31 August 2008


Today is The Independence Day of Malaysia.
In Malay Language we simply call it HARI MERDEKA!
Historically, Malaysia has been colonize by quite a few European conquerors. This includes the war-mad Portuguese, the heartless Dutch and the ever-cunning British through its very first globalisation tools : East Hindia Company. That's why we here in Malaysia : are driving right-hand sided, speaks eloquent English, so in love with tea, and football-crazy. THANK GOD we didn't inherit the too-much time wasted criket game! hahaha...


and for all you Muslim readers and Liverpool supporters, tomorrow (Sept 1) is the 1st day of Ramadan or fasting month. Hereby I would like to wish all of you - Be patience and practice the fasting requirement accordingly. SELAMAT BERPUASA!


30 August 2008

Scholes is such a Zenitwit

Did Scholes mentioned he was an honourable-member in the England's Under-40 Paralympic volleyball team?

And he didn't get any medals for his heroic, but a nice calling card to the spa...

Man United 1 Zenit St Petersburg 2
PAUL SCHOLES will miss Man United’s Champs League opener after a crazy red card. And you think such a versatile, fully-experienced and respected player like Scholes won't do stupid things like applying a Volleyball blocked using his hands, instead of head... think again. I don't care much but sharing Man.U's failure is so much fun in this blog. hahaha...

29 August 2008

Aston Villa vs LFC 31 August (11pm)


Aston Villa v LIVERPOOL: Mascherano set to replace injured Gerrard
By Dave Wood

Last updated at 1:18 PM on 29th August 2008

Midfielders Javier Mascherano and Lucas are back in to Liverpool's squad for Sunday's trip to Aston Villa following their return from the Olympics.
Liverpool will be without skipper Steven Gerrard, who is recovering from a groin operation, and Mascherano seems a likely replacement at Villa Park.
Liverpool still have a doubt over defender Sami Hyypia, who is recovering from a hamstring problem.

TEAM (from:): Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Skrtel, Aurelio, Dossena,Benayoun, Babel, Mascherano, Lucas, Plessis, Alonso, Kuyt, Torres, Keane, ElZhar, Cavalieri, Ngog, Agger, Spearing.




September 16

PSV Eindhoven v Atletico Madrid
Olympique Marseille v Liverpool

October 1
Liverpool v PSV Eindhoven
Atletico Madrid v Olympique Marseille

October 22
Atletico Madrid v Liverpool
PSV Eindhoven v Olympique Marseille

November 4
Liverpool v Atletico Madrid
Olympique Marseille v PSV Eindhoven

November 26
Atletico Madrid v PSV Eindhoven
Liverpool v Olympique Marseille

December 9
PSV Eindhoven v Liverpool
Olympique Marseille v Atletico Madrid


For Malaysian viewers, all the game is a day later... errr... 6-7 hours later. So usually the game will be played at 8pm in Europe so... add 6-7 hours then it would be early early morning hours for us. No worries. We have done this many many years. You sleep on Saturday. hahaha


Jimmy Rice

Liverpool have been drawn in Champions League Group D alongside PSV, Marseille and Fernando Torres' former club Atletico Madrid.
The draw will take El Nino back to the Vicente Calderon for the first time since his record transfer last summer. Atletico, whose squad includes former Reds Luis Garcia and Florent Sinama-Pongolle, finished fourth in La Liga last term. Marseille, meanwhile, were the third best team in France during 2007-08. They twice faced the Reds in last season's group stages, winning 1-0 at Anfield before missing out on a place in the second round following a 4-0 home defeat. Ex Red Bolo Zenden still plays at the Stade Velodrome. Dutch champions PSV make up Group D, a side Liverpool faced four times en route to Athens in 2006-07, with Gerrard and co recording three wins and a draw.
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Group F
Group G
Group H

GROUP D - deezy, sleazy, messy???

How the Premier League clubs will fare in Champions League
by Andy Townsend
Last updated at 3:13 AM on 29th August 2008
Four Barclays Premier League powerhouses, but where is the threat to stop another English invasion of the Champions League Final? Barcelona are the natural challengers with a new coach in Pep Guardiola and a different way of playing, Jose Mourinho will love keeping Roman Abramovich waiting for another year and beware Bayern Munich under Jurgen Klinsmann. He means business on their return to the competition.
The hardest draw is Real Madrid’s group, where UEFA Cup holders and Russian champions Zenit will pose a serious problem to the established powers. One of Madrid or Juventus might struggle to find a way through.
The eye-catching matches involving the English teams are the return of Fernando Torres to Atletico Madrid, Chelsea’s visit to Roma and — of course — Manchester United’s journey north to Glasgow. The defending champions have unfinished business in Scotland. And a certain former Rangers centre forward in their dug-out has a long memory.
Manchester United
Scots everywhere you look with Fergie, Gordon Strachan and Bruce Rioch, the former Arsenal manager, at Aalborg. United have far too much quality to be troubled, though they will want to improve on their attacking threat after two indifferent performances at the start of the Premier League season.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s return should help! There are also no long-haul trips, which will please Fergie as he looks to keep his side fresh for domestic action. Villarreal are a difficult obstacle for Celtic. With Giuseppe Rossi leading the line, they will challenge for second slot and Celtic must overcome their rotten away record to advance. They may need points in Denmark to keep in the hunt.
There is little here to damage Chelsea. Roma are hard to beat on home turf, but rarely travel well — remember the seven they conceded at Old Trafford? They have good players, including former Liverpool man John Arne Riise and, especially, Francesco Totti if he gets out of bed on the right side, but Luiz Felipe Scolari will expect to go through with games to spare.
Bordeaux are an average team from a declining league and Chelsea can target maximum points home and away. They will be rushing for the reference books to learn more about CFR, the champions from Romania. Watch Chelsea sail through.
If you thought it was hard for Liverpool against Standard Liege, stand by for another bumpy ride. The highlight of the draw is the trip to Atletico Madrid, where ace goalscorer Torres and keeper Pepe Reina will visit old friends. Madrid can be the leading team in this group with quality players in Maniche, Simao, Luis Garcia and Diego Forlan.
Marseille won at Anfield last season and ran Liverpool close in the group stages. We know all about the quality of PSV, who regularly qualify from this stage. This is a difficult draw, but none of the teams have the firepower of Liverpool. They should go through, but maybe only as runners-up to Madrid.
Difficult away matches, experienced opponents. If Arsene Wenger was waiting for the draw before deciding whether to move into the transfer market, he should be on to the bank manager this morning. Porto topped Liverpool at this stage last season and have Euro know-how. They don’t have great attacking might, but then neither do Arsenal.
Fenerbahce gave Chelsea a fright in the quarter-finals last season and the Turkish club will be a hard place to go, especially with former Spain boss Luis Aragones in charge. Kiev were hopeless last season, but Moscow is a long, testing trip. Arsenal might have to settle for second place.

Oh The Agony...

by Khan

Watching the Liverpool-Standard Liege game was almost similar to the famous one in Istanbul. It had all the dramas albeit of different proportions because of the number of goals scored (or not scored in this game), the near-misses, great saves and the lingering feeling of defeat. This was especially in the extra time periods. One goal by Standard Liege and we would be doomed as there would be no CL football for us this season. The difference this time was we celebrated without the penalties kicks. Good thing too because I don’t think my heart could have survived that.

I could not afford to sleep to wake up at 3am for the game. Just couldn’t take the risk because I was way too tired and did not trust myself to wake up to the alarm and stay awake before the game started. With a few mugs of strong coffee, I started watching the game with much confidence. After all, this is Anfield. We never really had any problems in qualifying games under Benitez. But as the game progressed, and watching players like Benayoun and Gerrard playing below par, an agonistic feeling of despair started to creep in. Watching Torres miss kick an intended cross into the stands did not help either. What if the unthinkable happens tonight? What if we do not qualify for the group stage? Not only that would suck like hell, it would also mean the loss in income of tens of millions. That itself would send LFC into a harder shade of red (pun intended), not to say that LFC is not free of debts at this moment.

Everyone could see what we lacked in that game. And it was apparent in the three games before this game. Wide area player has been the hottest topic so far this season. We need a true winger and not Benayoun who strays into the middle of the field all the time. Or Kuyt, who can’t really cross and who is more a striker than a winger (not that we are complaining now). The Barry saga, Reira, Milner, Downing and other so-called sagas have been the talk of the town lately. So, watching the game last night, I asked myself why the bloody American owners aren’t giving Benitez what he wants. No money? That could not be the case because I have read many reports that said the fund needed for new players is there for Benitez. Parry is being the usual croak he is in the transfer sagas? Maybe not so too since the latest reports says Parry and Benitez have kissed and made up.

Then it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe the owners were waiting to see whether we qualified for the group stages and buy players needed only after we qualified. After all, qualifying means more money in the coffers.

As the match continued to look like a stalemate, I started to curse at the owners, not the first time by the way. These is probably a case of the owners not really wanting LFC winning any silverware but a case of ensuring money saved at all costs and only spent when there’s money guaranteed from elsewhere, such as Benitez having to sell players to raise the money for new players. Amidst my curses, I began to think of the unthinkable. Losing last night’s match would have meant that LFC will not be ensured of the tens of millions. Without this lucrative income, the owners would not be able to service their debts. This will mean that they will have to sell at last. Good news for DIC and a blessing in disguise for us all? Especially for those who hate the bloody American guts and what they stand for in terms of football. Utter shit and I don’t think the owners really care whether we get our CL football fix during the season.

The owners could have just given what Benitez wanted, players capable of providing the good crosses like the one by Babel last night. They are genuine businessmen, I am sure they know where to get a mere 20 million from. By doing that, the owners would have ensured a better chance for us to win last night’s game. After all, isn’t that what everyone connected to LFC wants? Even if we had lost (unthinkable, really!), at least we would have known that the owners are on our side in this particular case and we will be seriously challenging for the premiership this season. Now, what if we had really lost last night? Benitez would have been told, because we did not qualify for the group stage and because we lost the potential income, we can’t afford to buy any more good players. A conspiracy theorist would even suggest that maybe the owner really wanted us to lose so that they could kick out Benitez for the failure.

As the game went into extra time, the feeling of despair was a wee bit too much for me. This feeling was a bit different from the Istanbul game. In that game, the belief of a comeback was always there especially after our first goal. But in this one, it was more like a feeling that we have ridden our luck too many a times in the first three games this season and the unthinkable was about to happen. Most probably it was because of the way we were playing, not convincing at all, and watching sadly at a few of our players being ‘ole’d by opponents and outplayed in the middle of the field. When the goal was scored, there was no usual screaming and shouting from me. Just a weak ‘YES’ and a little sigh of relief. Watching the reply and seeing that Kuyt actually connected the ball with his shin rather than his foot sent me into further despair and I asked myself what has happened to the Liverpool that we saw towards the end of last season. Until the final whistle was actually heard, the worry that the one away goal needed by Standard Liege would be scored swelled until I actually became numb! Only when the whistle was finally blown by the referee did I actually start breathing normally. Not good at all when it is only a qualifying match.

28 August 2008

KUYT 1 - Standard Liege 0

Rafa Benitez's £12million outlay on Dirk Kuyt has been questioned more than once over the past two years, but the Holland striker repaid every last penny as Liverpool took their customary route to victory at Anfield last night.
Despairing Liverpool followers were beginning to brace themselves for the unthinkable of Champions League elimination, as extra time neared a tension-filled finale, but they should have known better.
Winning goals do not normally come much later than the 94th minute strike from Steven Gerrard that floored Middlesbrough on Saturday, but anything is possible with this Liverpool side.
They may be some aspects of their general play that have been found wanting so far this season, but persistence is clearly not one of them. Kuyt illustrated as much with a close-range 118th-minute finish that carried Liverpool into today's group stage draw, just as a penalty shoot-out seemed inevitable.
Liverpool may have fond memories of spot-kicks, after their famous 2005 triumph over AC Milan in Istanbul, but they would not have relished a rerun after being outfought and outmanoeuvred for much of a nervy Champions League third qualifying round return leg.
The Belgian champions would have fancied their chances, just as they had throughout both games, but they were denied the opportunity by the sort of dramatic finish that has become Liverpool's trademark in Europe.
Ok above was a news report I just cut & paste. I find that the statement is telling the real truth of what Kuyt has become to our club. A man who is a very hard working player. You don't have to expect him to score like Torres because we have Torres. But run Kuyt will, and so run and run he goes. When he run, not only he chase the ball but win it. So his naturalised position now is right wing. So he is very good there. And last night, he scored. Great!
Honestly, I didn't watch the game. I was away for two days and my flight touch down in KLIA at 9.30pm then had to go to Cyberjaya ( I left my truck there) before driving home to Shah Alam. I arrived just 5 minutes to 11pm. But the battery level of my body is almost empty. I took my shower and read a few pages... then KABOOMMMMM... I decided early that I can't stay on waiting for the 3am kick-off. Of course to my delight, the result goes to us. In fact, Manaf send me a rather puzzling text ``stupid americans! How can you decide to buy players depending on the outcome of such an important game like this?''. It was 5.33am as stated in the text.
A bit confusing. Did we win? Did we go through? Not with Manaf's text. He didn't tell me anything about the result. It's 7.40am. I have to get dressed. Instead of going to the shower, I switch on the computer. hmmm.... the game was `front page' on all the news portal. So Kuyt was the hero. Ok... Nice and it enlivened my tired week.
Next game is against Villa. hmm... another hard fought game? Carew will be waiting and Gareth Barry? aiyaaaa...

24 August 2008


Keane was seen asking Carra on how to score... Soon, my man! SOON!

After Mido scored and many many tries didn't materialised, I was already pondering our 1st lost and what a lousy thing as it would be only the 2nd game of the season... worst of all, it's Boro. So when Carra torpedoed his ball (no exact target but as along as it is heading to the goalmouth...) and pinballed-in... hey... I told myself, there's a lifeline. After all, been a vivid supporter of LFC for more than a decade via satellite tv, I know fully well how dramatic LFC would love to be. Just like in the kungfu movie or Bollywood... the hero would suffer serious distraction by his opponent. But later... late late in the game, the hero would emerged champion. And this is ANFIELD, featuring Stevie G and Carra No-nonsense!If winning ugly is the norm of the day, we shouldn't be selling Cisse... he made a dream debut with Sunderland by scoring the winning goal...

By the way, Fulham beat Arsenal by a goal margin. A win is a win. chihuahua....

23 August 2008


Once great Mersey Reds now acting shamefully

I found this article in http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/. I must say it is a frank analysis from a rival writer (I am guessing...) but it was done in such a manner that I find it, fair comment. Go figure!...

Once great Mersey Reds now acting shamefully
10:09am Wednesday 20th August 2008
By Gordon Sharrock

I CAN’T say I ever really warmed to Liverpool Football Club.
Even at the height of their overwhelming dominance, while I applauded their achievements, there was something about them, something that stopped me liking them, even though I knew they were a great club.
I always admired them though, and not least because I believed they had something that set them apart from the rest. They were not just successful, they behaved properly and conducted themselves in a dignified, honourable manner Under the Moores dynasty they had integrity. Peter Robinson was a highly-respected administrator and Rick Parry, the current chief executive, continued in a similar vein.
But Liverpool FC, I’m afraid, have fallen from grace since the arrival of their American owners, George Gillett and Tom Hicks.
Hardly a week went by last season without “Liverpool in turmoil” or “Anfield at war” being splashed all over the sports pages. What was a private spat over the proposed sale of the club to Dubai International Capital was played out in public in the most unseemly manner with the unfortunate manager, Rafa Benitez, pictured, and his team caught in the crossfire. The DIC business still rumbles on.
It was all so unbecoming of such an institution.
Now we’ve got the Gareth Barry transfer saga.
In days gone by, Liverpool managers identified transfer targets, the hierarchy figured whether they could afford them and, if they could, they pressed ahead, discretely and rarely attracting controversy. Some deals came off, some didn’t, for various reasons, but I cannot recall a situation quite so farcical and as messy as this.
I certainly can never recall a Liverpool manager giving his word to a player and not being able to deliver, which, according to reliable sources, is what has happened in this case. There has even been talk of Benitez threatening to resign.
Liverpool deny there is an issue between their American owners and their manager and insist the only reason they have backed off is that Villa’s asking price of £18million is too high.
But shouldn’t all this have been sorted out before they made it known, towards the end of last season, that they wanted Barry?
It isn’t the first time a transfer has fallen through because clubs could not agree a fee or the player wasn’t happy with the terms. But traditionally Liverpool have done their groundwork first. They don’t string people along as they have with Villa and Barry, who must have dreaded the start of the new season.
To their credit, the Villa fans – some of whom jeered him at a pre-season game – gave him a warm reception on Sunday when they kicked off with a home win against Manchester City. Bizarrely though, I hear he was getting the bird from pockets of the Anfield crowd at Liverpool’s pre-season friendly against Lazio the other Friday night – and he wasn’t even there. What has he ever done to them apart from express his desire to play for their club?
That’s maybe something for him to bear in mind if Liverpool do try to revive the deal before next week’s transfer deadline.
Benitez still hopes to get his man, but sources tell me he is whistling in the wind. The Americans have apparently been hit by the credit crunch and say the money just isn’t there. And that’s that, unless the manager raises the cash from sales, and his efforts to offload the likes of Jermaine Pennant, Xabi Alonso, Andriy Voronin and Steve Finnan have so far come to nothing.
It’s a mess, pure and simple.
Whatever your take on Liverpool, there is no denying that down the years they have been respected and admired the world over. Never mind Manchester United, the Mersey Reds are still England’s most successful club in Europe by a mile.
They have always been special but now, I’m sorry to say, they are just the same as all the rest.

22 August 2008

TOMORO NIGHT 10pm Channel 812 ASTRO

LIVERPOOL vs Middlesborough

Don't missed it!

Benitez and Parry declare peace in our time

By Soccernet staff
Updated: August 21, 2008, 1:31 PM UK

Peace has been at declared Liverpool. Manager Rafael Benitez and chief executive Rick Parry have declared a truce and vowed to 'move forward together' after holding peace talks at Anfield.
The pair's working relationship between the two had been under pressure for some time, with their difficulties becoming public over the club's transfer policy in January, a quarrel that has intensified over the Gareth Barry transfer saga that continues to rage on.
Benitez has expressed frustration over the club's inability to secure one of his main targets for the summer.
But after talks described as 'positive', Parry and Benitez are continuing to work on strengthening the squad before the window closes at the end of the month.
utusanLFC :
Do you know what the fans think about all this stupidity? IT IS NOTHING BUT STUPID. Rafa doesn't know how to be diplomatic, Parry doesn't know how to close a deal and the Americans are just idiots...

Let's focus on our team tomorrow against Boro. Let the bickering stays with Rafa, Parry and the American idiots. FED-UP!!!!!!!!

21 August 2008

Sunderland agree to sign former Liverpool striker Cisse on season-long loan deal


In Sunderland, Cisse will be partnered with Diof. Both are well-known to have many many face expressions and dramatic outburst on the pitch.

Welcome back Monsieur Cisse. I remember fondly of your runs, your goals and titles you help us won... and of course, your unfortunate double break-leg...errr.. and most importantly, I sympathise to your plight... you were not pick-up often in LFC 1st 11 after Gerrard Houllier was sacked. I remember he tried for 2 seasons to get you over here. And when you're here at last... Houllier didn't get to really cherish your true value. Though I know both of you had a good football in France. Now the alumni of former LFC has been added. It will be nice to see Kops reaction to your introduction when Sunderland visit Anfield later. Surely it won't be the same as Diof. We have some difficulties to love him as a former LFC. But you... I guess you're okay.

p/s A Happy Birthday wish for Miss R.A on 21st August. You never let me walk alone... hihihi

Arsenal sign Silvestre from Man Utd

Mikael Silvestre became the first player in 34 years to move from Manchester United to Arsenal.

waaaa.... this two old man can really do weird business. It seems Fergie's policy of not selling any players to his most dear opposition in the BIG 4 doesn't applies to Arsenal. Remember... Fergie was so adamant not to let go Heinze last season to Liverpool... So Fergie thought that Wenger is no threat for Man.U at all this season, thus allowing the transaction go through. GO FIGURE!

20 August 2008

I've been left in limbo by Benitez and now I may have to quit Liverpool, admits Finnan


Last updated at 9:31 AM on 19th August 2008

Steve Finnan has admitted his Liverpool days are numbered and he may be forced to quit Anfield to enhance and extend his career with the Republic of Ireland.
The 32-year-old will add to his 50 Republic of Ireland caps in Norway tomorrow night after he was persuaded out of international retirement by new coach Giovanni Trapattoni.
But Finnan has had a disagreement with Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez after he tried to sell him behind his back as an original component in the Aston Villa Gareth Barry deal and he knows Benitez has less than two weeks to find the right deal for player and club.
Finnan said: 'You will have to ask the club and the manager what is happening. We have spoken but he didn't want to say too much.
'I am trying to get into the team but I have been fit for a month and I am just not playing any games.
'I suppose when the transfer window closes, we will know what is happening and if I do stay I will have to see if I can get into the team because obviously I want to play.
'You could say I am in limbo, that's about right. I have come out here to play international football which is obviously a very good level and that can only help.
'We'll have to wait and see what happens afterwards.
'We have a big squad at Liverpool and there is a lot of competition for places as you would expect at such a club and it is up to me to continue training hard and take my chance when I get it.'

utusanLFC :
Finnan is the epitome and the real symbol of `UNSUNG HERO'. He came in from Fulham without a fuzz (compare to Gareth Barry...) and made himself a utility, reliable player on the right back all this years. I totally respect Finnan for how good a player he has been and all the services he has endeared to us. SALUTE! SALUTE! SALUTE!

19 August 2008

Why should Rafa Barry care?

I am amazed, if not refraining myself from believing a 100 % to the news reports pertaining to the Gareth Barry saga and how much Rafa is supposed to be in hot water with LFC top brass who opposed to his wishes. I am perplexed within his determination to grab Barry with what ever cost... as this may cost him his job.

Rafa does has his reason, not matter how lame it may be... I still think we should forget about Barry but let Alonso return to his best. Words of disconcerting in respect to Alonso's position is not good for him, not good for the club, not good for Rafa himself who is a respected manager in the world.

The feud... will only destabilise the team. And a team in a crises is a perfect recipe for disaster. I don't understand why on earth does Rafa eagerly pursuing Barry. I really don't. But do you?

18 August 2008

1st game and Man.U were stopped!

Head over heals: Obafemi Martins celebrates his goal at Old Trafford

Out of the BIG 4, only Man.U failed to gain 3 full points. Newcastle did a splendid job to distrupt Man.U's walk in the sun. In fact, Newcastle scored early. But the fact that Man.U still managed to draw is a sign by itself. It is so mighty that it is quite impossible for any ordinary team to really come off with a winning 3 points. This is the level that Man.U holds and obviously, Man.U is the team to beat this season. Interestingly, they are facing some serious issues with its players. The superstars are not around. The absence of Ronaldo should and must be taken advantage of. In particular LFC who will be facing Man.U in the 2nd week of September. If Man.U successful in taking Berbatov away from Spurs... hmmm... that will be interesting. Once a lethal duo, Berbatov will find his former partner, Keane on the opposing team. We must be patience with Keane. My advice is that : we should remember our patience with Peter Crouch. That fella failed to score in 18 games! But when he did score, oh boy... he did okay... though not as prolific as Torres but on average Crouch still okay lah.
I didn't watch the game last night... too tired. And the real reason is I don't care about Man.U not winning. I care about their losses. hahaha


LSCM would like to make announcement as follows :
1. We have been informing members about our new E-Newletter which will only be available through subscription basis and we have recently send out our first issue. We expect a few hick ups here and there, so were urge the all to bear with us.
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and we will look into it.
2. We also would like to inform members that if you have a changed of email addess, please update it at our "Member Area" Section.
3. Recent gathering photos at Baywatch on 16th August is located in our gallery section.
4. LSCM has recently purchased the rights to use LFC related photos only for our e-newsletter and web publishing, therefore, we have decided to transform the Fanzone section with picture from all LFC matches for your viewing pleasure. Do check out the first gallery in our fanzone section.
Note : We wish to remind that under no circumstances that the published photos is to be re-produced for personal interest or gain. It's strictly prohibited, with or without LSCM consent!
5. Finally, LSCM has them all, the current 08/10 Home replica, 08/09 Away Replica and the New 08/09 CL 3rd kit. All the kits are now available at our Shah Alam Office. As always, members get exclusive price for purchasing the replica through the club. You can either call our office at 03-5886069 or email to admin@lscm.com.my
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or even send text messages to our hotline mobile number at 013-3668899 for more information.
utusanLFC :
eerrr... I also yet to get the E-newsletter...

17 August 2008

Torres 1 - Sunderland 0 (LFC GOAL ACCOUNT NO.1)


The game started 12.30am last night and ended at 2.30am. Luckily today is Sunday. If not, I might have thought it is another UCL game that usually forced us to stay awake until wee hours... And luckily we have Torres in this game that is just 7 minutes to be ended with a lousy draw.

Unfortunately, the combination of Torres & Keane is yet to strike as expected. There was a situation where Torres shot was `blocked' by Keane which was supposed to be the 1st goal of the game for LFC.
But for most of the time, Sunderland parked a tractor in front of its goal post. The tactic might have work as Torres and Keane had very few chances to go to the last mile, even to have a decent chances. Their mistake was to allow Torres grab the ball unchallenged and BANGGGG! it goes to the far right of the keeper.

I still see Alonso is very much a valuable player for LFC. He was good last night, in fact I strongly believe he is now returning to his very best. He had a long term injury last season that forced him out most of the time. He should stay. Barry... stay away.

Should I comment on Diouf? hmmm.... naaa... wasting my time. I have one similar character in my weekly futsal set-up. I can't really say he is in `my' team as the format is that 1st come 1st serve. So if you're the 1st 10 to arrive in the court, you divide yourself freely 5 against 5. No preferences, no bias. I usually choose to attack the left goal post as there is nobody sitting behind the goal post giving me awkward look and smirk.

So this fella will moan and complaint if he is tackled or mishandled... (well, we do play rough and hard in a futsal game...since showing skill is considered a sin). Last night, every time Diouf shouted, put his frustrated face, rising his hands... he just reminds me of this fella that I will be playing with again next Friday evening... hahaha...

15 August 2008



This is supposed to be a piece of cake. The only star they have in the team is Roy Keane and he is not even playing. This optimism could backfire, the way LFC played lousily against Standard Liege which can be considered ON PAR with Sunderland. hmmm... a bit late for us in Malaysia but it's better than nothing at all.

The slightly shy owner of this blog show off not only his enthusiam but also the new jersey he just got a few days ago... He is wishing all the Liverpool supporters in the world to keep on supporting through hardship and glory... because that is the only way we can stay loyal to our team. AMEN!

Credit crunch makes Premier League clubs feel the squeeze

As the Premier League prepares for its big kick-off, football is showing the first signs of suffering with the prospect of a recession looming.

By Jeremy Wilson

On Wednesday, Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, issued householders with a grave warning that hard times were ahead and, after more than a decade of exceptional prosperity, the football industry is realising that it is not immune to the economic realities of the outside world.
A range of new research has shown that the credit crunch is having an impact from the boardrooms controlled by billionaire owners down to the loyal fans who provide the foundation for every club.
"Across the country we are getting the same message: the credit crunch is hitting football – and the effect is likely to be even greater next year," said Professor Tom Cannon of the University of Buckingham's Business School.
The most obvious immediate impact has been on the amount spent in the Premier League transfer market, which is poised to show its first yearly drop for more than five years. Indeed, with just over two weeks until the summer window closes, the clubs have so far spent £300 million on transfers compared with a record-breaking £530 million for the full period last year.
Portsmouth, for example, are largely funded by a wealthy foreign owner, but have admitted they cannot invest further in the squad this year. "I did say we intended to bring in three top players but that was before the credit crunch," said their chief executive Peter Storrie. "We cannot keep spending the amount we have spent since the summer of 2007 – in excess of £60 million on players. On top of that you have agents' fees while the wage bill has gone up substantially."
Mounting difficulty with borrowing money has also placed a potential obstacle in front of those clubs hoping to push through with building projects on new grounds and training facilities, while the flurry of major takeovers of clubs appears to have ground to a halt in recent months.
A newly published study by the PKF Football Industry Group, titled Under Pressure, surveyed a sample of club finance directors and underlines some of the adjustments that are being made. It shows that, as more Premier League clubs anticipate making a loss this season, there has been a dramatic rise – from 46 per cent in 2007 to 89 per cent this year – in the number of clubs intending to use more than 90 per cent of their overdraft.
The study also reveals that two thirds of Premier League clubs intend to reduce their first-team squads this year compared with only 15 per cent in 2007. Clubs have also admitted to increasing problems with sourcing finance amid growing pressure from the banks.

Spending on Premier League wages
2002-03: £761m
2003-04: £811m
2004-05: £785m
2005-06: £854m
2006-07: £969m
2007-08: Over £1bn

Attracting sponsorship has become a particular problem in the Championship, with threequarters of respondents in the study reporting a decline. "The optimism reported by clubs who expect their sponsorship to grow next season is likely to be short-lived," said Stuart Barnsdall, a PKF assurance and advisory partner. "The current arrangements are based on existing three or five-year sponsorship deals that have some years to run and, once they are complete, it is doubtful that new deals will be easy to secure.
"The pressurised climate is here for some time to come, so it is imperative for the long-term stability of the industry that clubs tackle their money concerns with a matter of urgency."
The ability of leading clubs to operate successfully in the present climate is, however, greatly helped by the guaranteed income from broadcast revenue, longer-term sponsorship deals and the sale of season tickets, which have remained encouraging despite unpopular price increases.
In the Premier League, there is an in-built yearly five per cent increase in revenue from the television deal, though many experts are predicting declines in merchandise sales and corporate hospitality. "While all clubs are starting to feel the bite of the credit crunch on their sales of tickets, merchandising and corporate hospitality, the Premier League financial directors are reporting a more widespread set of financial challenges and pressures than in previous years," said Charles Barnett, a partner at PKF. Even so, the total revenue Premier League clubs receive is expected to rise this season to almost £2 billion while the new TV deals from 2010, particularly the overseas rights, should continue to show a significant increase.
Supporters, though, warn that they cannot be taken for granted. "Fans are experiencing the current economic realities just like everyone else," said Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation. "I would expect that there would be a particular impact with fans travelling to away games and the sale of replica shirts. Football often thinks it is divorced from the realities of the world and the complacency in some areas has been quite staggering."

The Managers
Fees of £20.3 million for Robbie Keane, £17 million for David Bentley and £13 million for Andy Johnson do little to suggest that the general spending capacity of the managers has yet suffered enormously from the credit crunch.
However, even if major deals involving Robinho and Dimitar Berbatov are finally secured, the overall outlay is still likely to be less than last year. Paul Rawnsley, director of Deloitte’s sports business group, argues that the drop is “not alarming” when set against previous years. Yet this was supposed to be a bumper summer.
The likes of David Moyes, Alan Curbishley, Kevin Keegan and Arsene Wenger appear significantly restricted when set against the ambitions of their respective clubs, while Harry Redknapp has been told there will be no more money to spend this year.
Professor Tom Cannon, of the University of Buckingham’s Business School, said: “I don’t think that last year we would have seen the Gareth Barry deal collapse over what seems to be £1 million, or Manchester United taking so long over Berbatov. The anticipated spending boom hasn’t materialised. Deals are collapsing over what seem to be relatively trivial sums.’’

The Players
With Frank Lampard this week agreeing a five-year deal worth almost £34 million and Premier League wages continuing to soar, it is hard to instantly see how the players are suffering from the economic down-turn. Since the launch of the Premier League in 1992, total club wages have risen from £75 million to in excess of £1 billion – and they now represent 63 per cent of turnover.
However, the financial climate has prompted significant change in the structure of contracts. Lampard’s deal is unusual in that it will rise from £121,000-a-week until the third year before dropping back down as he nears the age of 35. It would also be surprising if there is not a significant performance-related element to the deal.
One of the most interesting findings of this week’s PKF annual survey was the admission by Premier League clubs that a growing element of the first team squad’s salary is now performance-related.
In 2006-07, less than a third of Premier League clubs had applied a performance related element to between 10 and 25 per cent of the first team squad’s salary. However, that figure has more than doubled over the past year to 78 per cent.

The Fans
Despite the spiralling cost of living, the loyalty of fans has remained admirably consistent.
Premier League attendances last season broke all records at an average of 36,144, while the Championship can even boast being the fourth most watched league in the world. On the opening day of their season, the majority of Football League clubs recorded larger attendances than last season’s averages, while the Premier League will be bullish about their ability to maintain support.
Arsenal, for example, have a waiting list of 40,000 for their capped number of 42,000 season tickets, while Sunderland, criticised for their increase in prices, are still nearing last year’s tally of 30,000.
Elsewhere, Bolton’s sales are slightly up after they dropped the price for children, while Fulham have added 30 per cent to their sales.
However, attendances at clubs such as Wigan, Blackburn Rovers and Middlesbrough will be closely monitored for signs of the credit crunch’s impact. There is also the possibility that all fans will become more selective over the matches they attend, as well as what they are willing to spend on merchandise, catering, match-day programmes and corporate packages.

The Owners
In the City, it is common knowledge that a number of Premier League clubs would carefully listen to offers from potential new owners.
However, aside from the rumblings at Liverpool, there has been little recent sign of major change. Indeed, after high-profile takeovers at Manchester City, Newcastle, Liverpool, West Ham United, Manchester United, Portsmouth and Aston Villa since 2005, it has been an uncommonly quiet summer in the Premier League.
The global economic climate encourages caution among potential investors, while finding a bank to facilitate a leveraged buy-out has become more difficult. There is also the simple fact that there are a finite number of sufficiently rich people with an interest in Premier League football.
“The number of UK billionaires is a fairly small number, and many of those have indicated they do not want to get involved in football,” one City source said. “Quite simply, the financial requirement is for billionaires, not millionaires.”
The credit crunch also threatens to hit club owners seeking loans to fund major building projects. Tottenham, West Ham, Portsmouth, Liverpool and Everton are all trying either to extend their grounds or to relocate.

Money matters
Gross summer transfer spending by Premier League clubs
2003: £250m
2004: £260m
2005: £290m
2006: £330m
2007: £530m
2008 (to date): £300m

Source: Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance

LFC vs Sunderland : 17 August 2008 12.30am

I don't quite get it. I can accept Messi... even Fabregas on the extreme left... but criket, golf and rugby? Is SKY try to attract ALL in one basket? errr... and if you can see, Torres picture was taken last season. Look at the jersey. It's the old one. aiyaaaa....

14 August 2008

LIEGE managed to win (spiritually) against lackluster LFC (RESULT 0:0 First Leg)

Pepe Reina saves a weak penalty from Brazilian Dante Bonfim (Crouch should ask David James to get some tips from Reina on how to stop effectively penalty shot)

My alarm clock buzzed at 3am. May be out of tiredness and may be thinking that LFC is no match against the champion of Belgium... I opted to return to my beautiful sleep. At 7.30am, before I jump into the toilet, I grab my laptop and switch on the Internet. To my utter amazement, LFC didn't win it. And according to the news report, we almost almost had it. And Pepe Reina was the hero who saved the pen and another one from behind the goal post. Hopefully tonight ASTRO will show the reruns.

Well... LFC is well-known as the team who doesn't like to do things smoothly. But after this, definitely at Anfield I shall watch the game. And I know you too.

13 August 2008

UCL : LFC vs Standard Liege at 3am tomoro

I didn't post much photos or article about Michael Owen. May be I was a bit hurt with his inability to work with Rafa. But above photo is for him. This was FA Cup 2001. LFC 2-Arse 0
It is call ``SEAMAN LOST HIS BALL''.


it's the time of the year when everyone of us gets sooooooo excited. It's like the New Year! It's like Aidilfitri ! And why not? The new season of EPL plus UEFA Champions League (UCL), plus Cup here cup there IS JUST STARTED!


Standard Liege v Liverpool: Preview
Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez believes skipper Steven Gerrard has a good chance of being fit for the Champions League third qualifying round, first leg at Belgian champions Standard Liege.
Gerrard trained with the squad on Tuesday night at Liege's stadium and a decision on the England midfielder's recovery from a thigh injury will be made closer to kick-off.
But Benitez has travelled to Belgium without Irish full-back Steve Finnan, who is believed to have had a disagreement with the Anfield boss over attempts to sell him.
However, Benitez claims Finnan is not fully fit after an injury and operation in the summer.
He also confirmed midfielder Xabi Alonso will play, even if it means the Spaniard will then be cup-tied in the competition and worth a lot less than the fee Liverpool may want for him.
Benitez has declared himself "completely calm'' as he approaches the crucial qualifier.
He is still privately furious the club's American owners have all-but vetoed his £18million move for Gareth Barry.
When Benitez returns home from this match, and before the Barclays Premier League starts for his team on Saturday at Sunderland, he will try again to resurrect the Barry deal.
By then Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill could have cup-tied Barry in Europe by playing him in the UEFA Cup against FH Hafnarfjardar from Iceland.
That should finish the deal for good but Benitez is a stubborn man and anything is still possible.
Benitez has refused to be drawn on the situation, or a host of possible deals he could be doing in the next fortnight before the transfer window shuts.
Asked whether he had made any contact with owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett to discuss the current crisis, Benitez would only say: "I am not thinking about signing players at the moment because they cannot play against Liege. I am only concentrating on this game.
"I have not needed to contact the owners because they cannot help with the preparation for this match. I prefer not to say anything else.''
His mood was remarkably serene considering the embarrassment of how the owners put the block on the Barry deal and he said: "I was really calm last week and I am concentrating on the game. We did not have big problems.
"I have not been distracted, I have been focusing on this game and getting to the Champions League group stages.''
The bottom line is that if you are going to launch a war with your bosses again, you have to win in Europe.
Liverpool's financial position is worrying and they need a run in the group stages desperately to bring in the guaranteed millions which the Champions League affords its clubs.
Benitez, aware of the financial implications for Rangers following their Champions League exit to FBK Kaunas last week, said: "I always have confidence in my players but when you play against anyone in Europe you have to be very careful.
"We know Standard are a good team, especially at home.
"It is not just English clubs that should worry about making mistakes against smaller teams. Every club must be aware of the quality of your opponents.
"You must be really focused for every game, you cannot change things once you have made a mistake.
"My aim is to win here to make sure we progress. Since I have been at Liverpool we have always known how important it is to qualify for the group stages.
"We always have known. And we must make sure that we do qualify for the next stage.
"There is no more pressure than in previous seasons, we all know how important it is to get past this qualifying round.
"Everyone knows how important the Champions League is for us, we must
play well.''

11 August 2008

Pompey who didn't know how to kick a penalty...

Lassana Diarra thought he should do the rugby-way of scoring, so did Arnold Mvuemba and Glen Johnson.

The Charity Shield game could be the first for Peter Crouch to endure such a terrible result from a penalty shoot-out. His teamates were lousy, in fact they were immulating England for that matter. Two ballooned wide wide away and another was saved. They managed to slot only one. And all the heroic saves by David James made him such a pathetic goalkeeper in the end.

During his time with Liverpool, Crouch would know somehow... LFC would win any game that needed to be determined with a penalty shoot-out. Unfortunately, Pompey didn't have that nerves nor luck to inflict serious challenge to Man.U.

In fact, the whole game was like a `defending mode' for Pompey. They hardly managed a worth-to-mention attack. The game came a bit livelier with the introduction of Utaka but the crosses never reached Crouch. Surely the right formula of having Crouch in the team is to have a huge, massively talented midfielder or wide player to send in crosses into the D-area where Crouch would be on stand by. Pompey didn't have that quality. oh my god... it was so frustrating to watch Pompey only managed to play the ball half way. Not Crouch nor Defoe could deliver if they don't get the services that they so used to in their respective former clubs. I guess Rednapp must address this weaknesses in the team. But on another angle, the combination of Crouch and Defoe would fast to be questioned by the public if they failed over and over again to penetrate the opposition's defence. Granted Man.U's defence is one of the meanest in the league and could only be match by the standard of Liverpool and Chelsea. So we shall see if Crouch can do havoc onto 2nd tier teams...

I guess Pompey would attract my attention, in the event LFC's game is not broadcasted.

10 August 2008


I had to entertain my family the whole day, thus made me unable to be infront of my pc until now. It's about 45 minutes to go before the Charity Shield cup start and since LFC has been active selling off some of our players we shall see some of familiar faces in the opposition line-up. Tonight's game we have Peter Crouch in the Portsmouth team. This is a second reason why we should rooting for Pompey. The first reason is simply it is Man.U. Any other team but Man.U is worth our support. We should also cherish tonight's game as it'll mark the beginning of the new season. After a beautiful summer (Euro 2008) with Torres emerged as the hero for Spain, this time around in the Premier League, Torres shall be our guiding light for our much-awaited title. So let's hear it for Crouch to rub some salt onto Alex Ferguson's ego.

Peter Crouch is out to get his Portsmouth return off to a flying start - by helping shoot down Premier League champions Manchester United at Wembley on Sunday.
The England striker returned for a second spell at Fratton Park following an £11million transfer from Liverpool.
Crouch is likely to form a little-and-large partnership with Jermain Defoe as Pompey look to build on their FA Cup triumph, and he cannot wait for the action to get under way.
He said: 'I've got good memories of the Community Shield - I scored the winner in it two years ago, when Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1.
'I was right by all the Liverpool fans and ran to them - it was a great feeling.
'Sunday is going to be a really difficult match, but we will be fit and ready and hopefully we will give them a good game.
'I think we have had a good pre-season, so hopefully we can continue the way we have been and start the season well. It's the first game of the season and all the new signings are out.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...