20 March 2012

LFC to dethroned the Queen Park Rangers

The winning goal headed in beautifully by Luis Suarez in the LFC vs Queen Park Rangers match at Anfield in December 2011.
It would be another awkward timing to watch the LFC match vs Queen Park Rangers for many of us in Asia in general and in Malaysia specifically, that the game would start at 4am on Thursday. But we have never complaint nor we want to miss any of the matches played at this crazy hour. Since my working hour is considered odd, I shall be on leave on Thursday. So that's it. Rearrange your life schedule to accommodate LFC. 

This match would be special for me, not because I long to see our former striker Djibril Cisse donning the blue stripes of QPR or I'm a fan of Joey Barton or if I ever perceived QPR as a Malaysian entity (the owner is a Malaysian and the significant ends there). The special reason is that I was there in Anfield during the first round match in December 2011. It was my second trip and watching LIVE with my own very eyes how magnificent was Luis Suarez to score with the brilliant header. 

Some may find my statement above is an opportunity to brag but it is just an expression of satisfaction because on my first trip to Anfield in October 2010, I had to endure a bit of sickening situation as LFC were losing 1-2 to Blackpool. 

And while it is a fact that the numbers of Malaysian fans managed to set their foot into Anfield are growing every year, we still considered as the minority. The whole journey is not only far, the flight takes 13 hours on a direct flight London-Kuala Lumpur, add a minimum of 4 hours of transits. And the main obstacle is always the money. The currency exchange is not favourable to Malaysian. 1 pounds is RM5. But for our friends from Liverpool, it would be `very cheap' for them to travel and visit Malaysia. Trust me, it would be a truly Asia experience you shall gain in Malaysia.

The sweet memory at Anfield when we won 1-0 against QPR on 9 December 2011.

So, Suarez could score again in this match to make it a double trouble for QPR. YNWA!


Anonymous said...

Moga ada rezeki ke Anfield untuk kali yang ketiga. Manalah tahu, ada tuah yang menunggu Encik Johardy dimasa depan....YNWA..

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Insyallah. Cuma, next target nak pi Miami pulak. Nak jumpa Horatio CSI. hehehehe....



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