17 December 2009

LFC 2 Wigan 1 (hmmm... a relief somewhat...)

``Between the two of us, I would be the most likeliest to stay longer here...'' said Gerrard to Rafa.

  1. It was only Liverpool's fourth win in 16 matches and just their second at Anfield since September 26 but it will do much for the team's shaky confidence.

  2. David Ngog scored the first goal. That confirmed his status as a yo-yo or 2nd grade striker because he scored when nobody cares and failed to do so when he is most expected to mark his stature. Of course, we have to compare him with Torres because Ngog is not the ideal striking partner to him.

  3. So there was a news speculating that Liverpool might chance to acquire Ruud van Nistelrooy for a loan. I find it interesting, not only because of his scoring prowess and the fact that he is no longer that young, but Nistelrooy was a Red Devil. Since Ferguson without shame took Michael Owen, this is a good chance for Liverpool to reciprocate. Let their former best striker inflict some more misery onto them. To this, I say welcome Nistelrooy... if ever he thinks Liverpool is still alluring and sexy for him to join at all.

  4. Since the game played at 4am, I doubt if many of us watched it. I didn't bother at all. But this morning is the start of a tough week, not because of the opponents but the week of Christmas where English Premier League won't be having a long holiday.

  5. As for Liverpool, the lists is not that detrimental. They will fight Portsmouth on 19 Dec; Wolveshamptom 26 Dec and Aston Villa 29 Dec. Those three teams are supposed to be in the category of `can be beaten' but due to the current situation at Liverpool, I dare not to be so bold at the moment. But win all three, January should be a new air to breath. Perhaps with Nistelrooy around too. hihihi...

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Khan said...

mascha man of the match and n'gog, who was superb, comes 2nd for me. who needs van nestle when we have ngog la.



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