31 July 2009

Since when did Liverpool become a supplying club for the others?

This rain jacket could be the most expensive that I ever paid for but to commemorate the Liverpool trip to Singapore... I think I just close my eyes when I pay the credit card next month! hahaha

  1. SERIOUSLY, I don’t remember when did Liverpool become a supplying club or a feeder of sort for the others? This summer (wow... speaking from a dual-season country!) we have lost Arbeloa to Real Madrid and very soon our man-in-the-holding-area Xabi Alonso. That makes 2. If you count Jerzy Dudek and that-scum Michael Owen, we have 4 Liverpool alumni in Bernabeu. Ohhh I forgot... Mr McManaman who had a cameo as an assistant coach for the Real team in the GOAL 2 movie... So it’s 5. Sigh...

  2. And another worrying possibility is Javier Mascherano. He is still wanted by Barcelona and his sibling doesn’t help at all. If Rafa relented and Mascherano insisted, that means we have to built our midfield fort all over again, and that means we will have a massive issue on our hands to win the league next season.

  3. Again, since when did Liverpool become a supplying club for the others?
    Let me think.

    Hmm... is this the unknown set-back from Rafa’s policy of purchasing players from Spain? And now the big club over there are hunting them back like a bunch of coyotes. It’s funny even with the Spanish players themselves. Whenever the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona come knocking, they just couldn’t say no. In fact, the scene was so obscene that as if they will jump with joy just for a simple news report purporting the interest of those two. I think it would be the same for any English player who plays in Europe when one of the Big 4 come to pinch you... Remember Mr Owen Hargreaves of Bayern Munich? I guess it’s normal.

  4. How many Spanish player left in the squad now? Reira, Reina and Torres. Since they’re not wanted by any club this time around, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be so the next time. January may be? Wow... why must I question the loyalty of the Spanish players as if the other internationals in the squad are not immune to the approaches?

  5. I guess it has got to do with some sort of a frustration in me. Seeing our best players leaving is never a beautiful sight or something that you can swallow easily. It was the same when Owen first left for Real Madrid. (Though I didn’t feel the same when Kewell or Sissoko or Risse left. It is really disturbing to see Alonso leaving.) When Alonso’s playing, that would allowed Gerrard to play as a second striker to Torres, whilst Mascherano doing the breaking and tackling. That’s when Liverpool transformed into the most lethal squad. It became a bit sentimental to think that the only opportunity given to me to watch Alonso’s in action in Singapore, was he’s last with the Reds. Damned it.

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