23 September 2009

Leeds 0 - LFC 1 (Carling Cup)

Why is French players love to show their tongue? Is it because they sound like a frog to us?

  1. I must confessed. I switched-off the alarm clock at 12.30am as I decided to enjoy my bed, instead of watching another early morning games of LFC. It has been more than a month since I had a proper sleep (i.e before 2am and a not-disturbed-for-a-good 6-hours-straight slumber) but this morning I realised, I overshot... I slept for 8-hours. But I feel so fine now. Fresh.

  2. During the fasting month... I only sleep an hour or two, wake up at 4.30am for the supper, then return to slumber. However, this Ramadan I emulated our Arab brothers. Stay awake the whole night, and sleep the whole daylight. Since my shift starts only at 3pm, I usually woke up at 2pm. Take my shower, then go to the office. I did this almost every day during the fasting month. Now it is time to return to normalcy. So that's why I changed my decision last night. hihihi

  3. So based on the news reports, David Ngog was our hero last night. Great. When most of us don't really give him that much hope (imagine... how to rate him...1 star? 3 star? when you have the megastar striker within the ranks... Mr Fernando Torres...).

  4. So when Ngog delivered albeit in the league cup (Carling) or Worth nothing cup (for the losers), it's still a good avenue for Ngog to really polished his skills and confidence. Rafa might use him occasionally in the premier matches and who knows, Ngog could replicate what Babel have done splendidly last season - as a supersub. Play under 15 minutes but became a menace by scoring those vital goals.

  5. However, some UK media were puzzled with Rafa's man-management style which was called `unusual to say the least'. Five minutes after seeing young centre forward Ngog score just the fifth goal of his unspectacular Liverpool career he took him off. It may be argued that a player in need of goals and confidence and who won't play at home to Hull this weekend may have benefited from the chance to profit from the buzz that comes from making a telling contribution.


Yadayada said...

doesn't matter anyway, rafa was protecting the lead i guess because Leeds was pushing us down to the wire...
im eager for agger's re-appearance again...

Johardy Ibrahim said...


I supposed you watched the game. ohhh cuti sekolah boleh laaa.. hihihi

mazhad said...

hello...ngog> however u pronounce it, he is a talent. b4 rafa signed him,. he has the worse club record for scoring at his old club(PSG rite). 18 appearance n 1 goal if i'm not mistaken. can wiki him. huhu... not so nice as strikers are judge by the amount of goal they scored. but he for some odd reason seems to be scoring for fun at international scene. his record is good 4 france. i've been watching him closely at liverpool(as i do with lucas), the way he turns with or without the ball on his feet is very interesting. he is a good target men when he receive the ball at his feet. his bad side is his heading ability. i assume that is why rafa use him always as a target man compared to babel. ngog turn defender inside out n he can learns how to use his "head" better=). with experience come awareness of team mates positioning. i believe heading a good nod down is easy to learn compared to turning(coz this is pure instinct n talent). n not to forget he got nice foot works. n last nite, jay spearing did good at center midfield except 4 couples of lapses in concentration(not new for a young footballer). sorry for the long post as i am very thrill to see a blog for my beloved club. n sorry mate bout u'r invitation. i'm living in kedah. too far away. thanks anyway=). Y N W A.

Johardy Ibrahim said...


Just write bro. Though based on your comment, you might inviting some feedback from the regulars here who doesn't share your view on Ngog, and in particular Lucas. hahaha... I guess the regulars (aside from Yadayada) are still enjoying their holiday. I have visited your blog and I noticed you're based in Kedah. Never mind, we'll find a way...

And please do check also my articles on motoring. The link is on the interface.



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