26 November 2009

Europa Cup: What does that mean in terms of money

  1. It has been one hell of a time for any Liverpool supporters around the world. Some prefer to play the blame game with Rafa the obvious target. I would prefer to walk forward. We have to accept that Liverpool has not been a true Liverpool team since the start of the season... well it has been 3 months of agony which has accumulated of our demised in the challenge for the Champion Cup, League Cup and 8 matches that we didn't win (try not to use the words like lost or draw here... hahaha). Of course, still the only match that we can cherished was the win against manchester united that we won convincingly, but unfortunately was the one & only (til now!).

  2. Missing the next round of Champions League is not so much of `losing' and `not advancing'. With the current low form of the squad, I say it's better now than latter. We can't hide the fact that the Liverpool team that we're watching now is playing at their way way below standard. So the next question would be: how and when do we need to reinforce the squad. Get rid of the dead wood, find a new one. And January is less than 5 weeks away.

  3. Failure to regain the spot in the Champions League also would make it difficult for Liverpool to really attract some big names. And we can't compete with the big moneys, simply because we don't have it. Manchester City may not have as colourful history or track records like us but they surely can pay what ever salary the player demands.

  4. According to The Times of UK, the conservative financial plan that Liverpool set for themselves each season means that the budgetary shortfall caused by their exit from the Champions League will be more than offset by a good run in the Europa League. Liverpool only budget to make it through to the last 16 of the Champions League, so falling one stage short of that round will cost them in the region of £2.4 million.

  5. Last season Werder Bremen made £6.1 million from their run to the Uefa Cup final, which they won having been knocked out of the Champions League in the group stage. The competition is more lucrative this season, with the winners expected to earn about £8.5 million in total.

  6. Liverpool were knocked out by Chelsea in the quarter-finals last season and earned £23.2 million from Uefa, which included about £8 million from their participation in the knockout stages. This time they will receive only £6.4 million for entering the group stage and up to £2.5 million in win and draw bonuses.

  7. To really analyse and realise what kind of money that we have missed out, read below:

    2009-10 prize money Champions League Europa League
    Champions League winners: £8m /
    Europa League winners: £2.65m
    Runners-up £4.6m / £1.77m
    Semi-finals £3.6m / £0.558m
    Quarter-finals £2.9m / £0.319m
    Last 16 £2.7m / £0.27m

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