03 December 2009

The goal belongs to Mascherano, not Yobo

Javier mimicking Manny Pacquiao's jab...

It's okay as long no fingers are involved...

Now he's doing the haka dance... were you a rugby player Javier?

oh nice gesture Javier. Now, pledge to us that you will stay another season... hihihi

Javier Mascherano should be credited for the opening goal in the derby match against Everton. Of course from what we have seen in the TV, Joseph Yobo has a strong reason to be `chosen' as the rightful owner.

But consider this:
  1. If Mascherano didn't give it a shot, do you think there could be any slimmest chance at all?
  2. Motives. Mascherano's shot was a motivated one and deliberate. In a murder case, Mascherano would be indicted on a first degree man slaughter because he has an intention, a motive and deliberate to murder.... errr I mean, to score. Whilst Yobo could get away by claiming he killed the guy in order to protect himself from aggression... So my argument is that Mascherano was deliberate to score, albeit it was bamboozled by Yobo to the left side of the goal...
  3. A clear definition must be read like this: An own goal is: the player kick the ball with such a velocity and awkward to his own net or dribbling the ball from centre-half into his own net... but a deflected one must be deemed as a legitimate goal by the opposing player.

But don't worry Mascherano, even though your name wouldn't be stated in the score sheet, we Will always remember the first goal against Everton in that match as JAVIER MASCHERANO's. No one can take it away from you and us.

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