04 December 2009

Blackburn may have hurt Chelsea, but Liverpool can hurt Blackburn too...

  1. Rafa in his espionage language, indicated that Torres may well be paired at last with Gerrard in the match against Blackburn Rovers tomorrow. Rafa has his own reason as to not admitted to anything openly, perhaps for tactical reasons. But why do we need to worry if indeed Torres is playing because when he is that good, not even Vidic or Rio could stopped him. And we're talking about the defenders of Blackburn...

  2. The win against Chelsea can be deemed as a lucky win. Chelsea fielded its 3rd choice players. And as I have noted before, even the 3rd choice for Chelsea is equivalent to multi-million pounds and easily eclipse half of the Blackburn set-up. For this, we should praise Blackburn. Surely, this win will spur them in the match against Liverpool. Or better, that hard-fought match (ended with penalty shots) probably took their energy out and if Liverpool switch on their rapid-bombardment, Blackburn won't have a space to breath.

  3. And the prospect of having Torres return to the starting line-up, means Blackburn definitely will face a turbulent time. They need to have two defenders to stop Torres, thus allowing Gerrard to manoeuvre things as a second striker. And hopefully, Rafa will come to his senses and play Aquilani. C'mon Rafa, we want to see him play.


Yadayada said...

i've never had the chance to see Aquilani play, hopely it is this weekend

Anonymous said...

me to bro,
Bob from Kuching

Anonymous said...

No aquilani again?I just don't know what happen to Liverpool this season? Jo, by the end of this season, whether Liverpool qualify or not for the Champion League spot, Rafa should go otherwise we may be staring at relegation zone next season. Sacking him now seem to be impossible.
Nothing personal but purely professional...
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

The earlier Rafa goes the better it will be to all genuine Liverpool fans. Rafa in the eyes of true fans is long finished.

Another draw vs Blackburn, eh?..Dont tell me that Liverpool were again unlucky.

Expect Rafa to offer the same boring excuses for the draw. And he will also say that the next game against Arsenal will kickstart our season. It was supposed to be against MU, then against Birmingham, City, Everton and bla bla bla..

We take one step forward only to take two steps backward in the next game. This is Liverpool under Rafa.

Gerrard's 500 appearance for Liverpool wont last long because at the current rate, Lucas and Kuyt will easily surpass his milestone. Gerrard isn't indispensable but Kuyt and Lucas are.

To sum up, there are 3 craps in Liverpool team, Rafa, Lucas and Kuyt. They all should be sold to the lowest bidders!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad but true.

Rafalogists are now losing reality of the truth as the weeks go by. A clean sheet and a draw is seemed as "acceptable, positive and a sign of improvement", just to echo what Rafa says.

In the meantime, Liverpool is drifting further away from the the leading pack and seems to find comfort in mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

In the end we got hurt by, Blackburn...or rather a self-inflicted hurt, masterminded by our very own Senor Benitez.. Ouch, it hurts really bad.

Anonymous said...

~~BTW presently no manager would replace Rafa since Liverpool ain't got money for shopping and naturally no manager would wanna go to Liverpool unless otherwise.

Do not underestimate Blackburn!! Now you see....with this kinda result simply means Liverpool has lost the strength that used to and not good enough to beat Blackburn even with the present of Stevie. Hopefully Liverpool will bounce back and yeah rite I hate when Rafa keep on saying "we have characters~we shown characters bla bla bla..and yet not winning!!

Hardly seen the Italiano after so long!!!Perhaps still not ready to play eh??



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