10 May 2010

Can't even beat Hull City. Liverpool in 7th Heaven?

  1. I don't remember since the explosion of Malaysian satellite TV in 1997 that broadcast English Premier League live into our living room that saw Liverpool positioned at a lowly 7th place. Somehow the team of Houllier never got down to No.5 in the chart. Under Benitez, we found ourselves at 5th position during his 1st year tenure but was forgotten due to Istanbul victory. Last season could be his best, when we got to second runners-up and beaten by a merely 4 points. Then now, we're at no.7. The myth of the Big Four has been broken. It's unfortunate that it was on our expense.

  2. While some of us trying hard last night, to watch the two games on a separate channels : Chelsea vs Wigan and the other ManU vs Stoke... I indulged myself with an old movie of Angelina Jolie : Tomb Raider on HBO. I went to sleep at 12.30pm and didn't bother to wait for the result. Because when I glanced through slightly after the 55th minutes of the match, Chelsea already scored 2 goals and to my surprised, I got to watch the 3rd goal. Forget about it. Bye bye Man.U. I don't want to thank Chelsea. Just beat it.

  3. The melancholy of our own team will prolonged. During the summer break and in-between the World Cup, we might be given a shock or two. I dread to think that some of our 1st eleven would leave the squad. Simply because we're not in the Champions League. I am so nervous to wait if Fernando Torres can be retained in the squad or not. Some of the UK media even played the notion that Steven Gerrard might be making his long-overdue move away.

  4. However, Rafael Benitez must realised that his time with Liverpool is up. He must go.

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mazhad said...

at first, i am quite angry at rafa because of bad result early in the season. than i read a lot of stuff. watch a lot video and see a klot of stats. than i come to realize he's a top top manager. i prefer not to jump on the bandwagon of firing him. i think sir alex gone 7years before he win his first title with mu. not that i'm saying we need to keep him until we win. all i'm saying is he is the right and proper man for our football club. n lucas, i dare say he will be a great player. he will. believe me.



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