everton is obviously light weighted than Man.U. But the small club does have some creative players though we also can call them `The Alumni Reject of Man.U'. The likes of Neville, Tim, Saha (and Moyes himself) that became the backbone of the team. So it must be a great spectacle tonight.

  4. I'm will not write too long on this. It's almost noon and the humidity is rising. I must take my shower now. hehehe... Go Everton! Go Small Club! Make the Merseyside proud once in your history by eliminating Man.U tonight!

Chelshit beat Arse-nile the school kids

  1. The result last night is obvious. Arsenal is still a school boy club. They can't deliver when it matter most. I'm not siding with Chelshit. My point is that Chelshit is built with all the money they had to attain established players, so they can win any game they wanted. Thus, the idea of `nurturing, building' the team from the young age must come to a debate once more. Is Arsene Wenger's way good or Roman's better?

  2. Such is the argument that requires Rafa to ponder also. He has been questioned with his choice in David Ngog. A slow developer I supposed, but at this point of time - where we're trying our best to overtake Man.U, all the young guns are required to proof themselves worthy. Ngog didn't excite us when he came in for Torres in the classic game against Chelshit last week. Would Rafa admit that Ngog is not his good buy?

  3. And I wonder if other home bred Liverpool players like Jay Spearing, Stephen Darby, Krisztian Nemeth will be given more 1st team playing time.

16 April 2009


  1. The photos are blur. I should've use SLR camera, instead of a pocket camera. Lousy at night, lousy to capture the fast movement. But at least I can show you my weekly futsal stadia. If you see it through, it might as well be called a cage! The carpet is getting rotten (see the left corner of both photos) but fortunately, the owner has repaired the flood light. There were once when we had to play almost on a dim atmosphere. 2 out of 4 lights were out! But still we carry on. Still we enjoy the night. The team is known as Platinum 7 gang. The name is derived from the location of the ground, which is within our neighbourhood vicinity. Majority are 30's and above. If you see one or two players that got skilled, trust me... he is below 30's. hahaha...

  2. I'm sure you guys are playing football one way or the other. Now, I am suggesting that all of us should get together (ok... our friends who are within Klang Valley only laaa, though you guys from Johore, Kedah are most welcome too!) not only for teh-tarik but also futsal and may be, I can organised a quick trip to LSCM office at Section 9, Shah Alam. I'm sure Mdm Angie would love to entertain all of us! As for me, I shall be visiting the club very soon. I'm getting my nephew a membership as a present. That's one way to nurture the love for LFC at the very early stage.

15 April 2009


FROM this far corner of the earth and about 12 hours journey by airplane from Malaysia to UK, I am learning and trying to understand the Hillsborough tragedy. The incident happened in 1989. I was 16 years old. There were no rapid football live telecast like we're having now. I guess I might have noticed the news but my focus then was more on my study or more accurately, on girls as opposed to football issues.

Liverpool will come to a standstill at 3.06pm today (10.06pm Malaysian time) to remember the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough — and the 96 who died.

Cathedral bells will toll once for each life lost and people are being urged to observe a two-minute silence.

Some 20,000 fans are expected to attend a memorial service at Anfield, where football fans from around the world have left scarves, shirts and flowers.

It will begin shortly before 3.06pm, the time Liverpool’s FA Cup semi-final with Nottingham Forest was abandoned after fans were crushed at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough ground.

Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotheram will release 96 red balloons as Gerry Marsden sings Reds’ anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

For further information on Hillsborough Tragedy, click the link below. It'll help you to understand more:


Chelsea 4 - LFC 4

The first cut is always the deepest. It reminded me of Ronaldinho goal that fooled David Seaman in the World Cup.

  1. When it was confirmed that Gerrard will not be fielded, I sense that Rafa has calculated the losses. He gambled and didn't really lost that much. And then, while the fight was still hot, out-of-sudden, Mascherano was pulled-off. Darned. Rafa is reserving his big guns for the Premier League, obviously. In this situation, what else we as a fan, can do about it? Moaning is such a waste of time. Just try to understand what is Rafa trying to do on the pitch. It won't be that hard now.

  2. It was a good fight and I am, like all of you, proud of LFC effort. Aside from some slack defending and letting Lampard scored, plus the first mistake Reina ever made in the whole tournament... well, we lost with dignity in-tact. We didn't lose at Stamford Bridge. It was a draw. Well... we lost at Anfield. hehehe... Humour is a good medication especially for people like me who is still experiencing a hung-over and can't sleep til now... 6.36 am!

  3. As a consolation, we can shoot back at the Chelsea fan that they can go look for the Big Ear, while we go for the Premier League Champion Holy Grail. And so it seems because if we keep the momentum of high-scoring, there's no way Chelsea can overtake us and that will be a good revenge, isn't it?

  4. The plus side (I'm desperately looking for something to comfort myself... hahaha...) is that I don't have to stay awake in the middle of the night til dawn, anymore. Except that the next Premier game is against Arsenal on April 22, which would be played at 3am Malaysian time. So much for the energy conservation in the middle of the night, huh?

  5. Another thing, the TV commentator is really a sick S.O.B, isn't he? I believed he said it three times not least, that it's all over for Liverpool. But every time Liverpool managed to score, he was adamant on his own that Chelsea is still winning. Freaking bias commentator. I didn't get his name but I'm sure our brothers in UK must have known him. That really bias S.O.b.


  1. The UK Daily Sports flashed a shocking news : Yes... Gerrard won't be playing and he's name is not even listed on the bench.

  2. Do not panic. Sometimes, the whole team play better without the captain. Let's pray together.

14 April 2009


  1. Today is what I called the day of the `butterfly in my stomach'. The suspence, the anxiety, the eargerness, the obnoxious (huh?)... are all consolidating as one entity within me, thus making me one non-focus employee of the day!

  2. Because tonight at 2.45am is the game of our season in Champion League. It's funny because year after year, it was the opposite. We're awesome in CL yet lousy in Premier League. Now, we're in a bit ackward position because we're trailing Chelsea 1-3 and must score 3-0 to even the game... and the best part of it, the match is at Stamford Bridge. But in Premier League, we have been scoring freely for the last 4 weeks with a total of 14 goals.

  3. Aside being a proud loyal fan, I have to remind all of you about the importance of taking care of our own health. In this context, I refer to heart condition. hahaha... Try not to get OVER excited tonight, be it win or lose, don't get yourself hurt too much that would affect your heartbeat to clueless. Keep it balance. Alright gang!

  4. If we see it from the wisdom on the paper quality, Chelsea has never loss 3-0 at home. I'm not sure if the absence of John Terry would changed that. But it should be. Look at Man.U. Without Rio or Vidic, the supposedly-most-tough-defenced-in the league has been pouring in almost 7-8 goals within the same period LFC been going through without letting in any in the Premier League.

  5. Some pundits say that Gerrard must overrun Essien, who were said had successfully stiffled our captain at Anfield. I say, that's the job of our Captain Argentina, Mr Javier Mascherano. The Little Monster will go face-off with the fabulous Ghanaian. Thus, allowing Gerrard to roam freely with Torres. hmmm.... What if Chelsea choose to park their bus in front of the Petr Cezh? naaa... I don't think so. Hiddink doesn't identify himself with that kind of tactics. hahaha

13 April 2009

THIS IS A SERIOUS ANALYSIS... or so it seems! hahaha

Torres the Tormentor... He'll score again against Chelsea. You'll see!
  1. I'm not a qualified commentator, if you ask my football credentials. Aside then managing my office's team many many years ago (late 90's) in the Inter-Media Tournament for three years which saw the best achievement we made was qualified to the semi-finals. We didn't get further but went back home with a set of 7-pieces pinggang mangkuk! hahaha... And from time to time I do play myself. Now like everybody else, I play futsal on weekly basis, in particular with my neighbours on Friday evening. I'm still nursing injuries to both of my leg, due to the red-card-offence by my opponent's goalie who lunged two footed on me. But my ball went in and with my right leg bleeding, the game just carried-on.

  2. And being an avid supporter of the-so-called Carlsberg sponsored team (I got the remark from my mate who got pissed off when I questioned the wisdom of people in Malaysia supporting Chelsea who has no history like LFC or Man.U.... a simple return-fire is to criticise the Muslim who wore LFC jersey with a beer brand on its chest to which I answer... yes Carlsberg is delicious... to the astonishment of many - hey I don't drink but a way to rebuke stupid remark is to reply with a stupid answer too... hahahahahah).

  3. OK... what I'm trying to explain here is, because of my non-qualification as a legitimate commentator, aside than my tinny-winny experience as a tinny-winny team or not even amateurs... and as a player myself who support Liverpool, I want to drool on this early Thursday game. The return leg of Chelsea vs LFC, somewhat a rather difficult situation to overcome but never say impossible...

  4. After the dreaded mid-week game, both Chelsea and LFC went back to Premier League. Between those two, still have a lot to accomplished. Chelsea is hoping for LFC to be stuttered, so they can overtake them on 2nd place. But LFC has more brilliant motivation, we're not settling for no.2 slot, we're eyeing for the no.1. That shows when Chelsea... after leading 3-0 had a nervous afternoon when the ``mighty'' Bolton managed to score 3 goals before the games ended with Chelsea won 4-3. In comparison, as you are well aware, LFC had a `walk on the park' when they beat Blackburn 4-0.

  5. Admittedly, Chelsea was high on performance when they beat LFC 3-1 at Anfield. All of a sudden, both their wingers played on top of their games. I doubt if the same can be said about Drogba. It took a relapse of focus from the LFC back after the shocking 2nd goal before Drogba could convert one of his 4 open opportunities before he managed to score. But the game against Bolton raised some eyebrows. So strong against fellow Big 4, yet so fragile against errr... a lowly Bolton team. According to their not-so-permanent manager, Hiddink : the scoreline is because the players thought they are so big i.e over confidence.

  6. From that result, can we have a slightest hope for Torres, Gerrard and co. to achieve what is not deemed as totally impossible for them? To score 3 goals and would eventually lead to extra time or perhaps, penalty shoot-out where LFC has never lost. Do we have the right to hope for the impossible?

  7. Which is more impossible, the current situation of 90 minutes in Stamford Bridge or 45 minutes in Istanbul? 90 minutes and 45 minutes? Both were leading LFC 3-0. The nucleus of Istanbul is still very much there within the squad, in particular Gerrard, Alonso, Reina, Carra. Now it would be strengthen with the return of Mascherano who will surely be entrusted to fight Essien to the core, thus enable Gerrard to roam as he pleased.

  8. Isn't this the beauty of supporting LFC? Nothing is going as expected-boring type of a football club. The season is always fill with drama, suspense, intrigue, blood, losing the 1st leg- winning the 2nd leg and alas, through to the semis.

  9. With our limitations and not as grandiose budget as Chelsea, yet we still able to give them a good scare.

  10. I still believe the miracle can reoccur at Stamford Bridge this Thursday 2.45am game. I believe that you have the believe in Liverpool, too. YNWA

12 April 2009

TORRES is on top of his game!

He runs, he chested the ball, he volleyed the ball with his right foot... OH MY GOD! SO BEAUTIFUL!

The tallest defender cum striker for Blackburn couldn't cope with Torres...

  1. I've tried in vain today to look for the Torres's last year scoring DVD. I must have misplaced it, since I have been playing it on my TV downstairs and upstairs, on my laptop and now I forgot where was the last time I left it. Do you know why? Because I just can't get enough of Torres's exploit!!!!!....

  2. He's latest double over Blackburn last night was... simply WORLD-CLASS ! No matter how many and what size the opposition team installed on him, but they just can't stop him from scoring. They were helpless. Only luck denied Torres his hattrick.

  3. It's true that injury robbed him for the best part of the season, but when he returned to his fitness it came at no other better time for the revival of Liverpool in the last 10 games or so. He has been instrumental in bringing the enthusiasm back to Liverpool, regardless of what the outcome it may be in May... The question of overtaking Man.U at the helm is very much loud and clear - to a pleasant surprise not only to the world but particularly the fans themselves. If only we could have done it a bit fairly better against Middlesborough, the situation could be more intense and surely Sir Alex would be crazier than what he is doing today.

11 April 2009

LFC 4 - Blackburned 0

In loving memory of the tragedy of Hillborough. It was the days of the hooligans. Today, no more!

Simply The Best... Torres. He can score with his both legs and a header too. OMG!

  1. A very energetic performance, albeit in the 2nd half Liverpool switch to lower gear after noticing that Blackburn players were not up to their game at all. Torres is still on top of his game. It's a pity that he couldn't get his hattrick. But the 1st goal is the epitome of this brilliant and lethal striker we have in Torres. Cornered by 2 defenders and a goalie, but yet with his imagination, he shot wide to the right corner of the goal-post. Magnificent!

  2. Such is the tempo of the game that everybody in the Reds were trying their luck. Veira almost pissed me off. He had the most ball and he dribbled one too many. And when he supposed to pass it to 3 or 4 of his teammates in the penalty area... he failed to do so. Over and over again. Luckily, Agger was eager. He did was he did best. That screwdriver shot from outside the penalty box. Wousy!

  3. What about Ngog? A few minutes earlier, I would have prefer El Zhar converted the ball. But it's okay. I'm not watching any more games tonight. Got so many homework to complete. But I will be praying in my heart for Man.U to drop some points.

10 April 2009

LFC vs BlackBURNED 7.45pm TOMORROW !

  1. Liverpool have a mountain to climb if they're to progress in the Champions League, but thoughts of a fight-back against Chelsea next Tuesday must be put on the back burner with a vital lunchtime kick-off in the Premier League against Blackburn in prospect.

  2. The Merseysiders are chasing a record 19th English top-flight title and their first in 19 years. At the same time, Manchester United are eager to equal the Merseysiders' 18 championship crowns. It would appear Liverpool's only chance is to put pressure on United by taking all three points here and knocking United off the top for the second Saturday running, but this time it could be for only two hours.

  3. Sam Allardyce's Rovers did their bid for Premier League survival a power of good by beating Tottenham last weekend to take their points return to 11 out of 18, which lifted them out of the relegation zone and up to 14th. Now the Ewood Park club are seeking their first back-to-back victories in 26 Premier League outings.

  4. This is a match-up between one of the best behaved and one of the worst in the highest league. Liverpool are the only club not have been shown a red card in Premier League games this season; Blackburn have been issued with more cards that any other side (71, three of which were red).

  5. Rovers have not won in 12 Premier League visits to Anfield. They have drawn five and lost seven since their solitary win in this league at the home of the Merseyside giants on 12 September 1993, when Mike Newell scored the only goal.

  6. Based on the current form in the Premier League, this game should be `a walk in the park' for Liverpool. Perhaps, Gerrard would be rested, while Torres would be allow to add more to his goal tally.

09 April 2009


Regardless of the heartbreak we are having now from the lousy result in Anfield, no one must nor should denied that Torres's spectacular shot is one of the most beautifully taken, starting from the built-up... the way Kuyt set up Arbeloa, who then crossed it away from the 4 Chelshit defenders, straight to Torres who shot it with intent on the 6th minute.

Failure to convert a few more tries also resulted in the defeat. Don't worry lah. Still got lotssa things to achieve in this life. Like the Premier League. heheheh


  1. The result in Anfield last night is, rather shocking. Admittedly Liverpool players were stunned by the corner kicks and suddenly stop playing, thus Drogba scored the 3rd goal.

  2. Do you think to score 3 goals at Stamford Bridge a difficult task? It's difficult but not impossible.

  3. Well, today I have to listen to all the banters. Sometimes you lose, but most of the time you win... so it's okay. I accept this is football. hahaha...

08 April 2009

6 reasons why Chelsea cannot beat Liverpool tonight

1. Chelsea is built based on money. There is no tradition nor history in the club. Malaysian who claimed themselves a fans of Chelsea are stupid.

2. Drogba will go down as if he is hit by a sniper at Anfield, which is not true at all.

3. Joe Cole. Another good player who also loves to play acting. Have you ever saw a man who is in pain, takes out his tongue like that?

4. Ashley Cole : Too rich to play real football. what is he doing still playing?

5. Roman : He thinks he can buy everything... yes, almost everything... but not tonight. Remember this photo, it would be repeated tonight, if he dares to step a foot in Anfield.

6. Garcia : Look Terry, you're in the picture. John Terry is an overrated fullback. He can't stop Torres at all.

Man.U can't even get over Porto... The end for Fergie

Torres is practising his sprint while Gerrard supposedly hackling the defenders before passing the ball for Torres to tore the Chelsea's goal tonight... (Photo taken from liverpoolfc.tv without knowledge)

  1. ahahaaa... Porto is not Aston Villa at all. While visiting Old Trafford, the Portuguese managed to force the Scum to a draw. And that is impressive for a team that is not rated as favourite in the CL. Well, I didn't say that nor did any of Merseysiders. It was thought off by the UK media based in London. And they have small regard or nothing at all toward other teams than their own favourites : Arsenal, Man. U and Chelsea. Because of the result in Manchester, now the connotation of the news for Man U is ... rather bleak next week.

  2. The same goes to Arsenal. But to me, Arsenal is no competition to Liverpool. They could stop us from scoring or winning, but they themselves won't be able to defeat us. Not the school children. Easily crushed.

  3. One thing peculiar about Liverpool when they play in Europe is the consistency of the team to enter the QF phase, you might as well put your money on the Reds. Torres was very candid a couple days ago saying he prefers the CL, as opposed to Premier League Champ. hahaha... Then Chelshit fans should know, Torres will ensure his own ambition will be met with his own effort and goals. So beware. hahaha.... I pity you.

07 April 2009

Anelka: 'Islam helped me live with my Moscow miss'

Chelsea striker reveals faith gave him the strength to carry on after penalty agony in last year's Champions League final
By Mark Fleming (The Independent UK)
Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It wasn't the most passionate display of anguish to follow a famous penalty miss, and it certainly didn't score him favour with the Chelsea fans who had travelled to last season's Champions League final against Manchester United in Moscow. But Nicolas Anelka has now given some insight into the reason for his cool response at seeing Edwin van der Sar save his shoot-out effort: his Muslim faith helps him keep the highs and lows in perspective.

The striker's lack of spontaneous emotion had been construed as evidence he did not really care. After all, he had only been at the club a matter of months after a January move from Bolton for £15m and would probably be on his way shortly.
Yet instead of leaving for another club in the summer, Anelka, 30, has stayed at Chelsea, and with his goals and performances has succeeded in winning over the Stamford Bridge sceptics. The Frenchman travels to Liverpool for tomorrow's Champions League quarter-final first leg as the Premier League's top scorer, focused on making up for his Moscow mishap.
One reason for Anelka's ability to treat success and failure with the same understated equanimity is his devout faith in Islam. The Frenchman publicly converted to the faith in 2004 and took the name Abdul-Salam Bilal, but he has since revealed he had been a Muslim since being a teenager.

"It keeps me calmer and more stable on and off the pitch," Anelka said in a magazine interview. "It can help you during difficult times. I often say to myself, about football or otherwise, that things happen for a reason. You can't change things. You have to accept them. Life is full of ups and downs. You're not happy all the time. My religion offers stability and keeps my feet on the ground. It helps me to know who and where I am."
Anelka has never stayed long in one place, having played for nine clubs so far in his career. Surprisingly he admitted that the five-month period he spent on loan at Liverpool seven years ago was the best of his chequered career. He only played 20 league games and scored four goals at Anfield, but he revealed the time holds special memories for him. The role he was given in the team by the then manager GĂ©rard Houllier was his preferred position, supporting a more natural goalscorer. Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink take note.
"I played my best football at Liverpool because I played in my best position during my time there," he said. "There was Michael Owen, who's a natural goalscorer, and Emile Heskey, who sets lots of things up for you. The three of us complemented each other. Owen was the main goalscorer, and you knew he was going to score no matter what, so that allowed me to play my best football.
"I played as a centre-forward at Arsenal and scored lots of goals so everybody thinks that's my best position. But I don't [think so]. For me, football's not about scoring goals. I play because I want to enjoy myself. If I have a chance – great. But my main aim is to play well. If I went through an entire game and then scored in the 85th minute, I wouldn't be happy."
utusanlfc says :
For the record, when Houllier decided not to sign Anelka on a permanent basis.... I was a bit confused. Instead the Frenchman chose Alhaj Diouf. hmm... what could it have been if Anelka stayed? hmmm... that was history. Thursday wee-hours, Anelka is our opponent. He won't be scoring.


This funny caricature is taken from bluechampion.com without permission

  1. After missing the game against Newcastle last weekend, Didier Drogba is now considered would likely be playing in the great game against Liverpool this Thursday wee hours Malaysian time. I never despised this man. In fact, I am highly impress with him. How I wish Liverpool have the Chelsea's money to own him. Though not much can we elaborate about this Ivory Coast player, as he is already well-known in the English Premier League. One of his memorable goal that I saw was the one he scored from the middle of the pitch in the game against Everton. He picked the long ball from Petr Cech, then he turn, and with an almost a first timer, he bang the ball to the goal post of Everton. Amazingly, because of the velocity and accuracy of his shot, the ball went in - shocking every body in the stadium.

  2. To me, Drogba when he is fit and hungry, he is the most dangerous player in the Chelshit squad. People keep on naming Frank Lampard as the backbone of the team but Lampard is not even near the standard of our own Captain Fabulouso, Steven Gerrardo. That's the different with Drogba. If he feels that he want to win, he'll show his class and willingness. That we saw during the 2nd leg of LFC vs Chelshit at Stamford Bridge last season. He was pestering to a great effect our fullbacks, in particular Samy Hyppia who eventually lost the battle and Drogba scored the decisive goal that marked the end of our journey in the tournament.

  3. This time around, those calamity must and should be avoided at all cost. Now that we have a strong man at the back, namely Skrtel... hopefully he can stop Drogba from marauding our D-area. Because aside from Skrtel, I have doubts a bit now if Carragher have the extra power to stop such fast & furious strikers in the mold of Drogba who is big in size, ferocious in tackling and has a thunderous shots. And Drogba is cunning, too.

  4. Liverpool did a double whammy on Chelsea this season which proved that the win in Anfield is no fluke or lucky strike as the result in Stamford Bridge stand as our hard-proof evidence that Chelsea can be beaten by Liverpool, anytime and anywhere.

  5. But what about Anelka, you might ask? He's scoring feat has diminished. That's all. hahaha...

06 April 2009


This Aston DB9 is more reliable than Aston Villa to satisfy us...

  1. I didn't watch the game. The mamak restaurant where I hanged around with my buddies had a funny story. The astro subscription apparently cut-off because the owner didn't pay for it. That's the reason the restaurant was empty, which to our benefit - we could chat and drink without the disturbance from the scums supporter's noise.

  2. So I had to rely on one of my colleague to text me on the updates. Then Kajang-Today also text me, but of course I couldn't update him more or less... simply because I wasn't watching. hahaha...

  3. So everybody who hates Manchester United must have felt let down by Aston Villa tonight. They have at one point leading 2-1 but ended up losing 2-3. I didn't watch but recalling what was the formation used by O'Neill during their demolition in the hands of Liverpool 2 weeks ago, I guessed O'Neill didn't know how to shut the game when they were leading.

  4. This so-called bright manager might have thought that to reformat his tactics from open play into a `load of bus parked' in front of the goal post is not football, so he be damned now. With your inferiority in terms of man-to-man quality player, there's no way Villa can match Manchester United. For every Ronaldo, you must have 2 defenders in front of him and another defender behind them two. That's the the only way to stop Ronaldo. They didn't. Ronaldo scored. Twice. Hell.

  5. Lets not ponder on Aston Villa failure to take the opportunity in the absence of Rooney and Vidic. After all, we're Liverpool fans. Villa's demised is not our concerned. Though if they won, not only they could give us some incentives but also, ratify their own position to overthrow Arsenal. All that are gone by now. What a waste.

  6. This game teach us one important issue. The reality is that : we're still behind Manchester United, regardless that we have beat them 4-1 at Old Trafford, regardless that Manchester United have lost back-to-back games at the hands of Fulham. Reality check now is that, the scum are 1 point better than us, still, and a game in hand. That's 4 points. Would Manchester United experienced another 2 back-to-back losses after this? I doubt so. And in my opinion, this is the agony of hoping for someone else to do the job for you. Most of the time, it would be like what Aston Villa did. Success only to deceive, failed to materialise.

  7. My own point is that it is crucial that Liverpool must concentrate in winning all the remaining games. The performances against Fulham must not be repeated. It takes too many a near-collapsed for the fans if Liverpool decided to win the match in the `masa kecederaan' or injury time for the 9th time. The crazy 3 games of beating Real Madrid, Manchester United and Aston Villa is supposed to be the new Liverpool ways of doing things correctly. Though, no matter how you win... in the end, a win is a win that translates to a full 3 pointers.

  8. I have trained myself to be an optimist. A positive person. I like to think in a way that would not discourage me in doing or even planning something big. I am optimist that Liverpool can win the league this season. But on the same breath also, I can be relaxed that if we failed to do so, it won't hurt me too much. Because aside from football, there are many other things that you must do to live your life to the fullest. hehehe... so if we're destined to sit on the 2nd spot, so be it. However, the struggle must not be ceased now. To overtake the scum at this point of juncture seems a mountain a bit to steep but find a rope, throw it upwards, who knows the rope would stuck onto a good tree or what ever and we'll be on top. So be positive guys!

05 April 2009


  1. AFTER one strike to another and still no goals and the clock is reaching 90th minutes, you must be wondering if tomorrow will be a massive day for your mates to taunt and make a mockery of you endlessly. Very early in the game, Dossena (one of my less-favourite player in Anfield) had two close-calls. One is a left-footed kick and the other a point-blank header. The first was tipped by the big Aussie goalkeeper and the other by the sheer-luck goal post.

  2. Then there were top-class passing between Torres and Gerrard which all ended missed or again, rescued by the goal post. The Fulham goal post bar could have been hailed as the man of the match as it saw most of the action. hahaha...

  3. We are now 2 points extra at the top. Mathematically, that doesn't mean anything until Manchester United play tonight. If they lost, we still be on top for another week. But the advantage still persist with the scum who has one more game in hand. So at this stage, don't go partying as yet. Still a massive long way to go. Perhaps, we should enjoy last night's win, that's all. As for the title chase, be patience and be wise.

  4. The scum is not an easy entity to overhaul but we do hope in the absence of Vidic tonight, Aston Villa can and should inflict some serious cuts on the scums ambition. After all, Villa must win to keep pace with Arsenal to regain the fourth spot. C'mon Villa. You can do it!

04 April 2009

LIVERPOOL vs FULHAM 12.30am tonight

Let's have a prayer together in our hearts. Dear God AlMighty... Please :
1. Let all the players in the squad perform to their best tonight.
2. Let all the fans support until the final whistle.
3. Let Fulham not be that tough tonight.
4. Let Liverpool scored another 4 goals.
5. Let Manchester United lost to Aston Villa tomorrow.

03 April 2009


  1. In conjunction with the swearing-in of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as the 6th Malaysian Prime Minister today, I wish to make a political statement.

  2. As one of the bloggers that inhibits anything, everything solely related to Liverpool Football Club, and on behalf of the fellow Malaysian bloggers at large, I wish to convey our most heartiest congratulations towards Datuk Seri Najib on this historic day and it should have been done in December 2008....

  3. Like everybody else, I wish that our new Prime Minister ratify all the things that we have lost during the previous weak administration. Some people were saying that Najib must preserve the openness and liberalism brought upon us by the weak man. I say yes to it and no to it, simultaneously.

  4. What's the meaning of openness and liberalism if you failed to control it? Everyone must understand that there is no such thing as absolute openness, total liberalism in this world. It's non-existent, not even in America. Try shout the words like TALIBAN in front of Pentagon, and you'll find yourself surrounded by the marines within 5 minutes!

  5. But in Malaysia, you have been allowed to say anything, everything your heart ask you to say, regardless if its loaded with racial contents or hatred towards other religion, race or football club affiliation. This is the stupidity and weaknesses that persisted for the last 5 years here in Malaysia. Now it's time to put a stop on all of the nonsence. The 5 years of infamy under the previous PM must never be allowed to be repeated. He has failed us miserably.

  6. Datuk Seri Najib, we want you to lead us to a better civil Malaysian society and a prosperous one.


One of the 2 freekicks that Danny scored against Manchester United during the Houllier era. So just don't give Danny the same chances tomorrow to do the same onto us.

  1. Fulham are pursuing back-to-back wins against 'Big Four' clubs after pulling off one of the most amazing victories of the entire season; 2-0, home to Manchester United on 21 March. They managed to hold Chelsea, blasted Arsenal at Craven Cottage... and remember, the Al-Fayed football club has forced a draw with us at Anfield.

  2. They're also hunting three wins on the spin for the first time since their sensational status-saving end to last season. hmmmm... it's like meeting one of the other Big Four. Because Fulham is not but they have the knack to up their tempo when ever they play the Big Four.

  3. Danny MURPHY will be facing a former club. The 32 year old England international midfielder made 249 appearances (170 in the league) and scored 44 goals (25 league) for Liverpool between July 1997 and his £2.5m transfer to Charlton in August 2004.

  4. We know he was a bit furious with the way Rafa handled him, thus his eventual voyage to Charlton almost made him lost at sea. Apparently, Fulham seems to fit him well and he has since been entrusted by the gaffer to be the club's captain. We wish him well for all his good services for Liverpool previously.

  5. But tomorrow, Danny is considered an opposition. Stop him at all cause. And we need the vigilant eyes of Skrtel and Carra to stop Andrew Johnson (remember his Everton days...)

  6. The only challenge for us fans in this region is that the game would only start at 1.30am. The good news is that I won't have to `fight' the TV with my wife and kids during the prime time but the bad side is that it would be one tough assignment to keep me awake.

02 April 2009

MARADONA 1 - BOLIVIA 6 (and 2 other results that matters)

argentina 1 - bolivia 6

  1. Of all the World Cup Qualifying games last night or yesterday, the Argentina defeat to Bolivia in such a high margin 1-6 is the most weird of all. Supposedly coached and managed by one of the most popular man, Maradona, the results only reflected how lousy the squad is at the moment. We tend to think that it would be just a one off thing and Argentina surely will be in Finals in South Africa, what ever happens now. Yeah but beaten by Bolivia? It's like Manchester United is beaten by Fulham. We know Bolivia is a good team (especially during the inauguration of World Cup) but has never been in the same class as Argentina and Brazil. This is football ! Full of surprises.

  2. Two other games that I look to this morning were England vs Ukraine and Spain vs Turkey. For obvious reason, I wonder if Gerrard scored but no matter when our former striker made Cappelo a blessed man with his decision to start Crouch in the absence of other strikers in the Lion squad. Crouch scored the first goal and actually almost lost the game when one Chelsea-flop managed to equalised. Then of course, John Terry got the winning goal.

  3. As for Spain - our Liverpool Spanish player also did us proud. Resuming with his beautiful goal against Aston Villa early of the month, Reira scored the winning goal. And Alonso must never be allowed to leave this summer. You know why. And I shall not prolong the WC Qualifying discussion. And Congrats Dirk Kuyt! hahaha....

  4. All I want to say is : THANK GOD now it's over (for now) and let's continue with our more urgent matters at home. Let's beat Fulham and pray that Aston Villa has recovered and stopped Manchester United convincingly this weekend. I can't wait for Saturday. Neither do you, I know...

01 April 2009

LOUDNESS : The only Japanese Heavy Metal band that I can relate to!


  1. Tonight I am enjoying myself with the golden era of heavy metal song. Tonight I listen repeatedly one particular song : CRAZY NIGHT by LOUDNESS.

  2. They were the first Japanese heavy metal act signed in the United States, releasing seven albums (3 in America) by the end of 1987 and reaching the Billboard top 100.

  3. Actually, I downloaded the songs from the Net. Damned! Another track HEAVY CHAINS really reminds of my childhood. Riding my kapcai with the gang from BDC Stampin to downtown Kuching on Saturday night before proceeding to Santubong beach in Kuching. Those were the glory days. 1985 onwards. Form 1 to Upper 6 in Green Road Secondary School.

  4. I was a bit confused then. I was recommended to buy a new Malay band called SEARCH. Upon listening to the 1st song, I heard this familiar melody. Then I listen LOUDNESS. aiya sapa tiru sapa.... then only my mates teach me what it's all about. Those time the cassettes only cost RM3 (pirated version of course!). All I have to do is puasa for 2 days at school and then I can raised the money.

  5. aaahhh... those glory days!

* I recommend you guys to indulge yourself and listen back to those 1980's songs. MARVELLOUS!



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...