30 November 2009


This split seconds photo was taken from a camera that is fix at the back of the net, via a remote control. The magnificent photo shows how Reina made that stupendous and outrageous double-save from Cahill's header, then a point-blank shot by that Afro-hair Belgium guy. If you guys agree that Liverpool played like a crap, one thing for sure that many of us would agree otherwise is that Reina had his top-form during the match. He's save was top-class. Simply top-class!!!

Carragher said we're the 2nd team yet managed to win...

After Man.U... Everton is a must win match for our deputy captain...

  1. It was a bit shocking but most of the pundits and fans alike would have to agree with Carragher assessment. The team still playing below par, except that a few good men plays with vigour, namely Mascherano, Kuyt and Pepe Reina. Mascherano speculative shot were diverted for the first goal (a popular one in Merseyside for many many moons!).

  2. Tim Cahill is still a torn in the butt and he almost cost us another humiliation but for the brilliant, world class keeping of Reina who denied Cahill and the ensuing follow up by that former Standard Liege player... wow... I shall not forget that save. It was a sure goal. Twice for that matter. And yet, Reina was excellent.

  3. Our Captain is still not at his level best. Thus the on and off performances. He was the instrumental one in securing the second goal, converted by Kuyt after a powerful blazed by Reira that couldn't be save by Tim Howard.

  4. My irritation is not so much towards the regular convict ... not Lucas even though he could, he should be more adventurous in front of the goal. Twice he was one on one with the opponent goalie, and yet he was easily subdued by Yobo and Distin.

  5. And so my wrath is dedicated to David Ngog. He failed miserably tonight. Freaking dumbo. His positioning was nowhere, he losses the ball more than Lucas, he can't passed, he's shot was a pussy and he was so easy to be defeated. I was enraged that he was only taken off after more than 70 minutes. He should have been out at the beginning of the 2nd half.

  6. Now, slowly we shall built our momentum from this win to walk on the December to register more wins. All of you, please stand up and be counted. We must regain our spirit. WALK ON! WALK ON! WALK ON!

28 November 2009


  1. Despite the fact that we missed out of the Champion Cup, we actually won the game against Debrecen with a solitary goal by David Ngog. Put aside all the mumbles and frustration, I suggest we should now look forward for the future, starting with the match against our so-called neighbour, Everton. The Blues are almost in the lousy shape with Liverpool vis-a-vis result and performances.

  2. However, we should have an upper hand simply because we are Liverpool and they are Everton. They did embarrassed us last season but Sunday is the day to ratify things. Someone must closed down that Aussie guy.

  3. Let me make this easy, I say that Liverpool will win this game 3-0. Care to join me?

27 November 2009

Happy Eid dul Adha!

  1. Today is a day for a celebration and thanksgiving to commemorate our Muslims brothers and sisters success in performing their hajj in Mecca at the moment. It's a good day, bright and warm and we are expecting some family members to visit us any time now, while I switch on the computer (hehehe...).

  2. My heart is glowing to the fact that my own older brother is in Mecca, together with his wife and hopefully both of them are having pleasant journey to fulfill the 5th pillars of Islam.

  3. And me? I have to tell you the truth, I wish that I could visit Anfield first, then Sicily before determining my eventual pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca soon. Happy Eid dul Adha to all of you!

26 November 2009

Europa Cup: What does that mean in terms of money

  1. It has been one hell of a time for any Liverpool supporters around the world. Some prefer to play the blame game with Rafa the obvious target. I would prefer to walk forward. We have to accept that Liverpool has not been a true Liverpool team since the start of the season... well it has been 3 months of agony which has accumulated of our demised in the challenge for the Champion Cup, League Cup and 8 matches that we didn't win (try not to use the words like lost or draw here... hahaha). Of course, still the only match that we can cherished was the win against manchester united that we won convincingly, but unfortunately was the one & only (til now!).

  2. Missing the next round of Champions League is not so much of `losing' and `not advancing'. With the current low form of the squad, I say it's better now than latter. We can't hide the fact that the Liverpool team that we're watching now is playing at their way way below standard. So the next question would be: how and when do we need to reinforce the squad. Get rid of the dead wood, find a new one. And January is less than 5 weeks away.

  3. Failure to regain the spot in the Champions League also would make it difficult for Liverpool to really attract some big names. And we can't compete with the big moneys, simply because we don't have it. Manchester City may not have as colourful history or track records like us but they surely can pay what ever salary the player demands.

  4. According to The Times of UK, the conservative financial plan that Liverpool set for themselves each season means that the budgetary shortfall caused by their exit from the Champions League will be more than offset by a good run in the Europa League. Liverpool only budget to make it through to the last 16 of the Champions League, so falling one stage short of that round will cost them in the region of £2.4 million.

  5. Last season Werder Bremen made £6.1 million from their run to the Uefa Cup final, which they won having been knocked out of the Champions League in the group stage. The competition is more lucrative this season, with the winners expected to earn about £8.5 million in total.

  6. Liverpool were knocked out by Chelsea in the quarter-finals last season and earned £23.2 million from Uefa, which included about £8 million from their participation in the knockout stages. This time they will receive only £6.4 million for entering the group stage and up to £2.5 million in win and draw bonuses.

  7. To really analyse and realise what kind of money that we have missed out, read below:

    2009-10 prize money Champions League Europa League
    Champions League winners: £8m /
    Europa League winners: £2.65m
    Runners-up £4.6m / £1.77m
    Semi-finals £3.6m / £0.558m
    Quarter-finals £2.9m / £0.319m
    Last 16 £2.7m / £0.27m

25 November 2009

WELCOME TO EUROPA CUP! Are we the favourite to win cup?

  1. Ok. The fat lady has sang and sank all of us! hahaha... The melody was out, the show had to stop and terrible it may sound, we are now forced to play in the 2nd grade tournament, now known as Europa Cup. Perhaps, that is what the team deserved with much malign, substandard performances the whole 3 months now.

  2. This will be a short posting. The dejection has bestowed its ultimate blow. Need time to recover from it. May be, the next game against neighbour Everton, could do some magic.

  3. For those who hated so much Rafa, I don't have any intention to block your postings even though some people are starting to ask me if this blog has become a bastion of sort for Rafa-Haters. I must stressed that this blog remain a loyal blog for Liverpool Supporters. And I for one, exclude myself from that category of Rafa-Haters. If sooner or later, the club thinks it is better for Rafa to part his way, this blog will support it with full faith. But until then, my standing here is to carry on supporting the club and the manager.

24 November 2009

Debreceni : Mathematically Still Have A Lifeline

  1. How many of you would sacrifice your sleep tomorrow at the dead of the night, specifically at 3.45am, to watch this match? How many of you would have said that it is not worth it, since the match has no meaning? That Liverpool is doomed to Europa Cup? ... I say to those people: ``it ain't over til the fat lady sings''.

  2. Because Liverpool have a slim chance still to advance to the knock-out stages. Beat Debreceni tonight and then the last game, plus hoping that another team beat that another team, we can slipped in - perhaps it would be the most dramatic way since last season. It's not over yet by now, and thus, making it crucial for the squad to play their hearts out tomorrow morning (Malaysian time).

  3. On the same breath, I urge all of you to give them a morale support and watch the game. A true supporter will never run away when ever the team is facing a bad patch. We, loyal fans, must stand tall together in what ever circumstances - be it good or bad. Rain or shine. Sleep or no sleep... YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE starts tonight!...

    N G A P S A Y O T !!!...

21 November 2009

LFC 2 - Man.City 2

This photo was taken from the Internet without permission...

  1. Without clinging to any emotional attachment, my argument for this another match that we failed to win, yet didn't lose is simply down to a really bad defending. Much that we would love to cherish Skrtel first ever goal for the club but he was the culprit for the Adebayour equaliser and then everybody was asleep to allow Ireland scored the second goal.

  2. I doubt if we can zoomed into Rafa's tactical strategy in this game. It was okay. The 2 injuries within the first 20 minutes could have disrupt his game plan but the replacement in Yossi, in particular - was somehow a blessing in disguised. Well, that sums up our season.

  3. I am so used now to see my beloved team failed to win the game. I'm sure all of you are feeling dejected. But that doesn't mean we must become a traitor to the club by singing the same song, sang by the rival fans or the ruthless UK media.

20 November 2009

Can Manchester City beat Liverpool?

The crazy illustration was taken from boxofficefootball.com without asking them...

  1. Albeit the banters and the smirk for all the misery of the struggling Liverpool at the moment, the only joke that persistent is that Manchester United is the only odd team that failed to demolish Liverpool who has been on a no-win streak for a good 7 straight games til now.

  2. This is one important moment of the season. Among the fans, the morale are low and the confidence is a disarray. While the first 15 minutes of the game, many would thought that Liverpool might eventually win any particular game, then the opposition score 2 and the whole dimension of the match changed. Instead of aiming for a win & 3 points, then it became trying to equalised and a single point. And 5 games already we lost all the catching up work. If our front forward couldn't score, don't expect we'll win the game.

  3. Having our Captain nowadays also didn't help much, in particular when his other 10 players are not on the same par with him. Well, according to the news reports that I browse through just now, we probably will see the two pillars of Liverpool (Gerrard and Torres) will feature in the game tomorrow night. That will be good because we need to win after a miserable October and November. We must start winning games in December onwards.

  4. The urge to win is more desirable with the reports saying that 80% Premier League Managers expect Manchester City will be challenging for the Top 4 Spot real soon. If that's so and the fact that they are a mini-Chelsea outfit, Manchester City sooner or later might just achieve that. But it shouldn't be in the expense of Liverpool. We're the favourite target to be ousted from the Top 4 slots, unless we change the way we play and start winning games.

14 November 2009



From the start of the season, it was a clearly known fact that our team was not well prepared and the biggest sad news was the departure of Xabi Alonso, the instrumental one behind our successful previous season. Perhaps, if Rafael Benitez had treated him better, Xabi would have chose to stay. Many other questions remain unanswered. There’s no saying who’s wrong and who’s right here, probably, Benitez has his own views and his way of managing things. I duly respected Benitez - the Champions League in Istanbul will be in our thoughts forever.

He deserved some credit for winning that and assembling a passionate team but bear in mind that it was our instrumental heroic Captain ‘G’ whose leadership led us to a victorious and memorable day in history. A year or two later, we were still performing considerably well but some mistakes in some games cost us the title yet again. Benitez then adopted a knack of switching player’s to unfavourable positions according to his tactical plan. Yet, some of us still ask ourselves the same questions like: "If that was Torres, it would have been a goal?"

Yossi Benayoun has proved himself but isn’t a regular and I wouldn’t blame him should he choose to leave. Last season, Benitez ignored him and relied mostly on his ‘Duracell Pet’, Dirk Kuyt.

Though Kuyt is hardworking, the Benayoun-style telling passes and crosses did not come. Benitez doesn’t field an important first team and give chances to the younger ones as part of the grooming plan, the Arsene Wenger policy.

We have now a Krisztian Nemeth at hand but Benitez chose to loan him away and stick with Andriy Voronin in case Torres gets injured. Injuries do happen in football. It is a common thing and I would feel rather immature to blame the losses on injuries.

If we do lose so be it but at least the players can give their passion and desire to win and it would satisfy any fan. Well, if Benitez choose to rest some players for other games, would the next game be more meaningful than the current one? For if we do not win the current one, the next few games are simply irrelevant.

We have been relying too much on Gerrard and Torres that we don’t have sufficient depth in other areas. The moment one of them or both gets injured, we seem to be handicapped.
It is clear that our defence this season has let us down. Honestly speaking, our defence did make mistakes but the entire blame should not be on their shoulders.

The midfielders seem unable to protect our defence and it loses direction whenever Stevie’s missing. But in actual fact, it was our they who were doing holding and distributing the passes and crosses.

Now, they don’t know what to do or how to play but because game after game their confidence is slowly diminishing. In the past, we did leak at the start but we came back didn’t we? We kept winning games and the confidence boosted our players.

We started this season wrongly, some are not well prepared, some are injured, some were bad selections. The core of our success in the past was not about money or contracts but it was based purely on player’s passion, desire and the fans.

Being cash-strapped, no doubt we are unable to afford comparing to the other top three clubs, but the least what we could have done was to get cheaper players within our budget.

Provided the player bought have the desire and passion to don our jersey, play his heart out and win games. We need to regain the long lost passion.

BLOGGER NOTE: This article is republished from the LSCM E-Newsletter and is not representing the opinion of the blogger, one way or the other and shall not be liable to any legal prosecution.

11 November 2009


The blogger (in the Russian fur hat) with two new friends at a coffee shop in Murre, a mountainous holiday resort about an hour drive from Islamabad in Pakistan on Monday.

  1. My apology for not being able to post an immediate reaction after the game. I was on a tight schedule and my body was losing massive energies while in Pakistan. I've just landed today and due to fly to Penang tomorrow. Saturday must be spend with my family.

  2. Again, I had the sweet opportunity of being able to watch the game 3 hours earlier than Malaysia (due to the time difference) but again, it didn't have a happy-ending. I am too exhausted to analyse the game. I would prefer to focus on the plus-side of the game and leave it to you guys to comment on the failure of the team to register a win against the lucky-Birmingham.

  3. As you can see, David Ngog did made a statement in that game. That is heartening. More time on the pitch, surely good for his confidence. Not only he scored the second goal, he was instrumental in ensuring the equaliser. Regardless of the loud complain that he dived, you must not judge by the slow-motion repeated over and over again in the TV. In such a surged towards the goal mouth and then slashed with that furious tackle, it was fortunate that Ngog did what he did and escaped with no injury. Yet, some pundits prefer to look at the incident in a rather different way. Let them be. The more they write about Ngog, I think it would serve Ngog reputation some how. It's a good thing to compare his previous reputation as an ineffective striker for Liverpool. Now he can be bold, notorious, tenacious and bring the scared out of the opponent's defenders. hehehe

07 November 2009


Me and the whole `entourage' while I was in Karachi. Not only these Rangers responsible for my safety but also ensure the road was `smooth' for the journey.

  1. I must admit that I didn't really study the whole situation of our beloved club when I jotted down my thoughts yesterday, especially when I was caught with a hefty long day working all around the Karachi city and then watching the `deadly' equaliser by that Lyon players. But since then, I had the opportunity to really sit in front of my laptop and read thoroughly the whole debacle and our current state of infamy.

  2. To my relieve (and I hope you guys share it with me!), Liverpool was not really out and out of the race - as yet. TheItalicre are still 2 games to go, and mathematically, we do still have that chance, albeit how slim it could be, since we have to pray and rely on the defeat of Fiorentina and hoping the likes of Torres, Benayoun and... errr.. Babel... Kuyt ... hmmm... to score more than 3 goals to grab that 2nd spot for the next round. There is still hopes. And this is where I like it most. I love to be the underdog. Let people assumed what ever they want, then we rise to the occasion and executed the coup de grace... so I hope.

  3. I see that some of you don't really like my statement pertaining to the `new Liverpool fans'. Let me debate here a bit more. In any event, like it or not, while having a club to support and hold on to the rest of your life, we can't deny the necessity of having the new generations of fans. This is especially important in terms of commercialism in the long run. There won't be any sponsors if Liverpool kept on losing and the number of fans deteriorated. The impact on the season fans like many of us would be massive when that fact is not ratified. I really don't want it to reoccur when I have to pray every week for the satellite tv to air the live matches of Liverpool or searching endlessly all around the city simply just to look for the club's merchandise. What we have now is luxury. Almost every shopping malls have the dedicated stores that sold LFC's merchandise. Why? Because there are markets for it. What's the point of having a product but no one is buying. This could happened if Liverpool lost its attraction, especially now when it seems that almost any team can beat us. Birmingham City could be dreaming the same dream. To beat the hell out of the broken Liverpool. Lets hope the rot will stop with the Birmingham match. Lets hope.

06 November 2009


This was my actual police escort... in Karachi, Pakistan on 4-5 Nov 2009

  1. The time difference between Malaysia and Pakistan is 3 hours. I was in a state of joy earlier because of the thought that I will be watching it `a bit earlier' than the usual 3.45am that I had to endure in Shah Alam. So I watch the freaking match and what a devastation to see the late late equaliser by the Lyon outfit. Thus the eminent demised of Liverpool in the European Cup and hey we are now the hot favourite to win the new Europa Cup... huh....

  2. I see that some of you have posted your dismay. Fine. I can't stop any of you from doing it because I am also very much pissed-off. Luckily, my programmes here in Pakistan are packed and my small entourage of 5 journalists doesn't have a fanatic like me, though at least 2 of them confessed of being a fan of our rivals. hah... never mind. Even the head of our security detail claimed he is a fan of Chelsea.

  3. This is the after-effect of the losses. We won't be seeing new fans among the new generation because no way the young ones would support a losing-prone team like Liverpool now. No way. It's a pain in the heart and in the arse!!!...

  4. I will be here till next week. Please pray for my safety. YNWA...

02 November 2009

Rafa's future lies in the next 3 games?

The memories of 2005 can never erased the current state of infamy...

  1. Many pundits, sports writers are suggesting that Rafa's tenure would be greatly depended on the next three games. If Liverpool lost all 3, that means Rafa must go or so that claimed to be. The frustration felt by all the LFC fans all over the world cannot be justified nor hidden. The crazy and suicide tactics by Rafa in the Fulham match was deemed as his betrayal to his words to us that he will focus on the Premier League, not Champions.

  2. If that is so Rafa, when Liverpool lose against Lyon... for me there won't be another 2 games to decide your fate. By Friday, the cry would be louder for your head. I'm not sure if I would be among them. I prefer not to, at this juncture. Not my style. I don't belittling my own favourite team, but criticizing is a totally different meaning with belittling - according to my James Brooke's English understanding...

  3. I will be travelling abroad on Wednesday, thus I'm not sure if I can present my posting in the blog. I'll find a time in between. I am a bit worried if the country that I'll be visiting don't have the football channel. But feel free to write some, send it to my gmail and I'll published it here.

01 November 2009

Fulham 3 - LFC 1 (+ 2 red cards...)

Did the erratic decision by Benitez caused us the Fulham game?

  1. It's 30 minutes to go. Then you took out Torres. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, RAFAEL BENITEZ? Lyon? That's three days more. Why can't you focus on the current battle? We're not even leading at the time, but were down 2-1. And you think Ryan Babel can changed that?

  2. Then the referee exploded with obnoxiousness and an ordinary tackle by Degen was deemed a red card offence. Never mind that. Then you took out Yossi Benayoun. Who do you have? No you didn't have anyone. That's why Ecclestone was criticised for his lack of experience. We lost Carragher. Find. The third Fulham's goal was inevitable. Luckily, it stayed that way until the end.

  3. People will remember this game not so much for the 2 red cards. Because referee decision is a normal thing to debate, mock or cursed at. But this time around, it is Rafa's decision would be the focus of condemnation. Fans will be shouting for reasons from Rafa... why must he pull-off Torres? He wasn't injured or seriously injured for that matter. Because once Torres was out of the pitch, that rejuvenate Fulham... That decision of Rafa invited the many attacks by Fulham and ultimately, forced Carra to do the tackled and was given a grand prize of a Red Card.

  4. Again, the situation could be different if Torres's replacement is another established striker but Ryan Babel? OH MY GOD!... OH MY GOD!... I text Manaf... DIE, DIE and so it became true.

  5. Do we say goodbye to our 19th title challenge? I wish not to do so because the season is still long. I am a pragmatic person, never ever a pessimist. If I cloud my mind with all the defeats and defeatism in me, I won't last this long in my day job. So you guys, please think positive. A defeat by our beloved team should be considered a mere result. It must not affect our lives. For a good remedy, just reminisced our gallant win against Manchester United last week. We can lost many games, drew 10 but nothing compares to a win against Manchester United...!!!

  6. Though I'm not so sure about Rafa's, after tonight's defeat.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...