25 December 2009

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Dear Kops

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010.
I will be spending the holiday season in Kuching for a week.
Ngap Sayot!

21 December 2009


  1. hehehe... I have to do this again. oo many Rafa-haters that refused to introduce themselves made this blog some sort like a `Rafa-haters blog' to which I must clarify, it is not!

  2. And since the Pompey game, there's another one crop up playing with me about the supposedly my ego-statement on the `Liverpool-must-beat-Pompey'. I'm not sure if the anonymous is two different people who comes here simply to make a fun of everything. I'm not sure if that is the same person. For which I don't really care.

  3. So now as to limit the access to the anonymous posting their `valuable' comments, I activated the restriction and only allow those with registered GMAIL account to come and write their comments. I need to emphasize the needs to be responsible on your writing. And also transparency. Those anonymous could make me rethink of my decision to use my real identity here. So the best way to address this silly situation is to restrict anonymous comment.

  4. Sorry guys, this is not a political blog that you can come - hit & run. This is a dedicated blog for Liverpool. And I for one, don't really agree with the idea of hating Rafa (not yet...but don't know in the near future).

  5. This is a blog dedicated for Liverpool fans. Make it an enjoyable blog for every one. We can tease each other but not to the level of annoying. This blog is a specific blog for Liverpool fans to shout, brag and do what ever they want onto other team. Because it is about Liverpool. We can write that Liverpool will surely beat Pompey. Never mind that fact never occurred. But no one outside of Liverpool domain should have the decency to fault us for doing so. It is within our right. It is a Liverpool blog. We optimised our cheers for our club. If you don't like it, please go away. Man.U would welcome you with an open heart.

Take a poke at Aquilani... Gary Lineker

You know Gary Lineker? yeah... the poster boy of the 1980's era. He wrote in the Daily Sport:

``...Alberto Aquilani cost more than Defoe - but you wouldn't have realised it from his appearances this season. At a reported £20m, he's got to be the worst buy. He was meant to replace Alonso but spent the first three months injured and hasn't been pushed into the team by Rafa Benitez now that he is fit. It suggests the Liverpool boss is not confident about his ability to fit into the English game.''

Continue reading the questionaire below:

a) Do you agree with his assestment? Why?

b) Three months injured, was it obvious or simply stupid decision to buy such a crock player?

c) Do you believe Aquilani will eventually emerged as the 1st choice midfielder that we really crave at the moment?

d) How many of you believe that Aquilani won't stay longer than a year in Anfield?

e) With £20m, who do you think Rafa could have bought, aside than Aquilani?

20 December 2009


  1. Based on some of the reaction posted below by people-who-refused-to-identify-themselves, Rafa to them, must leave Liverpool Football Club. Not later but now. Wow... This song cropped up every time the team lost. But they were almost non-existence when Liverpool beat Wigan last Thursday. So where is the balance here?

  2. Another question : To let go Rafa and to acquire who? And at what price do the club have to pay? When you want to debate, you must debate in a micro point of view. Thoroughly. Not one-sided. You can argue that Rafa has lost its plot, lost his tactical acumen, lost his hair, lost his luggage. That's fine. But what makes you think another manager could be so different? Why was it last season we didn't hear these hate-Rafa songs? So it must have to do with the current agony situation we're facing. But why the knee-jerk reaction must we adopt here?

  3. Again, Liverpool Football Club's financial situation doesn't permit any knee-jerk reaction. The club has to pay Rafa 20million pounds in order to dismiss him. That is a good value to purchase David Silva. Or van Nilsterooy.

  4. I watch this agony in the office. I hear one loud-mouth Man.U fans laughing at the back when Portsmouth scored the second goal. It was painful, I must admit. But today I shall return the laugh because I just got to know Fulham bamboozled Man.U with a margin of 3-0. So you Red Devils, watch when you're laughing. The laughter could be louder when your team hit the ground. So lets return the laughter to the wanker.

  5. Speaking of the pain and the agony, I think it is sufficient for us to face the defeat with dignity and patience. But it boils my blood and created a huge anger in me with all the freaking comments about Rafa. I don't deny Rafa is very much in the decline. He's tactics could be very much in doubt. But I don't see any good for the fans to go for his blood. At times as dark like now, I prefer that all of us - the LFC fans, should group together and stand united and don't let the team walk alone. What you're doing now is only bad for our mental health. Think positive and you won't lose your hair too soon.

19 December 2009

Portsmouth against Ports of Liverpool : Who has the bigger fleet?

  1. Portsmouth is number one at the bottom. Yet, those ESPN pundits thought that they can steal a point in the match against Liverpool. That really annoyed me. Such is the degradation in the expectation and prestige of Liverpool that no one think we can win matches outright or easily nowadays. It seems that even the lower league is expected to beat Liverpool and Liverpool is for some, a team that is the butt of the joke. Let me analyse this together with all of you.

  2. I'm not sure if it's a good thing. Firstly, being an underdog does bring some sort of a morale booster. But being in that position also is simply because people don't rate you that much. Why was it? Because we had a terrible 3 months. We beat Manchester United yet we failed against the smaller teams. So it has to be balanced somewhat. You got what I mean?

  3. Take Europa Cup. Liverpool was not rated as the favourite team, thus we didn't get any seeding. The points gained by Liverpool in the Champions Cup were too low and that ensure us a `pleasant situation'. However, this morning news is not so crunching. We didn't get to fight Juventus, as yet. Or Weber Bremen. But a team from Romania: Unirea Urziceni. While Rafael Benitez's side finished third in Group E, Unirea also came third in Group G, despite recording a famous 4-1 victory over Rangers at Ibrox. The Romanian champions also beat Sevilla 1-0 at home and are managed by former Chelsea defender Dan Petrescu.

  4. Portsmouth can never beat Liverpool. The momentum is gaining its fever level. Torres will score again tonight. Then for the next game, the ESPN pundits won't dare to rate Liverpool at that lowest level anymore. Anyway, I won't be switching the TV too early, so I don't have to listen to the ESPN- so-called `expert views'. Loads of BS, I say.

17 December 2009

LFC 2 Wigan 1 (hmmm... a relief somewhat...)

``Between the two of us, I would be the most likeliest to stay longer here...'' said Gerrard to Rafa.

  1. It was only Liverpool's fourth win in 16 matches and just their second at Anfield since September 26 but it will do much for the team's shaky confidence.

  2. David Ngog scored the first goal. That confirmed his status as a yo-yo or 2nd grade striker because he scored when nobody cares and failed to do so when he is most expected to mark his stature. Of course, we have to compare him with Torres because Ngog is not the ideal striking partner to him.

  3. So there was a news speculating that Liverpool might chance to acquire Ruud van Nistelrooy for a loan. I find it interesting, not only because of his scoring prowess and the fact that he is no longer that young, but Nistelrooy was a Red Devil. Since Ferguson without shame took Michael Owen, this is a good chance for Liverpool to reciprocate. Let their former best striker inflict some more misery onto them. To this, I say welcome Nistelrooy... if ever he thinks Liverpool is still alluring and sexy for him to join at all.

  4. Since the game played at 4am, I doubt if many of us watched it. I didn't bother at all. But this morning is the start of a tough week, not because of the opponents but the week of Christmas where English Premier League won't be having a long holiday.

  5. As for Liverpool, the lists is not that detrimental. They will fight Portsmouth on 19 Dec; Wolveshamptom 26 Dec and Aston Villa 29 Dec. Those three teams are supposed to be in the category of `can be beaten' but due to the current situation at Liverpool, I dare not to be so bold at the moment. But win all three, January should be a new air to breath. Perhaps with Nistelrooy around too. hihihi...

14 December 2009


  1. This game is something that I will not criticised Rafa. He had a good tactic, correct players and regardless of what the Rafa-Haters are saying now, I categorised last night's defeat as down to damn hard luck. Gallas was clearly obstructed Gerrard but was ignored by the ref. Torres had a good chance but that was his first shot since a few months out because of injury. Can't blame Johnson for converting the equaliser. The whole team was the culprit in allowing the Arsenal kids advancing so deep. And of course, that tiny Russian is in the same class of Torres when a 50-50 chance looks so easy for him to score.

  2. Calling for Rafa's head is something that is fast becoming a trend nowadays among the frustrated fans. Hey, every one is. But I must stressed again, I shall not be connected directly or indirectly with that sentiment. All the posting here - be it pro-Rafa or anti-Rafa, are all written with free spirit and the love of LFC. Keep it that way.

12 December 2009

Against another odd... Arsenal

  1. Suffice to say, I dread to predict anything about this crunch match between Liverpool against Arsenal (scheduled 11.55pm Malaysian time). Both had a miserable week, albeit Arsenal merely suffered a lost where else Liverpool another pile of embarrassment before proceeding to the Europa Cup with that lousy lost against Fiorentina.

  2. According to the latest news reports, both of our main players : Gerrard and Torres will be fielded in this morale-salvaging game. This is a good news, especially when Arsenal is also facing some serious issues of injuries to their players. Their problem is our gain, I supposed.

  3. Some of you have written a very loud displeasure towards Rafa. I tried to be objective as long as I could and would only criticised him if I find the tactical game chosen or the player picked ahead of the regulars are not into our liking. Still, I don't see myself jumping into any of the `Rafa-haters' bandwagon nor would I suggest that Rafa should be removed, at this stage.

  4. Because at this point of time, we have to admit that we are in a storm. For which I prefer to carefully read the lyrics of our club anthem `You'll never walk alone'. Sing it!

When you walk
Through a storm
Hold your head, up high
And don't be afraid,
of the dark
'Coz at the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song
Of the lark

Walk on,
through the wind
Walk on,
through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed
And blown

Walk on, walk on
With hope,
in your heart
And you'll never walk alone

You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your hearts
You'll never walk, alone

11 December 2009


I just received (our Sports Desk, actually...) a good news from Laos, that our national football team beat the mighty Thailand 2-1 the SEA Games.

Don't know the detail as yet, the scorer or how many yellow/red cards. But it's something to cherish when Liverpool is not performing its best. hehehe


*(Kuyt & Reira celebrate the 2nd goal in the demolition of Everton not too distant ago...)

10 December 2009


  1. COINCIDENCELY, this couple of weeks I have been listening to a lot of Metallica songs. This has got to do with the fact that I have managed to acquire their last year's album, Death Magnetic on a free! You guys should listen to the instrumental Suicide Redemption. It's really upbeat, contrary to the morbid title. And along the way, do listen to the Metallica's MISERY. And that is how I feel now when I look at the Liverpool Football team performances.

  2. Lost 2-1 to Fiorentina and that's it. Liverpool a team of mockery this season. What a season of infamy. A misery. A doom. I don't know I would be as enthusiast as I was when we start our Europa Cup rendezvous soon. I don't know if we can beat teams like Juventus anymore.

  3. And browse through some of the UK online newspaper this morning and there is the story carried by The Daily Mail : Liverpool have targeted Tottenham misfit Roman Pavlyuchenko in a surprise January move which could see Ryan Babel head in the opposite direction as Reds boss Rafa Benitez desperately aims to find a back-up for Fernando Torres.

  4. I wonder if Rednapp has similar fondness toward Babel. hahaha... I couldn't care less at this precise moment. Still very much pissed-off... And Rafa, while you're at it, can you take Lucas, Ngog, Dossena OUT of Anfield too...

09 December 2009

LFC vs Fiorentina: Nothing to gain except a win in Anfield

Introducing Ms Michela Quattrociocche, Alberto Aquilani's girlfriend. Michela won't be on the pitch tonight though, perhaps at the directors box watching Aquilani starts the match (at last!)

  1. This is a bit odd. A final game of sort for Liverpool in the running for the last 16 Quarter Finalist to the Champion Cup which has ended about 2 weeks ago. Tonight (very very early morning tomorrow Malaysian time) will only a showpiece of pride that we have to win in order to salvage what is left and the continuance of a dull journey to Europa Cup, soon.

  2. Another footnote is that Rafa at last, promised that he will start Aquilani, a player who has been frequently associated with ``warming-the-seat'' position lately. With this, we have to win, not because we have any chance what so ever but more as a matter of pride. Since it will be played in Anfield, the honour of the stadium must be maintained at all cost. We got to win.

  3. And that win shall boost our morale when we meet the young guns later on Sunday. That school children has a yo-yo performance lately also, but not so bad vis-a-vis Liverpool. If the match against Blackburn should be the barometer, then Liverpool will surely doomed in the hands of the Gunners. So tonight's game has many meaning and bearings. Beat Fiorentina, and the psychology aspect is settled.

06 December 2009


  1. I watch the game from the rooftop of a new hotel by the lake side in Taiping last night. While the others were busy celebrating the host's birthday, I focused on the 40-inch flat TV, before I became the butt of the joke because at the other end, the TV showed Man.U scored 4 goals...

  2. You want to play the blame game? Blame it on Rafa for playing David Ngog. Helpless and not fit to play for Liverpool. So you are keeping Torres for what? For him to be really really fit to fight for the 4th place only, isn't it? May be with Aquilani you want to do Keane on him? Sale him back to Roma?

  3. I have nothing but anger in my heart so I must stop before the words I type here could go even worst.

04 December 2009

Blackburn may have hurt Chelsea, but Liverpool can hurt Blackburn too...

  1. Rafa in his espionage language, indicated that Torres may well be paired at last with Gerrard in the match against Blackburn Rovers tomorrow. Rafa has his own reason as to not admitted to anything openly, perhaps for tactical reasons. But why do we need to worry if indeed Torres is playing because when he is that good, not even Vidic or Rio could stopped him. And we're talking about the defenders of Blackburn...

  2. The win against Chelsea can be deemed as a lucky win. Chelsea fielded its 3rd choice players. And as I have noted before, even the 3rd choice for Chelsea is equivalent to multi-million pounds and easily eclipse half of the Blackburn set-up. For this, we should praise Blackburn. Surely, this win will spur them in the match against Liverpool. Or better, that hard-fought match (ended with penalty shots) probably took their energy out and if Liverpool switch on their rapid-bombardment, Blackburn won't have a space to breath.

  3. And the prospect of having Torres return to the starting line-up, means Blackburn definitely will face a turbulent time. They need to have two defenders to stop Torres, thus allowing Gerrard to manoeuvre things as a second striker. And hopefully, Rafa will come to his senses and play Aquilani. C'mon Rafa, we want to see him play.

03 December 2009

The goal belongs to Mascherano, not Yobo

Javier mimicking Manny Pacquiao's jab...

It's okay as long no fingers are involved...

Now he's doing the haka dance... were you a rugby player Javier?

oh nice gesture Javier. Now, pledge to us that you will stay another season... hihihi

Javier Mascherano should be credited for the opening goal in the derby match against Everton. Of course from what we have seen in the TV, Joseph Yobo has a strong reason to be `chosen' as the rightful owner.

But consider this:
  1. If Mascherano didn't give it a shot, do you think there could be any slimmest chance at all?
  2. Motives. Mascherano's shot was a motivated one and deliberate. In a murder case, Mascherano would be indicted on a first degree man slaughter because he has an intention, a motive and deliberate to murder.... errr I mean, to score. Whilst Yobo could get away by claiming he killed the guy in order to protect himself from aggression... So my argument is that Mascherano was deliberate to score, albeit it was bamboozled by Yobo to the left side of the goal...
  3. A clear definition must be read like this: An own goal is: the player kick the ball with such a velocity and awkward to his own net or dribbling the ball from centre-half into his own net... but a deflected one must be deemed as a legitimate goal by the opposing player.

But don't worry Mascherano, even though your name wouldn't be stated in the score sheet, we Will always remember the first goal against Everton in that match as JAVIER MASCHERANO's. No one can take it away from you and us.

02 December 2009


The best against the ogre... That shoe should have been a bit higher...

  1. Ballon d'Or, the award for Europe's player of the year voted by journalists and organised by France Football magazine listed our captain, Steven Gerrard at no.10 and Fernando Torres at no.11. (Yes, salute to Lionel Messi for being selected as the winner this year for his brilliant performances in the final of Champions Cup or perhaps, in beating the Man.U).

  2. Is it correct to say that LFC have only 2 world-class player in Gerrard and Torres? Of course, Ballon d'Or (pronounce simply as Balon Dor, not ``dee-Or'' like some stupid-ever-follow-football pretenders who thinks they can bullshit us at a drinking session with their supposedly highly-accurate analysis!) is voted by the media people, so that is not necessary accurate, at least when it concerns the respective clubs.

  3. So my question is : what about Pepe Reina? Isn't he should be counted one? Well, in a such awards that focus mainly on the one who scores or playmaker, surely goalkeeper is not really the highlight in the menu. Reina is the one keeper for LFC now and the 2nd keeper for Spain, simply because Casillas is at the same age-bracket with Reina so it's quite difficult for Reina to oust him. Unless Casillas broke his arms or something. hahaha

  4. To me, Pepe Reina is undoubtedly one of our world-class player. I'm sure you'll agree...



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...