08 April 2009

Man.U can't even get over Porto... The end for Fergie

Torres is practising his sprint while Gerrard supposedly hackling the defenders before passing the ball for Torres to tore the Chelsea's goal tonight... (Photo taken from liverpoolfc.tv without knowledge)

  1. ahahaaa... Porto is not Aston Villa at all. While visiting Old Trafford, the Portuguese managed to force the Scum to a draw. And that is impressive for a team that is not rated as favourite in the CL. Well, I didn't say that nor did any of Merseysiders. It was thought off by the UK media based in London. And they have small regard or nothing at all toward other teams than their own favourites : Arsenal, Man. U and Chelsea. Because of the result in Manchester, now the connotation of the news for Man U is ... rather bleak next week.

  2. The same goes to Arsenal. But to me, Arsenal is no competition to Liverpool. They could stop us from scoring or winning, but they themselves won't be able to defeat us. Not the school children. Easily crushed.

  3. One thing peculiar about Liverpool when they play in Europe is the consistency of the team to enter the QF phase, you might as well put your money on the Reds. Torres was very candid a couple days ago saying he prefers the CL, as opposed to Premier League Champ. hahaha... Then Chelshit fans should know, Torres will ensure his own ambition will be met with his own effort and goals. So beware. hahaha.... I pity you.


Anonymous said...

Liverpool would suffer the worst in the hand of chelsea.huahuahua.

Yadayada said...

lolol,we're on the league of our own in ucl...


suffer the worst? the players are stupid and its fan are coward. Like you who not dare to introduce yourself. oooohhhhh penakut

skywalker said...

hah chelsea? what chelsea? hahaha



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