02 November 2009

Rafa's future lies in the next 3 games?

The memories of 2005 can never erased the current state of infamy...

  1. Many pundits, sports writers are suggesting that Rafa's tenure would be greatly depended on the next three games. If Liverpool lost all 3, that means Rafa must go or so that claimed to be. The frustration felt by all the LFC fans all over the world cannot be justified nor hidden. The crazy and suicide tactics by Rafa in the Fulham match was deemed as his betrayal to his words to us that he will focus on the Premier League, not Champions.

  2. If that is so Rafa, when Liverpool lose against Lyon... for me there won't be another 2 games to decide your fate. By Friday, the cry would be louder for your head. I'm not sure if I would be among them. I prefer not to, at this juncture. Not my style. I don't belittling my own favourite team, but criticizing is a totally different meaning with belittling - according to my James Brooke's English understanding...

  3. I will be travelling abroad on Wednesday, thus I'm not sure if I can present my posting in the blog. I'll find a time in between. I am a bit worried if the country that I'll be visiting don't have the football channel. But feel free to write some, send it to my gmail and I'll published it here.


Khan said...

If we dont qualify in th eknock-out stages in the CL, we will lose 20 million. Fund which Rafa would need to buy players in the January window because the owners are never going to give him any. Hence, we need to win in the CL to be able to compete in the PL, no two ways about it, except if some rich bullionaire comes and gives Rafa money to buy, without having to sell.

Everyone knows about the injuries to our players, including the flu pendemic that also hit some players who played in the game against Fulham. It was a gamble Rafa took to play these players, such as Lucas, and also playing Torres that was also injured because we don't have anyone else to rely on. The substitutes were needed to be done -- one because not to aggravate the injuries and two, for them to be available in the crucial CL game.

Those things are obvious to see by everyone who wants to see it. Unlike the pundits and journalists that have the agenda to vilify Rafa, which will continue even if Rafa wins the PL. They talk as if they know what really is going on behind the scene when a wee bit of research will tell you about the circumstances. They do it purposely because it sells. Which papers have reported about the ice-bag put on Torres' stomach because he has that one injury? None, because that will justify Rafa taking out Torres.

Rafa's records are also there to be seen, a record better than all the current managers such as Fergiescum and also better than Shankly and Paisley. Why isn't people going for Wenger's head or any of the other managers head? And why is that the expectation for our team is so great that we must win the PL this year? Or should have won last year? Or the year before? Expectation is normal but once should take into account the circumstances. You would think that Rafa is stupid and doesn't know about substitutions and buying players and would be interested to buy players like Villa et al. When in actuality, we know why he cant buy them, why he has to buy cheap players, why he has to sell to buy etc. People talk as if it was very easy to manage a team like LFC, and this is from people who have never kicked a ball in their life, let alone managing a small team even! They can whack Rafa and his techniques for all I care, but do they come up with any solutions? As they say: opinion is like an ass-hole, everyone has one (including me) AND hindsight is always 20/20. And I will never believe Rafa would willingly throw a game away, no manager would be stupid enough. He might gamble a player or two and hope for the best in a game, sometimes with results and sometimes without. But when he doesn't have a choice, he just prays for the best given the circumstances he is in i.e.: no Villa to throw in a game when a player of his stature is needed. But we see the impact of his decisions after a game and damn!, hindsight is always 20/20.

Khan said...

Latest rumour is Real Madrid is going to offer 20M to LFC for Rafa's service with Alonso thrown in. There is a clause in Rafa's contract that says if he is sacked, the owners would have to pay around 20M. Isn't it better to give Rafa the 20M to buy a player instead? What would the people say to real Madrid's offer? Of course they will jump at that idea but will anything change is the line-up? Will the new manager get the funds Rafa did not get? Will the line-up and tactics the new manager uses change our fortunes? Will all the injuries we have suddenly become non-injuries? And is the manager's job only about choosing the players to play a game? There is no guarantee. Rafa is the best at his business, and that includes A to Z and not only team selection mind you.

Whatever it is, we should be backing the team. Backing also including backing up Rafa. He doesn't need us to also join the bandwagon that comprise pundits and journalists who are after his head! We should first understand the circumstances at LFC i.e.: all the problems Rafa and the players face, and then lower our expectations of winning the PL and the CL this year because we understand the circumstances and then support our teams to the fullest and enjoy watching the game. There will be joy and sorrows along the way. One week we beat the Mancs and the other week we lose to Fulham. we will again beat the likes of the Mancs and hope we do not falter against the likes of Fulham (not that they are a team like MyTeam which would be easy meat for us) in the near future!


Ayu KL said...

Khan, your postings only tell half the truth..What record areu referring to when you say that Rafa's better than Fergie, Shankly and Paisley?? Does it refer to the number of wins whereby Rafa has achieved a certain number of wins faster than those three. I do not for one doubt that, but that doesn't provide a true picture beccause circumstances nowadays are different. Rafa may have achieved more wins earlier but then nowadays to be very very competitive, top teams cant afford to lose that many matches unlike in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Hence, for the better win ratio for Rafa. I don't think that makes a legitimate comparison. Unless you want to enlighten us on something else that we are not aware of.

I want to ask you somthing. Rafa has said (this is true, it's on record) that Liverpool dont have to win trophies to be a success. What can u make out of this? Can u accept this rationale of Rafa?

Rafa is fond of giving excuses after excuses all the time. Okay, if Torres was injured and not fully fit, then why played him in the first place? Did he not trust his other strikers? Didn't Rafa previously say that he had full confidence in his options and that they were good enough for the premiership? Why must he rely on Torres and Gerrard if the team is good enough to compete and then offer injuries to key players as lame excuses.

What has Rafa done in the past five seasons to nurture talents in the team? Zilch! I suspect he doesn't have a long term plan for Liverpool. He obviously didn't in the past, hence for the over-reliance on Gerrard a a few others.

Rafa is only good at talking and coming out with bullshit. Blame the owners he is (true to some extent) but he can't blame the owners all the time. Now he has to work within the means. That is the challenge he has to take once hehad agreed to extent his contract because he was fully aware of the dire financial situation of the club. Rafa should stop diverting his failures on others.

Liverpool would be better off without Rafa. He has wasted 6 years of Liverpool. It's time to move on.

Khan said...

Ayu KL:

Exactly! Rafa is doing what he shouldn't be doing. He is keeping us afloat, achieving better than those names I mentioned for the things you mentioned, finishing in the top-four year after year, qualifying in the CL and all else we know DESPITE having to compete in the modern times when it is more competitive, spending less funds than at least 5 current teams and also having to face the harsh media and fans!

If that is not a sign of a genius, I dunno what else is. We should be outside the top 4 with what Rafa has spent (please read the links in my blog -- do it -- dont take my word for it)but we have always qualified for the CL. There is a correlation between money and success, whether you like it or not.

Please give me a striaght answer Ayu: Would you have expected to win the PL this season if Rafa had not brought us to 2nd spot last season?

Of course all fans want us to win the PL, but let's be a wee bit rational here. Do you actually believe that we could compete with the might of chelsea et al on paper? We lose straight away but then this is football, nothing is assured.

By your reckons, all the other managers bar the Mancs' and Chelsea's should be sacked for not bringing in any 'success'. No, they did not spend all the money Rafa has spent so their not-winning-anything is justified? Well, then rafa has spend less than Mancs and chelsea, so his not winning it should be justified too, no? But we still managed 2nd place last season, etc etc. Isn't it great?

try to also find out how Rafa spent his 'big' sum. How much money a season and how many players with the amount of money he spent. It is not like he spent like 50M on two players like some teams do.


Khan said...


As for Rafa's comment of not having to win anything, try rereading it again and find out what he really said. Ppfftt.

Why do you say Rafa gives excuses after excuses? Some of us actually see the reasoning behind his 'excuses'. Maybe Ayu, you should read more(not a personal attack but I am surprised how a fanatic like you missed the information I have come across).

As for the youth development, for goodness sake, he just took over the whole set-up. Give him some time la. I hope you are not one of the I-want-quick-result-post-istanbul fans, Ayu. But then again, you might be a veteran and knows what it takes to be a Liverpool fan. But I cant help it because some of the things you wrote just flabbergasts me...like the usage of the word zilch! Do you know how many youth players we have now? Or even who they are? On the same note, please look up at the list of players Rafa wanted to buy but was vetoed by either Parry or the owners before this season. Players that will make us drool because they are all top-notch players.

I am a bit disturbed with some of the things you mentioned. Other times I would expect that you were not really an LFC supporter (this word actually has a meaning to it. Rafa IS working within his means and IS facing the challenges. As for the idea of 'diverting his failures on others', when and where did you hear him do that and to whom/what? Please enlighten me.

Your words: Liverpool would be better off without Rafa. He has wasted 6 years of Liverpool. It's time to move on.

Sorry, those words above really shows where you are coming from. Oh, pray telling me move on to what/where?

YNWA! - when you hear the fans singing their hearts out the anthem even when the team is down

Johardy Ibrahim said...

wow... pretty long analysis and debates from Khan and Ayu KL this time.

Both of you are still Liverpool fans and that is what matter most. Keep that in mind. You have your own respective views. No problemo.


Anonymous said...


this is the link...
by sayin' this, he has to go...
not the right mentality...
me think he just wants to go to REAL but half-hearted cause if he goes there, he can't bring Torres, for all good reason, Torres is ATLETICO!!!

Khan said...

He said: "Trophies mean a lot to everyone. But the most important thing is to see progression and evidence that you are improving and able to fight for trophies," he added.

"It's not just about one year. It is about what we can achieve in the future.

"People say that I have now been here five years. I say, look at the differences here now.

"Look at the value of the squad before compared to the value of the squad now. You can see the progression."

Is it so difficult to understand what he is actually saying?? He said so many things and some people only focus on the headline...sheesh!

Anti-benitez said...

That's it bro, benitez should be dead man buried..main entah apa2..Bikin malu nama Liverpool sahaja. Benitez, as usual will offer a list of excuses like injury crisis, unlucky to concede in the last minute bla bla bla..Hear ye hear ye..those who believe in Benitez,. Continue to be misled by Benitez, the conman!

Ayu KL said...

Rafa's official comment: "We had some chances but to concede a goal at the very last minute in really, really unlucky!!" Yeah right. Same old same old comment from Benitez. Haven't we all heard that before? Sounds familiar isn't it? How low can he go? What about last season when we won many games in the last minutes? Wasn't it down to luck as well?? Or was it due to Rafa's genius??

Benitez, you have lost the plot. Admit it, don't be so stubborn. Leave now. Dont destroy LFC!

Pro-LFC said...

So Liverpool didn't win the match that they needed to win?? Were they merely unlucky??

If you were to believe Benitez & co. and his apologists, Liverpool have been unlucky for the past 6-7 matches. Is this true? Liverpool then must be the only football team in the world who has been consistently out of luck? They say Liverpool shouldn't have lost to Sunderland or Chelsea, and should have beaten Fiorentina, Lyon, Fulham etc.

This makes me sick really. If Liverpool have consistently been dropping points and at an alarming rate too, it shows that something is not right. Someone has to take the blame and that man is Rafa Benitez. The buck stops with the manager.



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