19 October 2008

LFC 3 - Wigan 2 (Istanbul one too many... it is now officially boring!)

The Flying Pharaoh? I must admit. It was a beautiful goal. It was so beautiful, you can watch on the live telecast how incense was Carragher...

The Flying Dutch? He must be flying the low cost planes. We hardly catch him doing it for quite sometime...

If you want entertainment (bollywood style), Liverpool is the team to watch now. it's just like in the movies. At earlier sequence, the hero (LFC) were beaten, assaulted and made look like a fool with Agger's blunder. Then some street smart guy (Agger) come up with a scheme to avenge the lost of face. He succeeded. By now, audience is either worked-up or starting to question, what the hell does LFC need the opponent to open the score before they can come up with such a brilliant tactics. Mind you, as a fullback, Agger left his post and instigate the blood for blood showdown!

Then it appears that Agger was the idiot again, together with Dossina when both of them failed to stop Valencia from crossing his ball to Zaki. When both of them attempted to block Valencia, it as if there's no way in for him. Not knowing what else to do, Valencia simply kick the ball and it rebounded onto Agger's leg. Then Valencia managed to fly the ball off to Zaki who then scored to what might be one of the contenders for THE BEST GOAL OF THE SEASON.

Now the introduction of El Zhar prompted me to text Sufi ``Egypt vs Morroco'' ( Zaki's from Egypt) and to our delight, Morroco won't be that far from Egypt's standard when el Zhar assisted in the 2nd goal, scored by Riera (this fella looks clearly trying his darn hard to score... unbelievable determination... and to a certain extend, frustrating when he go for glory when presented with a 50-50 chances ...).

The winning goal by Kuyt opened my eyes to the effectiveness of Jermain Pennant. He managed to play to his best last night with his aerial bombardment. Only I wish we still have Crouch to connect the balls. Luckily, one of them did got to Kuyt. Is he getting back his scoring touch? I do hope so. In the absence of Torres, I fear for the worst when LFC meet up with Chelsea.

I don't think I like what I am watching now. I hated it when we're behind and had to do the catch-up. It's one too many already. It has come to a point of seriously unnecessary now. Why are we letting the inferior team to score. I won't mind if the likes of Manure, Arse-nile or Chelshit did that to us but teams like Wigan... Stoke City... oh my God. Those teams shouldn't be allowed to score at all. It shows only one thing, our back is a bit weak.

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