16 March 2012

Ain't no mountain high enough for LFC

The Athletico Bilbao players celebrating their triumph on Manchester United with their home ground  fans. - AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Before I dosed-off at 2.30am last night, I read a few tweets stating "Fernando Llorentes scored 1 - 0 MUFC''.  And this morning, I look up for the FT result and of course, there is no way for MUFC to do the turn-around miracle ala Chelsea the previous night. For many of us the Liverpool FC fans, we salute Bilbao for their strong performances both in their own stadium and at the Old Trafford. We also remember that Bilbao's fans sang our anthem YNWA during their visit to Manchester's ultra-modern stadium. No problem amigos. Anything you need to mock our nemesis, just do it. FOC!

Apparently, mocked as a `lowly' club by the UK media, Bilbao forced the bias writers to eat the humble pie. I shall not prolonged this subject nor would I touch on the demised of another Manchester pride, The Manchester City to the Sporting Lisbon. Simply because, I have no beef towards them as much as I have on the Sir Alex Ferguson's outfit. 

Since Beemer corrected me that we have 10 remaining matches (not 9 as I have stated erroneously), many observers and commentator predict that the elusive and valuable No.4 slot is no longer for us to reach. In fact it is left to the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham and any other teams that are above us or would over take us. So that what was they are telling us now and again. While there are tiny weeny bit of truths in the argument, I questioned the sanity of the whole scenario. 

As I am not a pessimist idiot, I prefer not be influenced by such an empty-prophecy. In fact, as ardent fan as I am proudly proclaiming myself and as I am still repaying my credit card debts for my Anfield trip in December 2011, you have to come up with more fundamentally nonsense and craps to turn me into a convert of the precarious theory that LFC is no way to reach the last slot of No.4 in the English Premier League.

So the expert pointed out to the resurgence of Arsenal that would be extremely difficult for any club to dislodged them. After a flip flop performances for much of the first half of the season, apparently Arsenal is making a good inroads and ratify their defence and most importantly, having a genuine article in Robin van Persie (who is now linked to Manchester City).

I don't care about that. LFC has it owns flip flops. We got the Carling Cup in another week, then lost the league matches in the other. We got rid of Brighton, then lost another league match. Then last Wednesday (Malaysia time kick-off 4am), we brushed off Everton. And again, there is 10 more matches. The stake is high, the risks is enormous and the chances is rather remote. But let me remind you that nothing is impossible in football. LFC must win every match and hopes that the three teams above us won't be that smooth. Listen to Marvin Gaye's classic "Aint No Mountain High Enough"", you'll get my groove (you can click on the link, trust me. The song is powerful).

This Sunday it would be Stoke City in the FA Cup. 

Expert again pointed out to the reemergence of Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, who were instrumental in two of the three goals converted by our vastly-experienced captain dynamo. So people are talking about it, sportswriters analysing the lethal combination and the fans are singing both of their names. But the only person who seems to be oblivious of the fact is, unfortunately, our manager Kenny Dalglish. He started Suarez and Gerrard in the Everton match but in the lost match against Sunderland, Gerrard was included in the last 10 minutes. According to the club, Gerrard wasn't that fit to start the match. Okay. So he was a substitute. But why in the last 10 minutes? Dalglish should have bring on Gerrard at the struck of an hour.

The argument above to some, may be pathetic... because again and again we are relying on one man and that man is Steven Gerrard. I don't see any issue about that nor it is a contradiction in the football rules. Only fools are trying to mock us and making issue out of it. Why didn't the sportswriters say the same towards Arsenal who has been relying their luck on van Persie's form? Or even Rooney because when ever this two failed to score, the teams found themselves in distressed. So shut up and leave us alone. Don't be jittery again if Steven Gerrard happens to score the winning goal for LFC in the match against Stoke City. It's his job, idiot.


Aizat Haris said...

As a Liverpool supporter, I feel you bro. Last time when we lost to Arsenal, I tweeted "Arsenal are nothing without RVP". And of course, a Man Utd fan replied "at least they have RVP, Liverpool have nothing". I was livid. I just don't know what is wrong with Utd fans. They are so annoying - maximum capacity of annoyance. I just hope Utd fail to win the league and thus finishing season without any trophy.

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Don't be amused with the MUFC fans. They think they are the greatest in the world, until a lowly team of Bilbao hit them with a massive reality check.
Serve them right! LOL



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