30 September 2009

Furious-tina 2 - LFC 0

  1. Once in a while, after winning plenty and scoring like nobody's business... and last night, LFC was shot down by Fiorentina... a really classy Italian outfit - not in the mould of Roma nor Inter Milan but seriously a furious-tina team. And no matter how hard it is to express, I must confessed Liverpool were out-played, out-classed and out-maneuvered. Thus the result was a fair one. LFC did controlled the 2nd half and attack like a mad-Taliban but the Italian defenced was well-organised, well-fortressed and the goalie was top form.

  2. The best part was to see that almost every one of the Fieorentina squad played with a good sportsmanship spirit. When they got tackled or tripped by LFC, they were the one who will stretch their hands FIRST - signalling a good, really good feelings that they treat the game professionally. At one time, Torres was seen charging one of his shadow but that fellow didn't retaliate and gesturing that he was playing the ball. I think he's right on that. For this, I think the sadness from the defeat is not so critical, thinking that Fiorentina won because they were the best on the pitch last night with feel good of that sportmanship spirit.

  3. However, as a pure, hardcore loyalist of Liverpool Football Club, I'll tell you Fiorentina fans... Anfield would be a totally different arena altogether. Over there, LFC played with 12th man. So don't get too excited now. Capish?

27 September 2009

First, Standard Chartered. Now its Dubai investor? WHAT A WEEK!!!

Saudi prince reveals investment deal is close
By Soccernet staff

A Saudi prince has revealed that he is set to make a significant investment in an English side, amid reports that Liverpool's owners are prepared to sell a 50% stake in the club.

Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah has been linked with a bid, in order to help balance the books at Anfield, as Liverpool are experiencing financial difficulties under the ownership of American duo Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

"We are currently seeking to buy 50% of the shares in the club which is now suffering with debts worth £245 million," Fahd bin Abdullah, who chairs private firm F6 and a Saudi-based holding firm called Fama Group, was quoted as saying in Al-Riyadh.

"The transaction, upon which a decision is close to be reached, will be worth 200 to 350 million pounds."

A spokesman for Fama has declined to comment on the matter, but it appears that the Premier League could be set to welcome further money from the Middle East after the success of the Dubai-based takeover of Manchester City.

LFC 6 - Hull 1 (The world saw Torres zigzagging & making fun of the Hull City's fullbacks)

``The image of Benitez as a defensive coach has been consigned to the past. With 22 goals scored already, it is their most prolific start to a season since 1895-96 and an attacking intent was apparent again in the use of Gerrard as one of the two central midfielders.'' - Richard Jolly in his post-mtach review on the Liverpool 6-1 Hull City (Soccernet )

Usually, when we win a game, what more with such a huge margin... I'll go to the nearby restaurant to celebrate with my mates - mostly not as crazy-on-Liverpool like me. But last night, I opted to go to sleep. May be it has to do with my work. I'm on a 7 days straight working, because it's my superior's turn for a holiday. Only on Tuesday I'll get my off-day. That's why I need a proper rest. Got another 2 days. An the Arabian life that I lived for a month during Ramadan, must never be repeated. I don't think it is healthy for me to sleep only on daylight. hahaha...

Well I'm sure all of you have watch the game. I shall not prolonged it. Of course, we have been waiting for the moment for Fernando Torres to do what he did best last night for quite a while already, and he is almost at his best, at his peak and the timing is just right because the next 2 matches are tougher than Hull City and Burnley.

Everybody would agree that the hat-trick by Torres were no mere hat-trick. We know that another former Liverpool, Robbie Keane got a hat-trick too but if you watch the post-match game, none could be compared to Torres's artistry goals. While Keane got 1 in the penalty kick, Torres's goals were exceptional. The trick (or was it humiliation) he did on the Hull City fullback (Ibrahima Sonko) was a typical and authentic Torres.

His composure, direction and boldness made Hull City wishes they play Everton again. At least with Everton, the scoreline was only 4-O. But they won't get bullied by Torres. His second goal was the best of all. At first we thought he wanted to blast at the goal, but he dummies Sonko, then the goalie... then we saw two more defenders running behind the goalie but with a slightest touch outside his right foot, he scored. No need for sheer power of a kick. Just flick. And that endear us all to him.

And what about Gerrard's goal? I do believed he meant it for a cross and he didn't realised also that it would go straight to the goalpost. Well, Gerrard was like preserving his energy for the Fiorentina...

While Fiorentina is the closest next game, we cheered on the news of Chelsea's demised at the hands of Wigan. Not only that, Petr Cech was red carded. Meaning, he won't be playing in the 4th October encounter against Liverpool. hmmm.... extra boost for us.

26 September 2009

2nd Gathering For Liverpool Bloggers

  1. It's not a raya gathering in its full purposes but simply a get together among friends, perhaps making new ones - especially among us who only communicated via this blog.

  2. So the propose date is : 28 Sept 2009 (Monday) at 11pm. Place somewhere in Ampang. For you who wishes to join, simply e-mail me, insert your h/p no. and I shall text you the place.

LIVERPOOL v Hull: Rafa Benitez faces the Tigers without Andrea Dossena and Alberto Aquilani

The Malaysian national squad new jersey.... errr... no... Hull City (so you wonder where the tiger in United Kingdom was ever found?)

  1. Do you notice the title above? I cut & paste it from The Daily Sports. I think they simply want to humour us. Why? Because Dossena was never a favourite to us - so if he is included or not in the squad - doesn't give us any excitement... and Aquilani - everybody know that he will only play next month. So why made it as your headline? Sometimes when the bias UK media refused to give a proper credit to Liverpool, they will resort to this kind of tactics. Miserable yet funny, though tasteless.

  2. The game will start at 12 midnite tonight. Just sufficient for me to reach home from work, take a shower before watching it. (I am working since Tuesday straight to Monday... then I'll do my Raya holiday phase 2).

  3. Hull City. It was a false tiger last season. They roared really high and were at the top for the first half of the season but then, every one's stamina seems to be diminished and finally, Hull found themselves fighting for the last spot last May.

  4. In the Carling Cup a few days ago, Everton scored 4 goals passed them. That's the weaker Merseyside team. The Reds, obviously the stronger side surely can match that number easily. hahaha...

  5. Beemer wrote that I stated the time wrongly. hahaha... At least someone notice it! The raya mood is too long. Still awaiting for the regulars to revisit this blog.

25 September 2009

Kop cap revealed: Liverpool cannot compete with Chelsea or Manchester United due to £20m limit on transfer spend

By Sportsmail Reporter Last updated at 11:22 AM on 24th September 2009

  1. Liverpool's ability to compete with Chelsea and Manchester clubs United and City in the transfer market appears to have been hindered by a £20million spending cap, which has been locked in place until 2014.

  2. The startling revelation was published in a prospectus back in March by investment banks Rothschild and Merrill Lynch to attract potential investors in the club.

  3. The £20m spending cap, which will also include wage increases accruing from contract renewals, means that Anfield boss Rafa Benitez must continue to sell before he can buy over the next fives years as Liverpool chase their first league title since 1991.

  4. The prospectus, obtained by Bloomberg News, provides a sense of how desperately Liverpool's owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett need new finance and reveals that the Americans were considering increasing the average ticket price by eight per cent to help ease the club's debt.

  5. The underlying lack of finance for Benitez remains a problem. It might not be as dire a position for the club as suggested by the banner unveiled by Liverpool fans before the Carling Cup tie with Leeds at Elland Road on Tuesday – 'We are the new Leeds,' it read – but Benitez is clearly limited in his options in the transfer market.

  6. In this summer's transfer window, Liverpool were forced to offload Xabi Alonso (to Real Madrid for £30m), Alvaro Arbeloa (also to Real for £3.5m), Sebastian Leto (to Panathinaikos for £3.5m) and Paul Anderson (to Nottingham Forest for £250,000), in order to fund the purchases of Alberto Aquilani (from Roma for £20m), Chris Mavinga (from Paris St Germain, undisclosed), Glen Johnson (from Portsmouth, £17m) and Sotirios Kyrgiakos (from AEK Athens, £1.5m).

  7. The section of the Rothschild/Merrill Lynch document relating to 'player transfer payments' states: 'Management believes that the normalised long-run level of new net player capital expenditure is £20m.

  8. 'The accompanying data suggests 'long run' means the next five years. This figure 'will grow together with increases in media broadcasting revenues,' the bankers promise.
    Though revenues from British broadcasters are expected to drop, overseas rights should grow before 2014.

  9. Hicks and Gillett eventually decided against an increase in ticket price, which would have come as the majority of the 20 Premier League clubs decided to freeze or reduce prices of some tickets for this season.

  10. But other details of Hicks and Gillett's future commercial strategy for Liverpool, outlined in the document, include plans to convert 1,000 regular seats at Anfield into corporate seats and the creation of Liverpool-branded academies.

  11. New secondary sponsors will be targeted and catering facilities improved to help realise ambitions to increase commercial revenue from £59m to £111.4m in the next five years – a lofty target.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/


The best solution is for Rafa really to get rid of the surplus and Non Performing Players FIRST i.e Voronin, Lucas and Babel. And go for more English (adhere to the new FA ruling for more homegrown players... perhaps Joe Cole would be a good target... or Aaron Lennon... hehehe)

24 September 2009

OUR NEW JERSEY 2010/2011 (Standard & Chartered on the chest)

Ok... I don't know if it's a genuine thing or just a vivid imagination by one of our friends. I got this from one of the friends in the Facebook and I think it would be fun to include it in this blog... for those who yet to connect with me in the Facebook.

Leeds United dispute with the press - thus no photos

I pick this photo from www.liverpoolfc.tv since I had a difficulty in finding the photos from the UK news web sites.

  1. As a pressman myself, I have excess to the wire service - and I love to scroll the football photos, especially involving Liverpool. I was indeed surprised that I couldn't find any for the match LFC vs Leeds yesterday. I didn't know much then, thinking it may be because of Carling Cup... so the likes of Reuters, AP or AFP couldn't be bothered.

  2. But just now, I saw this statement `The Daily Mail has decided not to publish pictures from this match in support of several news and photographic agencies, who are in dispute with Leeds United over photographer admission to this game.'

  3. Now, I'm a bit amazed and puzzled. In this capitalist era, who would do that... have a dispute with media? That's tantamount to financial suicide. Look at from the commercial point of view: if you're the shirt sponsor for Leeds United, surely you want an exposure (regardless of the outcome of the match) since it has been quite a long time Leeds United ever played one of the Premier League giants (Leeds is now a defunct ex-Premier outfit).

  4. I also read some posting from the Leeds United fans. They say ``since the media hates us, this incident gives the media new issue to mess us with''. That is comedy. But we as the Liverpool fans: acknowledge that sentiment. Liverpool has been long become the victim of the bias London-based newspapers. Every Liverpool fans knows what The Sun did to LFC (though I am a fan of the web sites simply because it is one of the most interesting, catchy & juicy presentation, outlook). I mean, we must be sensible. The media could be harsh (I know very well...ok hahaha...) but you still can read something else in the paper if you dislike the way they portray our team. You know... The Sun is famous for its Page 3 girls. hihihi....

  5. Nonetheless, being in Leeds United position: down below in the League One, very weak financial condition (due to the late 90-s wild spending) and dented egos, the last entity you want to pick a fight with is the media.

  6. What more with the UK media which is known to be vicious, vindictive and blatant.

Quota could mean Liverpool cull

(Note: I know it's Thursday and it suited better if this analysis be read on a Sunday morning, along with a tea and roti canai next to you... but this is a good view on what we will be facing next season with the new English quota system and the impact it could be on LFC. Read on...) - UtusanLFC

By Richard Jolly (Soccernet)
September 23, 2009

  1. As he trotted along the touchline at Anfield last Wednesday, Andriy Voronin was greeted with generous applause. It probably had something to do with the fact that, a matter of metres away, the rather more popular Javier Mascherano was also warming up. Nonetheless, it was a moment the Ukrainian may want to savour.

  2. This season, he is Liverpool's specialist substitute, the understudy to Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres who tends to be granted a cameo either if a game is already won or when Liverpool are pursuing an equaliser. Next season, however, bodes rather less well for the Ukrainian.

  3. And not just for him. Others on the fringes of Liverpool team may also be advised to consult removal firms and instruct their agents to generate interest. The reason is the Premier League's new quota on home-grown players, due to be implemented from next summer. At least eight members of a 25-man squad must be trained for three years at an English or Welsh club before they are 21 to meet the criteria.

  4. That, in short, poses problems for those who deal largely in imported talent. Liverpool and Chelsea are the two most obvious examples and, at Anfield, there are likely to be repercussions. Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Glen Johnson should form three of the domestic contingent: at the moment, the other five registered home-grown players in the Champions League squad are Stephen Darby, Martin Kelly, Jay Spearing, Nathan Eccleston and David Amoo. Spearing flourished as a substitute against Real Madrid last season, but that quintet have a combined total of zero starts in the Premier League.

  5. All of which means several things. Firstly, that each may get a chance. Secondly, Rafa Benitez will have to buy British more often. Thirdly, given the restrictions on his budget, that cut-price Englishmen, or those whose contracts expire next summer, may provoke unprecedented interest from Anfield. And fourthly, that some of the foreign legion will be surplus to requirements.

  6. Seventeen places sounds a lot. In practice, it may not be. Torres and Mascherano, assuming Barcelona do not lure the latter to Spain, are automatic choices, as are Dirk Kuyt and Jose Reina. It is hard to imagine that any of Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger, Fabio Aurelio, Lucas Leiva, Alberto Aquilani, Albert Riera or Yossi Benayoun will be omitted, assuming all remain at the club. Sotirios Kyrgiakos is the back up at centre-back - and given Agger's unfortunate record with injuries, a much-needed one - while Ryan Babel's considerable potential would presumably result in his inclusion. And that makes 13.

  7. In other words, Benitez only has four slots available, even before his spends next summer. With no limit on players who meet FIFA's definition of being Under-21 footballers (which can involve some who have celebrated a 21st birthday), the next generation provides options. Emiliano Insua, signed at 18, should qualify as home-grown from 2011; before then, he will count as an Under-21 player. David Ngog, recruited at 19, will not, though the striker will only be deemed a foreigner in two years' time. Mikel San Jose, Daniel Sanchez Ayala, Daniel Pacheco and Krisztian Nemeth will all be eligible.

  8. But that still leaves Andrea Dossena, Philipp Degen, Damien Plessis, Diego Cavalieri, Charles Itandje, Nabil El Zhar and the aforementioned Voronin competing for a maximum of four spots. Given a record of recruiting from abroad, it may be more realistic to say that no more than two could have a future on Merseyside.

  9. Liverpool supporters may welcome that: none have exactly excelled in the first team yet and it may cleanse Anfield of some of the mediocrity. But a need to dispose of players who would be ineligible to play is hardly likely to help them generate the best return financially. And if there are no takers, the worst-case scenario is that they remain, unable to play but draining the wage bill and depreciating in value.

  10. Equally, English players' value could rise artificially when Liverpool's interest becomes apparent. As Johnson cost £17 million, it is already high enough. Even before the Premier League quota was announced, part of his appeal - like Gareth Barry's when he figured on Benitez's shopping list - was his nationality.

  11. But as it stands, the quota system, like the boardroom machinations, like the lack of funds and like Xabi Alonso's wish to join Real Madrid, amounts to another obstacle in Benitez's planning. It is no surprise that the Liverpool manager was among the most vocal in his opposition to the idea.

  12. Now it is a fact. It may prove a very good time to be a second-string goalkeeper with a grounding in English football, especially given Reina's excellent fitness record. Strikers and full backs who qualify as home-grown may be similarly fortunate. Their foreign counterparts on the fringes of the squad, however, have cause for concern. As he so often does, Benitez faces some awkward decisions. And these cannot be resolved by turning to Spain or, in Voronin's case, Ukraine.

23 September 2009

Leeds 0 - LFC 1 (Carling Cup)

Why is French players love to show their tongue? Is it because they sound like a frog to us?

  1. I must confessed. I switched-off the alarm clock at 12.30am as I decided to enjoy my bed, instead of watching another early morning games of LFC. It has been more than a month since I had a proper sleep (i.e before 2am and a not-disturbed-for-a-good 6-hours-straight slumber) but this morning I realised, I overshot... I slept for 8-hours. But I feel so fine now. Fresh.

  2. During the fasting month... I only sleep an hour or two, wake up at 4.30am for the supper, then return to slumber. However, this Ramadan I emulated our Arab brothers. Stay awake the whole night, and sleep the whole daylight. Since my shift starts only at 3pm, I usually woke up at 2pm. Take my shower, then go to the office. I did this almost every day during the fasting month. Now it is time to return to normalcy. So that's why I changed my decision last night. hihihi

  3. So based on the news reports, David Ngog was our hero last night. Great. When most of us don't really give him that much hope (imagine... how to rate him...1 star? 3 star? when you have the megastar striker within the ranks... Mr Fernando Torres...).

  4. So when Ngog delivered albeit in the league cup (Carling) or Worth nothing cup (for the losers), it's still a good avenue for Ngog to really polished his skills and confidence. Rafa might use him occasionally in the premier matches and who knows, Ngog could replicate what Babel have done splendidly last season - as a supersub. Play under 15 minutes but became a menace by scoring those vital goals.

  5. However, some UK media were puzzled with Rafa's man-management style which was called `unusual to say the least'. Five minutes after seeing young centre forward Ngog score just the fifth goal of his unspectacular Liverpool career he took him off. It may be argued that a player in need of goals and confidence and who won't play at home to Hull this weekend may have benefited from the chance to profit from the buzz that comes from making a telling contribution.

22 September 2009

(Belated review) LFC 3 - West Ham 2

Carra was almost always came second best against Carlton Cole... OMG...!!!!...

  1. This is what happened when you're not connected and away from the Internet for 5 days! I admit that I missed the fun but to replace to what I have enjoyed during that time, I'll say it's okay. 5 days without Internet is fine when you really don't want to think about work and blogging. I did just that.

  2. But after watching the dreadful performances by the Liverpool squad on the very early morning of Sunday, I was shaking and biting my lips because there was so much anger in me... I shall burst it out now and my focus of attention is to one and only : Mr Jamie Carragher. He was soooo below par in that game. The mistakes and lapses was so not Carra. And I blame him for the both of the goals conceded. It's not our tradition (or mine, to be truthfully) to criticise our own beloved player but when a player played that low, we as fans must say something.

  3. What if in tomorrow's game Rafa rested Carra for a change and try the trio of Skrtel, Agger and Krgiakos, instead. May be for a good ROI, let Glen starts too. But Carra, let him rest. He should be told of his mistakes and must ratify it ASAP. The awakening game is just a fortnight. You know what I mean - Chelsea 4th October! We need all of our best players perform to their utmost.

17 September 2009

I wish you a Happy Aidilfitri - Peace Be Upon You In The Name Of Allah

  1. Well, this is a bit rush. At first I thought of taking my laptop along to my in-laws place but just now I opted to cancel it. All the begs are in the car, my kids are singing loudly now and I'm still posting for my blog!... hurry! hurry!... I will be with my significant-half's place during the Aidilfitri in Taiping, Perak until next Wednesday.

  2. So I think it is approriate for me to wish all of you a Happy Aidilfitri which will be celebrated this Sunday. And I shall return with my blabbing, next week.

  3. And before that, do tune in for the West Ham match at 12.35am!
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!

LFC 1 - Debreceni 0 (utterly boring match!)

Dirk Kuyt never failed to be our saviour! Good show, man!

  1. Debreceni, the Hungarian champions could be on the same par with Burnley in terms of prestige...well, unknown virtues. The different would be that Burnley did humiliated Manchester United while Debreceni failed to do so against Liverpool last night (Malaysian time).

  2. Debreceni is labelled as the weakest team in their Champions League group, so people were expecting Liverpool would score a minimum of 4 goals. But apparently, the solitary goal by Dirk Kuyt save the day. It wasn't a lousy game though I must say, it was rather a boring game. You'll notice that when Liverpool players were on a walking-pace, you know they don't rate their opponent highly and the game went on at a slow tempo. That was what happened last night (early dawn)!

  3. Furthermore, with only one goal to separate them, Liverpool were living dangerously by the end as striker Adamo Coulibaly twice threatened to haul Debrecen level. The mood was evidence when the small contingent of Debreceni fans managed to turn Anfield as their own. The Kops were not their usual on a European night. That's why I say the game was boring, but fortunately we won the game.

15 September 2009

Persatuan Bolasepak Sarawak: Bubarkan saja!

  1. Firstly I must apologised if you think my topic today is not related to Liverpool. Yes, it's a bit distance since Rafa didn't send any scout to look out for any of the squad player based in Kuching.

  2. I had the strong urges in me since yesterday's afternoon when I first heard of the news. FAS made a request to quit the Malaysian League until they can rebuilt the club and clean all the debts that are totalling RM3 million now. At time of writing now, FAM yet to give any statement. Either way, FAS is already kaput.

  3. My dear fellow bloggers, if you must know... I frequented the Sarawak Stadium during my formative years watching the emergence of Ngap Sayot squad under the flamboyant coach, Mr Awang Mahyan, who made it possible for the building of a really stellar Sarawak team ever set-up in its history, The Bujang Senang squad - by one Mr Alan Vest.

  4. I remember with warmth the face of John Hunter - the burly striker Made in Australia with no front tooth. He was my first exposure to the tactical school of having a big guy (i.e Emile Heskey) as your central forward, regardless of how slow he could be. But when he got the ball, Mr Hunter rarely missed and with long balls, the small, petite Malaysian defenders were having a torrid time in controlling him. aaaahhh... those were the years!

  5. At the same time, Mr Vest managed to cultivate the local talents. The likes of Jalil Rambli who later become the team coach himself. But those were the glory days.

  6. I migrated to KL in 1993 but I still follow the team as much as I could according to my time. If the games were in Klang Valley, that's definitely a go. We went to Melaka, Johor, Seremban too. Things were accommodating because I was allowed to cover the game, so I don't need to buy the entrance ticket! And a few in the squads were really my mates, in particular Ramos Sari. I knew him way long before he joined the state squad. After the defeat in the Malaysian Cup final against Brunei at Stadium Merdeka.... I guess that was the last time I hosted my buddies from Kuching because even when they came, they prefer me to take them to the malls rather than the matches!

  7. I really don't have the facts and surely I don't want to speculate of what had happened to the FAS. I don't know if the passing of the late FAS's President was the turning point for the club. What I know based on the news - the club lost a lot of money, and the players were not paid for many many months. The most devastating news I gather last year was about the arrest of Ramos Sari on suspicion of being the middle-man to a match-fixing syndicate. My easy mathematics is that if you don't get paid by your employer, this thing would happened. I know Ramos has a family to feed but he's sole job is playing football. I don't know if Ramos will ever get his justice or not.

  8. And now the club wants to get out of the competition. To me, it should have been done a few years ago. FAS received no support from the state government. Is it because Sarawak doesn't have a sport minister? Or they simply lost faith towards FAS? What about the corporate sector? I sincerely believes the only time you can ensure the participation of the local corporate entities is with the state government push. Other than that, forget about it!

  9. I support the FAS plan to quit, albeit for a few seasons. Let the FAS reorganise, restructure and regain the support from the state government and the state corporate entity. It has been quite sometime Sarawak doesn't have any players in the national squad.

  10. Other than what I wrote above, I shall now return my attention to my Liverpool Football Club. Thank you & NGAP SAYOT!

14 September 2009


The new sponsor for Liverpool soccer team is announced, Monday Sept. 14, 2009, with from left, Gareth Bullock, Group Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank, former Liverpool player and club ambassador Kenny Dalglish, and Christian Purslow Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club pose before a press conference to announce Standard Chartered Bank as the new shirt sponsor for the Liverpool football team, at Anfield, Liverpool, England.

Liverpool announced its most lucrative shirt sponsorship agreement early Monday after signing a four-year deal with Standard Chartered Bank.(AP Photo/Tim Hales)

13 September 2009

LFC 4 - Burnley 0

MAN OF THE MATCH : Yossi Benayoun

  1. Corny it may sound but this is one match I don't quite agree. We won the game too soon in the game! hahaha... After the 3rd goal and still more than 25 minutes left, suddenly there's nothing to rush for. Liverpool players suddenly switch off their engine or reducing their gear. That's why in the end we bite our lips thinking that Liverpool could easily score 6-7 goals if not for the silly misses in front of the goal and the off-sides and Gerrard's goal bar hits.

  2. I text a few goons and Manaf mentioned about the `formation'. I was a bit lazy to analyse the game in such a way (just got back straight from work, too exhausted to do so) but I'll say, Yossi Benayoun was really on fire. He deserved his hat-trick though as I have stressed above, he could have scored 4-5 goals more! He's my Man of the Match.

  3. The tactic was right on the spot as the Burnley defenders were busy guarding Fernando Torres the whole time he was on the pitch. In doing so, they couldn't contained Yossi's maneuvering and Burnley paid a handsome price for failing to stop him. And for this, i think Rafa must be given a due credit, simply because I don't think Burnley prepared anything tactically to face that small Jew of ours. Yossi was magnificent in the sense that he was doing what he is really best at and what he was bought for in the first place by Rafa. That is to run the attack on a second tier and destroy any game plan by the opposition.

  4. By saying so, I can't really sure if Yossi will be chosen again to start in the next game. Rafa is such a tactician that not only the players are left puzzled by his way of thinking but also make us the fans kept on wondering who's who will be playing until we saw the team sheet. And that is like... a few minutes before the match started! hihihi...

12 September 2009


  1. So the rumours was true after all. We have read about the imminent participation of this bank since last June. errr... though at this very juncture, my comment was not based on the official announcement by the Liverpool Football Club but by The Guardian (a rather respected UK newspaper & not in the same league with The Sun). hihihi

  2. The new shirt sponsorship deal is said to be worth £80m over four years – the most lucrative in football history and equal to that of Manchester United.

  3. The London-based international bank, Standard Chartered, are believed to be behind the deal starting in mid-2010 which should give the manager, Rafael Benítez, some much-needed funds for the transfer market.

  4. That's the end to 17 years tie with Carlsberg. And it's a change that should have been done many-many years ago.

Liverpool vs Burnley. Fancy the Reds to get burned also?

  1. Laugh if you want but do so at your own expense, if you think Burnley is a small club. Manchester United did laugh but ended up shouting foul at every one, plus the missed penalty.

  2. It's Liverpool turn to be asked the same question. Can Burnley lit another fire into another Reds outfit? Prior to their promotion to the Premiership, Burnley made headlines the whole time last season in the League Cup. This small club beat top-flight teams Fulham, Chelsea and Arsenal to reach the semi-finals, where they were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur.

  3. In a light discussion with my pals, none can give a proper chronology or description of what Burnley is. I could be a bit extra in the sense that I memorised the Burnley player who scored against Man.U who was Robbie Blake. Nobody could answer where is Burnley located at or named the manager. I remember that their jersey is similar like West Ham. Well, if you want all the question to be satisfied, please google it yourself. Our celebrity blogger Rizal Hashim would crucify me again if I pasted the wikipedia stuff on my blog. He thinks he is a purist and a football expert. Well I said he is a kaki bangku (ones who doesn't know how to play football but bitch a lot!) hahaha...

  4. And if there is suggestion that Liverpool might find themselves in a hot soup, due to their inconsistency in the first few games (plus the big 2 loses already registered so far!). Well, I simply hope Carra, Skrtel, Agger and Aurelio plus The Greek (who ever among the five that will be chosen to start) would be better this time around and register a clean sheet. It would be the first if they do.

  5. Majority of the Liverpool players involved in the international games this week. Majority of them came home with glory on their hands and even scored a few. Most notably would be our own Captain Stevie G. He scored two goals with his head. Fernando Torres even though didn't scored, obviously will always be a threat to any team. Burnley surely definitely absolutely know this fact very well.

10 September 2009


  1. Yes, it can be considered a worthwhile investment. I forfeited my sleep and get to watch Stevie G scored 2 goals and Glen made a beautiful assist in the 5-1 assault on Croats in Wembley this very early morning according to the Malaysian time.

  2. Heskey missed a couple which invite many questions of his ability. Was it better to start with Jermaine Defoe after all? And of course, that little fella on the right flank, Aaron Lennon was like a speedy gonzalez. Zigzagging... Looks like Theo is not been missed that much.

  3. Which team will I lend my support in South Africa next year? For many many years, I have been following & supporting England for one simple reason. I knew all the players and because there were Liverpool players. Once upon a time, there were Owen and Fowler. Together with Carra and Crouch. Now, we have Stevie G and Glenn Johnson.

  4. During the Euro 2008, I supported Spain. Also because there were 6 Liverpool players in the squad. Looks like for the first time in my life, I will have 2 teams to disrupt my beautiful sleep. And I don't mind a bit.

02 September 2009

Liverpool as it is... No surprise big star coming in!

This photo was taken without permission from the Guardian UK

  1. Let me list down the Liverpool new players for season 2009/2010 : Glen, Aquilani, Kyrgiakos.... err... did I missed anybody? Well, that's all. But mind you - Glen & Aquilani cost £40m and only the Greek is £2m.

  2. I don't know if I should be worried about the quality that we have. But I surely know the lousy ones that should have shown the door yesterday but it didn't materialised. Looks like Lucas is having a flip flop of performances. He was shitty during the Spurs game, was the man of the match in the Stoke match (only 1 % of Malaysian watched the game!) and then all downhill in the Villa and Bolton games. Rafa thinks Lucas must be given more chances. You're nuts because we don't have time to give him. It has to be this season that we win the Premier League. The lousy ones must go. Rafa, try next January... though I would say it would be too late if he decided then to do so.

  3. So all the rumours and speculations about the non-existent of fund for Rafa is very true and real. Though it's not necessarily true in the sense that Rafa have managed to spend some money to acquire Glen and Aquilani at that crazy price. But the fans are hoping that Rafa could have used the money to buy more illustrious players i.e David Silva or David Villa. The worrying part is that Rafa has the history of abandoning the club when he failed to get the required funds for new players. I can never forget the quote `I ask for a sofa, they give me a lamp'... hehehe

  4. Fortunately for the fans, Glen has shown a remarkable showmanship by scoring goals and proves the investment put on him is a good one. But lets wait til the end of the season to give our verdict on Glen. As for Aquilani, we have to wait for a while.

01 September 2009

Sotirios Kyrgiakos : The First Impression

  1. Ok while we're waiting if there's any surprise new player for Liverpool for the next few hours (is there? I really don't know... but does Rafa has the money to do so?) let's do some analysis of our own. Lets discuss about Sotirios Kyrgiakos.

  2. I think he's performances in his debut game against Bolton Wanderers came at no other perfect timing. Bolton is a physical team. All 11 players can be turned to a rugged bouncer at any nightclub. They are tall, big and strong. This is where Kyrgiakos excelled.

  3. However, I think because it was his first, there was a bit of overtly cautious in his game. He tend to lose the ball simply because he look too much onto Carra. There was a moment when both of them almost lost the ball when Kyrgiakos left the ball mid-way for Carra when Carra was not interested to fetch it at all. Most of the time, when he got the ball in the middle, Kgrgiakos would passed it to Carra.

  4. This could be a tactical decision but hey... sometimes it won't hurt if Kyrgiakos initiate the attack if his path is much clearer to do so. And I keep on comparing him with Daniel Agger - who seldom shy away from doing so, in fact he made it a point in any game that he started that he'd give it a shot.

  5. However, this sort of issue is not a big deal for Kyrgiakos. He surely can be a good defender for us, though I must stressed the 2 goals conceded was very much the faulty of him and Carra. Does anybody dare to question Carra's ability now that he is well over 30 and a bit slow...? I don't. hahaha

  6. So what say you - about Kyrgiakos?



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