02 January 2010

Reading on Liverpool. A time for rejuvenation in FA Cup

Relieved the 2006 FA Cup Triumph tonight. Reading vs Liverpool at 1am on your Malaysian satellite tv.

  1. Rafa said that Liverpool will treat FA Cup more seriously. Well, no surprise there since it is their only face-savings tournament. It's an obvious choice since we're already lost the Champions Cup and League Cup and forget about The EPL... but correct me if I'm wrong, can't we include the Europa Cup in the new target for 2010?

  2. I didn't have the opportunity to dig on the last two matches that we won with rather different style. In the game against Wolves, we had to wait until they were left with 10 players to subdue them. In the Villa game, well... having a superfast player like Agbonlahor, it'll definitely cause a lot of anxiety to the opposing team. We lost to Portsmouth due to the agility of their superfast players... remember?

  3. But to surmise it all, I really don't care how the Liverpool play, as long as we are winning... so be it. We're not Arsenal, so nobody would be bothered to talk about the free-flow, the sexiness or whatever. We play crude football and that's a real football to me. Ask my futsal mates.

  4. It was a crucial win on the boxing day and a day before the new year. It make us feel a bit better, with all the new year enthusiasm it brought along. We shall win tonight, simply because of that new spirit. Some of you might still loves to hate Rafa. So be it. I have reopen the gate for every one. But once I saw the irritating post from anonymous, I will delete the posting. Unless he dares to introduce himself and use a more humane nickname.


UK Football Tips Expert - Wayne said...

Liverpool has started entering into fighting mood. The Red will keep the hot form and win this match.

Johardy Ibrahim said...

That's the spirit. No more gloomy thoughts. Let the 2009 misery be gone.

kajang-today said...

rejuvenated now?

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Yes. Next Thursday. Good la. Got 1 more match to watch... hahaha



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