11 February 2010

Arsenal 1 - LFC 0 (Fabregas a cheater!)

Fabregas wasn't even jumping when he raised his left hand to stop Gerrard's free-kick. But the stupid referee didn't see it.

  1. Did we denied a blatant penalty in the dying minute? Cesc Fabregas was at the centre of controversy in stoppage time when he block a free-kick from Steven Gerrard with his arm. Nothing was given by referee Howard Webb. This is bad luck, I summarised.

  2. But in David Ngog, luck was not the issue. He was simply retarded in front of the goal. He had that one and only chance to score, but yet he fumbled again and again. He is nothing but stupid. Next game, if Torres is still not available, I guess we have to try Ryan Babel at the front. At least he did managed to get a shot to the goal. Ngog was really a disappointment. If he had scored, the game would have been different.

  3. Still, it was a bad luck situation. When Carragher left the pitch and substituted by Degen, I know then that we will not win the match. True to my notion, Arsenal increased their attack as they see the Liverpool's great wall already crumbled.

  4. Most of the time I don't have any grudges if we lose to Arsenal. We know the kids are really free-flowing in terms of passes and they have pace. Which we are lacking. They took out Arshavin, yet they still have the likes of Theo Welcott. We lost Torres, we only have Ngog and Babel. hmmm... But when Fabregas resorted to cheat like what he did last night, I lost my respect at that boy.


Anonymous said...

agree with all the points stated here..

aremierulez/Amirul said...

kalau howard webb jadi reff, mmg liverpool mesti kena teruk punye.. si botak tu macam dengki dgn liverpool je...



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