27 October 2008

Chelsea 0 - Liverpool 1 (WE MEAN BUSINESS... ARSENAL, YOU'RE NEXT!)


WOW... the TV commentators, even early news report by THE SUN stated ``...Xabi Alonso's early deflected effort earned the Reds a superb win at fortress Stamford Bridge, where the hosts had gone 86 league games without defeat.''

So it was deflected. SO WHAT? A goal is a goal. The main thing, the ball went into the net and the ref allowed it. By emphasizing too much on the `deflected effort', it made as if the goal was as good as an own-goal, a lucky one, a mercy perhaps. SO WHAT? Unless Chelsea prefer Luis Garcia's GHOST GOAL? hahaha....

Tonight's game is tremendous. Many observers, the TV pundits especially... were thinking that after leading by the solitary goal, Liverpool might resort to defending tactics. Can't blame them from thinking like that. It has been the trademark of Rafa's game plan for a few seasons already and even done by other managers. But contrary to popular folklore, Liverpool did the opposite. They attack, and counter-attack and Alonso could have scored one of the most beautiful goal if it's not for the goal-post. Cech was no where near as the ball was sooooooo fast and THAT IS LUCKY - FOR CHELSHIT.

I shall not ponder too much on this win as the road still long. It's only 9 games. Yet, tonight's win is a step closer to making Liverpool the Champion. That Scollari nonsense about the supposedly Invincible II, has now become something of a sweet lesson from LFC. Next Arsenal. Be very afraid. Be very afraid.

One particular man stand out tonight. I choose Jamie Carragher. He was solid. He was tall. He was massive. He was a rock. Not Anelka, not Kalou, not Malouda or that kid, Di Santo could breach his wall. My God... Carra was SUPERB tonight. Carra, SALUTE! SALUTE! SALUTE!

I shall be wearing my Liverpool colour in the flight tomorrow. So Good Night to all. Smile and cherish this win. It won't get this sweeter anymore! hahaha...

25 October 2008

LATEST! ... Everton held Man. U 1-1


Don't know why but I am rooting for our Blue neighbours tonight and I was like... scolding and swearing at the ref to blow the whistle... and gladly, in the end - Ronaldo couldn't help Man.U with his very very last minutes freekick outside the box.
GOOD JOB EVERTON! For keeping Man.U at 15 points in 8 games. hahahaha

Let Chelshit score first, then Liverpool win the game 2-1

We know you will be watching from Milan, right Mourinho?
And Kuyt again emerged as the saviour, the hero for Liverpool.... a prophecy on tomorrow's game? You bet!

UNLIKE previous game, we come to this game with that same nervousness feeling. At least in me. It was derived from the fact that we don't have Torres (I hope he will be a surprise inclusion tomorrow!) and the other heartbeat of Liverpool's team is not 100 % fit. That is worrying. and some more, our back has not been that solid when we're playing away game. Remember last week in Manchester City? And what a silly goal that was!

Even though Chelshit won't be having Drogba, the strength in the squad is still persistent with the likes of... eerr... almost everyone can score! That is how powerful and luxury Scollari have in his stride. There was one particular game when we managed to shut Drogba for almost 80 mins and he was allow one or two tries on Reina. Unfortunately, one of it did go through our net! That is how good the Ivorian fella.

As for Liverpool, I share the same view with most of the fans, Reira is beginning to show his real potential. He is becoming daring by the game to do his running towards the defence and the percentages of him successfully penetrating it, is good. His first goal for Liverpool in the Man. City (who dumped him, remember!) was started by him in the middle. He passed it to El Zhar who crossed it to Gerrard, who then dummy the ball to give Reira a perfect spot to shoot.

Is Kuyt good enough to do us proud again tomorrow night? I hope so. Is Keane will prove that he can score in the BPL? I hope so. Can we stop the likes of Lampard? Gerrard will do his best. I hope so.

And now, RM100 bet is all I can afford now. Anyway, I will be away for almost a week and probably will missed the Pompey game on Wednesday. I try to blog tomorrow. My flight is very early on Monday morning.


For all our Hindu friends and Liverpool fans, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Deepavali celebration this Monday. Cherish the peaceful and harmony life we have here in Malaysia, so we can watch and support Liverpool's game in the open arena freely and without fear.

24 October 2008



As of now, I have attended 1 morning meeting, 1 office event and another 1 receiving some documents from a group of NGO. My shoulder is strain. In the afternoon, there's another meetin schedule at 3pm and an open house by the company.... hmmm... it's gonna be a long day, indeed!

I'll try to input something today. The Sunday game... with many players are on injury-alert, I have a bit doubt in me if LFC can pull a point over in Stamford Bridge.

23 October 2008

Atletico 1 - LFC 1 (we were robbed 2 points obviously)

THE only reason given for all the substitutions of Gerrard, Alonso and Keane is that all of them were injured after the second half. Yeah right. We understand Rafa has an eye towards the Chelshit game this Sunday. By changing Gerrard, obviously the tempo and momentum of the squad gone awry and haywire. Kuyt couldn't perform to his best and perhaps, Keane should have scored his second goal.

I must say the 1st half is one of the best show ever by the LFC team. The passes was fluid and the control was quite magnificent. The goal was also good. Then the over confident thing slipped through as shown by Keane fancy miss-kick. Silly.

I’m a bit furious for the goal conceded. Carra was the culprit, alright. He has such a difficulty to handle long balls. That was the dejected feelings when Simao got the equalizer. It’s less than 7 minutes to go. This is un-Liverpool at all. I wonder what if we let Atletico score first, then we do the catch-up? It seems only in such situation LFC could win a game nowadays. So we lead, the chances is slim? Or is it?
One thing for sure, all those stupid mistakes won't be repeated in Anfield. That's where Atletico can rest assure of LFC's might.
... and I am so sleepy now in the office...

22 October 2008

GAME ON! Atletico... be very afraid...

The monster Masch will be unleashed against Atletico...

It's 4-5 hours to go before the games against Atletico starts at 2.45am. And the circle of anxiety, excitement and obnoxious (a bit...) is slowly peaking up in me. I slept for a while this afternoon, just to ensure I get sufficient power reserved between 2.45am til 5am tonight. Then I have to wake up at 8am, take shower, send my girl to school then myself to the office. At noon I supposed to have a lunch appointment. I don't know if I can make it or I just simply find a corner in the office to doze off for a couple of hours.

Now, the ultimate question in my mind... is Atletico a real threat to LFC? Are they the same level as Real Madrid or any of the other English clubs... or a mere club like PSV and Marseilles which was so hyped at first but were wiped out easily eventually by... Kuyt!

From my reading, Atletico is the team to watch in Spain's league. The rise of this Argentinian striker, Aguero has been the talk of not only in Madrid but the whole nation... even as far south as Latin America! Then of course, the team has 2 former LFC player. One is Luis Garcia, still very much appreciated by LFC fans all over the world. I can't forget that goal he scored against Juventus. The shot didn't seem so threatening but it beat the goalie and kabooommm! And the other goal, dubbed as the GHOST GOAL by the then loud-mouth manager of Chelshit... But that's the price LFC had to pay to acquire Torres.

And to our detriment, Torres couldn't be on the pitch tonight. hmm... We definitely will show our `love' towards Garcia and Sinima-Ponggole and Atletico surely would do the same towards Torres. It could have been a nice scenario. Perhaps, they'll just do that in Anfield later.

ohhh... can't wait for the game to start.

21 October 2008

Rafa is playing a mind-game

At first, I couldn't comprehend what the heck is Rafa doing by saying he deliberately decline the offer to take Sergio Aguero to Anfield. On hindsight, it's true... instead of Aguero, Torres was the best choice he ever took. But to my mind, Rafa doesn't need to say anything about other club's player. Is he trying to belittle Atletico? Trying to pump some anger in them? Yes we know the crunch game is within 2 days. And Rafa could be executing his mind-game. But do we need to do so? Is it because Torres is unavailable, that Rafa chose to pick his nose? I resent this kind of tactics. After all, what benefit can we gain if we playing fire with the likes of Atletico? I won't mind if we do that to Manure, Arse, Chelshit or any team in BPL. But Atletico? Who knows... one day Aguero could be playing for LFC. Rafa should have better reserve the ammo for Inter Milan.

Atlético Madrid and 2 ex-Kop


MSL would be proud with the Atletico's logo...

Salute Luis Garcia!

Sinama-Ponggole... not so lucky after Houllier left.

According to Mourinho, Drogba is a diver (and Luis Garcia's goal is legit)

Oswald shot Drogba? yeahhh.... what ever...

by Adam Marshall, 20 October 2008

Inter coach Jose Mourinho has named and shamed the players he feels are the biggest divers in The Premier League.
The outspoken Portuguese boss feels he can reflect with honesty on his years in England now he has moved to Italy to take charge of the Serie A champions.
Liverpool's Fernando Torres and Arsenal attacker Robin van Persie are among those singled out for criticism by Mourinho in an interview with Ford's FeelFootball.com.
"I am no longer Chelsea manager and I don't have to defend them so I think it's correct if I say [Didier] Drogba is a diver," stated Mourinho.
"[Cristiano] Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Robin van Persie are the divers who won more penalties during the last four or five years.
"English football criticises divers. In England, coaches teach the kids how to play a game of football but in Italy, Spain and Portugal, coaches teach the kids how to win a game.
"When players go England they need to adapt. Drogba today is better than he was before. Ronaldo is better than he was. And Torres will be better too."
Yet Mourinho feels players are right to go to ground in certain circumstances, believing it is "naive" if they try to stay on their feet when they are fouled.
"I hate diving, but I'm not happy if a player is kicked by somebody in the box and he tries to remain standing," he added on FeelFootball.com.
"It’s very, very rare a referee gives a decision if the player doesn’t go down so I tell players not to be naive, but to be fair."
utusanLFC :
I find this article rather interesting. Not because the subject (divers) is such a new thing but an admission by this loud-mouth (and could be aiming to be replacing Rafa in the near future... oh my God!)... The story is from Setanta.tv (I have to include this as per reminded by one visitor to my blog...)

20 October 2008

What about Bruce Grobbelaar?

Fancy that goalie jersey?... That's authentic 1980s

Grobbelaar at his best...

WHEN asked about who is the greatest Liverpool player of all time, often the answer would be Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, John Barnes etc. etc... mostly are strikers, midfielders and wingers. But what about goalies? What about Bruce Grobbelaar? Ok... there’s Ray Clemence but today we’re discussing Grobellaar.

He’s un-mistaken moustache could be one of the memorable icon of the 1980s football, aside than his spaghetti legs (Rome, Final 1984) which was emulated to perfection by Jerzy Dudek in 2005.

Bruce David Grobbelaar (born October 6, 1957 in Durban, South Africa) is a former Rhodesian-Zimbabwean-British football goalkeeper.

Below is some story about him that I pick from wikipedia (research via Internet nowadays is ohh... so easy when you have wikipedia... hahahah)

During the period 1981–1994, Grobbelaar played 627 first team games for Liverpool, becoming known for his eccentric and flamboyant style. In 1984, the European Cup final between Liverpool and A.S. Roma finished 1-1 after extra time, and went to penalty shootout. As Roma's Bruno Conti prepared to take his kick, Grobbelaar walked towards the goal smiling confidently at the cameras lined-up behind, then proceeded to bite the back of the net, in imitation of eating spaghetti. Conti sent his spot kick over the bar. Grobbelaar then produced a similar performance before Francesco Graziani took his kick, famously wobbling his legs in mock terror. Graziani duly missed and Liverpool went on to win the shootout 4-2, making Grobbelaar the first African (Coluna, Eusébio, Santana, Costa Pereira and Águas were all born in Africa but Mozambique and Angola were under Portuguese rule and played for the Portuguese national team) to win a European Cup/Champions League winner's medal.

Whilst criticism is often aimed at him[who?] for his sometimes erratic performances, Grobbelaar was retained by three of Liverpool's greatest managers; Paisley, Fagan and Dalglish, over a period of 13 years. They all recognised that beneath the showbiz, there was one of the outstanding goalkeepers of his generation: he defended his eccentricity by claiming that, having fought in a civil war in Zimbabwe, he could appreciate that football is not as important as some people would suggest. His strengths were his gymnastic-like agility, and an unflappable confidence; even if he made a mistake, he would always want to be involved.

What about Grobellaar issue with match fixing? Read below :

In November 1994, Grobbelaar was accused by the British tabloid newspaper The Sun of match fixing during his time at Liverpool to benefit a betting syndicate, after being caught on videotape discussing match-fixing. He was charged with conspiracy to corrupt, along with the Wimbledon goalkeeper Hans Segers and Aston Villa striker John Fashanu, and a Malaysian businessman, Heng Suan Lim.

Grobbelaar pleaded not guilty, claiming he was only gathering evidence with the intent of taking it to the police. After two successive trials, in both of which the jury could not agree on a verdict, he and his co-defendants were cleared in November 1997. Grobbelaar later sued The Sun for libel and was awarded £85,000. The Sun appealed, and the case was eventually taken to the House of Lords where it was found that, though the specific allegations had not been proved, there was adequate evidence of dishonesty. The Lords slashed his award to £1, the lowest libel damages possible under English law, and ordered him to pay The Sun's legal costs, estimated at £500,000. In his judgement, Lord Bingham of Cornhill observed:

"The tort of defamation protects those whose reputations have been unlawfully injured. It affords little or no protection to those who have, or deserve to have, no reputation deserving of legal protection. Until 9 November 1994 when the newspaper published its first articles about him, the appellant's public reputation was unblemished. But he had in fact acted in a way in which no decent or honest footballer would act and in a way which could, if not exposed and stamped on, undermine the integrity of a game which earns the loyalty and support of millions."
Grobbelaar was unable to pay the costs and was declared bankrupt.

Ok... that's some history I inserted above. My point is that, such a glorious player like Grobbelaar has indeed left a good memory and tactical play which has benefited LFC, especially in 2005. I doubt if Reina would resort to it. Reina has his own ways of stopping the penalty shots.

19 October 2008

LFC 3 - Wigan 2 (Istanbul one too many... it is now officially boring!)

The Flying Pharaoh? I must admit. It was a beautiful goal. It was so beautiful, you can watch on the live telecast how incense was Carragher...

The Flying Dutch? He must be flying the low cost planes. We hardly catch him doing it for quite sometime...

If you want entertainment (bollywood style), Liverpool is the team to watch now. it's just like in the movies. At earlier sequence, the hero (LFC) were beaten, assaulted and made look like a fool with Agger's blunder. Then some street smart guy (Agger) come up with a scheme to avenge the lost of face. He succeeded. By now, audience is either worked-up or starting to question, what the hell does LFC need the opponent to open the score before they can come up with such a brilliant tactics. Mind you, as a fullback, Agger left his post and instigate the blood for blood showdown!

Then it appears that Agger was the idiot again, together with Dossina when both of them failed to stop Valencia from crossing his ball to Zaki. When both of them attempted to block Valencia, it as if there's no way in for him. Not knowing what else to do, Valencia simply kick the ball and it rebounded onto Agger's leg. Then Valencia managed to fly the ball off to Zaki who then scored to what might be one of the contenders for THE BEST GOAL OF THE SEASON.

Now the introduction of El Zhar prompted me to text Sufi ``Egypt vs Morroco'' ( Zaki's from Egypt) and to our delight, Morroco won't be that far from Egypt's standard when el Zhar assisted in the 2nd goal, scored by Riera (this fella looks clearly trying his darn hard to score... unbelievable determination... and to a certain extend, frustrating when he go for glory when presented with a 50-50 chances ...).

The winning goal by Kuyt opened my eyes to the effectiveness of Jermain Pennant. He managed to play to his best last night with his aerial bombardment. Only I wish we still have Crouch to connect the balls. Luckily, one of them did got to Kuyt. Is he getting back his scoring touch? I do hope so. In the absence of Torres, I fear for the worst when LFC meet up with Chelsea.

I don't think I like what I am watching now. I hated it when we're behind and had to do the catch-up. It's one too many already. It has come to a point of seriously unnecessary now. Why are we letting the inferior team to score. I won't mind if the likes of Manure, Arse-nile or Chelshit did that to us but teams like Wigan... Stoke City... oh my God. Those teams shouldn't be allowed to score at all. It shows only one thing, our back is a bit weak.

18 October 2008

Wigan, Heskey and Coming Back... WHAT?...

If you're a subscriber to conspiracy theorist, the timing could never been better for the UK newspapers to run a story about ``the likelihood of Emile Heskey, a striker for Wigan, a former Liverpool most-expensive striker (then), is not the surprised target by Rafa... to cover for Torres.'' Wow... what a coincidence! What the hell does Rafa need a cover for Torres in Heskey? Aren't we have that position filled by Dirt Kuyt already? Oooo... Kuyt didn't score as much as all of us would've wanted. What about Babel? Nope. Rafa prefer him to play on wide. Keane? He is at the moment still considered `ON TRIAL' as he scored only 1 goal til now. So is this the very reason why the UK newspapers think Heskey merit the attention and an invitation to return to Anfield? Funny.
Personally, I don't have any issues for Heskey to make a comeback to Liverpool FC. My return of love to Liverpool (after a mild obscurity i.e losing interest) between 1998-2001 was helped by the lethal duo strikers of Heskey and Michael Owen. The big & small formula really worked on Houllier's LFC team then. The dynamic duo even prove the pair also present a powerful combination on the international stage. Remember England vs Germany. The 5-1 win. wowseee...
If the story has any ring of true in it, Rafa won't be seen as weird in taking Heskey back. After all, Heskey was sold off not by Rafa but Houllier. I wonder if we have that precedent : a player sold off, then taken back. I remember Rush. But he was sold to Juv. It's like a sabbatical for him. Whereas, a player (in Heskey's case) was `expelled' for out-of-form by Liverpool (he didn't score more than 13 goals in his last season, if I remember it correctly). So since then, he wandered from club to another, finding his form. Lucky for Heskey, this time around, he proves he still can play on the big stage. He played brilliantly alongside Rooney (which I didn't bother to watch... hey who bothers about Belarus & Kazakstan... just like Malaysia beat Nepal...oh so proud and loud unnecessarily... ).
Is a player like Heskey - a former player of LFC, 30 years old... English, a good target for Liverpool? Do we need another 30 years old striker? Isn't Keane is old enough?
By the way, the game start at 10pm tonight. I'm working today. I should be home at 8.30pm. Sorry bros, this is the very reason I am reluctant to meet you guys up last night. I got to be in the office today. Let's make it this Tuesday. I belanja you guys.... (1st drink and non-alcoholic only) HAHAHAHA

15 October 2008

LOTS & LOTSA NEWS ON LFC... fancy which is true?

Too slow for Juventus, aren't you Xabi?

I have a few English newspapers website that I frequented. You can say I do the visit via online almost daily. We live in the best of time, when you can get the news so fast, so quick, so blatant direct into your computer set. I guess those editors in UK also understand that they have readers as far as Malaysia and we can see how they are working hard to update their online version. For this, I salute you guys (English Sports Section Writers Only).
My first visit usually would be The Daily Mail. I guess the lay-out is the best. And the coverage on LFC is extensive. The second would be The Sun. It has a quite interesting sexy section too (not the Page 3 Girls laaaa), aside from the football. Then to a more serious approach, The Guardian who hardly play stories based on hearsay (even in football !!!!) and usually the analysis articles are written in a splendid manner. Then may be I roam between The Times and icLiverpool - depending on the time I have left. Soccernet is also a good reference. I now use it as my reading menu. I find some interesting topics, then I go look up on the issue on the respective newspaper's web. I want to read not only the lines but also see some good photos, or sometimes graphics or charts.

Today, I see that LFC has a few titles on the headlines. At least 2 stories referring to players and the other, indirectly (Athletico Madrid banned for 3 matches... and how Liverpool is in the picture since we will fight them in the next Champions League game next week, how Torres is distraught because he won't be able to play in his old stadium and the loud protest by Liverpool supporters who already made arrangement to accompany the team in Madrid... that's a lot).

Xabi is again in the news. He was supposed to be exchanged with a young player in the Barcelona team (they have so many young and interesting player that they don't bother to give away one or two to others) and remember, Xabi is also a product of Barcelona (youth academy). He was unnecessarily criticise by Ranieri as not suitable for Juventus for being too slow. What the heck? This loco Italian must have been in amnesia. Does he meant Liverpool under Rafa, has been playing a slow system - so to fit Xabi... this is utterly ridiculous of Ranieri. And now, Barcelona is wanting Xabi... does it mean Barcelona is slower than Juv?
I hope Liverpool will meet Juventus soon in the Champions League and teach Ranieri about our pace. By the way, I still remember Juventus never passed through Liverpool, not for the last two seasons at least... Juventus will be beaten soundly by the `slow' Liverpool midfielder.

14 October 2008


I was on the verge of taking my car key when suddenly... I heard... the sounds of rain. And it doesn't sounds sentimental... it was heavy rain. aiyaa... now I'm stuck in the office and have to do something to make myself occupied. errr... so I open my blog now. hahaha...

One thing about the rain, what we have now is quite extra-ordinary. I believe we have been in the raining seasons way since the Ramadan (the whole month of September) until now. The pattern is consistent. It would rain either in the afternoon or late afternoon. And when it drops, it as if the rain spills a whole dam to the earth. It's good because we get a bit of cold weather.

But one aspect I want to convey to all of you... when it is raining, particularly even at 1pm, please... switch on your lights when driving. It won't burned your lights if you do so. And it doesn't make you a crazy man if you switch on the lights at 1pm... because the sky would be so dark, as if it is 7pm...

When drivers switch on their lights, it helps other drivers to see you. Visuality is very very important when you're stuck in the rain and in the dark rainy environment. Please give it a thought. Don't be kedekut with your car lights. You may switch the small lights or the headlights. This is the very reason also why it is compulsory for motorcyclist to switch on their bike's full-time. I think, every drivers in Malaysia must be taught about the importance of becoming visible while driving. You must be seen by other motorist. And you must be in a position to see others.

Another peculiar trend among Malaysian motorist is they love to turn-on their hazard lights when the rain is really heavy. I'm not sure if its a good thing to do because hazard lights can only and should only be switch-on when you're not moving, particularly on the emergency lane. But on highways, when the visibility is bad... those hazard lights would act just like the police siren lights. But I seriously think the motorist shouldn't use the hazard light if they want to resume their driving. I usually have to use my `Malaysian' driving dictionary, so I won't hit the rear of those vehicles.

So you guys, be smart on the road. Make yourself visible. Not invisible. And use hazard light when you're on static position only.


13 October 2008

BMW X6 (yes.. I am testing it NOW...)

Actually, this photo doesn't give X6 justice. You have to see it `LIVE' to really appreciate its sheer size and coupe design. This photo is taken on 15 Oct 2008... damned morning sun is so hot...

Usually, I don't mix my automotive writing in this Liverpool blog. But this machine is totally awesome. Totally mind-blowing. This SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) or simply Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to most of us... with a fling. This X6 is a COUPE SAV... wowsee!

I took this beast from BMW Malaysia in Cyberjaya this afternoon. At about 2.30pm I left the building and I reach my office (which is roughly 40km distance) within 20mins! I reach 210km without any hassle or struggle. In fact, I didn't realised I was driving at 160km per hour on most of the stretch on the new KL-Cyberjaya Highway. The fun part, the speeding was done with the help of DEEP PURPLE'S PERFECT STRANGER track. I play the music on a massive volume and MY GOD this has been a beautiful Monday for me after all!

Remember HOME ALONE ... that stupid movie? Yaaa... that's how I scream myself while driving this X6. Not screaming for life, but screaming on top of my excitement (of course both of my hands were on the steering wheel, instead of my face). I Thank God for all this opportunity and the luxury God lend to me, no matter how brief it could be. YEAHUUUUUUUUU...

As for the feature in it, I can't elaborate here. I still have to test the whole package and read all the manual. hihihi

If you think I might stop over to fetch you guys, I doubt it. hahaha... You guys gotta come to me! The petrol consumption is enormous... And BMW Malaysia only giving me til Wednesday to return it back. isshhhhh....

p/s not much ado about EPL... so no story about Liverpool to comment. After all, any of you guys willing to stay awake at 3am to watch England vs Belarus? I doubt it.

12 October 2008



I am a bit bored tonight and my whole family already turned-in since 11 pm and my buddies around the neighbourhood also cannot be seen or even calling me for a teh tarik. May be the heavy rain this afternoon has its effects. The night is colder and nice to cuddle someone. hahaha

As for me, I want to kill my time and I decided to spend my time rearranging the blog. So now it is RED. In fact, I started it like this but Saudara Sufi commented that it was too red. I was baffled but trying my best to accomodate him... so I change and change. Tonight, I did it again. If you guys don't like it... may be you have to be patience with me. I think I want to retain it at least for 6 months. hahaha...

11 October 2008

England vs Kazakstan (not interested...)

Aside from the World Cup Finals, other games that involved England national football team... be it WC Qualifying games or Euro or friendly - I'm not really interested anymore. I got a call from a friend asking me about the schedule of the game just now, but I couldn't answer it clearly. I read in the newspaper the game is tomorrow (Sunday midnight... Monday actually) but I wasn't sure because I wasn't really bothered.

Though LFC is represented by Steven Gerrard, I have learned the hard way not to be obsessed with England, like I do with Liverpool FC. Supporting England have caused me many anguished and frustration, even some monies too. I was a loyal supporter during Michael Owen and Emile Heskey's double act era. Now...? I am shifting my attention to the Spanish team. Do you know LFC is represented most in the Spanish team? They are 5 players in it, of course led by our own lethal striker, Fernando Torres.

Some of England's critics accused the whole funfair was caused by the media. It was more on publicity than actual chances. More nonsense about Beckhams. WAGS... and the managers too. Personally, I follow England is simply because England is the only team that I recognised and could name the first 11 players on the pitch and those on the bench, even up to the supporting staffs. It is because I watch EPL. That's why I know them all. How do you expect me to support other team, whom I know may be the most 5 players only (like Spain... hahaha...).

I think none of us have the right to declare our support to any particular team based on its reputation. Remember during the World Cup. Go ask anyone (including the ladies), the easy reply would be BRASIL! or GERMAN! But on what basis did they chose those teams? Zilt. It is simply because Brasil has been the world champion many many times. Brasil has the most talented players in their ranks... in particular Ronaldinho. However, many people tend to forget that Ronaldinho alone won't win Brasil the championship. That's what happened to Brasil eventually.

So I am more familiar with England. I know their weaknesses and strength. Unfortunately, based on my own analysis, England is so poor in the forward line-up. Wayne Rooney needs to be fed with beautiful crosses. Perhaps, the richness in midfield could do justice to Rooney though Lampard and Gerrard are well-known scorers themselves.

errr... enough of that. I have decided not to watch the game. May be next time, when England go against a much better team like German, France, Italy or Spain.
Not Kazakstan. hmmm....

Welcome Mike Bell to our family

Mike has left a new comment on my post "THE END OF FASTING MONTH, TIME TO CELEBRATE AIDILF...":

Greetings to you. I found your blog when I was doing a google search on Kuching.
I am fellow Liverpool fan and was born just 5km away from Anfield! Although I am from UK my wife is from Sarawak (Serian)- We live in Dubai now.

Let's hope The Reds finally pick up the Premiership trophy this year -We've definitely made a good start.

Best Wishes Mike

p/s I supposed to post Mike's message a week ago. But post-Eid Mubarak, my mind was not focused as yet and didn't have proper time to really rearrange the blog. Mike, keep on posting and I'm sure all the buddies here would love to know how is it like to be a Liverpudlian, married to a Malaysian, staying in Dubai. You're an international citizen in your own right. Keep on posting, syeikh Mike !
By the way, I hope you're not confuse of my whereabouts. Just like Bob From Kuching, we're both are permanent residents here in Kuala Lumpur. Isn't it, Bob?

Rizal Hashim .... how do you fancy this E 230? Not that expensive maaa... close to RM400k only. Sorry didn't have the opportunity to hitch you guys... hahaha

Welcome Sir Stanley Wu to our family

Below is a note written by Stanley Wu to me on Oct 10 (1 day ago) :

Stanley Wu has left a new comment on your post "I am a trucker...":

Ya...man...YNWA...Nice blog...u should be the LSCM supporter as well right?

Well, if possible, do visit my blog as well !!
Let shoot down Wigan next week !!


I have walk not alone into Stanley's blog. He has the same template with me (must I change now?... hihihi) and wowseeee... he has some interesting memorabilia on Liverpool. And he offers it for sale to the highest bidder, I presumed.
Also some KFC items. hmmm... that part, I would have to study more. I think Stanley is turning his blog into semi-eBay. Good idea, man. In fact you do have some cool stuff.

Anyway, we welcome Stanley into our domain. Slowly but definitely we are gaining momentum in our Liverpool FC blogging. Let the music rolls...! (I'm listening to the Deep Purple and Gary Moore now... my God, I spend RM100 just to get the PLATINUM COLLECTION of Gary Moore a week before raya... speaking of recession and yet I spend like no tomorrow...)

But I supposed, it was more like a reminiscent of my teenage years. You and I grew with this songs. I never hide or shy by admitting one of the bands that I listen closely was SEARCH. Especially, mentari merah di ufuk timur. That song is a killer. The screaming, the high note, all were captured by its lead singer, Amy who is now a millionaire after successfully won the suit against his former record company (RM2 mil).

Gary Moore was introduced to me by my cousin, who just bought the cassette entitled errr.. I don't remember but the very album consisted the ultimate song of his, STILL GOT THE BLUES. I listen to the song night and day for 3 days, until my cousin left. Darned I didn't have sufficient money to buy the tape. My pocket money in the 1980's was RM5 per week. The cassette (pirated) is RM5. I have to save 3 weeks to ensure that I won't go starving in the school and yet still managed to own the album. My dad is a bit conservative. He'll allow me to listen to the bands that he already vetted. Unfortunately, Gary Moore is not in that category (don't ask me why as I never ask him why). So now you'll understand why I couldn't care a penny to purchase those expensive Cd's. Even the Deep Purple album is a CBU version, direct from USA and of course, it cost me RM99. But I know, the quality both of my collection will remain till the day I die or til one of my off springs wishes to hear (they might termed them as THE OLDIES...) In fact, I get pretty annoyed when some of my staffs mentioned `you're from the old school' when they heard some 1980's music in my truck. That was U2 and The QUEENS. Am I that old? Yaaa Freddy Mercury died but Bono is the ambassador of THE UN.

For all of you out there : THE CHILDREN OF THE 80's .... like me (hahaha...) we must cherish and shall never discard our glory days when Kylie Minogue was the hottest chick on MTV with her locomotion... when Milli Vanili (is the spelling correct?) was thought as a genuine act, when MEN AT WORK introduced us the down-under joke, when the Iron Maiden innovated the Churchill speech within their song... WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER... (Madonna was still a virgin...and Michael Jackson was still black) and Rick Astley... wow I remember all of my buddies trying hard to emulate his hairstyle...

p/s I stole this from the net...

09 October 2008


I got this DVD while I was on Eid Mubarak holiday in Kuching. Apparently my old city has a new shopping mall called THE SPRING. Well, I must say... it really mirrors KL's shopping mall, in particular the boutiques brand it has inside. One of it, SPEEDY ... so I bought the LFC season review 2007/ 2008 DVD.
I turned it on in front of my whole clan and of course, it attracted lots of admirers from the same camp of LFC fans and non-fans. It has 2 important segments. First, it shows EVERY game from the start (and I had to watch it twice... as I had to stop when suddenly some family members came for a raya visit). The 2nd segment is the best and the most popular in my house. It shows only Torres's 33 goals. wowsiee... what a spectacle actually. All were beautifully executed. As everyone agrees, Torres is not the traditional striker who only taps in the goal. He received the balls, run it through the defenders and fooled the goalkeeper. And that is a clear sign of a marvellous striker in Torres.
The DVD only cost RM19.90 and the picture quality is good. Go find it in your local store. Don't buy pirate version. Not worth it. The original one you can keep for a long time as a collection.

08 October 2008


According to The Daily Mail today :

Rafa Benitez wants to bring some stability to Liverpool by committing his long-term future to the club.
The Liverpool manager has yet to hear from co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett about a new contract, despite his current one having only about 20 months to run. He is already being mentioned in Italy as a successor to Juventus boss Claudio Ranieri.
Benitez said: 'The problem in England now is that everyone wants to be successful too soon. It is a part of the game I don't like and I would prefer to have a long-term contract so I can have a long-term plan.'
Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel aims to be playing again by Christmas after being assured that his knee ligament injury does not need surgery.
After Houllier who brought us the Ecstasy of 2001/02 season with the treble win, Rafa is also celebrated by world wide fan of Liverpool after securing our 6th European Championship in 2005 and the F.A in 2006. Even 2007 is not that bad regardless the pain of losing to the same opponent in Istanbul might incur a backlash from some quarters. In short, Rafa has been a successful manager for Liverpool. Critics and pundits might from time to time accused him of being too calculative by changing his first 11 almost every game. So that's his style. Sometimes it work, sometimes not. Most of us would condemned Rafa if he failed to play Torres when the team failed to secure a win. That's normal.

So there's a nauseating news about a team in Italy who wishes to acquire his services. It's just a wish. A media statement. To check the water temperature as some might say. I think Rafa won't be affected, not when everything is going positively at the moment. Rafa has no direct interference from the Americans. The team is on a winning streak. Not many injuries in the team, so the momentum can be sustained and maintained, at least til the game against Chelsea on the 26th October. So Rafa is happy. Even his statement was quoted as a statement of intent. He wants to stay. And we - the fans - welcome his intention.

07 October 2008

Skrtel go for a rest, Agger will come back furiously

Skrtel is injured. Bad news. Good news is that we have he’s position well-covered. Well, it is just like the wheel. As they said, sometimes you’re on the top, the next time you’re under. Skrtel was brought in to cover for Agger who had a serious injury, thus enable him to play the whole last season. Now, Skrtel is out… may be in a shorter period than Agger. So now Agger should get more playing time. In fact, this is a good timing for him to regain his position in the team. He’s ability was never doubted by anybody, not even the fans world wide. It’s just the circumstances forbid Rafa to switch Skrtel just like that. Not when Skrtel has been showing his true standing as the rock, together with Carra.

In the meantime, there’s some sickening news emanating from Spain. According to one report, Real Madrid admitted that Agger was one of the target in the summer. If not because of Robinho saga, the deal could have been struck for Real to attain him. So the story goes.

To me, having the likes of Skrtel and Agger is highly important in determining the future of Liverpool Football Club. Bear in mind, our veteran fullbacks, Hyppia and Carra are already in their 30’s. Obviously, Skrtel and Agger is the replacement in-waiting. We understand and are trying as hard as we could to do so. We understand why for a multi-talented player like Agger wish to leave as he complained about his lack of playing time. But time will tell, how Agger is pretty important for Liverpool to achieve its dream this season and hopefully, Agger would appreciate how deep is the fondness addressed to him by all the fans, be it in Liverpool or at international level fan base. Of course, Agger himself have since denied the reports. When it involves Real, everything would be `not true’ initially, then suddenly, the respective player is already theirs. So how can we not believe the report? Hahaha….

06 October 2008


Guess who won't be here on February 1st, 2009....

Man. City 2 - LFC 3 (we have to do it the hard way... like always...)

Torres, the savior. Some TV commentators and columnist (UK based) pointed out that LFC is relying too heavily on Fernando Torres to win a match. If not Torres, the same is said about Gerrard. According to them, in the event both players sustain injury or were banned, LFC will be doomed. It has a ring of truth there... a bit.
But my reply is : in the first place, the very reason LFC forked out nearly 20 million pounds plus Luis Garcia to get Torres is simply for Torres to score and win the match for LFC. So for me, the question whether LFC overtly relying on him or not - is not relevant. In some games, Torres doesn't even have to score to help LFC win. It's just simply him running around the defenders, thus enabling other players to roam freely in and near the penalty box to give it a shot. He didn't score in the PSV Eindhoven game but he assisted (Keane's goal) and stir away the defenders (Kuyt's goal).
Torres is indeed has returned to his best. Over 2 games, he scored 4 goals. That is magnificent stats by any standard. Unfortunately, the international break forces everyone to divert their attention for a while this week. I hope his momentum will carry on. The crunch game against Chelsea is on Oct.26th. A must watch. Beat the Blues, and we'll go above them.

As for Kuyt, he scored at last. Though it cannot help the disappointment I feel with his poor form. In the 1st half, he should have converted the pass from Reira. The whole game could have been different and Man. City could never have scored at all. Kuyt did gets the bulk of the opportunity. He squandered one after another chances inside the penalty box. If he failed to convert the winning goal, I would be joining kajang-today in condemning Kuyt game.
Actually, the 1st half can be considered the most weird spectacle. Even Masherano and Gerrard played as if they have their minds somewhere else. The passing was lousy. When they lose the ball, there's no conviction shown by them to regain it. It was very un-Liverpool of them in the 1st half.
The whole ``new'' players came aboard in the 2nd half. Mind you, there was no changes until the 70th minutes. But they play with more determination. Gerrard looks like he just arrived and orchestrated the 1st goal by way of neat passing to Arbeloa who swing it to the centre of the goalmouth for Torres to convert it. Phew...
My verdict : This is not a beautiful match at all. People might buzzing claiming that LFC was repeating the Istanbul's memory. My argument is : LFC shouldn't have to do it the hard way. Evidently, Man City's fullbacks - marshaled by Mr Dunne is not China's Great Wall. They were easily beaten by Torres, Reira and later, Benayoun. We gave undue respect to the so-called the most expensive player in the world, Mr Robinho. I have said that Robinho is nothing special. Carra didn't have any problem in stopping him. The menace of Skrtel terrified not only Robinho but the whole of Man City's forwards. But how in the world, LFC conceded the 2 goals? It is unacceptable.
It may be still a long way to go before we can dream of becoming the Premier League Champion but with the ever-efficient Torres and the whole world-class midfielder in the team, that dream still looming beautifully in front of us. However, if we continue having such blunders and allowing the opposition to score... the dream will only be a mere dream. We must not concede such easy and stupid goals anymore.

05 October 2008


As you know about my Internet predicament back home, thus unable me to blog freely and as frequent as I would like to. So I think it's already outdated if I were to comment on the Eindhoven win last Thursday.

Because today we should be focusing on Man. City. A supposedly idle team and the only attraction to watch them is because Didi Hamman. But come the Arabs and the whole football landscape in Manchester changed dramatically. Suddenly they have one Brazilian who had plead and plead to his former club, Real Madrid to release him so he can join not Man. City but Chelsea... then. And now, he made a quick diversion away from Heathrow and instead landed at Manchester's airport. Strange but it was obvious. Robinho was lured by money and only money speak louder than having a highly skilled and talented team... like Chelsea (hahaha.... this is a cynical remark...Ok!)

Me and my family landed in KLIA at about 1.15 pm today. Didn't realise it was a bit exhaustive trip. We woke up quite early... 7am (by my standard that is DAWN) but sunrise in Kuching is about 6.15am. Here in KL the sunrise is about 7am. Within half an hour I have to return to KLIA... to fetch my Indonesian maid whom I send for a 10-days raya holiday to her family in West Java. ALL EXPENSES ARE PAID FOR BY ME. No one can claimed me as a bad employer. Well, the verbal agreement between me and my helper is that : you take care of my children, I shall take care of you (thus the free tickets RM900++ plus raya bonus). Why do I include this here? My mind can't focus on tonight's game as I have to get ready to start my truck in 10 mins. Got to go. Luckily the game tonight is at 10pm and not 7.40pm. If its 7.40pm like last week, surely my wife would be force to fetch her alone... hahaha

Ok guys. We're still in the month of Shawal and SELAMAT HARI RAYA still to all of you. Business as usual now for me... (start working next Tuesday).

01 October 2008

PSV EINDHOVEN : be very afraid...

I am in my hometown in Kuching now, celebrating Aidilfitri with my clan... And as I said, we don't have Internet connection at my folks house. Well, 2 elderly people... what do they need Internet for, when telephone is more efficient? So tonight, I hang around at my elder sister's house. Luckily, not only she subscribe to ESPN but has a WIFI. phew.... now I can blog! But of all the things that I carried along tonight, I forgot to bring along the wires. Now my VAIO batteries is working on a very thin line, in fact there's an X mark on the battery icon. Scary. Hopefully, I can save this posting soon.

So, like most of you, I am waiting for 2.40am, the start of the Eindhoven game. Can't really elaborate much (bcoz of the lousy battery level) and I see you tomorrow or in a few days after I get reconnected with the Internet. I'm leaving in a city, not much an issue of infrastructure. More like an issue of priorities here. As I said, my folks is not Internet literate. To come to my sister's place is not a luxury to me, when you don't have sufficient automobile to move around... all my 5 siblings congregate here for raya but we only have 2 cars available! hehehe...

Thanks for all the raya wishes. I welcome our friend all the way from Dubai. Your spouse is from Serian. That's not that far from Kuching city. I believe Dubai is very much like Malaysia. All are Liverpool mad... especially with the ongoing take-or-not-over saga of Liverpool.
Bro Mike, please come back with more of your posting. Salute!

As for Rizal, you are not supposed to give your comment on my automotive write-up in this Liverpool blog. hahahaha... and another thing, the 407 article was not written by me! Check out D-Max Hi Def this Saturday. I LOVE TRUCKS!




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