28 March 2012

Is Safee Sali distracted?

Proud moment for our Malaysian striker when he joined  Pelita Jaya, an Indonesian football club.

The one that we dreaded so much, seems inevitable for Safee Sali or any football star for that matter, where ever in the world. Probably many of you, like me were taken aback with the news report today of Safee's problem in his marriage life. This is not a gossip article I'm writing now. It's just a deep sympathy for Safee. This is the kind of issues many of us have been dreading for Safee to get entangled with.

All along we thought that Safee would be a really good role model for the Malaysian youngsters. He appears to have a perfect football life, not merely due to his appearance but most importantly, he delivers for Malaysia. He was contracted by a very rich football club of Pelita Jaya from Indonesia, thus making him the richest footballer in the Malaysian history.

Then much to the keen eyes of the football observers, Safee was seen getting involved in TV shows. Nothing wrong with that. It's his prerogatives. He has many fans. That's why the TV wants him. But to some, it could be the start of his fall. The critics argued that Safee is not satisfied with the RM2 million contract and now he wants to become one of the celebrities. Perhaps, after he retires from the football pitch, he could star in a movie both in Malaysia and Indonesia. Why not? He is not bad looking and he is one hell of a footballer, respected in the country and Indonesia.

What the critics were afraid of is that Safee's focus would be altered. However, it is yet to be seen. No one can prove that Safee is distracted what so ever with his fling in other field than football. 

And today, the unlikely bomb set upon us. Now we know Safee is having issues with his wife. Again, my article is not a gossip. I don't know what actually happened and even if I know, I won't type it here. It's his personal life. 

My hope for Safee is to clear the air with his wife and get back to what he is doing best... football. As I have written before, the talent in Safee doesn't come that often in Malaysia. That's why Safee is adored and beloved so much by his fans. He carries our hope. Safee doesn't need to be David Beckham of Malaysia. We like you as it is, bro!

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