17 September 2009

LFC 1 - Debreceni 0 (utterly boring match!)

Dirk Kuyt never failed to be our saviour! Good show, man!

  1. Debreceni, the Hungarian champions could be on the same par with Burnley in terms of prestige...well, unknown virtues. The different would be that Burnley did humiliated Manchester United while Debreceni failed to do so against Liverpool last night (Malaysian time).

  2. Debreceni is labelled as the weakest team in their Champions League group, so people were expecting Liverpool would score a minimum of 4 goals. But apparently, the solitary goal by Dirk Kuyt save the day. It wasn't a lousy game though I must say, it was rather a boring game. You'll notice that when Liverpool players were on a walking-pace, you know they don't rate their opponent highly and the game went on at a slow tempo. That was what happened last night (early dawn)!

  3. Furthermore, with only one goal to separate them, Liverpool were living dangerously by the end as striker Adamo Coulibaly twice threatened to haul Debrecen level. The mood was evidence when the small contingent of Debreceni fans managed to turn Anfield as their own. The Kops were not their usual on a European night. That's why I say the game was boring, but fortunately we won the game.

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tombiruo said...

agree with you, it was boring Liverpool game... wakaka



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