05 March 2010


Friday, 05 March 2010

  1. We are often too obsessed with team line-ups and quick to blame the manager for not picking Yossi Benayoun or Albert Aquilani that we seldom pause to think the factors behind Rafael Benitez's team selection. In response to this, we explore the evolution of the Reds under him in the last six years.

  2. There are no matchday gatherings this weekend as our league game against Wigan Athletic is on Tuesday morning while the Europa League tie against Lillle is on Friday morning.

  3. But the LSCM have been very much busy on the ground trying to get our second Family Day moving. The event will take place at Padang (1 Utama) on April 11 and we are expecting members to come out in full support for all the activities we have in store.

  4. For starters, we need eight teams for our Mini Futsal Tournament: four for the men's section and two each for women and children.

  5. We also welcome suggestions on alternative activities to make the Family Day - held in conjunction with the Hillsborough Memorial - a lot better and since we know that members are good with ideas, we direct you to cameron@padang.com.my.

  6. The deadline for team registration for the Mini Futsal Tournament is April 3, 2010 and must be confirmed at the email above and the same applies for proposals for the event. Get cracking!

  7. Regards, BOOTROOM BOYS.


  8. You guys who are yet to be a member of LSCM, this is the good time to do so. LSCM has a lot of programmes, not only viewing party but also family-oriented activities such as the family day and futsal matches. Click on the LSCM link in this blog. Then do what you have to do. Register! - utusanLFC

02 March 2010

LFC 2 - Blackburned 1 (Match day 28th Feb)

  1. Yesterday was so hectic that I couldn't find a fine time to post anything here. Due to the shortest month of February, I had to do all the late-payment chores. A Maybank call centre lady called me twice on my credit card. Your payment of RM160 is overdue. And I laugh. She was offended and asked why did I laugh. My reply was - it's only RM160 and yet you waste your time calling me. If you look through my record, I never pay the minimum amount. It's just February and I didn't have a proper timing to do so. Why didn't I use the online? There's another side of the story. Never mind. hahaha

  2. Regardless of what Allardice said and what Rafa have replied, I think the match itself is one of the best we ever seen the squad play this season. Simply because we have all the 1st 11. We have Gerrard, Torres, Benayoun, Kuyt at the front. Though Mascherano was positioned at the right back, I didn't really noticed it. While he was in the middle, he did his job with the same vigour. I thank God that Mascherano is in our team.

  3. Now that we have about 10 games left or less, apparently we have to win all of it to ensure the last spot to the Champions League. Man.City is doing well, same goes to Hotspur. another threat is Aston Villa. The dark horses would be Everton. If Torres stays fit and soon Johnson will be back, then we have the perfect idea of our main strike force. Perhaps, we shall achieve that target. Though Man.United is next, very soon.



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The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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