24 September 2009

Leeds United dispute with the press - thus no photos

I pick this photo from www.liverpoolfc.tv since I had a difficulty in finding the photos from the UK news web sites.

  1. As a pressman myself, I have excess to the wire service - and I love to scroll the football photos, especially involving Liverpool. I was indeed surprised that I couldn't find any for the match LFC vs Leeds yesterday. I didn't know much then, thinking it may be because of Carling Cup... so the likes of Reuters, AP or AFP couldn't be bothered.

  2. But just now, I saw this statement `The Daily Mail has decided not to publish pictures from this match in support of several news and photographic agencies, who are in dispute with Leeds United over photographer admission to this game.'

  3. Now, I'm a bit amazed and puzzled. In this capitalist era, who would do that... have a dispute with media? That's tantamount to financial suicide. Look at from the commercial point of view: if you're the shirt sponsor for Leeds United, surely you want an exposure (regardless of the outcome of the match) since it has been quite a long time Leeds United ever played one of the Premier League giants (Leeds is now a defunct ex-Premier outfit).

  4. I also read some posting from the Leeds United fans. They say ``since the media hates us, this incident gives the media new issue to mess us with''. That is comedy. But we as the Liverpool fans: acknowledge that sentiment. Liverpool has been long become the victim of the bias London-based newspapers. Every Liverpool fans knows what The Sun did to LFC (though I am a fan of the web sites simply because it is one of the most interesting, catchy & juicy presentation, outlook). I mean, we must be sensible. The media could be harsh (I know very well...ok hahaha...) but you still can read something else in the paper if you dislike the way they portray our team. You know... The Sun is famous for its Page 3 girls. hihihi....

  5. Nonetheless, being in Leeds United position: down below in the League One, very weak financial condition (due to the late 90-s wild spending) and dented egos, the last entity you want to pick a fight with is the media.

  6. What more with the UK media which is known to be vicious, vindictive and blatant.


mazhad said...

salam.agreed wiz the fact that football nowadays need media. as all sports nowadays need money to survive n excell. the relationship between sports exposure n money is quite obvious(no need to explain here).as we all know the bpl is the fastest growing sports league in this world. so to have club of leeds utd stature and history fightin wiz the media, huhu...this quite funny.n i agreed to da fact that media in england is bias n lean more toward eastland based club(now both the manchester clubs) and london based clubs. they always rooted for them to win the premier league n liverpool always get the stick from the media every years. i also read some this media related politic stuff in paul tomkins(a very good writer) column about a year ago. nice post mate. Y N W A.

Khan said...

Read somewhere that LFC might become another Leeds..fail to qualify for CL once and we are doomed like Leeds when owners will not be able to service 'their'loans. Bummer.



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