23 March 2012

Did LFC slept in the last 20mins vs QPR?

MOST of the time, it was Liverpool FC would be the one who came back from the dead and win the match as dramatic as Queens Park Rangers did onto us last night. That's why we can't be envious if the match would be talked and bragged by the QPR's fans for many moons to come. In fact, the Malaysian owner of QPR has been busy re tweeting hundreds of tweets regarding the famous win. No problem on that aspect, the winner takes it all. The losers, stand to be corrected as there are many questions arose from this embarrassing defeat.

Until the 70th minutes, LFC were  leading 2-0. By the time, the game was as if already done. Our players were almost on walking mode. The fast and furious pace were suddenly gone. The speeding truck were changed into a lower gear and we almost can see the images of people started to lit up their cigars to celebrate the win. But there were 20 minutes more, not including the injury time. Bit by bit QPR regain their momentum and the rest was... history.

I believed this is the kind of a match that many of us had never witnessed before. We were leading comfortably 2-0 until the 3rd quarter of the game, then ended losing 3-2. Thus, the result automatically made the match against QPR as among the lousiest game we ever had this season, among the matches that saw us had so many chances but failed to convert any or controlling the game, yet ended in a draw. This could be the worst of all.

The lousy result almost eclipsing the goal scored by Coates. It is considered as beautiful and it was his first. Then the second goal was started by the solo magic of Luis Suarez before it is rebounded a few times for Dirk Kuyt to poke the ball into the net. And we thought that was the winning goal. 

I don't intend to comment another line about this frustrating match. I even cancel my attendance at the Standard Chartered Bank of Malaysia branch dinner event tonight. I just don't feel like to talk to anyone about the game. I had enough banters via the social networks. 

Ok. Hopefully Kenny Dalglish would ratify the issue in the next match against Wigan this weekend. Until then, can't help feeling the blues tonight.

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