26 February 2010

Uniera 1 - LFC 3 (Agg: LFC 4 - 1 Unirea)

Mascherano scored his : 2 goal of the season and 3rd overall. Never mind. We know his true value is stiffling the advancement of the opposition. Viva Mascherano!

  1. When that tall Unirea defender leap for their first goal, without any cover by LFC players - then only the game start to get some life. LFC played economically because Unirea decided to put 10 men in front of their goal keeper. By flooding the entire own half, they somehow have only one thing in their mind - to stop LFC from playing. But the surprised element is their fast advancing during the counter-attack. Thus the resulting corner and then the equaliser.

  2. However, our back are filled with experienced bunch. And no match for the Unirea. Pity them. Gerrard was hungry for goals. And the one that he scored, was powerful strike and a bit dangerous because two Unirea were trying to stop him which if he is late by a second, could see him injured instead. The skipper rounded off a convincing Europa League win with a 57th-minute strike to become Britain's highest scorer in Europe, eclipsing Alan Shearer's tally of 32 goals.

  3. Mascherano goal was superb. Especially from a guy who's main job is to stop the ball in the middle, not really scoring. Then of course, Babel who we have been asking a few questions about his ability, managed to score. Good for him.

  4. The remaining silly player we have to cope is David Ngog. Utterly useless. Can't stop the ball. Can't control the ball. Can't beat his marker. Didn't make any shot at all. He is one good dummy in the team. Simply because the opposition have to dedicate a defender to shadow him the whole time he is on the pitch and were conned when the real zest comes not from him, but other LFC players.

23 February 2010

Unirea? Care to watch?

C'mon you Kops! Wake up and give us a support... says Carragher to the fans around the globe. And it's gonna be 4am here in Malaysia. hmmmm....

  1. ohhhh there is a small matter of the second-leg of Europa Cup. Since all of us have seen the returned of our best players, Torres & Benayoun... perhaps this is one game we should be watching. Since 26th is on Friday and coincide with the Holy Day for our Prophet Muhammad Birthday, I am declaring now that I shall be watching the game.

  2. It won't be that difficult because I am declaring myself to be on leave that day too. Care to join me?

22 February 2010

ManCity 0 LFC 0 (The most BORING game, EVER!)

Mancini couldn't stand the way his team played. Similar with Rafa who look bewildered...

  1. When I said BORING, it doesn't mean only when we win it's not. It's so boring when there was hardly any attempt on the goal, either side. It was like a test of defensive tactics. Whom ever make a mistake, they would be the losing side. Both teams had their moments of stupidity, luckily the finishing was lousier. Or the goalkeeper was better.

  2. It was a handball by Adebayor but ``missed'' by the ever so-lenient ref (who gave us 6 yellows) and made a good shot at Reina. It could have gone in and another sorry misery.

  3. Rafa tinkered again in this match by having Kuyt as the number one forward with Gerrard behind him. It was good. But also bad. Simply because all this while, Kuyt from the right flank who have been supplying the crosses. When he's up there, no one managed to replicate that. And I don't even want to mention Babel. 15 minutes to the end, with Benayoun on the left and Torres at the front, only then did Kuyt returned to his habitat. But the defence of Man City was so tight and for that, we must commended them. No wonder the newly-rich club managed to dent Man.United and Arsenal with their new line-up.

  4. Some of the news report, is so funny when they presented their case as Liverpool `failure' to defeat Man.City. I think it is incorrect. With a 200 million pounds squad, it is Man. City who `failed' to topple a depleted Liverpool. Torres was there but he just came in for the last 15 minutes, after four weeks of medical leave. Same goes to Benayoun.

  5. But look at Man. City, the Chelsea-pretender. Even without Tevez, they still have Adebayor and Bellamy. And that newly-acquired Adam Johnson from Middlesborough. What a revelation he was! He actually dancing on the pitch. And what was the respond of our defenders? Clipped him! hahaha...

  6. But the game is a dour. Boring. I hardly could forced myself to sit up on the sofa. There's nothing to get excited about. Boring. Boring. Boring.

21 February 2010

We can beat Manchester City, right?

  1. If you an avid reader like me, you might came across some strange news in the UK online newspapers pertaining to Manchester City. The most bizarre would be from the Daily Sports, claiming that Mancini has lost the plot when he can't controlled his players any more. Not that I am interested or what so ever, it's just that our next match (less than 2 hours to go) is Man.City.

  2. A couple of days ago I saw that Mancini had a bust-up with our former golfer... errr Craigh Bellamy. Speaking of a bust-up, who doesn't when it concerns Bellamy. But then, Mancini denied it yesterday and today, the story has evolved into total chaos. How true is it, can only be seen in tonight's match. If it's true, then the whole squad will play awful. If not, then the story is just another sorry story.

  3. So do you think we can make it tonight? I sincerely hope so. I have prepared myself a massive stocks of peanuts and hot drinks. But not, at this very moment I'm still in the office. Will only leave at 10pm. That's when my shift ends. Let's cheer it for Liverpool ....!!!

19 February 2010

LFC 1 - Unirea 0

Ngog scored. If only he could do the same in other matches...

  1. I assumed Khan would be delighted that David Ngog scored last night. I didn't watch the match, simply because that game didn't appeal to me that much. The 4am kick-off is not really an issue. Have been waking up at that hour for decades already! I do have a futsal game tonight, I have to keep my fitness intact. So the combination factors, in particular `who is Unirea?', didn't excite me at all.

  2. Even though the hapless boy scored, Ngog wasn't mentioned in most of the UK media as the starlight of the match. But it was the new boy, Dani Pacheco who was plucked from Barcelona two years ago and play his role as a substitute in last night's match. He did gave quite an impression apparently, if not those UK media won't be so kind to admit that they were impressed by the young boy.

  3. Another reason for me not to be bothered as yet with Europa Cup is that : I am more focus on the EPL matches. The game on Sunday against Manchester City will be another heart-stopping match. Simply because at this stage, ManCity is a point more and a game less than LFC. Beat them, we get more points and reduce the deficit. Provided that we won't lose again when the tough gets going.

18 February 2010


FC Unirea have a Lion King head as their mascot. Should be a good showdown against our Liver bird.

  1. FC Unirea Urziceni is a Romanian professional football club from Urziceni, south-east Romania. They are the most successful football team from IalomiĊ£a County, winning the Liga I in the 2008-09 season. This performance granted them the right to participate in the group stage of the 2009-10 UEFA Champions League. After finishing third in their group, behind Sevilla and Stuttgart, they have been drawn to play Liverpool FC of England in the Europa League.

  2. So in terms of performance, Unirea is on the same level with Liverpool. Third place in the group. And mind you, without hesitation the club's manager, Rony Levy spoke of getting a draw as their target and may be, just may be win by an away goal in the returning match in Romania. Silly as it can be but for a small team like them, that is the most sensible thing to aim for, against the might of not-so-mighty-anymore Liverpool.

  3. Unirea are in only their second season of European football, having failed to get past the first round of the UEFA Cup last season.

  4. However, the Romanians surprised many by almost qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League in a campaign which saw them beat group winners Sevilla, thrash Rangers 4-1 at Ibrox and draw with Stuttgart.

  5. Unirea's last competitive match was on December 14 as the Romanian League took a two-month winter break so Levy's side have been training in the north west for the last week and played a friendly against Conference North side Northwich Victoria on Monday, which they won 1-0.

  6. Not having Torres is expected because Rafa is eyeing not really for season last minute push, but I gues it is more about next season. Since Torres will be playing in the World Cup, Rafa is calculating way to the future. Sounds funny, isn't it?

  7. Anyway, who among you will sacrifice your beauty sleep tomorrow at 3.45am to watch this game? I am still contemplating the pro's & the con's. hehehe

11 February 2010

Arsenal 1 - LFC 0 (Fabregas a cheater!)

Fabregas wasn't even jumping when he raised his left hand to stop Gerrard's free-kick. But the stupid referee didn't see it.

  1. Did we denied a blatant penalty in the dying minute? Cesc Fabregas was at the centre of controversy in stoppage time when he block a free-kick from Steven Gerrard with his arm. Nothing was given by referee Howard Webb. This is bad luck, I summarised.

  2. But in David Ngog, luck was not the issue. He was simply retarded in front of the goal. He had that one and only chance to score, but yet he fumbled again and again. He is nothing but stupid. Next game, if Torres is still not available, I guess we have to try Ryan Babel at the front. At least he did managed to get a shot to the goal. Ngog was really a disappointment. If he had scored, the game would have been different.

  3. Still, it was a bad luck situation. When Carragher left the pitch and substituted by Degen, I know then that we will not win the match. True to my notion, Arsenal increased their attack as they see the Liverpool's great wall already crumbled.

  4. Most of the time I don't have any grudges if we lose to Arsenal. We know the kids are really free-flowing in terms of passes and they have pace. Which we are lacking. They took out Arshavin, yet they still have the likes of Theo Welcott. We lost Torres, we only have Ngog and Babel. hmmm... But when Fabregas resorted to cheat like what he did last night, I lost my respect at that boy.

10 February 2010

Still imperfect but the spirit is high. We CAN beat Arsenal

The `best' captain Arsenal ever had... Mr William Gallas...

  1. Mentally I supposed many of us would feel the excitement and most importantly, the confidence nowadays to face any club, and in Arsenal - one of the big guns in the league. This is boosted because of two pronged factors. By Arsenal itself, who lost the matches against Man.U & Chelsea. Such blow put them within the grasp of the rejuvenated Liverpool who is merely 5 points at the moment. Beat Arsenal tomorrow, it's 2 points.

  2. And perhaps, we don't really bothered about catching up for the no.4 spot. Leave it to Arsenal and the rest, Manchester City, Tottenham & Aston Villa and may be Everton to fight over it - just like years after years. Am I sounds too confidence now? And you might think that all of this would blown out on my face when Liverpool failed to win in their next match? Hey, I'll say SO BE IT. We're in a time of peace and winning. Enjoy it to the very best. This is the name of the game, you win so celebrate. You lose, so be it. hahaha

  3. However, I shall be true to my notion and my Liverpool spirit. Tomorrow, we shall beat Arsenal.

  4. And just like the players, prior to the match, all of us - fans, must preserve our energy and focus. As you can see, the match is played at wee hour of the Malaysian time. At 3.45am, you know you will have trouble in the office the next morning. I don't really encourage any of you to take leave but what's the point of going to office if the whole day you'll be walking like a zombie. hahaha

  5. And I, don't have that much problem. My shift starts at 3pm. So I still can resume my sleep til noon. Don't envy me...

07 February 2010

LFC 1 - 0 Everton (small club) & 2 red cards

Like a headhunter, Javier is checking the head of his feast who was on the ground seeking for mercy.

Shout as loud as you can Pienaar. That's only the boot of Gerrard that you felt. Do you really want to know how his fist feels like. hehehehe

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong. The first encounter in November at the Goodison Park was a very sublime and boring match, yet we won 2-0. But last night win was like more a battlefield than a football field. Carragher started very early with his rugby tackled against that tiny marauding midfielder of Everton, Steven Pienaar. Little did we realised then that Pienaar would be the main subject of contention through out the match, aside than Phile Neville and Marouane Fellaini.

  2. No matter what, since this is a derby game, I don't think I would have any vendetta against any of the small club's player. It was the best of bloody English football to the purest meaning. Bloody of course, dirty and ugly. But would you wish for otherwise boring game like Arsenal - who passes more than 20 times but still can't register any meaningful win?

  3. We love the hard tackles. We might get edgy with the way the semi-karate foot were flying, the body were thrown off by the fullest blow anybody could muster onto each other and the scenery of blood coming out of the faces or a foot plastered. We cheered Mascherano who we knew after that felony Fellaini tackled, didn't really look comfortable the whole time but he did his job bravely. I don't remember seeing any Argentinian as hard as Mascherano and mind you, Lucas Leiva wasn't that bad at all. I must stated here that Lucas is a rejuvenated player after a season of questions by many fans around the globe.

  4. Ngog is stupid. I don't know why he is still playing and why is he still in the squad? Forget about it. Don't know much about Ryan Babel. Too much sceptical in my mind to really want to analyse him accordingly. But Kuyt was supreme. Not only because he scored but when ever he got the ball, I felt the sense that he might gives us hopes to score. That is something that has been missing for quite sometime when watching Liverpool playing.

  5. The two Liverpool natives, Gerrard and Carra were obviously taking the match to a slightly extreme level. Both of them went for the ball as if it was the final tournament. Get the ball or get themselves booked. Either way, it's a small matter for them. And interestingly, both of their gutsy and enthusiasm caught on by the rest of the team. I'm sure all the international Liverpool players knew very well by now of why beating Everton is something sacred thing to do. For that Maxi must be commended. Though I think Maxi could be still in a state of shocked with the way tackles were thrown about and the high number of yellow cards, plus the 2 red cards being shown to either sides.

  6. After the game, I took out my montecristo and had a good mini-celebration with my buddies who were busy watching the stupid Man.U games over a teh tarik and a bowl of ox-tail soup. The cigars couldn't taste better. It has been quite sometime for me to really enjoy our fruit of successes. Bravo Liverpool! Next week, beat Arsenal and another montecristo for me.

01 February 2010

Rafa agreed to join Juventus, according to Italian media

hey Juv... can you hear me calling S.O.S?

  1. Respected newspaper La Repubblica claims there is already a verbal agreement between the Spaniard and his would-be new employers. Juve officials are said to be meeting the 49-year-old's lawyers on Sunday about the details of the contract and it is reported that there will then be talks with Liverpool on Monday about Benitez's release from his contract, which runs till 2014.

  2. I recalled the day when Gerard Houllier was sacked. I wasn't that sad or mad. To me, it's nothing much to be fussy about. Any one can point the blame finger onto Houllier because he failed to win the Premier League, regardless of how he had won all of the other cup. The story would be the same with Rafa. If he really goes this time, it's all because the failure to win the Premier League. But I hope Rafa would not go. I would love to think that Rafa would win us the Europa Cup. Then he'll go to Italy. How I wish it would be that easy.

  3. So if Rafa goes, who would be the best person to replace him? The UK media toy around with the name of managers like Gus Hiddink.... not bad. What about Jose Morinho? No matter what his antics while he was in Chelsea and even now in Inter Milan, I always admire him. Simply because he really knows how to manage the squad and the fans. That was what he has proven in Chelsea, and we as the opponent's rival - of course were pissed-off for his comment. But aside than that, he did extract some quality players in Drogba, Frank Lampard and John Terry (what the heck is his sex scandal now about screwing Wayne Bridge's girlfriend.. wow.!!!! another Tiger Wood type scandal has exploded!).

  4. Let's see in the next 24 hours. The club would have to come up with an official statement regarding this matter. Hopefully, that would clear some air. Some Rafa-haters would love to see the back of him. But majority of fans like us who prefer to have a jolly merry good times watching football, don't really care who the manager is.

  5. What we do care is how the club can maintain the services of Fernando Torres whose arrival was solely because of Rafa and the same goes to the rest of the Spanish armada in the Liverpool Football Team now. Can the new manager ensure that the best players bought by Rafa will not be allowed to leave or sold at a discount price? I still prefer Rafa to stay put.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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