30 March 2012

Raheem Sterling's enigma

Raheem Sterling must not be ask to wait for too long. (Photo REUTERS)

I'm sure many of you could remember vividly how great was the reception given to Kenny Dalglish when he first introduced a batch of young players into the squad, especially those who were trained with the Liverpool FC Academy.

This was on the back of some serious criticism towards the former manager who seems to neglect the pool of talents we have at our own academy, yet daringly acquiring some foreign players who were evidently remembered more as `expensive' rather than `successful'. 

29 March 2012

LFC Tour USA. Let's go there!

Liverpool FC will take part in a showpiece game against AS Roma at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, as part of the ballpark's 100th anniversary this summer.

The match against the Italian giants will take place in July 25 and will form part of Liverpool FC's North American pre-season tour presented by Standard Chartered Bank.

28 March 2012

Is Safee Sali distracted?

Proud moment for our Malaysian striker when he joined  Pelita Jaya, an Indonesian football club.

The one that we dreaded so much, seems inevitable for Safee Sali or any football star for that matter, where ever in the world. Probably many of you, like me were taken aback with the news report today of Safee's problem in his marriage life. This is not a gossip article I'm writing now. It's just a deep sympathy for Safee. This is the kind of issues many of us have been dreading for Safee to get entangled with.

25 March 2012

LFC fans cannot ask questions?

Another headache as Anfield fortress is no fortress anymore as Liverpool registered their second defeat , to a relegation candidate Wigan FC on 24 March 2012. - AP

"If you can't support us in times of losing, you better go to another team...". That was Bill Shankly's word and quoted by many of LFC fans when ever there are among us deemed to be too critical or lambasting the squad, and easily labelled as an act of blasphemy.

23 March 2012

Did LFC slept in the last 20mins vs QPR?

MOST of the time, it was Liverpool FC would be the one who came back from the dead and win the match as dramatic as Queens Park Rangers did onto us last night. That's why we can't be envious if the match would be talked and bragged by the QPR's fans for many moons to come. In fact, the Malaysian owner of QPR has been busy re tweeting hundreds of tweets regarding the famous win. No problem on that aspect, the winner takes it all. The losers, stand to be corrected as there are many questions arose from this embarrassing defeat.

21 March 2012

Mr & Mrs Han of Singapore LFC-theme wedding AWESOME!

I found this video while reading The Daily Mail and I find it so lovely that I feel so keen to share it with all of you in my blog. In fact, the video should be a good motivation for those who yet to tie the knot. It would be awesome because the guests, families and friends sang the club anthem You'll Never Walk Alone in one voice.

Djibril Cisse is still loved by LFC

One of the best No.9 we had during the Rafalution era. (Picture taken from the Internet)

Ain't that sweet? Reading Cisse's statement on his stay in Liverpool. And the fact that he will be facing his former team tomorrow (4am Malaysia time) is one of the interesting motivation for me to wake up at the dead of the night, aside than ensuring another win for LFC after a good run in the last couple of matches.

20 March 2012

LFC to dethroned the Queen Park Rangers

The winning goal headed in beautifully by Luis Suarez in the LFC vs Queen Park Rangers match at Anfield in December 2011.
It would be another awkward timing to watch the LFC match vs Queen Park Rangers for many of us in Asia in general and in Malaysia specifically, that the game would start at 4am on Thursday. But we have never complaint nor we want to miss any of the matches played at this crazy hour. Since my working hour is considered odd, I shall be on leave on Thursday. So that's it. Rearrange your life schedule to accommodate LFC. 

19 March 2012

Andy Carroll switch to fullback?

Andy Carroll knew he failed to block Peter Crouch, even though the corner kick was illegitimate in the first place.  

WHILE many of you would like to praise the magnificent goals by Luis Suarez and long-awaited miracle by Stewart Downing, I would like to focus on one small size midfielder of ours, one Mr Jay Spearing. He has dramatically improved in the last few games especially in the Everton match and most intriguingly, in the last night's  match against Stoke City. 

Jay Spearing is my MAN OF THE MATCH.

16 March 2012

Ain't no mountain high enough for LFC

The Athletico Bilbao players celebrating their triumph on Manchester United with their home ground  fans. - AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Before I dosed-off at 2.30am last night, I read a few tweets stating "Fernando Llorentes scored 1 - 0 MUFC''.  And this morning, I look up for the FT result and of course, there is no way for MUFC to do the turn-around miracle ala Chelsea the previous night. For many of us the Liverpool FC fans, we salute Bilbao for their strong performances both in their own stadium and at the Old Trafford. We also remember that Bilbao's fans sang our anthem YNWA during their visit to Manchester's ultra-modern stadium. No problem amigos. Anything you need to mock our nemesis, just do it. FOC!

15 March 2012

LFC big win against Everton, but not Sunderland?

A pregnant Stevie Gerrard with his triplets against Everton 13 March 2012.

YES, the title of this article would be anti-climax. Everybody seems to prefer enjoying the win and the fact that our Captain Steven Gerrard has showed he is now fully fit with that beautifully taken-hat trick in the derby match against the small club. Of course, the win is vital to salvage some points left as the target for the Top Four lies on the luck of other clubs to falter in the next 9 matches. That would need a combination of luck, prayers and LFC must win ALL the remaining games. And not only that, the win against Everton is utterly important to boost the players morale after three straight loses in the Premier League matches.

12 March 2012

Luis Suarez is not walking alone

Luis Suarez is down but the fans won't let him drown. (Photo AFP)
How many of you really believed that Luis Suarez is about to walk away from Anfield this summer? How many of you wants him to leave? Why must he leave? Isn't he is still our idol in the current flip flop squad? Was it because of Glen Johnson perfect timing to prolonged the racist's issue now? All these questions are legit and there is a strong indication on the horizon why Suarez wouldn't care much if he is to move on to another country, as England seems to reject him outright.

11 March 2012

3 defeats in a row, WHAT NOW?

The fans are demanding an explanation from the King for the poor, poor performance against Sunderland.

LAST week, we take heart of the way the squad lost to a sucker goal from van Persie. It was simply that the game was so entertaining and Liverpool players were trying their hardest to attack, attack and attack. So when the result didn't side to us, majority of us still can find the solace to accept the result, how bitter it could be. At least, we lost the game with a real fight.

But how do you summarised the game against Sunderland last night? Why did the game felt so hurting and frustrating?

05 March 2012

Was it due to `luck' that LFC failed to score?

Robin van Persie does look good in orange. His recent fine form, ensures him a status  of `saviour' for Arsene Wenger.

Yes, any defeat is a pain in the heart. This is felt especially when your team controlled the game, had one too many near-goal chances, denied by the brilliant opposition goalie and a missed penalty. Add all this up, it is a formula for distressed. So we lost to Arsenal 1-2 at Anfield. Some said there goes our Fourth placing. I'd asked them, since when the slots were confirmed in March?

01 March 2012

Liverpool vs ‘Malaysia’?

You CAN touch this!

"ADA dua tiket ke perlawanan akhir Carling Cup di Wembley. Untuk anda!’’ Mesej dari seorang sahabat yang membuat hati berbunga-bunga.
Namun, bunga itu rupanya ditanam di taman larangan. Tiket masuk stadium sudah dapat tetapi bagaimana pula tiket penerbangan?
Setelah memikirkan dengan serius selama lima minit dan 21 saat, saya terpaksa melupakan hasrat untuk menonton perlawanan akhir antara Liverpool FC menentang Cardiff City yang berlangsung tengah malam ini.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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