03 May 2010

LFC 0 - Chelsea 2 (The end of a poor season...)

  1. People prefer to see last night's match as more to a battle between Chelsea and Man.U for the title. As for us, it was more like a matter of pride. We would have prefer if we won the game but the Man.U fans could have been more frustrated than us when Steven Gerrard presented Drogba with a neat back-pass. And we know, once Chelsea is in the lead, it would be a mountain too high to climb. So we've lost the minute Drogba slotted the first goal.

  2. There could be reasons for the lousy result. The LFC players were forced to play extra time in the Europa Cup just 3 days prior to Sunday. So many were tired and jaded. Gerrard was already thinking of the World Cup, as he wasn't that aggressive on the pitch. He tried his best but with the rest were not really on the same par with him, he knew the best he could do was to ensure that he won't get injured.

  3. The real reason is not that we've lost Torres the whole season or Gerrard's failure to find his form. The real reason is that LFC simply doesn't have dept in the squad. When Torres is out, we don't have a ready replacement in his calibre. I doubt if we can even if we have money but at least the number one forward must be an established striker. Instead, we were presented with David Ngog who has proven not suitable for LFC or English Premier League.

  4. Then Benitez had to shuffle between Dirk Kuyt and Ryan Babel at the front. These two could be the most lousy Dutch players we've seen in the league this season. While we appreciate Kuyt's industrious job every time he is on the pitch, we would have prefer him to score like what he did last season.

  5. I shall not prolonged this condemnation. Because I don't believed in Liverpool-bashing concept. I am a true fan and I shall preserved my dignity and honour my team. There will be changes, definitely for the club during the summer.

  6. Remember, in every crises, there will always be an opportunity. That is to reanalyse, rejuvenate, retool and reborn the team. If that means Rafa Benitez must go, so be it. This season is a total catastrophe for Benitez. I don't think he will have any more sympathy from the fans around the world. We need a new input, a new injection and new direction.

  7. Perhaps, above all, a new investment so that the new owner can provide the necessary fund to buy not only new, but most importantly, the established and proven players.


kajang-today said...

yes betul...Pak Lah can step down...why not Rafa?
it all boils down to new investment, whether Martin Broughton brought in as a new chairman can rope a loaded investor to match the spending power of Chelsea, MU or even Spurs...otherwise with or without Rafa, we"ll continue to struggle, whatmore with misfits like Ngog and Babel.
err Lucas has to go too...

mazhad said...
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mazhad said...

ngog n babel may be a flop.but lucas, i think he is a rare jem. he i would like 2 think have the making 2 change our drought at epl title. if you guys hadn't been watching tv.watch the last 5 liverpool games. he's phenomenal. believe me i'm not blind because of my love 4 da club. but lucas. he will make something of himself. we cannot buy well established player. we cannot afford them. but in lucas i believe we'll be making 1. xavi like or if less paul scholes like with the ability to tackles,if i might add=)

Johardy Ibrahim said...

love him or loathe him, Lucas Leiva is one player that breaks the fans into two camps. Though I agree that Lucas has shown a huge improvement in his holding position, I think he won't give LFC any additional oompphh... We have a good holding midfielder in Mascherano. What we need is an attacking midfielder, preferably one who can also score. Aquilani is slowly but painfully becoming Xabi Alonso that we have been longing for. So we need someone like Xabi Hernandez. Hehehe... Iniesta too. What I am worried now is that we might lost Torres over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that Martin Broughton the new chairman who is a BA boss is a live-long CHELSEA fan? On the eve of the clash, he told skysport that he won't be watching the match at Anfield due to conflict of interests!!..wonder how is he gonna be good for LFC!! emmm....
(I'm sure he is screaming in front of telly cheering for Chelsea!!)

Anyhow,unless some billionaire rescued LFC, chances are next season our new competitor, Man City will keep on progressing with more marquee-buys and can't even think if LFC will ends up like Leeds United!!

mazhad said...

the new chairman is chelsea season tickets holder. i thought everybody knew. he went there to do a job. job of finding suitable buyer for liverpool fc. n i'll hope he'll found a good buyers. not another of these football parasites.

n u speak of little timmy cahill in your recent post. i think he can flourish because there is no high expectation in everton camp compared to the liverpool camp.



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