31 July 2009

Since when did Liverpool become a supplying club for the others?

This rain jacket could be the most expensive that I ever paid for but to commemorate the Liverpool trip to Singapore... I think I just close my eyes when I pay the credit card next month! hahaha

  1. SERIOUSLY, I don’t remember when did Liverpool become a supplying club or a feeder of sort for the others? This summer (wow... speaking from a dual-season country!) we have lost Arbeloa to Real Madrid and very soon our man-in-the-holding-area Xabi Alonso. That makes 2. If you count Jerzy Dudek and that-scum Michael Owen, we have 4 Liverpool alumni in Bernabeu. Ohhh I forgot... Mr McManaman who had a cameo as an assistant coach for the Real team in the GOAL 2 movie... So it’s 5. Sigh...

  2. And another worrying possibility is Javier Mascherano. He is still wanted by Barcelona and his sibling doesn’t help at all. If Rafa relented and Mascherano insisted, that means we have to built our midfield fort all over again, and that means we will have a massive issue on our hands to win the league next season.

  3. Again, since when did Liverpool become a supplying club for the others?
    Let me think.

    Hmm... is this the unknown set-back from Rafa’s policy of purchasing players from Spain? And now the big club over there are hunting them back like a bunch of coyotes. It’s funny even with the Spanish players themselves. Whenever the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona come knocking, they just couldn’t say no. In fact, the scene was so obscene that as if they will jump with joy just for a simple news report purporting the interest of those two. I think it would be the same for any English player who plays in Europe when one of the Big 4 come to pinch you... Remember Mr Owen Hargreaves of Bayern Munich? I guess it’s normal.

  4. How many Spanish player left in the squad now? Reira, Reina and Torres. Since they’re not wanted by any club this time around, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be so the next time. January may be? Wow... why must I question the loyalty of the Spanish players as if the other internationals in the squad are not immune to the approaches?

  5. I guess it has got to do with some sort of a frustration in me. Seeing our best players leaving is never a beautiful sight or something that you can swallow easily. It was the same when Owen first left for Real Madrid. (Though I didn’t feel the same when Kewell or Sissoko or Risse left. It is really disturbing to see Alonso leaving.) When Alonso’s playing, that would allowed Gerrard to play as a second striker to Torres, whilst Mascherano doing the breaking and tackling. That’s when Liverpool transformed into the most lethal squad. It became a bit sentimental to think that the only opportunity given to me to watch Alonso’s in action in Singapore, was he’s last with the Reds. Damned it.

30 July 2009

Arbeloa : He came unnoticed, he left with a big profile

when you're in Spain, even in the clinic also you can allow the press to enter...

  1. WHEN he's first introduced to the Kop in 2007, it was shocking to say the least. Not much was known about him, aside that he was bought from Deportivo de la Coruna. The shocking part is that he was lined up in the first 11 against Barcelona with a specific task - to stop Lionel Messi and amazingly, he did it rather quite well!... His part in keeping Messi quiet helped Liverpool to a 2–1 win over the defending champions.

  2. Thus when we saw his name in the starting line-up the whole season, we have this comfort in our hearts that our backline is as solid as we could be - combined with our rock - Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyppia, Skrtel, Daniel Agger and sometimes on form, sometimes not, Aurelio. Of course, last season we saw a weird spectacle when Carragher pushed and scolded Arbeloa for failing to stop an opponent advancement in our penalty box.

  3. Now, after 99 games altogether - Arbeloa is returning to his natives land and to be precise, his Alma mater - Real Madrid. He could be the cheapest player the galacticos are assembling now. But no matter for Arbeloa because for him it's like coming home.

  4. He should be thank full to Rafa and Liverpool. Because of the chances given to him, he made it to the Spanish squad and attracted the crazy Real Madrid owner (crazy when you pay £80 million for a scum).

29 July 2009

Xabi Alonso is in Madrid - completing his departure from Liverpool...

Marca's front page on Tuesday shows Xabi Alonso at Madrid's Barajas airport on Monday.

  1. Knowing fully well about the world of football, I try not to be saddened with the imminent departure of our midfield maestro. This is not a doomsday. Alonso is one of our best performer and his ability to pin-point a passed is also a legend. But when you're wanted by a club like Real Madrid and the fact that it was Alonso's former club, what can you do? What can Rafa do? Alonso has to be allowed to leave. It's the same case with Arbeloa.

  2. People might be crying and debating that Alonso's calibre is a hard act to replace. May be it's true. May be not. My argument would be: trust Rafa to find his replacement. Not necessarily that the player must possessed similar skill (because it's hard to do so) but someone who can be a holding player in the midfield. Or else, Gerrard would be returned to his natural position and Rafa would only have to look for a second striker for Torres.

  3. Surely, Rafa can find a brilliant replacement - just like what he did when he first chose Alonso and Luis Garcia. To us who doesn't follow La Liga that much, we couldn't identified with other players than the popular ones in Real Madrid or Barcelona. But Alonso was picked from Real Sociedad! And Rafa knew how good Alonso was then. So now, when we are on the verge of losing Alonso, we must return to our fundamental and put our trust on Rafa to bring in some interesting midfielder in the same mold and class like Alonso to Anfield. (Though Dossena is a case in point for Rafa must avoid in future dealings...)

  4. And who knows Alonso might have a change of heart and return to Anfield?... hmmm...

27 July 2009


No Daniel... call the cab now... I am starving! (Taken from Kajang-Today's photo album)

At the steps of Anfield... hmmm Kallang Stadium to be exact... (Kajang-Today's album)

While I joined the crowd brandishing the banner, that no.7 fella chose to stand still... what la... (Kajang-Today's album) And below are the photos from my own camera...

No drinks were allowed, so we have to finish it outside. It was an isotonic drink yaaa...

That guy wearing a crown paints retro kit is Zaidi a.k.a Kajang-Today. The jersey was brand new and he was nonchalantly changed his shirt in the cab - to the silent bemusement of the driver. hehehe

This were `our people'... in the Kallang Stadium...

I have to give Daniel a crash-course on how to take a proper shot. This is blur laaaa...

The chanting & singing was as loud when we're leaving the stadium and like an army of reds, the view was quite breathtaking!

  1. To be among your `own people' - in a sea of red shirts, chanting and singing the familiar songs, together in a mexican waves, celebrating the goal fiesta of 5 and of course, Fernando Torres's goal was as authentic as we see in the TV and why Dirk Kuyt is highly rated by Rafa... he was instrumental in the 2 goals and always a threat on the right flank. To see with your own eyes, to feel the magnitude of the stadium and to held high the LFC scarf while singing YNWA - was surreal for me. hmmm... I'll do it again next season...

  2. I started the journey from home at about 6.30am on Sunday and midway was met with a heavy rain. Kajang-Today was waiting for me at a mamak stall in Jalan 2 off Jalan Chan Sow Lin. That was the earliest breakfast I ever had since last Ramadan. The last member of our entourage was Daniel and we stopped again at Ayer Keroh for another breakfast. We arrived in JB at about 12.30 noon.

  3. We crossed the causeway at about 2.30pm and met with an old friend of Daniel's who took us to some interesting shopping mall. I must say that Queensway is the place that all of you must go when ever you're in that island republic. Not only the choices were great, but also if you're lucky (like us) we got some cool discounts. Kajang-Today bought himself a retro jersey with no.7 at the back. He said it was Kenny Daghlish. I got myself a rain-jacket which I have been eyeing for many moons and another shirt for a cool S$55 (in KL it is priced RM220).

  4. Because of that also, we were `almost' late to go to the Kallang Stadium located on the other side of the island. While walking towards the stadium you could see people emerging from every corner wearing the Liver bird attire. Be it the current jersey or the yester years collection, including the not-so-memorable yellow Reebok...

  5. We were eyeing also for some stalls that could be selling merchandise within the stadium vicinity but to no avail. Oppss... it's Singapore, man! They don't do this kind of business... So we went in and of course, all the lower level seating were already fully occupied and we have to find a quite high-altitude seating. Never mind, as long as we're there... the mission is accomplished.

  6. We made it back to Stulang at about 11pm and were starving like mad. We ordered some serious foods and to my astonishment, the bill was only RM50! That's a friction of what I have expected with ikan pari bakar masak sambal, tomyam campur, daging merah, kerabu mangga and two rounds of drinks. By the time we reach our hotel, it was a matter of seconds to switch off everything! Too exhausted already.And we arrived back to KL at about 12.30pm and I was sleeping the whole afternoon... jet-lag?

  7. I don't wish to write too long about the game, after all... the gap between the Singaporean first 11 were huge. They obviously not on the same par with Liverpool, thus the score line. But Kuyt was so impressive. I have never ridiculed him and now I am more determined that Kuyt will be playing forever with Liverpool and on his way to become another legend for us.

  8. I told Kajang-Today over and over again that from now on, we must start a proper planning to go to Anfield, within this year. The air ticket won't be an issue because aside than AirAsia, our own national carrier is competing nicely with them and therefore, will offer some interesting package to the UK. However, the most challenging part would be to get a ticket into the stadium. I will have to ask for your help to assist in this matter - in any way. Perhaps, we should do it in a bigger ways? All the LFC bloggers joining in and have a historic visit to Anfield? Prepare RM5k at least.

25 July 2009

Farewell to Dossena (less 17 hours left for the Liverpool Asia Tour's trip to Singapore!)

Rafa with his most-puzzled players...

  1. FORCED to play futsal for 2 hours straight due to the non-appearance of the regulars (there were 14 guys only last night and 2 had to leave the court within an hour for various reasons...), I found myself still drowsy in bed well close to 11.30am. I had to struggle to get up eventually.

  2. After reading some online football news, I found 2 good news relating to the club. One is that Gerrard has been acquited though he might be ridiculed now as a BOXER...

  3. And second, Mr Dossena is supposedly-on-the-verged of leaving Anfield (though he is with the squad now in Singapore... I suspect I would be watching him live tomorrow!). According to news reports, Napoli have confirmed they are in talks with Liverpool over a £6million move for Italy left back Andrea Dossena. The Serie A side's Slovakia midfielder Marek Hamsik has been linked with Liverpool as part of the negotiations.

  4. The preparation for the Singapore trip has been completed. It's just a matter of ensuring I have a proper sleep tonight so that I can wake up on time tomorrow before I fetch Kajang-Today in KL. Then we're scheduled for a lunch in JB before proceeding to Singapore. The excitement is high, anticipation is enormous... well, I bought the ticket 2 months ago and it's now less than 17 hours to go. hehehe...

23 July 2009

Thailand 1 - LFC 1 (4 days to go for the Singapore trip)

In Gold Coast, Brisbane last November. Look closely at the attire I'm wearing... still pondering if I should wear it to Singapore...

  1. I supposed many of you watched the match last night, between the Kops and Everton... errr... Thailand (the blue kit them wearing is so similar especially the sponsor's name on their stomach). I couldn't watch the first half (so missed the actual babel's score) due to my commitment to work (I was in the office) and only by 10.15pm my pages completed. So then I ensure myself comfortable seating in front of the TV. Unfortunately, a few players I couldn't named, in particular the goalie. I can't hear what the commentators were uttering (can't go too loud in the office and I really don't want to listen to Shebby Singh).

  2. I will not comment on the game. Similar to the Scum's tactic last week, no one play hard (with exception of Javier Mascherano who was yellow-carded!). But I THANK GOD I didn't go to Bangkok as it was raining in the second half. I just hope that this Sunday there won't be any rain down south.

  3. Yesterday I just realised that my passport is due to expire in January. Less than 5 months. So this morning I rushed to the Shah Alam's Immigration Dept and to my utter delight, the whole procedures took me approximately 2 hours! And to me this is efficient. I must salute the department and the working system that they applying to their best of ability. I didn't have to wait or pissed off. Every thing went smoothly. Even when I came 15 minutes earlier than what I am supposed to, my passport is all in order. How I wish that my office's account dept. could emulate the Immigration Dept in terms of efficiency when I submit the claim...

20 July 2009


THANK GOD that Xabi came to Bangkok... Xabi stay with us. Forget Madrid.

  1. I have to analyse and listen to your opinion. Is this a set back or blessing in disguised? Our captain had to stay home due to his court case. He won't be in Bangkok nor Singapore. Since I have paid RM215 for the ticket and made advance arrangement for a special transportation to the southern region, I really wanted to think positive and enjoy the soon-to-be 4 hours trip with our fellow bloggers.

  2. The other positive note is that there is Xabi Alonso joining the trip. It means (at least for now), Alonso won't be that too near to Madrid. There were many reports saying that if Alonso stayed in Europe, there is likelihood that spells the end of his stint with us. But since now he is with the squad, that mellowed down the speculation... at least til the last day of the transfer window.

  3. In the press conference, Rafa confessed that he won't be using the Spanish armada in full swing but sparringly. This is due to their `extra games' where Spain participated in the Confederation Cup last month. Does this mean Kajang-Today will be excited because he'll get to shout at Lucas Leiva for more longer period?

  4. Hmmm.... I've been waiting for 2 months for this week to come and I am adamant that even Gerrard is not coming (we try to understand he's predicament and please next time don't get yourself involved in such stupid incidents) and the Spanish players are not fit... I will ensure the trip down south will be a positive, productive and enjoyable experience... as a prelude to the eminent Anfield trip after Aidilfitri, Insyallah!

19 July 2009

Manchester United 3 - 2 Malaysia (Mohd. Amri Yahyah made Liverpool fans PROUD!)

  1. Humiliated? Almost. May be. May be not. You know during friendly matches, the professionals will tend to play below par and saved their breath and most importantly, avoiding injuries prior to the resumption of the new season next month. But the goals by Amri is no fluke. (Oppsss... I didn't watch the game proper, I saw the goal in the news bulletin while waiting for my food at a restaurant last night).

  2. Yes, Amri's goals were no fluke nor lucky. First goal was Amri's perfect imitation of Xabi Alonso's technique and the second is doing what Torres is very good at. Finishing what is supposed to be finished. And Man.U had to rely on a former Scouse to save their blushes. Oh how we resent you now Mr Michael Owen.

  3. To my astonishment, the Scum will have a second game next Tuesday here in KL, due to what happened in Jakarta. Poor Indons. Lucky bastards for the Scums in Malaysia.

  4. I went for a shopping yesterday. And I found an LFC round-neck shirt priced at RM119.90 and got a 20% discount over it. So I paid only RM95.90. It's last season version (got the ``WE'RE LIVERPOOL'' at the back bottom of the shirt (photo above). Not sure if that's what I gonna wear to Singapore next Sunday.

  5. Read from the news saying : if Xabi Alonso join the Far East tour, means he'll stay with us. If not, means he is heading to Spain. We shall see if he landed with the team in Bangkok.

16 July 2009


utusanLFC (right) is introduced to Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd during a media session on July 6, 2009

  1. As I've announced, I will be travelling to Singapore on July 26, together with like-minded bloggers - Kajang-Today, Gary and one mystery person.

  2. So, is there any possibilities for all of you - those who are heading south also, to meet up with us near the National Stadium or inside the stadium prior to the match? Someone should carry the Malaysian flag but not the green moon one...

  3. I think my group will be merging with the LSCM entourage - to ensure Malaysian Kop's spirit is well documented that night!

  4. So you guys, please confirmed and then we can get together. After the match, we can all go to Mustapha hypermarket for late night shopping. hahaha....

15 July 2009

When Manchester United visit Malaysia

  1. In football sense, of course we wish our own football club could do us the honour and visit our place. Never mind, we still can go to Singapore for that matter. That's why when Mr.TR trying to show off his media pass for the THE SCUM visit to me the other night, I nonchalantly said : ``bro, why do you want to show me your PAS TANDAS (Toilet Pass)?''...

  2. Then I was offered twice by good friends to watch their trainings. Both got my HAIRDRYER TREATMENT... To ask a Liverpool Fan to go for THE SCUM match is tantamount to a direct insult. hehehe.... I might take some match tickets though... who knows, people might want to pay premium for it... hahaha

  3. For the record, this Wednesday morning is a glory day, simply because when I woke up it was raining and the coldness soothed my mind and my spirit to face another day in the office. Aminnnnnn!

14 July 2009


  1. There's not much to comment or bitch about LFC... especially during the mid-season like we're having now, aside then reading some negative news propped up again and again about Xabi Alonso who supposedly `has asked Rafa's permission to join Real Madrid'. Let's wait and see if Alonso would come up in the open and announced his position for next season. Until then, lets just hope Alonso would stay a bit longer with LFC.

  2. I have a few minutes to spare before I close shop for the day. It's 6pm. Yaaa... I was on a morning shift so I get to go home early. Though going off at this time of hour would be a silly thing to do because I would be stuck in the traffic jam.

  3. So what I shall do now is invite you guys to play some simple game with me. I want all of you to list down your wish-list of 3 players only who you think should join LFC this summer. State the reason and the possibilities and impossibilities of getting them. Let me start with my pick:

Name : David Villa
Why? : Simply put - he is the striking partner of the effective Spanish team with Fernando Torres (though what happened to them in the Confederation Cup was so weird).
Can we have him? : Difficult. Firstly, the price would be a big issue. He's prowess is recognised by all the major clubs, thus creating some sort of bidding war, and which Rafa dislike very much. Furthermore, Valencia has declared that they won't be selling Villa after all (no one believe them though).

Name : David Silva
Why? : He is the type of a player who could change the game and really sneaky in his movement. I like the way he plays and should be a good addition in the LFC squad.
Can we have him? : Similar with Villa, the issue is the same. Money and bidding war.

NAME : David Beckham
Why? : If Man.U can come up with something so unusual by embracing Michael Owen, why can't we repay their respect with acquiring Beckham? Aside than his modelling career and celebrity status, he is actually still a good right winger who can deliver a pin-point passes for Torres or Gerrard in the penalty box. And he needs Premier League games to play in South Africa next season.
Can we have him? : Donno! Rafa is so serious and I don't think he ever entertain such an idea of bringing in the likes of Beckham who is already 30 plus. But Rafa did bought the likes of Dossena... who is far lousy than Beckham in terms of passing, so why not Beckham?

(Just for laugh, guys...)

13 July 2009


I'm back... I'm back... You know it... I'm back! - Voronin is copying MJ's act on the pitch.

  1. I never understand what was the real reason that attracted Rafa to pick Andriy Viktorovych Voronin in July 2007. Voronin's inclusion had made Liverpool like so an ordinary team. He's impact was moderate. Looking at the 1st eleven name sheet on the game day, it rarely excite you when his name stated there.

  2. He played 19 times for Liverpool in 2007-2008 and scored a paltry 6 goals. However, while on loan to Hertha Berlin he played 20 and scored 11 (plus a red card - the 1000th red card in Bundesliga history, apparently!)

  3. I brought this issue up because I 've just read Rafa's latest statement... something like ``we have huge confidence in Kuyt, Benayoun and.... Voronin....'' and my heart was boiling. So Voronin is back in Rafa's plan for next season. Obviously, for a 29 year old player, Hertha doesn't have enough money to buy him outright, thus the home coming of our `expatriate'. No wonder he was so bold recently claiming that he'll be a better player than Robbie Keane for LFC. hmmm....

  4. If Rafa is not getting any new addition for LFC until the window is close on 1 September... I guess our team will have to cope with what ever and who ever left. One bright news is that El Zhar has signed new contracts that will see him play for us til 2012. As a Muslim player, El Zhar slow but steady positioning in the massive LFC squad, surely would make us all proud.

  5. Ok guys, that's for today. I'm heading to the nearest car's accessory shop. Feel like to change my Kelisa's audio into MP3. hehehe...

12 July 2009

Beckham vs Donovan : The rich and not so rich feud?

Becks slams critical Landon

DAVID BECKHAM has blasted back at Landon Donovan for criticising his commitment to LA Galaxy.
Donovan recently questioned the England midfielder's level of dedication since joining the Major League Soccer club in July 2007.
But Becks, who is back in America after a loan spell with AC Milan, insists his team-mate's comments are wide of the mark.
He fumed: "In 17 years, I have played with the biggest teams in the world and the biggest players and not once been criticised for my professionalism.
"I'm personally very professional when I am on the field.
"I don't care what people say about me off the field, once I'm on the field I'm professional."
Despite his disappointment with Donovan, Beckham claims it will not affect the pair on the pitch.


  1. I have read with great interest on this issue when the article on Donovan's book made it into the UK newspapers. Simply put it, I wanted to know what have Beckham achieved in the USA. Apparently, he managed not only to get himself rich and making friends with the Hollywood celebs, but also alienated his lesser-paid and lesser-talent teammates. Pity Donovan. hehehe...

  2. And over the weekend, I watch the silly football movie THE GOAL... that supposedly Latin player hails from LA whose family migrated from Mexico and ended in Newcastle United and in this part 2, he become a Real Madrid player and scored some spectacular goals. Yeah dream on! What I want to point out is that, though Beckham (while he was there) didn't really spoke a proper lines, he was seen many times in the shots. To me it show that Beckham knows how and when to show himself. I do suspect he got massive payment for that few seconds appearance. I don't really care about his football (he was a SCUM, after all) but when he wore England shirt, it would be interesting to root for him (hahaha bias...)

  3. Now... if we try to understand what is actually transpired between Beckham (the richest and most popular footballer in the world ... sorry Ronaldo... you don't have Tom Cruise as your buddy yet) and Donovan - an American who happens to be a captain of USA football team who surprised every one with the Confederation Cups stunning victory on the Spaniards. Donovan said Beckham has no captaincy quality. When the team is down and losing, Beckham were like every one else... silent, which to Donovan - shouldn't be like that... may be Donovan were hoping Beckham would do Drogba... shout expletive words to the man in black?

  4. One of the issues Donovan raised was the huge amount of pay that Beckham is taking home while the rest of the team received a modest salary. My question is why is that MLS capped the salaries in the first place? Isn't this the mother of globalisation, open market and market driven country? Why do they need a limitation on how much does a player should take home in their lowly league? Do they expect to attract European talent by doing so? I mean... they do... especially those players that we usually labelled as `has been' or `past tense'. So Donovan.... WHAT EVER!

~ 14 days to Singapore ~

  1. It's just 14 days to go before me and Kajang-Today and Gary and perhaps another lucky SOB embarking on our journey down south to JB and then the ultimate destination - Singapore National Stadium. After purchasing the tickets about 2 months back, the anticipation is high and sometimes a bit silly (when I misplaced the envelop and couldn't locate it for days...). Another dimension that add to the excitement is people - friends and strangers (upon noticing my YNWA t-shirt) starts to ask if I will be watching the game. Of course! I said.

  2. My small posse will be driving down south. Not really sure what car it could be but I'll ensure it is one that is comfy in terms of ride and fuel consumption. Drivers? No worries. All of us are experience drivers.

  3. Perhaps we'll see the rest of you there? Or are you watching Michael Owen in KL? hahaha...

05 July 2009


Photoshop : Paul Jarvis

Year : Club :Play :Score
1996–2004 Liverpool 216 (118)
2004–2005 Real Madrid 35 (13)
2005–2009 Newcastle U 71 (26)

2009-Dec 2009 Man.U 3 (None & has not been playing due to reoccuring injury)

04 July 2009


Owen was called `Saint Michael' as opposed to his nemesis, Robbie `The God' Fowler when he was in Liverpool.

When he was with Real Madrid, his tenure there didn't make any sense! He was not appreciated nor valued by the manager. Thus the pathetic one season in Spain.

At Newcastle, he was always in pain. He hardly play because he injured almost half of the season.

Now that he is (almost at the time of this article) become a player to Manchester United, people will remember him as `Formerly Saint, Now Known As SCUM'...

03 July 2009

Manchester United set to sign Owen on a free transfer !

  1. This is what the real definition for the wisdom words of `the ball is round'! You're professional and you don't care what the fans are feeling and in Owen case, the Man.U fans are furious! But you can't say the same with Liverpool. I think our attachment to this fella has long gone, though there was an effort from Owen's good buddy ~ Steven Gerrard trying to persuade Rafa to take him this season. I doubt Rafa would be so bold like Sir Alex.

  2. Our detachment towards Owen started on the day he opted for Newcastle and slowly slowly we tend to forget him, both at club level and international (well... he was injured most of the time and he was left out from the England squad). It made matters worst for him when Newcastle failed to retain its premiership status, well... one of the reason is that Owen failed to score the decisive goals, with or without Alan Shearer.

  3. I doubt if Owen will see a lot of games. This is a type of player who can only play half of the 38 compulsory games in the premier league. Perhaps, Sir Alex will use him for the crunch game against Liverpool, since Man.U failed to beat us home & away last season. But Sir Alex must know, Owen might have a history with us, but the love has long lost. There won't be dilemma or heartbreaking. Remember, our love now focused on Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.

  4. Good Luck with your crazy gamble, Sir Alex. May be you can go together with Owen to one of the horse racing that both of you love so much...

02 July 2009


Don't you get it? I meant good bye when I waves my hands... not surrender the Falkland island!!!!

  1. Wow... look what love can do to you! One minute they were pleading Tevez to stay on, then the next - after it is most likely that Tevez has no intention to play another game for the scum... Tevez found himself to be the butt of all the conversation pertaining to the great Manchester United. Ask your Man.U friend now, he'll definitely say something cute about Tevez and I'll bet you RM50 that the conversation would ended up with him cursing Tevez ... for not being loyal, not being thankful and what a sour grape he is now... hmmm...

  2. I don't remember if we did the same when Harry Kewell reacted in a similar character after he was ``forced'' to leave Anfield or even Michael Owen when he ended up in Newcastle. I think we acted a bit more matured than the manured in this area. As far as we're concerned, the individual player has left and he might be pissed-off with the manner that he has to leave and might say something harsh. I think majority of us would understand the situation and just let it be. He made it clear for all of us to know about his grievances, to be heard and ok... that's normal. But we reacted to the utmost gentlemanly behaviour also and didn't retaliate nor condemn the person like what they are doing now onto Tevez.

  3. But no matter what the scum are saying bad about Tevez, that doesn't diminished a bit other clubs interest in gaining his service. This include Liverpool FC but the UK newspapers have been harping on the speculation of him joining Man.City. Which is an obvious destination, simply because that club has more money to acquire and maintain Tevez and could easily guarantee him of playing every minute that he is not injured.

  4. May be with Liverpool, he might just be positioned behind Torres. More as a supplier, like what Gerrard is doing now. I tend to stop myself from taking anything from the UK media until it is confirmed by the respective clubs. Is it a futile effort to cross my fingers, hoping that Tevez could be on his way to Anfield after all? That same goes to David Silva and David Villa...



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...