25 October 2008

Let Chelshit score first, then Liverpool win the game 2-1

We know you will be watching from Milan, right Mourinho?
And Kuyt again emerged as the saviour, the hero for Liverpool.... a prophecy on tomorrow's game? You bet!

UNLIKE previous game, we come to this game with that same nervousness feeling. At least in me. It was derived from the fact that we don't have Torres (I hope he will be a surprise inclusion tomorrow!) and the other heartbeat of Liverpool's team is not 100 % fit. That is worrying. and some more, our back has not been that solid when we're playing away game. Remember last week in Manchester City? And what a silly goal that was!

Even though Chelshit won't be having Drogba, the strength in the squad is still persistent with the likes of... eerr... almost everyone can score! That is how powerful and luxury Scollari have in his stride. There was one particular game when we managed to shut Drogba for almost 80 mins and he was allow one or two tries on Reina. Unfortunately, one of it did go through our net! That is how good the Ivorian fella.

As for Liverpool, I share the same view with most of the fans, Reira is beginning to show his real potential. He is becoming daring by the game to do his running towards the defence and the percentages of him successfully penetrating it, is good. His first goal for Liverpool in the Man. City (who dumped him, remember!) was started by him in the middle. He passed it to El Zhar who crossed it to Gerrard, who then dummy the ball to give Reira a perfect spot to shoot.

Is Kuyt good enough to do us proud again tomorrow night? I hope so. Is Keane will prove that he can score in the BPL? I hope so. Can we stop the likes of Lampard? Gerrard will do his best. I hope so.

And now, RM100 bet is all I can afford now. Anyway, I will be away for almost a week and probably will missed the Pompey game on Wednesday. I try to blog tomorrow. My flight is very early on Monday morning.


For all our Hindu friends and Liverpool fans, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Deepavali celebration this Monday. Cherish the peaceful and harmony life we have here in Malaysia, so we can watch and support Liverpool's game in the open arena freely and without fear.

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kajang-today said...

massive. a perfect deepavali gift.



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