10 February 2010

Still imperfect but the spirit is high. We CAN beat Arsenal

The `best' captain Arsenal ever had... Mr William Gallas...

  1. Mentally I supposed many of us would feel the excitement and most importantly, the confidence nowadays to face any club, and in Arsenal - one of the big guns in the league. This is boosted because of two pronged factors. By Arsenal itself, who lost the matches against Man.U & Chelsea. Such blow put them within the grasp of the rejuvenated Liverpool who is merely 5 points at the moment. Beat Arsenal tomorrow, it's 2 points.

  2. And perhaps, we don't really bothered about catching up for the no.4 spot. Leave it to Arsenal and the rest, Manchester City, Tottenham & Aston Villa and may be Everton to fight over it - just like years after years. Am I sounds too confidence now? And you might think that all of this would blown out on my face when Liverpool failed to win in their next match? Hey, I'll say SO BE IT. We're in a time of peace and winning. Enjoy it to the very best. This is the name of the game, you win so celebrate. You lose, so be it. hahaha

  3. However, I shall be true to my notion and my Liverpool spirit. Tomorrow, we shall beat Arsenal.

  4. And just like the players, prior to the match, all of us - fans, must preserve our energy and focus. As you can see, the match is played at wee hour of the Malaysian time. At 3.45am, you know you will have trouble in the office the next morning. I don't really encourage any of you to take leave but what's the point of going to office if the whole day you'll be walking like a zombie. hahaha

  5. And I, don't have that much problem. My shift starts at 3pm. So I still can resume my sleep til noon. Don't envy me...

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