09 December 2009

LFC vs Fiorentina: Nothing to gain except a win in Anfield

Introducing Ms Michela Quattrociocche, Alberto Aquilani's girlfriend. Michela won't be on the pitch tonight though, perhaps at the directors box watching Aquilani starts the match (at last!)

  1. This is a bit odd. A final game of sort for Liverpool in the running for the last 16 Quarter Finalist to the Champion Cup which has ended about 2 weeks ago. Tonight (very very early morning tomorrow Malaysian time) will only a showpiece of pride that we have to win in order to salvage what is left and the continuance of a dull journey to Europa Cup, soon.

  2. Another footnote is that Rafa at last, promised that he will start Aquilani, a player who has been frequently associated with ``warming-the-seat'' position lately. With this, we have to win, not because we have any chance what so ever but more as a matter of pride. Since it will be played in Anfield, the honour of the stadium must be maintained at all cost. We got to win.

  3. And that win shall boost our morale when we meet the young guns later on Sunday. That school children has a yo-yo performance lately also, but not so bad vis-a-vis Liverpool. If the match against Blackburn should be the barometer, then Liverpool will surely doomed in the hands of the Gunners. So tonight's game has many meaning and bearings. Beat Fiorentina, and the psychology aspect is settled.


Anonymous said...

Another loss, same old story. I fear the worst for our beloved club. Liverpool is in reverse mode. Benitez has run out of ideas.

Okay, it wasn't our full team. but Fiorentina also made 8 changes from the team that beat Liverpool the first time.

Benitez has achieved 2 firsts this time. This is our worst point tally in the group stage of UCL. Also, this is the first time Liverpool lost 2 home games in succession in UCL. Another blemish to the CV of Benitez.

I believe his time is up. Even if he stays on till the end of the season, Liverpool will be a pale shadow of itself. Liverpool may still finish in the top 4 but not because Benitez is an excellent manger but because teams like City, Villa and Spurs are also inconsistent.

Mind you, finishing fourth isnt an achievement, it further highlights the fact that Benitez has wasted 6 years and hundreds of millions in transfer fees.

Houllier also managed to secure a top 4 placing for Liverpool during his 5 year reign. But back then only 2 teams (3 at the most) from England were given UCL berths.

Johardy Ibrahim said...

ok Rafa-Hater,

I concurred. When will you introduce yourself laaa?... so every one's here can get acquanted with you.



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