07 February 2010

LFC 1 - 0 Everton (small club) & 2 red cards

Like a headhunter, Javier is checking the head of his feast who was on the ground seeking for mercy.

Shout as loud as you can Pienaar. That's only the boot of Gerrard that you felt. Do you really want to know how his fist feels like. hehehehe

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong. The first encounter in November at the Goodison Park was a very sublime and boring match, yet we won 2-0. But last night win was like more a battlefield than a football field. Carragher started very early with his rugby tackled against that tiny marauding midfielder of Everton, Steven Pienaar. Little did we realised then that Pienaar would be the main subject of contention through out the match, aside than Phile Neville and Marouane Fellaini.

  2. No matter what, since this is a derby game, I don't think I would have any vendetta against any of the small club's player. It was the best of bloody English football to the purest meaning. Bloody of course, dirty and ugly. But would you wish for otherwise boring game like Arsenal - who passes more than 20 times but still can't register any meaningful win?

  3. We love the hard tackles. We might get edgy with the way the semi-karate foot were flying, the body were thrown off by the fullest blow anybody could muster onto each other and the scenery of blood coming out of the faces or a foot plastered. We cheered Mascherano who we knew after that felony Fellaini tackled, didn't really look comfortable the whole time but he did his job bravely. I don't remember seeing any Argentinian as hard as Mascherano and mind you, Lucas Leiva wasn't that bad at all. I must stated here that Lucas is a rejuvenated player after a season of questions by many fans around the globe.

  4. Ngog is stupid. I don't know why he is still playing and why is he still in the squad? Forget about it. Don't know much about Ryan Babel. Too much sceptical in my mind to really want to analyse him accordingly. But Kuyt was supreme. Not only because he scored but when ever he got the ball, I felt the sense that he might gives us hopes to score. That is something that has been missing for quite sometime when watching Liverpool playing.

  5. The two Liverpool natives, Gerrard and Carra were obviously taking the match to a slightly extreme level. Both of them went for the ball as if it was the final tournament. Get the ball or get themselves booked. Either way, it's a small matter for them. And interestingly, both of their gutsy and enthusiasm caught on by the rest of the team. I'm sure all the international Liverpool players knew very well by now of why beating Everton is something sacred thing to do. For that Maxi must be commended. Though I think Maxi could be still in a state of shocked with the way tackles were thrown about and the high number of yellow cards, plus the 2 red cards being shown to either sides.

  6. After the game, I took out my montecristo and had a good mini-celebration with my buddies who were busy watching the stupid Man.U games over a teh tarik and a bowl of ox-tail soup. The cigars couldn't taste better. It has been quite sometime for me to really enjoy our fruit of successes. Bravo Liverpool! Next week, beat Arsenal and another montecristo for me.


Khan said...

I was quite surprised when I read "N'gog is stupid". I feel at 20, he has shown enough quality and talent in the playing minutes he has been given so far to warrant a better judgment than that. Who knows though, looks positive that he could be a great player very soon in the future from the glimpses of his movements and touches he has shown so far. And goes on to become of the better players Rafa has brought in.

As to why he is playing, probably because Torres is injured ha ha!

Johardy Ibrahim said...

hello my long lost friend,
after a while you reemerged and you decided that you want to focus your attention on Ngog. Brilliant choice!
Any body else agree with Khan?

hehehe... No anonymous is welcomed anymore here.

Khan said...

Well friend, N'Gog seems to have a great ability to hold the ball upfront while waiting for the others to arrive in attack. He is a bit raw when taking on defenders but he does it without fear, and he is definitely better than Babel for example, who 'likes' to crash into defenders and try to steamroll his way through, and this does makes defenders being wary of N'Gog and tend to man-mark him.

No complaints of his runs and positioning and taking defenders away from their positions. He has the pace and only a few weeks ago the statistics showed that he is better than Keane and Owen, two 'established players', in goals scored in minutes played. Dunno what's the statistic is now though since he has put in more playing time but I would guess it is still impressive.

We have not seen him being negative on the field ever, unlike some 'star players' who would moan and groan when not fielded or when whacked by the opposition players. Definitely an asset in terms of character necessary to become a star player.

And I am sure he is improving tremendously under Rafa who is moulding him nicely into a world-class player (every player under Rafa always improve of course, including players like Gerrard and Torres too, but those without the required character do not for obvious reasons -- Babel comes to mind here).

N'Gog has shouldered the heavy responsibilties put unto him nicely when we needed him due to injuries and he has delivered well in this terms, and will become even better and better, and remember he is only 20.

Khan said...

And I hope we don't start to compare N'Gog to a 20-30M striker who we cannot afford la haha!

gary said...

ngog? attributes lain ok, first-touch out!



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