31 October 2009

Liverpool doesn't have the 2nd Team that ROCKS...

David Ngog is not really a Premier League item as yet.
  1. I have analyse and even gave it quite a serious thoughts on the defeat against Arsenal last Thursday. I think I still have some biff to express, some issues to deliberate, some pissing needs to clean-up...

  2. First, the team that was featured in the Carling Cup was not our first-eleven. Then it's supposed to be our second-eleven. Aside than Insua who has been the regular for the last few weeks, the rest are mostly used sparingly or as a subs or played only when the regulars crocked. Unfortunately, Skrtel found himself in this line-up, simply because he has been carrying some injuries picked during the World Cup Qualifying games.

  3. But Arsenal could also claimed the same, even though the line-up boast a rather still intriguing players such as Eduardo, Nasri, Bendtner, Senderos and Silvestre. And Bendtner scored the winning goal. My mind won't want to lie nor manipulate those facts. Arsenal was also presenting more and more opportunities to the kids that have been groomed and developed, and hell it proves something very worthy with the win against Liverpool.

  4. What my mind would say is that Liverpool is simply a first-eleven team. We don't have a reliable second-eleven like what Arsenal could muster. Not much can be debated about money since Arsene Wenger didn't really utilised his money for the last few seasons, especially after getting rid of Adebayour, though he did bought that Russian boy.

  5. So we don't have any hopes if we kept on relying it on the hands of players such as Ryan Babel, Andriy Voronin, Dossena, Lucas (well... he did pretty good in the ManUre win...), David Ngog. The youngsters we got such as Plessis, Spearing, Eccleston are just not up to it as yet.


A rare and expensive experience to watch Liverpool and Nemeth scored twice against Singapore, last July 2009
  1. Now my memory keep telling my heart to question Rafa's decision to loan out Christian Nemeth to AEK Athens. The boy has been scoring left & right in the youth set-up. The excuse given was for Nemeth to find more playing experience, since the quota for such strikers are already full at Liverpool.

  2. Well Rafa, David Ngog surely has reach the point where he is evaluated and the result should be only B. He is not good enough for Liverpool. I don't care about the fact that he scored in the ManU match because what is more important is for him to score on a regular basis, when ever he is picked to play. Which is not the reality.

  3. What I am worried is that the goal against ManUre for Ngog would be something we would cherished with sadden feelings, similar to Neil Mellor's surprised winning goal against Arsenal at Anfield in 2004. Mellor didn't even make it to the regular team sheet. And I'm not sure if Mellor is still with Preston.

  4. In this argument, it is prudent for Rafa to recall Nemeth now, and bring him back for the squad in January. Of course I don't know what is his development there in Greece, but most of us must have seen and witness how Nemeth could do better than Ngog. After all, unlike Ngog - Nemeth has been nurtured and groomed in our own football academy. I had the privilege last July to watch personally Nemeth scored two goals against Singapore. The goals wasn't a simple tap-in but something you get to see always in the Premier League.

  5. Someone must find a way to tell Rafa that Nemeth should be recalled in January. Well, this argument is valid only when it is confirmed that Rafa would not be given any money to buy a high-class striker in January.

29 October 2009


According to the latest news reports, Dossena has expressed his desire to return to Italy for lacking of playing opportunity afforded to him by Rafa Benitez in Liverpool. The 27-year-old international left-back failed to establish himself after being signed as John Arne Riise's replacement in a £7million transfer from Udinese last summer. Dossena made just 12 Barclays Premier League starts and towards the end of the season was third choice behind Fabio Aurelio and young Argentinian Emiliano Insua. The Italian has told Benitez he would like to return to his homeland, with Juventus his preferred destination. For this we say to him: Arivederci...!!! Thanks for the joyous goals against Real Madrid and Manchester United last season. That's all.

Since he is the only one at the moment announced about his wishes, we would like to urge a few more players to follow suit. Starting with:

Ryan Babel. He had so many chances but failed to covert any. He was one of the reason Liverpool lost to the freaking Arsenal kids in the Carling Cup. He can't handled the ball properly, he can't passed and he doesn't know how to tackle accurately. He is just dumb. We would like to wish him: Vaarwel...!!!

We are hoping that Babel won't find excuses not to send his transfer request this January. We had enough of his shortcomings. He is just not fit to be in the Liverpool squad. I doubt if even Barnsley would be bother.

Another player that we should say good bye to is:

Andriy Voronin. He was also the contributing factor for our failure in the Carling Cup. Although in the last few minutes he did some beautiful moves but he was lousy almost the entire game. Still can't believed the tag of the 2nd highest goal scorer in the Bundesliga. That German league must be a pathetic football league to boast Voronin as one of its top scorer and yet failed miserably to emulate his form in the Premier League. I hate his ponytail. It's so out-dated. For this we say: GET LOST...!

Arsenal 2 - LFC 1 (Luckily we don't hate Arsenal as much as Manchester United..!!!)

Beautiful goal from Insua but not enough to survive the Carling Cup...

  1. We came into the game at the back of the famous win against Manchester United. Of course, the expectation is high. But as soon as I saw the line-up prior to the kick-off... I told myself, it would be a mountain too high. Not when you have Voronin, Babel, David Ngog as your front men. True enough, Arsenal made a fool of the lots with their blistering, quick touch football.

  2. There were numerous chances for those three to score but hell, none could finish it. And to analyse the whole game (which is actually not relevant at this juncture... hahaha), if we meet again in the Premier League and having our strongest 1st eleven... Arsenal won't find it as easy as last night. Skrtel had a terrible time in managing Eduardo at the left and Bendtner on the right and Nasri in the middle. He's tag team with Kyrgiakos can best be termed as erratic and full of nervousness. Last night team was a shadow to the one that beat Manchester United last Sunday.

  3. Alberto Aquilani was introduced a bit too late into the game. Don't know why, ask Rafa. Same with Benayoun who could be excused as giving him some space to rest but you're playing in a professional league and got paid handsomely, who would want to rest? Aquilani did show one brilliant pass ala-Alonso in his short 13 mins plus 3 debut. Hey, he might even have equalised for us if not for the ball that stuck onto Sandero's hands. That is encouraging show albeit how minuscule the time that were given to Aquilani. He should start the next game.

  4. And the UK press are saying that Rafa is back on pressure. Is it so?

28 October 2009

Arsenal vs Liverpool: Aquilani's first game : MUST WATCH

  1. Don't know about you guys preparation for the 2.45am game in a few hours. I am fully charged now. Being at work, I finished my pages way way very early and now simply sitting on my desk figuring out what and how to burn the time. I shall start my engine at 12.30am and ETA within 40mins... Then may be, a hot drink to keep me awake after a hot shower ( I know it's not healthy to take shower very late at night but I don't think I can sleep without one...after a long day).

  2. The match is a big one, albeit it's only a Carling Cup but when you're up against Arsenal and just a few days defeating the mighty ManUre... the sentiment from the fans all over the world is reverberating for another win.

  3. The highlight of the game is not so much if Gerrard would play or not, or even Torres. But the first appearance of our newly acquired midfielder, Alberto Aquilani from Italy. I am looking forward to see him play and wishes that he can put a stop to the advancement of Arsenal young kids, led by Fabregas. I'm not sure if Wenger would field his best 11, though. And surely this won't be a dull game. It won't. Stay up with me. Watch the game. Watch Aquilani.


Again I got this from Facebook. Not sure how real it is or simply a good banter to mock those Man.United fans. Again, cut & paste it and post it in your domain. The party continues!

27 October 2009


  1. We have every right to celebrate. We have every right to shout. We have every right to mock them. Because a win is a win. No matter how Sir Alex Ferguson cursed the referee for not giving any penalties for the tough-cracking tackles made by Carra. Or that Carra should have been booked for stopping the Judas. Who cares! The goals were legitimate. The goals were correct. It wasn't a mere luck. It was Liverpool at his best. Especially when confronting the arch-enemy in Manchester United. We won it out right! Yeah...!!!!

  2. The concerned now would be can we sustained the momentum? Can we see the consistency? That means we have to beat Arsenal this Thursday early morning (Malaysian time). And for that, we must calm down and set our foot back to the ground, back to reality and put aside the partying for a moment.

  3. This doesn't mean we should leave the fact that we have just beaten the so-called mighty Red Devil but it would be an act of maturity in all of us - Liverpool fans. We do and should cherish the win against Man.U but it was only one game in a season. (Though some would say, we can lose 4 games but nothing compares when you beat Man.U). There's still massive games awaits us in coming months and a very soon crunch game against those young kids of Arsenal a day after tomorrow.

  4. Should we be worried? We're not invisible at all. We lost to Sunderland. We lost to the beach ball...! We have lost 4 games on the trot. Thus ensuring all of us to be realistic and down to earth when talking about our beloved club. Do not try to be loud and arrogant like those Man.U or slickly like Chelsea. Maintain our composure and the right attitude for Liverpool is simply to hold on to the fact that we have beaten Man.U. And on the same breath, we shouldn't be talking aloud about title-chase. It is alive, rejuvenated or whatever, but it's still a long shot. The only certainty would be from the team itself. If they maintain the style of hard work and aggressiveness like in the Man.U game, even Real Madrid we can do harm. But if we play like we did in the previous games of losses... well, say sayonara to the title chase.

  5. I have been bombarding the Facebook with all sorts of pictures & writing mocking the Man.U defeats. Above is one of the photos that I took without permission from the FB. Feel free to cut & paste it, and slot it into your own domain. After all, we hold the rights to belittling them. hahaha.... PUAS HATI AKU!

26 October 2009

LFC 2 - Manchester United 0

  1. I shall not dwell on the game because ALL of you would do that already! My only question is that how in the world did Pepe Reina managed to get to David Ngog so fast at the far corner of the Kops? Wasn't he at the goal post? Wasn't Glen Johnson was the nearest and yet overtaken by our yellow-shirt? If he is that fast, could he match Torres in terms of pace? hahaha...

  2. The extra-time was best suited for Man.U. The ref gave 5 minutes. And there wasn't a serious injuries or scuffle. Some might say it backfired but Sir Alex's tactics to get every one in front of Liverpool's goal post were the reason for their sucker punched by Ngog.

  3. Prior to the game, I received a few SMS from our friends, and some non-LFC fans. I didn't really bothered but one fella I had to reply. First, he told me that he is not really convinced. So I pointed it out that contrary to him - I never doubt Liverpool's ability. I understand that Gerrard is highly important to the squad but we did won a few high-profile games without him. Real Madrid, remember? And during the break (still 0-0 by then) I text him again. Got the confidence? A bit? At all? I asked. He said he preferred to wait until the final whistle is blown.

  4. I told him we are winning the game. The first half was a strong indication. This is simply because Kuyt, Benayoun & Torres plus our Latin American full backs & middle men (Mascherano, Lucas, Insua, Aurellio) were sound and compact. When Torres scored, my voice's decible could be heard along my neighbourhood. Then the 2nd one could be extended to across the road. Well, the best feeling is that I am convinced that my team will win and it materialised. Nothing beats that. Nothing compare close.

  5. My 7-year-old daughter, who accompanied my wife to SACC mall here in Shah Alam, told me that the building was glowing with Man.U's music when they visited the place this afternoon. It was the GLORY, GLORY song... What a good lesson for the building management. Don't mix your club allegiance with commercial. I shall not visit that place for a month! hahaha...

25 October 2009


  1. Except for Liverpool-based newspaper, every media in the world today predicted that Liverpool will suffer its 5th consecutive losses - against the defending champion. I am a person who has been comfortable all my life to be the underdog - finds this situation as most suitable for Liverpool in terms of pressure. Everybody thinks you will be defeated, so be it. So the pressure would be on Man.U. If they failed to overcome Liverpool, the whole world would mock them for failing to beat a team who is on a losing streak, and once beaten by beach ball..!!!!

  2. The best part of all this loud-noises is that even the Liverpool fans themselves are behaving as if they believed the result is sealed. C'mon... be sensible! We can accept all the rival fans are thinking in such a way but we - as the 12th men - must not commit such an act of insubordination. Be tough, be strong, be bold and be a gentleman. Even if we lost the game tonight, must you throw away all your LFC's shirt in the drawer, peel off your car sticker? Nope. A true fan will stand by him team - through thick & thin - win or lose.

  3. Furthermore, we won't be alone tonight. Man.U aside being the most popular team in the world, is also the most hated club in the globe. While the real Liverpool fans are having some cardiac situation tonight, the other ABU societies (Anything But Man.United) will be behind us till the last seconds of the game. For this, we must appreciate their stand. And united we stand to topple the hegemony of Man.United!


  5. FIGHT...!!!!.... FIGHT...!!! ... YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE !

24 October 2009

Real Madrid is to lure Gerrard for £30million

  1. SunSport today can reveal Real Madrid president Florentino Perez will launch an audacious £30million bid for the Liverpool skipper.

  2. It's a freaking rumour but when you're talking about the real Mad-dread... the rumour always in the end materialised.

  3. My reaction is : It's a total crap. £30million is a crap. Steven Gerrard should be priced not less than £90million. Comprende?

23 October 2009

4 defeats not a problem, come sunday WE BEAT MANCHESTER UNITED

  1. For those who watch the unfortunate match against Lyon (and those who watch the highlights only... like me...) would agree that a sudden, abrupt change in the players position could altered the whole set up and approaches. In Liverpool's case, Rafa switched Liverpool's most dangerous performer, Yossi Benayoun and sent on Andriy Voronin with five minutes remaining and the game poised at 1-1. Anything could have happened in 5 minutes. Apparently, Lyon managed to steal the sucker-punch.

  2. But among all the expectation, not many of us (fans) would count Voronin to score. Oh My God... just let him go in January, Rafa! He is best suited ONLY for Bundesliga. Top scorer in Germany doesn't mean a penny in the English Premier League (albeit he has been used sparingly... nonetheless, we have lost all hopes on him... ponytail...)

  3. At the time of this posting, no clear news as yet about the availability of Steven Gerrard who had to be taken out within 20 mins in the Lyon's match. Torres should be ready as he has been rested for quite sometimes and it's a bit confusing actually about his level of injury. Is it that serious or a tactical manoeuvre by Rafa (evidently similar to Russian-roulette)?

  4. The consolation news that we can have some sort of spirit-burner for the Man.U game this Sunday is that Alberto Aquilani is making a good progress. He played in a Liverpool shirt for the first time on Wednesday night in the reserves as he continues his recovery from ankle surgery. Though personally, I believed - if he ever chosen by Rafa, Aquilani would be playing the most 30mins of the games or the last 15mins. A bit slacky to field a player who has yet to gel with the others in a real competition, one that is a crunch-game and one that we must win to regain our confidence.

  5. The Man.U fans now are barking and laughing at us. Let them be. They deserved it. Hopefully, the Sunday's match would be a match that would reverse that.

21 October 2009

Horror movies Part 4 (LFC 1 - Lyon 2)

I just simply cut & paste this picture from the net. don't ask me about the storyline. I didn't bother to watch it at all.

  1. Liverpool now lost four games in succession for the first time since 1987 as their season plunges into despair. And the fans are looking for some fresh air to breath. The next game would not be pretty either, as Man.U is one mountain quite high to climb when the team is facing a very low confidence. And that include one FA match against Arsenal. hmmm....

  2. Can't write much because even though my alarm clock rang at 2.40am, I decided to resume my sleep. It was a long day yesterday thus making me unable to wake up and watch the game. I don't know if I should call it fortunate for me since the result was lousy, but this is one terrible feeling you get every time LFC failed. It spoilt your mood, your desire to work or even to drive. Such is the emotional impact.

  3. But be realistic. It's just a football match. Life is more important. And luckily I didn't put any money on the game (hihihi....)

  4. This is the longest horror movie that I had to endure in my life - up to now.

20 October 2009

as if we're watching a horror movie...

If you don't know who this is.... introducing the father of wolverine...

  1. Horror movie has never in my list of favourites. I don't like to be scared, I hate the background music, even though there must be the sexiest lady that would be killed first. Still... I hate it. And are we watching the horror movie of Anfield? We saw the magical beach ball that were allowed to be one of Sunderland tools to win the match. Wasn't that an important element in any horror movie? Who was the crazy witch? The ref, of course.

  2. Three losses back to back starting with Chelsea, Fiorentina and Sunderland, made us uncomfortable on out chair. Some even calling for Rafa's head. Some demonised Rafa's range of selection. Jay Spearing should be OK to start against Sunderland (after all this is not top 10 team, so we thought...).

  3. At this point of time, Liverpool has never come to a match with such nervousness and lack of confidence. I'm referring to the players and the fans alike. I try not shed my fear and I want something beautiful to happened in the tomorrow morning's match (Malaysian time) against Lyon.

  4. The built-up news is not encouraging. Only Gerrard could be playing while Torres is reserved for Man.U crunch match next Sunday. Win the match against Lyon, all the torridness would be eased. Not much but somewhat crucial, before we meet those ManUre SOB.

19 October 2009


  1. There was a shocking revelation, there was a video in YouTube and there was a follow-up story on the possibility for the FA to ban the ref for allowing that stupid goal. That summed up our demised in the challenge for our 20th Premier League. I have to agree the hard facts that it will be tough for us to unsit Man.U or who ever at the top now. Four losses is a bit too much. Sitting at no.8 in the league, albeit some would say - the night's still young - but to wait for others to falter is one dangerous game that we have experienced bitterly last season. We were hoping and hoping that Man.U would stumbled but the likes of Ryan Giggs & Ronaldo ensured that the winning streak lasted til the end. So we lost by a game and a half = 4 lousy points.

  2. And that was last season with only 2 lost but a jupiter of draws. This season we yet to register any serious draws but 4 losses is a more devastating condition that we have to endure!

  3. I will remain in a positive mood, though I had to resort to a character-from-the-sopranos last night when I changed the TV channel from ESPN to RTM1 and challenged one loud mouth next to my desk to shut up or my fist will do it!

  4. I have analyse and read with care the article written by our friend, one Ayu KL (don't know if this a nickname for a girl or boy because Ayu is a girly name but I doubt any girl could write in such a way about the proposed sacking of Rafa). Obviously, the article received a massive reaction from both sides. The conservative blocks (similar like me) prefer not to align ourselves to the idea. Of course, Ayu KL has his/her own strong points too. But personally, I think Rafa should be left alone, at least until the end of the season.

  5. We do question his tactics and choice of players. I was surprised he chose a new kid in the middle together with ever-lovable Lucas. The absence of Mascherano until 20mins left could be understood as a precaution since the little monster just returned from a long journey backhome (a glory match as Argentina managed to qualify regardless how bad they have perform under the legendary Maradona up to now!). We see that when Mascherano came in, he not only stopped many many runs by the speedy Sunderland players but also trigger some exciting penetration into the penalty box. That left for the forwards to answer why they couldn't finish the job properly.

  6. That is easy to answer. The forwards that we have in the absence of Torres - are craps! Voronin may be a better player to be position behind the main striker, whereas David Ngog is so weak. He was easily subdued by the Sunderland defenders. He need to be more agreasive. More bravery. But that was it. The class gap between Torres and the rest of the strikers are so huge. While Torres can easily confirmed within the excellent groups of Ronaldo, Messi, Drogba, Henry and Villa... strikers like Voronin, Ngog, Babel belongs to a group of Emile Heskey, Bent, Keane or Owen.

  7. I wish Rafa would find a better 2nd striker for Torres next January.

18 October 2009

AYU KL on the defeat of Liverpool by Sunderland

The most bizarre goal ever: But did the ref blunder in allowing the goal after Darren Bent's shot deflected off a beach ball?

  1. I hope Liverpool fans can see the truth without prejudice. True, rafa has won the Champions league with Liverpool and the FA cup as weell. But they were won basically with Houllier team plus both games were won through the lottery of penalties even though Liverpool were outclassed. Now, with Rafa's team, what has he won? Nothing. Period. I think rafa has reached the end of his career span at Liverpool, he's been given 5+ years. There are similarities with Houllier. The team has stagnated. His choice of players and buys are bizzare.

  2. There is a pattern that is for all to see when a manager makes bizzare choice or decision, the manager has run out of ideas and it's time to pack up things. I honestly believe that as long as rafa is at the helm, Liverpool will not claim the premiership. The owners are partly to blame but it is Rafa who runs the team and makes all the decision on the field.

  3. Please Rafa, stop finding excuses for every defeat or poor performance by Liverpool. Admit it that it is you who are hurting Liverpool. If Liverpool have the strength and are able to mount a challenge as you repeatedly claim to be, you do not need to rely on Gerard of Torres alone. Other players should be able to step in and normal service will resume. What's with this lack of fund? When you are given funds, you buy duds save for a few.

  4. Rafa has made a lot of blunders! but our blind faith in him has actually encouraged him to continue making blunders after blunders. We say enough is enough. Tell me, what is so good about Lucas??? or his team formation? We could have won the title last season but Rafa was a coward, against minnows he continuously persisted with one striker and played cautiosly where as we should go for the kill. He is too defensive-minded and not suited for the premiership.

  5. My loyalty to Liverpool remains but I have no faith in Rafa. The club is more important than an individual. Managers may come and go but the club remains. This is not a knee-jerk reaction after the loss against Sunderland but the truth...and the truth always hurts!

  6. This is what rafa has said in the past:

  • babel = new henry
  • lucas =new dunga
  • kuyt = new van nistolroy
  • skrtle=new vidic
  • johnson=new phil neal
  • vorronin=new ramario
  • ngog=new henryII

    i rest my case - AYU KL

DISCLAIMER : The article above is written by our guest writer (not ghost-writer) and all the opinion above is all his/hers and shall not be construed as belonging to the utusanlfc in one way or the other.

17 October 2009

Gerrard & Torres rested against Sunderland

  1. I won't get panicked. Without those two power engine, we have registered some good result. Remember Real Madrid last season? It is simply because when none of the two are around, the game shifted accordingly to the personnel on the pitch. That's why the likes of Benayoun, Kuyt, Mascherano could deliver something extra-ordinary in such a game.

  2. It's fact that both Gerrard and Torres are injured. I believed the injury is not that serious but Rafa definitely don't want to aggravate them since after tonight, LFC is facing very tough opponents - starting with Lyon, then Man.U and then Arsenal. I guess the gamble not to include our power engines, has to be accepted as a sacrifice that we have to do in a season. It's not by choice because if Rafa thinks he can use one of them, he surely will play in such a way.

  3. But since we don't have other strikers on the same par of Torres at the front... I think Rafa would rely on Kuyt and Benayoun to wreak havoc at Sunderland. Speaking of which, I think we Liverpool supporters tend to be so loyal as not to question the wisdom of Rafa when it concerns Torres strike partner. The likes of Voronin, Ngog or even Babel are not in the same class. Rafa must do something to lure another striker - a well established one. Is David Villa still available?

16 October 2009

LFC vs Sunderland 17 Oct 2009 at 10pm

In Singapore National Stadium on 26th July 2009. A trip to cherish. A small step towards Anfield.

  1. As ``promised'' after the defeat against Chelsea, I didn't really post anything in this blog. The after-effect of the loss could be somewhat frustrating, at least in terms of spirit for the fans. As everybody are fully aware, October 2009 could break or make our future in the league. Well, it started with Chelsea. Ok we lost it. Next is the crunch match against our arch-enemy, Man.U then a diversion of F.A Cup against Arsenal.

  2. Having said that, tomorrow night's match is nothing less of a threat. Against a resurging team of Sunderland, Liverpool must win to keep up the momentum of `taking care' the minnow teams.

  3. It has been confirmed that we lost Kyrgiakos for a minimum of 4 months due to his injury during the World Cup qualifying games. Imagine the headache. Kyrgiakos was bought as a replacement, a stand-in for the regulars. Now he is not available. Though it could be a silver-lining for Agger, who has been in the news again for a wrong headlines (some club wishes to pry him out in January window).

  4. There were some exaggerated news pertaining to Gerrard and Torres too, fortunately it was nothing more than a headline grabbing and far away from the truth. Both should be featured on Saturday.

  5. Another silly story which can also be terms as audacious was that Man.City is trying to lure Yossi Benayoun away, also in January window. It has been scoffed off by the player's manager. I have no doubt of our little Jew in this department. He has shown his ability and the fans like him. I like him. I like the way he changed the game, just the way he did at West Ham... just the reason why Liverpool bought him in the first place. Hopefully, Benayoun will start the game.

15 October 2009



Time for a reality check

  1. Has the moaning and groaning stopped already to bring our sanity back in check? As I listened to the news on the taxi radio on my way back home from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal, I could almost hear the bile lamentations emanating from our supporters (please correct me if I’m wrong) after the final whistle at Stamford Bridge last week, signalling the Reds’ third loss in eight for the season. In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if utterances of “We’re not going to win the League,” “Rafa has lost the plot,” and “Liverpool are rubbish,” start to hit a crescendo as if the season was already in it’s final throes!

  2. Mind you, we’re only near the first stanza of the season and rightly so the league is not won or lost! Eight games in! If we were to look at all the possible permutations on how our season could eventually pan out, three losses is not exactly the death knell for the Reds. If I could be so bold, I feel we can afford to lose three more and still win the league! (I see the indignant stares already!) Consider the fact that we drew 11 matches last term - which meant 22 dropped points - mostly against teams like (no disrespect here) Wigan Athletic, Stoke City (twice!), Fulham, West Ham United, while at the same time we did the double against that lot from Manchester and Chelski!

  3. This shows we can afford to lose a couple more matches and still taxi way above last term’s 86-point haul, provided of course we cut out the draws! In the most extreme (and most unlikely) scenario, we could lose eight matches and win the rest of the 30 with no drawn results to amass 90 points, which is four better than last season and level with the current champions. And to think we would have won the league if we had converted only three of those draws to wins, we’re not actually in a bad way as we stand now! Plus the fact our closest rivals would still drop points during the season, the title race is definitely not over.

  4. The big-boned hasn’t even arrived to take the stage yet! Yes, folks, all is not lost - despite the chatter to the contrary! What I’m saying is, three losses at this stage of play is worrying but not fatal! There’s no need to bring out the knives and crucify the team when we should be backing them up! I’m so puzzled as to why we’re so quick to turn on the team as if they lost those matches on purpose even though I have to admit, the first half performance at Fiorentina was c**p. From what I see, Rafael Benitez is trying to play a more expansive, attacking brand of football this season compared to a more guarded approach last season, hence the double digit draws.

  5. This will inevitable have a bearing on the results as the team push forward harder and more frequently thus leaving the back relatively exposed to the counter attack. This makes us more susceptible to conceding while at the same time also increasing our chances of scoring. In a nutshell, we’re trying to out score our opponents for a win as opposed to the ‘play not to lose’ mentality which proved so costly for us last season. Little patience and understanding is in order as we give the Reds some leeway to get their new playing style in order -and then watch them fly up the table!

  6. I’m sure the lads are trying hard to finally end the barren spell as much as we want to see them do so let’s all give them the support rather than brickbats whenever the slightest thing goes awry. Do we really want to be known only as fair weather fans? Cheering and gloating only when things are rosy but so quick to rebuke when results don’t go our way? I’ve never turned my back on the team even during those Graeme Souness years because I know when we eventually win the league. It’ll be even sweeter knowing we were with the team through all those taunts from rivaal fans who can’t even name the starting 11 of their supposed ‘favourite’ teams!

  7. I’ve to admit everybody loves to win, even those who can’t differentiate between a banana kick from a banana split, but let’s rise above any pretensions and support our team like true fans. Let’s be true winners and not bitter whiners. Our team need us. Onward Reds!

05 October 2009

Chelsea 2 - LFC 0

XC60 is really gorgeous. Look closely on the rear window. Ain't that LFC sticker a stunner and simply blend in with this luxury SUV...

  1. We didn't lose to Chelsea. But Didier Drogba. My god he was the epitome of both Chelsea's goal. He got away with murder, in fact. He pushed Skrtel, he was back to his best - play-acting and diving to no limits. A slight touch and he went to the ground as if he was shot by Oswald.

  2. And as for Benayoun. The goal-post was too small for him tonight. hehehe... I couldn't be agree any less. Well, it's just not gonna be our night. So be it. So no football talking this week. I shall refocus my attention to my second passion - cars. This week, I shall be test-driving a Jaguar. Tomorrow I have to wake up early to photo-shoot the Volvo XC60 in my porch since last Friday. Adios amigos!

04 October 2009

30mins to the match: I was a Chelsea fan...

  1. ABOUT a decade ago, I was very sure of myself in admitting Chelsea as my favourite team to watch. but not THE team. It's still Liverpool through & through. Let me explain. A decade ago, the Malaysian satellite TV and the world's satellite network was not as fancy as it is now.

  2. If the Malaysians can remember, we were subjected to the Astro own decision as to which matches they want to air LIVE. The issue would be extremely difficult if 2 Big Four teams were playing at the same time. Astro could only aired a single matches. That was a horror situation for me on every weekend because I had to pray and do the checking every Friday morning if Astro decided to broadcast Liverpool's game. One of the ways to remedy my anxiousness and frustrations is to opt for my 2nd favourite team. So if there wasn't any Liverpool match on air, I wont' be that distraught. So it was Chelsea.

  3. Why Chelsea? First, there's no way I would be a David Beckham fans. I was seriously a determined Liverpool fan when I spend my first RM100 on one LFC T-Shirt & a round-neck jersey famously wore by one Michael Owen. Secondly, Chelsea was never a threat. A decade ago, I believed it was called The Big 2. It was ManUre and Arsenal. After 2001, then it called The Big Three with the belatedly returned of the Jedi... in Gerard Houllier's team of 2001 Treble Cup Winning Team where in 2002, he managed to take Liverpool to a 2nd place in the Premier League. Third and lastly, Chelsea had assemble one of the entertaining squad with the likes of Gianfranco Zola (a wizard still is, though what is he doing in West Ham? He should manage a team like Fulham - the owner is not a rogue businessman like the Icelander bankrupt banker) and Hasselbaink (this Frenchy has a blistering right foot and he scored a lot with a killer drive outside of the penalty box...).

  4. So what happened now? Everything changed when Chelsea was bought over by that Russian oligarch chap. He changed the whole system, the whole outlook. Bought every player or any player he fancy and a manager with a big mouth. They won the cup. But me... I decided to lift the status of Chelsea from my 2nd favourite team and never had a 2nd choice since then. However, I must clarify a bit on that last point, my favourite second team is which ever team that could put a dent on any of Liverpool's Big Four rivals. Burnley was in the category for a few days. Sunderland last night almost made it. Man.City was a bit difficult because if we celebrate their winning against Arsenal, that means Man.City could also affect us. Wigan was a darling last week. hmmm....

  5. Sounds irrational and emotional to you? If you think I do, I suggest you be a fan of chess grand prix or something. Football is about irrational and emotional. One arm-chair commentator accused me of being blinded by those factors and ignore the tactical and the skills aspect. My answer is that unlike him who is not playing football and never answer my challenge for a futsal match - I leave that to the ones who wishes to do so. I might touch those things here & there but it won't be my total focus here in this blog. My approaches is fundamental, easy to read and personal. That may be a pull factor or a push factor in gaining some followers, to which I fully aware of. But to change the tone, the way I approach my readers... so that it would confirmed to what some people categorised as: a detail insight or analysis... I think I'll take a ran cheque on it. Brother, you have your ways - may be controversial occasionally and I respect that.

  6. But please let www.utusanLFC.blogspot.com become what it has become best known to the regulars. A blog that discuss on Liverpool and its rival with a total freedom of writing (as long it is acceptable under the Law and Rukunegara), with a deep personal touch, humour, cut & paste and bantamweights of mocking, teasing and cursing. I ain't gonna change a thing! hihihi...

  7. Ok enough with my babbling. Let's go watch the game. It's 10.52pm.

01 October 2009

Michael Owen injured again. LOL... LOL... LOL...

ALEX FERGUSON has confirmed Michael Owen will be out of action for at least a fortnight.
Owen lasted just 20 minutes of United's 2-1 win over Wolfsburg at Old Trafford last night.
He limped off with a groin injury and Fergie admits the striker could face up to three weeks on the sidelines.

  1. You know who I despised most at the moment? Not Sir Alex Ferguson. Not Gary Neville. But Michael Owen. We used to adore him. But he betrayed us. So when I read the news, this is what my first reaction... it suit you just fine Man.U. You bought a crocked player. Every body knows he is a prone-injury type player. A sissy. Pussy.

  2. So if the news has any truth in it, Owen is expected to return in 3 weeks, just nice to play in the match against Liverpool at Anfield. Please Owen, don't injured yourself. I longed to see you play in front of the Kops. And listen to what the Kops wishes to say to you.

Chelsea is not a threat. Man.U still is.

It's not a crash. It's a common thing... a bump on the road...

  1. In my personal experience, the mocking, teasing and cracking between us and Chelsea fans are not that intense, vis-a-vis ManUre. Chelsea might have held the better record against LFC and last season they beat us soundly at Anfield, but still there is no serious animosity between the fans.

  2. I guess the legacy with the UK fan based are the same, and what more to say with the Chelsea fans over here in Malaysia. They simply don't have the tradition and the fan club here in Malaysia was only initiated when Chelsea was bought by the Russian oligarch and came that loud mouth Portuguese.

  3. This is totally different between ManUre and LFC. The marketing ploy by that club was more globally approached than us. Perhaps, the old regime of Anfield was a bit orthodox in their English. They prefer to keep it domestic. hahaha...

  4. That's why even though LFC is meeting Chelsea this coming Sunday, the level of hatred is almost non-existent... at least that's what I felt within my surroundings. Well, there are only a few of them who confessed to be a Chelsea fan in the office or my futsal pitch. That's a minority to compare against those who proudly wearing the Carlsberg logo (including this writer... hahaha) and those who wore the logo of a bankrupt insurances company.

  5. This week has been a mix for both Chelsea and Liverpool. While Chelsea was shell-shocked after been humiliated by Wigan last week, they managed to score in the Champions League. Otherwise for LFC, they humbled Hull City by a massive margin of 6-1 but lost dreadfully in the Champions League. So both are coming to the game with a scarce and may be, both wanted to prove to their respective fans that all is not over yet or panic about their form.

  6. I shall come back with a bit serious analytical pointers tomorrow or when ever I feel free before Saturday.



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