25 March 2012

LFC fans cannot ask questions?

Another headache as Anfield fortress is no fortress anymore as Liverpool registered their second defeat , to a relegation candidate Wigan FC on 24 March 2012. - AP

"If you can't support us in times of losing, you better go to another team...". That was Bill Shankly's word and quoted by many of LFC fans when ever there are among us deemed to be too critical or lambasting the squad, and easily labelled as an act of blasphemy.

I couldn't agree more but we're living in a different era where Twitter and Facebook are our every day's reference. We can't ask the fans nowadays to shut up and give their loyalty blindly and worst, never ever to speak a bad word about the team, no matter how crucial and obnoxious the situation could be, for any of us to speak their minds about it. We're living in an open space where freedom of thinking, freedom of speech and freedom of blogging is paramount to express our beliefs in the club and not merely having a jersey or a mug with LFC logo to show our love. 

True, it is important for the fans to stay loyal and stand steadfastly with the club through tick and thin.  And let me hold you right there and read the lines ``... with the club''. 

Politician and lawyers alike would love to argue the very definition of such wordings. Does it focus solely on ``the club'' or ``anybody with the club''. We have to discuss this because we need to establish the borderline that we are allowed to, to throw our criticism, in light of a poor result against Wigan last night.  

Does ``the club'' means, you can spray your harshest words onto the club, but not any individual connected to the club directly? Or does it includes those who were employed by the club? 

For example, are we not allowed to critic LFC as a club but permitted to screw Kenny Dalglish for his lousy tactic and bad player performances?

Or are we nearing the category of blasphemies to question Dalglish's managerial credential up to now? Are we a condemned group of fans for asking the club to replace Dalglish with a better manager? Are we wrong to even voice our anger for the failure to win sufficiently to keep the pace with Arsenal who were once was merely a point above us but now are 4 games ahead.

Are we a lousy supporter for claiming that all Dalglish's signing were a total rubbish? Is it a crazy thinking for us to suggest that we might as well lose Luiz Suarez in the summer for our lousy lousy position in the league, and the Carling Cup was never enough to satisfy the international players in the team?

These are legitimate questions and something that I am trying to find the answers. Am I a lousy fan to even raise those questions? I know I am not. I know I am a loyal fan of LFC. 

Are you?


Azlan Strider said...

agreed on you..as a loyal fan we have the right to ask a question..and i like the way u used the word "loyalty"..Mine loyalty goes to LFC!! #YNWA


Joe Radzif said...

Nice words bro - as usual...

Anonymous said...

Bro. Told you some weeks ago Kenny needs to go. Shankly's quote is applicable to a different era. If applied then all fans should have stood with and behind Hodgson but why make an exception in that case? Kenny is out of his depth now. He WAS a great manager and today is different. Look at his previous two stints as manager. Celtic and Newcastle. He flopped.
For me the current style, firm etc is unacceptable. Legend or not.

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

I attached a reply via my Twitter account @johardyibrahim by @Anfield_Talk:

Good piece. I think everyone is entitled to an opinion mate but abusing the man as some are doing (after all he has done) is just not on. He has done so very much for the club on and OFF the pitch (post Hillsborough) and 'fans' on here abuse him?!?

Anonymous said...

Think peeps need to look up the words of our anthem, they dont seem to mean jack to alot of the fickle fans out there! 14 months is no time to try and correct the mess that was left at our club, if people want instant gratification go support chelsea or man city! Newsflash success will not be achieved this way at lfc! All those fans shouting for kennys head, will you be doing so when you are at wembley AGAIN? no you probably wont be there because our team is that bad right! I'll finish off with this WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE STORM HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH! Ynwa!!

Anonymous said...

the bad 1 shoud go and the good should remain.. that's football. i think our king kenny also known that and realise that. i think if things becomes worst then he will walk alone leave us .. but legend remains legend.

KOPITE77 said...

Who comes in if the king goes? Get real people you really don't want us to become like chelsea, if it aint working get rid every 12 months just is'nt the liverpool way! maybe alot of so called lfc fans need to get re- educated in what the lfc way is and stop all the knee jerk reactions because if nothing else its embarrasing to read and makes TRUE lfc fans look pathetic banging on about getting rid of this and changeing that! It just looks bad on all of us! If i was say a man u fan reading all this rubbish about lfc i'd be laughing my head off likewise alot of other club fans they don't like us and thats because of who/what we are, LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB they dont like us because we are, regardless of what others say a BIG SUCESSFUL CLUB!! FACT!! Get behind your club support it/the king/the players and stop embarrasing us! Let the king build and steady what was a sunk ship thats right we were'nt sinking we were sunk faceing administration! Short memories some of us have. THINK BEFORE YOU POST PEOPLE FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR CLUB!! now!!YNWA



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