07 January 2010

Tottenham Hotspur can be stopped

  1. We were beaten 2-1 at the White Hart Lane on the first game of the season. That's their home ground. This Sunday it would be Anfield. This time, Liverpool is in the resurgent mood. Liverpool is on the way of recovery. A draw is not accepted but only a win can diminished all the negative sentiments and returned Liverpool to where it is supposed to be. The BIG FOUR spot.

  2. Do you noticed above photo? I hope so. It's not an advertisement. But a real LFC's calendar gave to me by a fellow Kop who visited Anfield last week. Having this calendar, beats all the other type that I have received, even semi-porno ones (which I have thrown away... sorry guys... I'm a family man... where to hang in the house?)

  3. I just browse through the Internet. It seems that Maxi Rodriguez is on the verge of coming into the team. Well done, Rafa. Maxi is not a big name but I guess with the little money Rafa has at his disposal, Maxi is a good investment. Perhaps he could be the real replacement to Xabi. That doesn't mean I have condemn Aquilani because there are still more games for him to really show us of his real capabilities.

  4. The great news is that Dossena will be going off. Bye bye. It is understood that Napoli have agreed a £4.5 million deal to sign Andrea Dossena, Andriy Voronin is close to signing for Dynamo Moscow in a £2 million deal, while another £2 million will be received when Philipp Degen moves on. Ryan Babel, meanwhile, could move to Birmingham if they can come up with the £12 million Liverpool want. Though some web site reported that Babel is adamant to stay on and warmed the benches with Liverpool.

  5. A lot of times last year we were crying for Lucas Leiva's blood. A few games already, I witnessed a revitalise midfielder. He changed a bit. He didn't mind to throw in the hard-tackles (for what he gain a few yellow cards along the way...), though you can't really demand him to score goals. Rafa has prepared him in the mould of Mascherano. The holding midfielder. While Gerrard, Torres and Benayoun, Kuyt goes in front, Lucas is positioned to stop oppositions in the middle. We were mad at him because he lacks what he did now. He was freakishly slow to the ball, so reluctant to tackle and we thought, hey... this guy is suited to play with other European team but not Liverpool if you declined to spill any blood.

  6. I suspect Lucas has been taught a good lesson by Mr Carragher. He is our January man. By the way, he's birthday is on the 28th January. A few years my junior but still I go out on the futsal pitch pretending to be him and do the Carra's tackle and hassle. And I know my futsal buddies hated me for that.


gary said...

lucas, from right-back to holding midfielder, the transition is kinda too fast.

tapi takpe, i still have faith in rafa. new year, new player, am praying for new mentality and new attitude.

p/s: mau join futsal bole?

Johardy Ibrahim said...


ko dah tanya aku dari berapa season dah kata nak join futsal. Kan aku dah jawab. BOLEH...!!! Tapi ko yang tak menjelma.
Macam ni... hadirkan diri jam 10malam tepat di atas bumbung pasaraya BINTANG di seksyen 7, Shah alam. Jumaat malam. Bayar tong-tong RM10 sahaja. Air bawa sendiri. Kasut bawa sendiri. Baju Leeds digalakkan. Carlsberg pun. hahaha
atau comunicate ngan aku kat facebook.

Mauricio said...

Hello friend, I looked at your blog and is very good, greetings and welcome to my sports page

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Hey Mauricio,

Nice for you to visit us here. I've gone to your blog too and it's really cool. Though I must say I need to learn Spanish soon. hehehehe



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