23 May 2010

Jose Morinho will be the most sought after manager this summer

Is Inter Milan deserved to win the Champion Cup? I don't care.  HAHAHAHA   But one thing for sure, The Special One is one FREAKING HOT PROPERTIES now. He definitely IS the MOST SOUGHT AFTER manager in the world. He has been linked with Real & Barca but don't be surprised if Man.U is looking for his signature too.

22 May 2010

Who is your pick tonight? Inter or Bayern?

You really wanna fight with me, The Special One?

  1. I still contemplating if I want to or not, watch the match tonight. As a neutralised observer, I reluctant to watch games that I don't have emotion-attached to. A waste of time, actually. But as a football aficionados and Liverpool fan 1st & foremost, I have to give it a thought (to watch or not to).

  2. I hardly watch both teams play this season. Simply because they didn't go head on with Liverpool. I only remember we beat Inter Milan last season. That goal from Torres and the red card by that master-provocateur Matterazzi. Then I don't know much about Bayern except that Ribery won't be playing and the German is hoping that their new winger in Arjen Robbin would do the demolition.

  3. In that, I am happy that the final of Champion Cup is tonight. This is the culminating match of the season. End of our own misery season. Tomorrow we really can look up for a better time next season. And hopefully, with Torres & Gerrard remains in the squad...

  4. As for tonight, I like to see The Special One to win. Nothing sentimental but it would be a historic feat for this man. He is on the verge of winning treble cup this season. Wow...

21 May 2010


GET OUT if you don't believe in Scousers!

  1. The day when we left Elciego in Spain, heading to Paris, some of my mates said that I will always be a Liverpool fan even if the club melted like Leeds United or turned into a cricket club. That was the banters that I had to endure in the bus and in the plane before the Paris landscape changed the topic. It was the morning after that saw Liverpool lost to Atletico Madrid. I was gutted. But as what had been uttered by my mates, I will stay loyal.

  2. Yesterday, Carragher made a remark that echoed species like me. He said it bluntly that if any of the Liverpool stars i.e Torres or Benayoun or even the heartbeat of Merseyside, Mr Gerrard himself wishes to leave, so be it. According to him, Liverpool will survive with or without them. The most important thing here is the club - Liverpool FC. Not the personnel.

  3. In my clouds of anxiety I try to read between the lines. I try to rationalised. Yes, for those who wants to leave (Mr Reira, you especially), just go. I agree with Carra in that aspect. However, to lose a great striker in Fernando Torres and a bastion in Steven G. is something that would spell catastrophic to the club. I think. I believed so.

  4. But again, if Carra's remark is meant to signal to everyone that the club doesn't bothered that much if they lose their superstar because in the end, it is up to the club itself to lift their fortune. Believed in the club, thou shall be rewarded with satisfaction.

  5. Even then, there is a case on hand now - Valencia. They had to sell off David Villa to Barca. Another David could be next. But that David Silva has a remote chances of landing in Anfield. Not with the current status as a club that will fight only in the 2nd class Europa Cup next season.

  6. So the potential for Torres to remain in Anfield this summer is 50-50. Barca has made their intention loud & clear with some huge offerings. What if they get Torres and send us Iniesta and Xabi. That will do. hahaha...

14 May 2010

Chelsea to buy Torres for 70 million pounds?

  1. I cannot hide my cynical and at the same time, a bit concerned of all the speculations involving Fernando Torres's position in Liverpool. The spin doctors over in London are trying their best to create such animosity by creating almost daily news about Chelsea's huge ambition to steal Torres away from Liverpool.

  2. As of now, I don't want to believe any of it. Yet.

10 May 2010

Can't even beat Hull City. Liverpool in 7th Heaven?

  1. I don't remember since the explosion of Malaysian satellite TV in 1997 that broadcast English Premier League live into our living room that saw Liverpool positioned at a lowly 7th place. Somehow the team of Houllier never got down to No.5 in the chart. Under Benitez, we found ourselves at 5th position during his 1st year tenure but was forgotten due to Istanbul victory. Last season could be his best, when we got to second runners-up and beaten by a merely 4 points. Then now, we're at no.7. The myth of the Big Four has been broken. It's unfortunate that it was on our expense.

  2. While some of us trying hard last night, to watch the two games on a separate channels : Chelsea vs Wigan and the other ManU vs Stoke... I indulged myself with an old movie of Angelina Jolie : Tomb Raider on HBO. I went to sleep at 12.30pm and didn't bother to wait for the result. Because when I glanced through slightly after the 55th minutes of the match, Chelsea already scored 2 goals and to my surprised, I got to watch the 3rd goal. Forget about it. Bye bye Man.U. I don't want to thank Chelsea. Just beat it.

  3. The melancholy of our own team will prolonged. During the summer break and in-between the World Cup, we might be given a shock or two. I dread to think that some of our 1st eleven would leave the squad. Simply because we're not in the Champions League. I am so nervous to wait if Fernando Torres can be retained in the squad or not. Some of the UK media even played the notion that Steven Gerrard might be making his long-overdue move away.

  4. However, Rafael Benitez must realised that his time with Liverpool is up. He must go.

08 May 2010

Crazy crazy car owned by multi-millionaire footballer

Who owns this `golden ' Ford Escalade SUV with a bling-bling sports rim? I give you a hint. He was a Liverpool player, then off to Bolton and most recently, Sunderland. He likes to spit.

You know who. hehehe...

06 May 2010

Let Chelsea wins the title!

  1. Apparently, many Man U fans are still fretting and questioned Steven Gerrard's back-passed which was intercepted by Didier Drogba to score in last Sunday's match. Since we have nothing to win and nothing to lose, I wish not to include myself in the debate.

  2. Though I must say, a player of Gerrard's stature won't be easily sway to sell-off the game simply to achieve a `sinister' hidden agenda. For example, Torres did mentioned in his interview that he has reduced his tendency to be easily downed by any of his defenders because the captain doesn't like it. Such is the standard that we know persist within the squad. So to accuse Gerrard deliberately passing the ball to Drogba is a total malice.

  3. However, we must see the incident on a case by case basis. On a normal day, say if the match is early in the season, it would be deemed simply as `another lost' by Liverpool. It's unfortunate that the game was the crucial last two of the season, that has a very strong point in influencing the outcome of the whole season. People prefer to see, Liverpool demised equals Man.U's failure too. And in Scourser's mind, that's fine alright!!! hahaha...

04 May 2010

If Fernando Torres decided to leave Liverpool

This stadium was not Anfield but Singapore. Will give it another shot to reach Anfield next season!

  1. Fernando Torres is obviously one precious asset that we must hold on to, in this trying time. He has expressed his wishes that the squad need at least 5 more quality players to play along side of him. That statement was not construed as arrogant but a reality check. The current LFC squad is not sustainable to win anything, not even the No.4 slot...!!!

  2. Rafa gave his reason as lack of money to find those who really excel. Many would argue and many would also presented the lists of players that he have brought in over the years. The most sickening business was with the Robbie Keane thing. For a £20m deal, the striker was sold back to Tottenham after just seven goals for a 50% discount!

  3. My personal grudges towards Rafa is his decision to let go Peter Crouch. We were supposed to have two options in attacking the opponent. One in Torres who could slipped through defenders like Speedy Gonzalez and an aerial bombardment with Crouch as the target (which Hotspur is enjoying with Crouch & Defoe combination at the moment).

  4. So while we wait for the new owner (if there is any), I guess it is better for Rafa to go. He can't have that legacy such as Ferguson or Wenger. He obviously has tripped himself with the lousiest performance ever in the Premier League, this season. Rafa kept on complaining the lack of money but I think it is a good time to learn from the others who could be in a more dire financial situation than Rafa, and buy cheaper players but managed to develop them into a classy star. I meant David Moyes. What he did with Tim Cahill is crazy. From nowhere, the nobody Aussie is now a big name in the English League. He could be in the England squad but since Australia is also in the World Cup Finals next month, I think we would see Cahill became the main protagonist in South Africa.

  5. One supposed 'solution' is for Liverpool to trade in Torres and use the money. If they take that route, they might as well run the white flag up outside the ground. Torres offers Liverpool their best chance of salvation. Replacing one genuine world-class talent with four or five mediocre performers is not going to do anything to restore Liverpool's prestige, it will just drag them down further.

  6. They probably have one season to prove to the likes of Torres that they remain contenders. But a continuation of the bickering between Benitez and the board will prove otherwise, spark an exodus and leave Liverpool stranded in the margins for years.

03 May 2010

LFC 0 - Chelsea 2 (The end of a poor season...)

  1. People prefer to see last night's match as more to a battle between Chelsea and Man.U for the title. As for us, it was more like a matter of pride. We would have prefer if we won the game but the Man.U fans could have been more frustrated than us when Steven Gerrard presented Drogba with a neat back-pass. And we know, once Chelsea is in the lead, it would be a mountain too high to climb. So we've lost the minute Drogba slotted the first goal.

  2. There could be reasons for the lousy result. The LFC players were forced to play extra time in the Europa Cup just 3 days prior to Sunday. So many were tired and jaded. Gerrard was already thinking of the World Cup, as he wasn't that aggressive on the pitch. He tried his best but with the rest were not really on the same par with him, he knew the best he could do was to ensure that he won't get injured.

  3. The real reason is not that we've lost Torres the whole season or Gerrard's failure to find his form. The real reason is that LFC simply doesn't have dept in the squad. When Torres is out, we don't have a ready replacement in his calibre. I doubt if we can even if we have money but at least the number one forward must be an established striker. Instead, we were presented with David Ngog who has proven not suitable for LFC or English Premier League.

  4. Then Benitez had to shuffle between Dirk Kuyt and Ryan Babel at the front. These two could be the most lousy Dutch players we've seen in the league this season. While we appreciate Kuyt's industrious job every time he is on the pitch, we would have prefer him to score like what he did last season.

  5. I shall not prolonged this condemnation. Because I don't believed in Liverpool-bashing concept. I am a true fan and I shall preserved my dignity and honour my team. There will be changes, definitely for the club during the summer.

  6. Remember, in every crises, there will always be an opportunity. That is to reanalyse, rejuvenate, retool and reborn the team. If that means Rafa Benitez must go, so be it. This season is a total catastrophe for Benitez. I don't think he will have any more sympathy from the fans around the world. We need a new input, a new injection and new direction.

  7. Perhaps, above all, a new investment so that the new owner can provide the necessary fund to buy not only new, but most importantly, the established and proven players.



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