31 January 2010

LFC 2 - Bolton 0 (lack of killer instinct)

  1. Relieved is a more accurate word to describe what I felt after watching the match last night. Relieved that we have a superb, hardworking forwards like Dirk Kuyt, more and more reliable new youngsters like Emiliano Insua and a magnificent saved by Sotirios Kyrgiakos. The match also proves that David Ngog doesn't belong in the Liverpool squad. He is so disappointing and embarrassing.

  2. One particular news attracted my attention this morning, that Sunderland has acquired Robbie Keane from Tottenham Hotspur and thus, enabling Kenwyne Jones to join Liverpool, or so it seems. Watching Ngog failure after failure to convert a goal (even when he was given an open wide goal post, he still squandered the opportunity), and in the absence of our superstar, Fernando Torres - I think Ngog must be replaced ASAP.

  3. I am so desperate to think of David Villa that the likes of Kenwyne is sufficient, as long as Ngog is replaced. All this while, he was given the opportunity and he kept on failing to fulfill the gap. Because we are Liverpool, such second grade performance is intolerable. I don't know if Kenwyne can do better than Ngog, but as far as I can remember watching his game, Kenwyne won't be easy to mark because of his physical (tall and big) and he has a pace to match Ngog who never managed to hold a ball more than two steps.

  4. Next game will be another crunch match and something I will ensure not to miss. Against a good team of Everton. Yeah. Tim Cahill scored again last night. Same way he demolished Liverpool before. During a corner shot, he ran unnoticed into the crowd and head the ball in. Authentic Cahill. What if Rafa make a deliberate attempt by luring Cahill to become a Red Merseysider next summer?

30 January 2010

A sincere question: Can LFC beat Bolton Wanderers?

  1. A sincere answer would be: I'm not sure.

  2. And that answer arise from the current yo-yo performances by the squad. It's such a frustrating situation, even embarrassing to most. When you think LFC can beat smaller club (in terms of size, history and debts!) and yet LFC failed to gain the full points. Then when you expect LFC to be beaten by a talented team, LFC defied all the scare and surprised everybody, especially the betting house and came home with a win. This has been the story so far. This is the headache we as the loyal fans have been enduring since August.

  3. There is an interesting news emerging today from Rafa's press conference prior to the Bolton Wanderers match today (11pm Malaysian time). According to the spin, Rafa has open the speculation door wide open with the possibility of him joining Juventus this summer. But read thoroughly, line by line and a wiser reader could read that all Rafa have said was more like a cynical statement, a warning of sort to the club management of his predicament - lack of monies to strengthen the squad. The argument would be long and hazardous if we were to focus on this subject and I don't wish to do so. But I do believe that Rafa won't be that easy to be shown the door at Anfield. He is still popular among the fans worldwide, only the half-minded ones who demand for his resignation or termination.

  4. Tonight is another important match for Liverpool in order to gain the top four placing. Tottenham would stumble once again, and LFC must maintain its pursuit. I do really need a good spirit-booster tonight after a long hard week. I need to cheer the team, my team, our team that wins the game. but sincerely stating here, I still not sure if we can beat Bolton tonight. But in my heart, we shall.

27 January 2010

The Wolf that managed to run away from the Liver Bird

  1. There's a great mystery surrounding the team at the moment. While against the better teams we thought LFC will have a hard time, they managed to win (i.e Tottenham, Manchester United). And against smaller team, of course we thought LFC won't have a hard time. But last night's result is another `blowing in the wind'.

  2. I must confess. I didn't watch the game. My alarm goes up at 3.45am but I thought I need more rest because I have a long week. My quick instant reaction was as good decision as it can be because I am spared the agony of watching the team couldn't win the match.

26 January 2010

Of Wolf and Men - by Metallica

  1. Strange it may appear but every time I saw the schedule and read : Wolves vs LFC, my mind would instantly thinking of the strong song by Metallica: Of Wolf and Men.

  2. Basically, if you read the lyrics as slow as you can be, you'll find that it's a story fit for the TWILIGHT movies. hihihi... However, at 3.45am (Malaysian time), the Wolverhampton will be a misfit and running for cover as Liverpool shall dominate the game and take away the precious 3 points.

  3. I really hope so because I intend to watch it, after missing the win against Tottenham last week. Hope you'll joint me and take a few minutes to read the lyric below: suggest you switch on the music concurrently. Don't have it? Just YouTube.
Off through the new day's mist I run
Out from the new day's mist I have come
I hunt
Therefore I am
Harvest the land
Taking the fallen lamb

Off through the new day's mist I run
Out from the new day's mist I have come
We shift
Pulsing the earth
Company we keep
Roaming the land while you sleep

Shape shift, Nose to the wind
Shape shift, Feeling I've been
Move swift, All senses clean
Earth's gift, Back to the meaning of life

Bright is the moon high in starlight
Chill in the air cold as steel tonight
We shift
Call of the wind
Fear in your eyes
It's later than you realized

Shape shift, Nose to the wind
Shape shift, Feeling I've been
Move swift, All senses clean
Earth's gift, Back to the meaning of life

I feel a change
Back to a better day
Shape shift
Hair stands on the back of my neck
Shape shift
In wildness is the preservation of the world
So seek the wolf in thyself

Shape shift, Nose to the wind
Shape shift, Feeling I've been
Move swift, All senses clean
Earth's gift,

Back to the meaning of life
Back to the meaning of wolf and men

Announcing the arrival of Milan Jovanovic, and perhaps later Kenwyne Jones

Kenwyne Jones ask you guys to speak to the club, so there won't be any problem later on.

All that is needed now is for Milan Jovanovic to say YES!
  1. So all the rumours saying that Ruud van Nistelrooy is joining us, proves nothing but a mere speculation after all. Hey, who wouldn't want Ruud in his club but not many clubs can afford his huge monthly pay. Liverpool belongs in this category, unfortunately. So Hamburg thinks they are the right place for all the Spanish reject to rejuvenate.

  2. Rafa is waiting for an answer from Standard Liege striker Milan Jovanovic after offering him a three-year deal to join Liverpool on a free transfer at the end of the season. And Rafa also confirmed that the club has made an official approach towards Sunderland's striker Kenwyne Jones.

  3. If you read thoroughly, it's easy to notice that both are strikers. I've watched Jovanovic played (in a match against us a few seasons ago) and I think he is okay. Jones, was fast and has that Adebayor style. Any striker would do well with us, especially the ball will be delivered to him, pint-point by our midfielders and wingers. We can't be asking too much, not with the current financial situation that is tightly controlled by the Yankees. At least, we don't have to rely heavily on David Ngog in the absence of Fernando Torres.

25 January 2010

Where do we mountain-bike?

  1. Since I am based in Shah Alam, this is where most of the action takes place. From Seksyen 7, we do the circle towards Cahaya Alam housing area during night trips. That is a good 5km may be. So we circle it twice to get 10km. During day light, we go a bit further to the newly construction area at Cahaya Alam that stretches to Setia Alam border. One trip is 10km.

  2. A friend, Haris who is an avid rider, kept on asking me to join him at RRI. I don't think I am ready yet to ride more than 10km per session. You got to ask yourself, if you have the ability to do so and not merely responding to any dare, especially from the young ones. At the moment, I know my ability is 10km per session.

  3. Even that caused me to sustain agony all over my body for three days now. However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying this activity. I cycled a lot 2 years ago. I even cycled alone in the jungle, simply to satisfy my own curiosity about my own ability. Some how, after awhile, cycling alone, I reduce the session from 3 times a week to once a month. Than my body start to `develop' more inches on the stomach area. This fact pushed me to renew my enthusiasm in cycling.

  4. Thank God, Haris came along and that help me a lot in pursuing my old habit. The cycling not only pushed your stamina but most importantly, help you gain a good physical exercise. I find that my thigh down to my toe, improves a lot by cycling. After a whole day sitting in front of a PC, you tend to get tired out of nothing. With cycling, the tiredness just gone.

  5. This is the very reason I call upon all of you to join this healthy cycling activity. Not necessarily for you to cycle with me, but start doing it within your own suburbs. I do believe cycling is less risky than jogging, provided that you ride your bike like a normal rider and not monkeying around that might caused you a serious injury. hehehe

24 January 2010


When me and my mate discover the lousy terrain, we were like in the middle of the mud and no matter where we tend to skip it, we found ourselves stuck in the mud again and again. This photo was taken when we eventually reach the hill at about 7.10pm. Most of the time, we could do a mere 30mins using the same route. But due to the rain, the route was teribble to cycle around. We had to carry the bicycle with both of our hands for about 1km to reach the hill. Tonight, all my body joint are aching like mad. But to tell you the truth, this is the kind of sensation that I've always wanted. You feel a bit pain but on top of it you know very well that the cycling really works your body.

Again, the usual route changed overnight due to the rain. Now the road is flooded. Another dead end and we have to turn back. But trust me, this mountain-biking activity is one hell lots of fun. Care to join me?

This past one week has been a tough one. Two of my office mates passed-away within 5 days of each other. I consider them were close to me. Then on Friday, I got an emergency call saying that my immediate boss is warded after complaining of breathing difficulties. I cycled on Saturday night and this afternoon, simply to release all the tension within. I push myself a little bit (thus the bicycle-carrying part!) but I guarantee you of its good effect.

21 January 2010

LFC beat Tottenham and many of us missed it!...

  1. I have set my alarm clock at 4am and I heard it loud & clear but I decided then and there to resume my slumber. And a few minutes ago, I was - like all of you, a relief person. And a bit bitter. I was awake and watched the match against Stoke City last week which ended with a lousy draw. Last night, I chose to sleep, the team won.

  2. But you can't blame any of us. The match is a rescheduled one and played at 4am Malaysian time during the weekdays. I salute you guys who watch the game and yet managed to go to work now.

  3. Now that we have won the match against one of the supposedly-toughest team, UK media are buzzing that Liverpool is reviving and shall reclaim its status as the BIG FOUR member. I don't mind much about that claim. But the manner the UK media put it, is really a big lousy circus. If Liverpool stumble in the next match, ``be aware! Liverpool is doomed!''. Or is it?

  4. Dear Dirk Kuyt, we Thank You you for the two goals. And not only that, we Thank You you for your hard-working efforts in every game. Some would love to doubt you, but trust me, the Liverpool fans appreciate you and your style of playing. Seeing you in the starting line-up, inject a kind of confidence in us. Keep up the good work!

20 January 2010

Why we love to hate Gary Neville...

  1. Gary Neville is already the most hated figure in Merseyside for a decade. His most famous quote – "I can't stand Liverpool, I can't stand Liverpool people, I can't stand anything to do with them," – is something we the Liverpool fans all around the globe are united against this rude imbeciles.

  2. His attitude towards Manchester City is similarly partisan, and that was proven in the match where Tevez forced Neville to swallow his own phlegm for stupidly saying that the Argentinian player is not worth 25 million pounds.

  3. Was it fun for Man.United fans to have him? Only stupid devil does. Luckily we don't have such a character within our own Liverpool squad. We had once, but not to the extreme of Neville because that guy prefer to play golf, in a karaoke joint!

17 January 2010

To the boiling point - another pile of low class performances

David Ngog gets a hand in the face for his trouble as he goes up for a header with Andy Wilkinson.

  1. You and I have been here. Perhaps, one too many already. The feeling of frustration and pissed-off intertwine and worst of all, we seems to be stuck in this sorry state and couldn't find any way out. Is it so bad, we might ask ourselves this morning?

  2. I say yes. Because last night's game was ours to grab. Stoke City was no push-over. The beating we get in front of our goal has nothing to do with their strikers or attackers. What Stoke has was a pure luck. That arose from our own incompetency. The Liverpool fullbacks was funny. Every time the Stoke's players got on an attacking mode, they seems to be likely to score. Every time they managed to secure a corner, it was like them against one Pepe Reina. And the equaliser was inevitable. As you can see, Stoke didn't really play to win, they have tried in the first half but when we scored first, they only wanted to get even. That's when the momentum changed.

  3. The Liverpool attacks was impotence. David Ngog might as well be benched as he can't even hold or stop the ball for a second. His minder Andy Wilkinson could have jotted in his personal resume that he had successfully silence Ngog the whole time. I say, last night Liverpool play without out-and-out striker. And it wasn't the first time. Thus the goal came from our fullback.

  4. Rafa would give the same lame excuses. We don't have any money to spend on a striker. You can say that when Torres is fit. When he is not, Ngog is definitely not the next best thing.

  5. Now Rafa is facing more and more pressure. Some UK newspaper contemptuously playing an absurd article about Gerrard that he is ready to quit Anfield. The absurdity was so crystal clear when you read the article line by line and you'll noticed that the writer (Bob Cass of The Daily Mail) didn't bother to quote anyone, not even a source! He was just making his own assumption and playing around with emotions. What a standard of journalism!

  6. This Thursday, Liverpool will be meeting Tottenham (a reschedule match, postponed due to the snowy weather last week). I dread to think of the outcome, I scared that with Tottenham we might as well get a thumping as this team is not the same class with Stoke City which unfortunately, based on last night's performance - was on par with Liverpool.

15 January 2010


I was in Terengganu for the last 3 days. As usual, I didn't carry my laptop and my phone is still ancient. I watched the game may be... 5 minutes in total as I was really tired after a long day travelling. Of course, that doesn't beat the frustration you felt in the morning after listening to the news. At this time of moment, I really not feeling like to write anything. Perhaps, if LFC can beat Stoke City tomorrow, then may be the hurting and loathing will diminished a bit.

07 January 2010

Tottenham Hotspur can be stopped

  1. We were beaten 2-1 at the White Hart Lane on the first game of the season. That's their home ground. This Sunday it would be Anfield. This time, Liverpool is in the resurgent mood. Liverpool is on the way of recovery. A draw is not accepted but only a win can diminished all the negative sentiments and returned Liverpool to where it is supposed to be. The BIG FOUR spot.

  2. Do you noticed above photo? I hope so. It's not an advertisement. But a real LFC's calendar gave to me by a fellow Kop who visited Anfield last week. Having this calendar, beats all the other type that I have received, even semi-porno ones (which I have thrown away... sorry guys... I'm a family man... where to hang in the house?)

  3. I just browse through the Internet. It seems that Maxi Rodriguez is on the verge of coming into the team. Well done, Rafa. Maxi is not a big name but I guess with the little money Rafa has at his disposal, Maxi is a good investment. Perhaps he could be the real replacement to Xabi. That doesn't mean I have condemn Aquilani because there are still more games for him to really show us of his real capabilities.

  4. The great news is that Dossena will be going off. Bye bye. It is understood that Napoli have agreed a £4.5 million deal to sign Andrea Dossena, Andriy Voronin is close to signing for Dynamo Moscow in a £2 million deal, while another £2 million will be received when Philipp Degen moves on. Ryan Babel, meanwhile, could move to Birmingham if they can come up with the £12 million Liverpool want. Though some web site reported that Babel is adamant to stay on and warmed the benches with Liverpool.

  5. A lot of times last year we were crying for Lucas Leiva's blood. A few games already, I witnessed a revitalise midfielder. He changed a bit. He didn't mind to throw in the hard-tackles (for what he gain a few yellow cards along the way...), though you can't really demand him to score goals. Rafa has prepared him in the mould of Mascherano. The holding midfielder. While Gerrard, Torres and Benayoun, Kuyt goes in front, Lucas is positioned to stop oppositions in the middle. We were mad at him because he lacks what he did now. He was freakishly slow to the ball, so reluctant to tackle and we thought, hey... this guy is suited to play with other European team but not Liverpool if you declined to spill any blood.

  6. I suspect Lucas has been taught a good lesson by Mr Carragher. He is our January man. By the way, he's birthday is on the 28th January. A few years my junior but still I go out on the futsal pitch pretending to be him and do the Carra's tackle and hassle. And I know my futsal buddies hated me for that.

03 January 2010

When Reading is not every one's favourite thing to do!

  1. The fullback last night were identical to the ones used against Villa. But last night's performance was still very much clouded with 2009 miseries. It was awful. Insua was bullied and always late in tackles. That's the reason for his yellow card.

  2. I guess Reading just play with their hearts out simply because they have nothing to lose. They don't have a manager. The team's standing is deep below. So why not give Liverpool a scare. They succeeded magnificently with their fine display.

  3. There's not much faulty with our front line. A few times Torres missed a glory chance, in particular the heading in the the very very last minutes. I find Ngog perform well, too. Perhaps, with Mascherano around in the next game in Anfield, Gerrard can be used as the second striker. Then, we'll see some magic. Though I'm a bit worried that Rafa might change the set-up because that game is so near to the next important game of the Premier League... against Tottenham. I hope Rafa knows what he's doing.

02 January 2010

Reading on Liverpool. A time for rejuvenation in FA Cup

Relieved the 2006 FA Cup Triumph tonight. Reading vs Liverpool at 1am on your Malaysian satellite tv.

  1. Rafa said that Liverpool will treat FA Cup more seriously. Well, no surprise there since it is their only face-savings tournament. It's an obvious choice since we're already lost the Champions Cup and League Cup and forget about The EPL... but correct me if I'm wrong, can't we include the Europa Cup in the new target for 2010?

  2. I didn't have the opportunity to dig on the last two matches that we won with rather different style. In the game against Wolves, we had to wait until they were left with 10 players to subdue them. In the Villa game, well... having a superfast player like Agbonlahor, it'll definitely cause a lot of anxiety to the opposing team. We lost to Portsmouth due to the agility of their superfast players... remember?

  3. But to surmise it all, I really don't care how the Liverpool play, as long as we are winning... so be it. We're not Arsenal, so nobody would be bothered to talk about the free-flow, the sexiness or whatever. We play crude football and that's a real football to me. Ask my futsal mates.

  4. It was a crucial win on the boxing day and a day before the new year. It make us feel a bit better, with all the new year enthusiasm it brought along. We shall win tonight, simply because of that new spirit. Some of you might still loves to hate Rafa. So be it. I have reopen the gate for every one. But once I saw the irritating post from anonymous, I will delete the posting. Unless he dares to introduce himself and use a more humane nickname.

01 January 2010

2010 : A simple target

  1. Happy New Year 2010 to all of you. I just returned from Kuching. My hometown. It was a glory holiday with the kids and we had a memorable time with the whole clan. And the trip was even more fun without having to open a computer (I deliberately left it at home) and managed to watch two cheerful Christmas games.

  2. In terms of my passion towards Liverpool, I have one resolution. That is to embark on my maiden voyage to Anfield some time this year.



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The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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