10 December 2009


  1. COINCIDENCELY, this couple of weeks I have been listening to a lot of Metallica songs. This has got to do with the fact that I have managed to acquire their last year's album, Death Magnetic on a free! You guys should listen to the instrumental Suicide Redemption. It's really upbeat, contrary to the morbid title. And along the way, do listen to the Metallica's MISERY. And that is how I feel now when I look at the Liverpool Football team performances.

  2. Lost 2-1 to Fiorentina and that's it. Liverpool a team of mockery this season. What a season of infamy. A misery. A doom. I don't know I would be as enthusiast as I was when we start our Europa Cup rendezvous soon. I don't know if we can beat teams like Juventus anymore.

  3. And browse through some of the UK online newspaper this morning and there is the story carried by The Daily Mail : Liverpool have targeted Tottenham misfit Roman Pavlyuchenko in a surprise January move which could see Ryan Babel head in the opposite direction as Reds boss Rafa Benitez desperately aims to find a back-up for Fernando Torres.

  4. I wonder if Rednapp has similar fondness toward Babel. hahaha... I couldn't care less at this precise moment. Still very much pissed-off... And Rafa, while you're at it, can you take Lucas, Ngog, Dossena OUT of Anfield too...


zeedean said...

You finally lose your patience with Rafa..I've lost mine weeks ago. I have stop listening to his post game explanation..If such a big club like Liverpool success is based on the fitness of Gerrard and Torres then we are not going to win anything as long as Rafa is in charge. Don't blame the owners. Gus Hiddink is available and it is time for Rafa to go. He spent 20 million pound on an injured player, who has missed more than 12 months of competitive games, and by the time he is available, we have lost almost every important competitions. The players have not responding well to his comments and most likely he has lost the support from his players ala Houllier during his final year at Anfield.

Zul said...

Well said Zeedean. I expect more Liverpool fans to speak out against Rafa. The more excuses Rafa offers, the more fans he will alienate.

I believe more and more fans are becoming disillusioned with Rafa and all his talk. They want to see results and they have bee patint enough to have given him a few seasons to form a team strong enough to have a tilt at the title, season in season out.

Now Rafa is saying that Liverpool will have a fresh start, beginning with the game against Arsenal. He's been saying that since the beginning of the season.

Action speaks louder than words. Fans want to see results and consistency in performance. They dont want Liverpool to dish out rubbish week in, week out.

3 wins in 13/14 matches speaks for itself. It's no longer down to luck as some of us would like to believe.

The sooner we admit that something is seriously wrong with Liverpool, the better it will be for the club to move forward. Otherwise, we might regret it later, by which time it may be too late to do anything.

It's not that we hate Rafa but because we love Liverpool more than anyone/anything else. We dont want the club to be turned into Rafa FC.



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