01 February 2010

Rafa agreed to join Juventus, according to Italian media

hey Juv... can you hear me calling S.O.S?

  1. Respected newspaper La Repubblica claims there is already a verbal agreement between the Spaniard and his would-be new employers. Juve officials are said to be meeting the 49-year-old's lawyers on Sunday about the details of the contract and it is reported that there will then be talks with Liverpool on Monday about Benitez's release from his contract, which runs till 2014.

  2. I recalled the day when Gerard Houllier was sacked. I wasn't that sad or mad. To me, it's nothing much to be fussy about. Any one can point the blame finger onto Houllier because he failed to win the Premier League, regardless of how he had won all of the other cup. The story would be the same with Rafa. If he really goes this time, it's all because the failure to win the Premier League. But I hope Rafa would not go. I would love to think that Rafa would win us the Europa Cup. Then he'll go to Italy. How I wish it would be that easy.

  3. So if Rafa goes, who would be the best person to replace him? The UK media toy around with the name of managers like Gus Hiddink.... not bad. What about Jose Morinho? No matter what his antics while he was in Chelsea and even now in Inter Milan, I always admire him. Simply because he really knows how to manage the squad and the fans. That was what he has proven in Chelsea, and we as the opponent's rival - of course were pissed-off for his comment. But aside than that, he did extract some quality players in Drogba, Frank Lampard and John Terry (what the heck is his sex scandal now about screwing Wayne Bridge's girlfriend.. wow.!!!! another Tiger Wood type scandal has exploded!).

  4. Let's see in the next 24 hours. The club would have to come up with an official statement regarding this matter. Hopefully, that would clear some air. Some Rafa-haters would love to see the back of him. But majority of fans like us who prefer to have a jolly merry good times watching football, don't really care who the manager is.

  5. What we do care is how the club can maintain the services of Fernando Torres whose arrival was solely because of Rafa and the same goes to the rest of the Spanish armada in the Liverpool Football Team now. Can the new manager ensure that the best players bought by Rafa will not be allowed to leave or sold at a discount price? I still prefer Rafa to stay put.

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Mr Yadayada said...

true enough, our greatest fear is indeed to the fact that the current squad was built by rafa n their loyalty does lies with rafa...

undeniably, i have to admit that only mourinho can bring success to liverpool should rafa goes as he is an astute decision-maker...
(he is the guy who replaced joe cole on the 25th minute because chelsea is not playing like the way he wanted)




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