01 November 2009

Fulham 3 - LFC 1 (+ 2 red cards...)

Did the erratic decision by Benitez caused us the Fulham game?

  1. It's 30 minutes to go. Then you took out Torres. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, RAFAEL BENITEZ? Lyon? That's three days more. Why can't you focus on the current battle? We're not even leading at the time, but were down 2-1. And you think Ryan Babel can changed that?

  2. Then the referee exploded with obnoxiousness and an ordinary tackle by Degen was deemed a red card offence. Never mind that. Then you took out Yossi Benayoun. Who do you have? No you didn't have anyone. That's why Ecclestone was criticised for his lack of experience. We lost Carragher. Find. The third Fulham's goal was inevitable. Luckily, it stayed that way until the end.

  3. People will remember this game not so much for the 2 red cards. Because referee decision is a normal thing to debate, mock or cursed at. But this time around, it is Rafa's decision would be the focus of condemnation. Fans will be shouting for reasons from Rafa... why must he pull-off Torres? He wasn't injured or seriously injured for that matter. Because once Torres was out of the pitch, that rejuvenate Fulham... That decision of Rafa invited the many attacks by Fulham and ultimately, forced Carra to do the tackled and was given a grand prize of a Red Card.

  4. Again, the situation could be different if Torres's replacement is another established striker but Ryan Babel? OH MY GOD!... OH MY GOD!... I text Manaf... DIE, DIE and so it became true.

  5. Do we say goodbye to our 19th title challenge? I wish not to do so because the season is still long. I am a pragmatic person, never ever a pessimist. If I cloud my mind with all the defeats and defeatism in me, I won't last this long in my day job. So you guys, please think positive. A defeat by our beloved team should be considered a mere result. It must not affect our lives. For a good remedy, just reminisced our gallant win against Manchester United last week. We can lost many games, drew 10 but nothing compares to a win against Manchester United...!!!

  6. Though I'm not so sure about Rafa's, after tonight's defeat.


Pro-LFC said...

Are we still in denial? Rafa has to go before the brings more shame to Liverpool. With him as our manager, we are in serious danger in ending up mid-table in the premiership and not qualify for the knock-out stages. Do we want that to happen? Do we still want to listen to the stupid and lame excuses given by Benitez? Do we still want to be fooled by him time and time again?

Benitez can't fool all the people all the time. We say enough is enough.


thats all the example stupid strategy produce by benitez this season?!!

so do us want some more??

i can't stand it any longer!!

let give a benitez a red card!!

Ayu KL said...

Agree, Rafa should be red-carded and be banished from Anfield forever. No two ways about it. We, the fans are equally guilty. Why? Because when Liverpool play poorly,which is a constant theme this season, we consistently "back" Rafa and "help" him find excuses for our poor performance.

His decisions are becoming more and more baffling but we keep saying "In Rafa, we trust". Our blind faith in him is costing Liverpool dearly.

How long more do we want to put up with this nonsense? Until the end of the season? Another 5 years?

Rafa has already said (which is on record) that trophies are not everything. Meaning Liverpool dont have to win trophies but good enough as long they are merely involved in the title fight.

Anonymous said...

After watching last night match,I have to admit that LFC should forget on winning the Premier League trophy this season.
This will be the season for Liverpool to maintain 4 top spot to qualify Champion League.
I still have faith in Rafa but if we want to kick him out let judge him by the end of this season. I don't care whether LFC will win any trophy or not.
It normal for any football club to suffer poor form,let just look at Arsenal,Real Madrid and Chelsea.
Cheer up. No drama tak seronok la
LFC still the best
Bob From Kuching

mazhad said...

hate to admit it...but this time is the exception.rafa has got to go after last nite.

aremierulez/Amirul said...

just kick rafa out of liverpool


Khan said...

Wow! I am flabbergasted



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