03 July 2009

Manchester United set to sign Owen on a free transfer !

  1. This is what the real definition for the wisdom words of `the ball is round'! You're professional and you don't care what the fans are feeling and in Owen case, the Man.U fans are furious! But you can't say the same with Liverpool. I think our attachment to this fella has long gone, though there was an effort from Owen's good buddy ~ Steven Gerrard trying to persuade Rafa to take him this season. I doubt Rafa would be so bold like Sir Alex.

  2. Our detachment towards Owen started on the day he opted for Newcastle and slowly slowly we tend to forget him, both at club level and international (well... he was injured most of the time and he was left out from the England squad). It made matters worst for him when Newcastle failed to retain its premiership status, well... one of the reason is that Owen failed to score the decisive goals, with or without Alan Shearer.

  3. I doubt if Owen will see a lot of games. This is a type of player who can only play half of the 38 compulsory games in the premier league. Perhaps, Sir Alex will use him for the crunch game against Liverpool, since Man.U failed to beat us home & away last season. But Sir Alex must know, Owen might have a history with us, but the love has long lost. There won't be dilemma or heartbreaking. Remember, our love now focused on Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.

  4. Good Luck with your crazy gamble, Sir Alex. May be you can go together with Owen to one of the horse racing that both of you love so much...

1 comment:

Khan said...

He will be a scum soon if the transfer materialises..



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