28 February 2009


  1. Utusan Malaysia today carry the photo of the Malaysian beautiful Queen, Her Majesty Tuanku Nur Zahirah on the front page. Her Royal Highness officiated the Malaysian Craft Fair at Harrods in London. The owner Mohammed Al-Fayed (owner of Fulham FC...) attended the event.

  2. Look at the photo, the Royal Malaysian Queen is surely stunning! Wearing a pink colour dress, with some Batik Flower and Songket motives. Wow!

  3. I'm sure the Brits felt the same and easily mesmerized the world with her look. Surely our King, Tuanku Zainal Abidin is a proud husband. And we're proud to have you, Tuanku Nur Zahirah.

  4. Her Royal Highness surely created a buzz in the fashion world with her modern Muslim's dress. Stunning, contemporary yet full of grace. I'm not that fluent in fashion language but I say, Her Royal Highness has scored 10 in my book.

27 February 2009

Boro vs LFC 11pm 28th Feb 2009

  1. OF COURSE, the echo from Bernabeu's triumph still blazing on our ears and our hearts. But we have to return to earth before tomorrow night (Malaysian time) because Middlesborough is the type of teams that we SHOULD crushed easily, after demolishing such a mighty Real Madrid.

  2. Some say it ain't over yet with Real. That's when you see it from CL mode of matches. You have to play home & away then the ones with most advantages can go to the next round. I prefer at this point, simply to cherish the valuable and shocking win at Bernabeu. The bastion of the Spanish giant. May be as big as Odd Dreadfort in Manure. This reminds me how we beat Barcelona when the bet was 100 to 1 Liverpool will be beaten. The same goes here. Everybody thought Raul will butcher us. It didn't happened. It won't happened in Anfield.

  3. Tomorrow night game is second top plays second bottom. Middlesbrough chase their first win in 15 Premier League games, against a Liverpool side on a 15 match unbeaten league sequence. Only Manchester United match that, but they have drawn just two games and picked up 41 points over that period, whereas the Reds have drawn eight, and picked up just 29 points.

  4. Both clubs were victorious on Wednesday night; Liverpool 0-1, away to Real Madrid in the Champions League, while 'Boro knocked West Ham out of the FA Cup with a 2-0 win at the Riverside. The Reds have won three times as many league games as their North-East opponents (15 to five); Middlesbrough have conceded twice as many Premier League goals as their Merseyside competitors (36 to 18).

  5. Liverpool are looking for three Premier League points on Teesside for the first time since a 1-2 victory on 16 March 2002, when Emile Heskey and John Arne Riise scored for the Reds, and Gareth Southgate replied for 'Boro.

  6. Boro surely has talented players, i.e Afonso Alves, Jeremie Aliadiere, Tuncay, Robert Huth. The only way they can steal a point against Liverpool is do the STOKE CITY. Parked the whole 10 players in front of the goal, and one man up front. But playing at home, Riverside... Boro have to attack. And this is where Liverpool perhaps, can take an advantage out of it.

  7. Not really sure who will be fielded, in particular those who were the first 11 in Madrid. Reports said that Torres is a doubter. There's no Robbie Keane. May be Babel again or David Ngog. I don't think Gerrard is fully fit so he won't be playing full time. At the back, may be Agger and Hyppia will be lined-up and in the middle, the famous Lucas Leiva is next as he played for a mere minutes in Madrid. I'm sure many of you will be anxious to see the Brazilian blonde play. hehehe....

  8. I do hope our brilliant Yossi will be given another start. He won't disappoint us.

source : BBC Sports

26 February 2009



  1. LIVERPOOL 1 - REAL MADRID 0 at Bernabeu. Champions League. This is only 1st half. We have won it and we need to seal it at Anfield, in 2 weeks. CHERISH IT FOR NOW. Nothing feels better when you sacrifice your golden sleep in the raining night here in Malaysia. I only woke up at 11.30am just now. Will be going to work at 2pm. But I feel like to come in earlier because I just got a bragging rights. hahaha...

  2. True to the core when Carragher said the team could win the game even without Stevie G and Torres, when Kuyt was wrestled to the ground by Heinze to enable the beautiful crossed from the ensuing free-kick by Aurelio which was connected by a heading by the smallest player in the penalty box... Yossi Benayoun.

  3. This fella is a gem. He should be getting more playing time. The only reason that I can think of when Rafa didn't play him is because to protect him from the physical opponent. But again, that would be a terrible mistake since Benayoun is a clever player who can zigzag the fullbacks into foolbacks... Benayoun gets my vote for Best Player Of The Match. Not because of his goal only but overall performances. Salute.

  4. And bro Zaidi, tak salah sokong Yahudi - yang main bola dengan team kesayangan kita. Yang salah, sokong zionis. hahaha....

  5. Tactically, it was spot-on by Rafa. I didn't really worried when he played Torres alone at the front. Knowing very well, Rafa is on the defence mode and having wide players, one of the game plan is to stop that former Chelsea actor, Arjen Robben from penetrating the back. It worked quite well aside than a couple speculative kick from the bald man from Holland. It seems that Arjen is still playing very much like he was in Chelsea. Full of play-acting. Each time he was touched, he jumped like a scalded cat and then hobbled. Every time football's status as a contact sport was reaffirmed by Liverpool's tacklers, Robben turned it into a street crime. Surely he'll get a ``warm'' reception when he came to Anfield, soon.

  6. Tactically also, the team was instructed to regroup ASAP. Thus stifled Real's most potent striker and supposedly a legend, Raul Gonzalez. He failed to kick a decent try to our goal post. And when counter-attacking, such set-pieces is the main agenda of the day to win the game. Rafa was spot-on. Though a goalless draw is not bad at all, considering Real Madrid fine form of 9 wins prior to last night meeting, while Liverpool was dejected by Man. City a few days ago.

No way in for Raul. Not when you have Carra to block every balls.

25 February 2009


  1. It definitely would be fun to watch that Real Madrid line-up are less-Spanish and Liverpool squad is more-Spanish than Real or should we spell it Re-yal?

  2. Re-yal ...errr... Real appears to be more confident coming into the game. They scored 6 goals over the previous weekend. That's the reason for the cockiness. While The Kops failed to crush Man.City. So most of the armchair analyst and bookmaker prefer Real, based on the latest performance. So be it.

  3. Nothing feels better when you come as an underdog. Though who ever dares to look down on Liverpool must be a naive baboons, considering the Kop's performance in the Champion League is totally a different matter during the course of a season. They might flounder in the Worth-Nothing Carling Cup, kick in the stomach just 2 minutes to penalty in the FA Cup and registered its centurion draw in the BPL... but mind you, CL is where Liverpool is totally a different animal.

  4. For those who have blanketed your mind that Liverpool will not win any title this season, I hope you will repent. There still enough momentum for LFC to win one of the cup or both this season. All you have to do is remain a believer. If you can't, just shut-up. Keep your distorted pessimistic minds to yourself. hahaha...

  5. So try to sleep a bit and wake up at 2.45am tonight. For those who don't remember, please make an arrangement so that you won't have to go to work tomorrow. hehehe

24 February 2009


  1. We had about 3 hours to shop yesterday before going to the Phuket International Airport. Funny, one of the places that we decided not to miss was the shopping mall. A colleague from TV3 quipped that why go there when we have so many in KL? My answer is sometimes, you want to find branded items. I don't want to divulge that the branded items I am looking for is the adidas boutique. And we found one at Central Shopping Mall. Quite big. May be the same size with the old wing of 1 Utama. There were many sports boutique, including the supposedly-bankrupt Manure's shop, well at least in Thai it seems fine.

  2. And I bought the t-shirt (above photo) showing a Foosball motives and a certain player wearing no.5. It costs me 1,190 bath (approximately RM118). A bit pricey than over here. But I want to have something to remember about my trip to Phuket. Don't expect me to wear those PHUKET logos on my T. Just not really that kind of a guy! hahaha...

  3. Based on my quick survey, the jersey is slightly cheap (I'm referring to the licenced items. sold in the adidas boutique). May be because it is made locally in Thailand. Unlike ours which are imported from China/ Hong Kong. The price is 2590 bath (RM258) as compared to al-ihsan or adidas that close to RM300. No I didn't bought one because I have the Padang Besar version.

  4. So Khan, you see... I didn't get you any because it is simply more economical if we get the Padang Besar version. It is RM25 only. Nobody would care if you're wearing ori or not. In my case, jersey I go for Padang Besar. T-shirts I go for the ori. Because I can wear that a bit longer, without fear about the sponsors issue on my chest and it won't get out-dated, fashionably speaking.

This is the back. Guess, who is the No.5 the picture is depicting?

Dark hair... hmmm it could be Alonso... Reina? Benayoun ...

At the tip of the shirt, just to ensure you that this T-shirt is not meant to be tucked-in.

23 February 2009


Ok I have a confession. I didn't watch the game tonight.


  1. We finished our work at about 9pm and the four of us headed to town for a good dinner. At 10.30pm, the other three `coaxed' me not to return to hotel, instead go for a walk again at Bangla Street, Patong. The first night, it was done in such a hurry because there were too many of us. Tonight, it's only four and we control the pace.

  2. So from across the road, I glanced from time to time at the loud bar showing the game. I saw the 0-1 before we took off. From where I stay (Laguna) to Patong, it's roughly 22 km and the journey is about 30 mins because of the hills and narrow roads.

  3. By the time I reach my room, the game was over and I had to rely to the Net. Much to my amusement, Daily Sport show 0-1 and my heart is sinking. Then I check The Sun, it showed 1-1. Damned stupid online news that failed to update on time.

  4. Ok so now we're 6 points apart from Manure. Meiguren will remind us to have faith. I'm with you, bro!

  5. Tomorrow will be no posting from me. In the morning, there will be the last sight seeing trip over the island. For the last 3 days, all we see was darkness at sea and bright neon's, loud noise in the town. Perhaps, day light would shed a better view of this beautiful island.

  6. Good night. Please don't be mad with the Liverpool lousy result. I am quite lucky when I decided to follow my friends persuasion and spare me the broken hearted scenario. hehehe... I love Phuket!

22 February 2009


We're stuck at no.5, so I have to resign.... yeahhh so we think...

  1. I was walking along Bangla Street in Patong last night, as the game between Arsenal vs Sunderland were under way. The whole time it was 0-0. I didn't realised until this morning that the number remains. hahaha... pity those school children. They blew it BIG TIME this season. It would hard for them to dispose Villa at no.4.

  2. Based on the bias-UK media report, the highlight of the game was the Russian player, Arshavin. what a bollocks. If it's Liverpool, the title would be... Rafa is next to get chopped! But because of their love towards the so-called beautiful game (yet failed miserably) of Arsenal, their re-routed the angles and focus on Arshavin, instead. It was another pity because Arshavin who was touted to be the saviour, couldn't score against a lowly team of Sunderland. But still for the bias UK media, Arshavin was impressive.

  3. Impressive my toots... impressive if he scores. But he didn't. What is so impressive about that? Arsenal need goals to win. They cannot afford to be impressive the whole season but lingering at no.5 in the table. My point is : the whole UK media are pathetic with the way they write about Arsenal. Bias.

  4. And Manure continues to advance. It's their peak week. By March 14th, they'll know who Liverpool really is.

21 February 2009

Here comes Crazy Bellamy

  1. Remember above photo? Yes. That crazy Bellamy had a good golfing game with Risse on the eve of Barcelona game. Both ended as the match winner and both assisted each other for the goals. Crazy isn't it? But tomorrow night, Bellamy will be coming over to Anfield with Man. City. It was a brief spell at Aston Villa for him.

  2. Do you fancy Bellamy will wreck havoc at our back line? Do you think Carra would stop, dropped him easily? Bellamy didn't get too much when the last time he came to Anfield but the result was a bit disappointing for us.

  3. Bellamy is one of those former Liverpool player that wouldn't have any effect on me. I never like him to join us, in the first place. He's style of playing... albeit fast & furious but with his whining and complaining... it reminds me of one character who I play with every week and I make it a point not to be in the same team with him. When he is on the opposite side, he can complaint about me and my answer is to step up my robust playing. Then he'll get more agitated and I'll play harder and won't let him dribble because I will just body contact him to the ground.

  4. That is the way to disrupt Bellamy's game. He may be effective but he is easily distracted. He loves to complain and could be one who got the most yellow cards for dissent.

P/S : And Robinho's factor makes the game tomorrow night more alluring and determined me not to go to Patong and I will be watching the game in my room (and not beach bar...) Why should I go to beach bar when my room is so luxury. I shall take a few more photos of the room and show to you guys what I meant! All I need is peanuts, snacks and a bottle of coke and my football night would be perfect with the imminent win against Man City. You're with me? yeahhh baby!

20 February 2009


Dear guys,

I'm now in Phuket. Yeah baby!

  1. Well, I was ordered to come here at about 5pm on Thursday and after settling my nerves (because tonight is supposed to be my weekly futsal night!!!!), I brace myself for the worst. The office asked me if I wanted to go on a 9.30am flight which I flatly refused because I haven't got any subsistence allowances from the office. No way I want to use my own money! So my flight was 6pm from KLIA and arrived here at 6.15pm (deduct 1 hour as Thai's time is an hour later).

  2. I'm here to cover a special ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting. Malaysia is represented by our Prime Minister designated, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Tomorrow will be a long day and the D-Day is on Sunday. Me and my colleagues are looking forward for Monday when everything is finished.

  3. Wisma Putra put us all in one place, Laguna Holiday Club. It's a posh hotel apartment and the rate is 10,000 bath (roughly RM1,000 per night). Luckily all the expenses are paid by the office. hahaha.... And the most important thing is that this hotel has the 2 vital TV channels - ESPN & Star Sport. Oh my God, what a relief. Yeah Sunday evening, I won't be going to Patong. I'll be watching the LFC vs Man City.

  4. Well, we found out that Laguna Holiday Club Phuket Resort is situated about 20 miles from Patong and the taxi fares is exhuberent... 600 bath a trip. So we decided to take our dinner in the hotel and then returned to our luxurious room. We still have time to discover Phuket.

  5. Ok, this is all for now. Catch you guys tomorrow. Though I know most of you doesn't switch on the Internet during the weekend. Never mind.

ROBINHO vs Liverpool 22 Feb 2009

Liverpool take on Manchester City, eager for the victory which would see them stay in touch with leaders Manchester United in their quest to prevent the defending Premier League champions from equalling their record of 18 English top-flight titles.
Manchester City travel to Anfield in search of a 1,200th victory in top-flight football.
The Reds are unbeaten in 14 Premier League matches and are yet to lose at home in any competition this season; the Citizens have only won one away league game all season, and have lost the last two on the road.
Liverpool are unbeaten in seven Premier League matches against Manchester City, and vying for a third successive victory.
Distance between the clubs: 36 miles (59 kilometres)

Going into this round of matches: 2nd 54 points
1. Won seven and drawn seven of 14 Premier League matches, since losing 2-1, away to Tottenham on 1 November; their only defeat in 32 league games.
2. The current total of 54 points after 25 games is 10 points up on last season, and their best ever corresponding accumulation in a Premier League season. It is their most fruitful return for 18 seasons, since the 1990-91 campaign when they were runners-up.
3. Third in the Premier League's "Last Six Current Form" table with 12 points out of 18, trailing Manchester United (18) and Aston Villa (16).
4. Drawn all five league matches in which they have failed to score.
5. Won six and drawn six of their 12 fixtures against clubs currently in the top-half.
6. Undefeated in 23 home league games; won 16 and drawn seven since Manchester United's 0-1 triumph at Anfield on 16 December 2007 - their only defeat in 35 league games on home turf.
7. Won seven and drawn two of their nine North-West league derbies this season, and not lost in 12. Won the 10 regional derbies after a 3-0 defeat away to Manchester United on 23 March 2008, and drawn the most recent two.
8. A trip to Spain to face Real Madrid in the Champions League follows this on Wednesday.

Going into this round of matches: 9th 31 points
1. Won four of seven Premier League games; lost two of the last three.
2. 10 points down on this same stage last season, when in the top seven.
3. Won all seven league games in which clean sheets have been kept, and lost all six matches in which they've failed to score.
4. Without a victory in 10 Premier League games on the road; drawn four and lost six since defeating Sunderland 0-3 at the Stadium of Light on 31 August; they're only away league win of the season.
5. Lost eight of the last 11 against 'Big Four' clubs; their only successes being victories at Manchester United on 10 February and home to Arsenal on 22 November last year.
6. Picked up one victory from the last 12 North-West league derbies; 1-0, home to Wigan on 17 January.
7. Not won in the North-West, away from the City of Manchester Stadium, since the trip to Old Trafford on 10 February last year.
8. The home leg of their Uefa Cup last 32 tie with FC Copenhagen follows this, on Thursday.

Squad profiles
Jose REINA and Jamie CARRAGHER are the only remaining players to have been on the field for every minute of every one of Liverpool's Premier League matches this season.
Steven GERRARD is the club's top Premier League scorer with nine goals.
Fernando TORRES, who's scored three goals in his last two Premier League appearances for Liverpool, has also netted three in three against Manchester City.
If selected:-
Fabiano AURELIO will be making his 50th Premier League appearance - all for Liverpool.
If on the field from the outset:-
GERRARD will be making his 300th Premier League start - all for the Reds.
Albert RIENA was on loan to Manchester City from Espanyol for five months from the beginning of 2006.
Suspended:- Xabi ALONSO (one match)

Squad profiles
ROBINHO is the club's top Premier League scorer with 11 goals.
Shaun WRIGHT-PHILLIPS is a hat-trick shy of 50 club career goals (Nottingham Forest, Manchester City and Chelsea). ?

Liverpool are bidding for a sixth successive home league win over Manchester City.
City have recorded only one Premier League victory over Liverpool at Anfield from their 11 visits. Nicolas Anelka scored both goals, one from the spot, in a 1-2 triumph on 3 May 2003.
The Citizens' most recent victory over the Reds was 1-0 at the City of Manchester Stadium on 9 April 2005 when Kiki Musampa scored the winner in stoppage time.
Manchester City inflicted on Liverpool a club record home league defeat, when beating them 1-6 on Merseyside on 26 October 1929.
Liverpool's 2-3 victory at the City of Manchester Stadium in October, gives them the chance of wrapping up a second double over City in four seasons.

The six meetings prior to the five-goal clash four months ago, included two goalless draws, and four 1-0's.
Home and awayLeague (inc PL): Liverpool 74 wins, Man City 37, Draws 34Prem: Liverpool 12 wins, Man City 3, Draws 8
at Liverpool onlyLeague (inc PL): Liverpool 45 wins, Man City 13, Draws 14Prem: Liverpool 9 wins, Man City 1, Draws 1

source : BBC Sports

19 February 2009


  1. Last night, Manure beat Fulham 3-0. Poor Fulham. The result means Manure has the advantage of 5 points and 1 game yet to play. Thus the cockiness shown by majority of UK newspaper. Some had come up with an article comparing who are Liverpool players that can fit in the Manure squad.

  2. I didn't read the article. I just saw the headlines. A glance through, I know the writer wanted to say, Manure is on the way to be the English Champion for the 19th time, equalling Liverpool. Because, Manure had a better personnel than Liverpool. What a bull-leftovers.

  3. On the same note, Sir Alex teased Chelsea claiming Gus Hiddink won't be able to help them to win the title and it was a mistake to let go Scolari. Wow... Sir Alex is sooooo huge that he can take a poke at anyone.

  4. But when Rafa retaliated, Rafa was called `losing his plot'. What a good combination between the London-based newspapers who favours Manure, and condemned every opponent, in particular Liverpool Football Club. So all the Kops, let them be.

  5. The whole comedy is added with Arsene Wenger's admission that Arsenal is no longer a title contender (at last!... they realised what we have been laughing loudly all the way back in November 2008) and the title now belongs to Manure. You silly French! You can surrender your fight anytime to anyone but don't simply say things that is prejudice! hahaha....

  6. Come May, you'll be one of those idiots in the UK media that will have to suck their own spits.

18 February 2009


The high performance nature of this vehicle continues on the outside with a newly designed front bumper that gives the Neo a lower and more aggressive stance.

I can't remember it clearly, but it was my girlfriend's then (now she's my wife laaa...) owns the 1st generation of Proton Satria 1.3 liter. The different then was the plate number was situated on the rear bumper (very much Mitsubishi Mirage) before it was changed to the boot area. My brother-in-law souped-up the car in Ipoh with all the front bumper look like a viper, plus the side-skirting and rear top spoiler. After wear and tear (actually one motorcycle hit the left door at Kampung Baru) then the front bumper's clip fell-off after a knock, I eventually replace the front bumper to a normal one. Then only I realised, I stopped getting those stares ... be it from the motorist alike and most importantly, those authorities in white and blue.

We sold the Satria in 2002 and replaced it with Waja before I got rid of it in 2008 for Isuzu D-Max. Way, way off from the normal Proton lineage. Well, I wanted an MPV. Proton didn’t have any up til now. We know the name for Proton MPV is Exora. We saw the photo of it on the front page of Utusan on 28 Jan 2009. It would be a good investment. The price I was told is RM75,800 for the hi-line and RM70,800 for the M-line. I supposed Exora would be launch in April, when the new Prime Minister comes in. But lets get back to Satria Neo CPS.

Last Friday the 13th, I attended the launched of the facelifted Satria Neo which is fitted now with its new engine Campro CPS. The launch gambit was fun. All the motoring journo were given a chance to try it out on the small parking space at Subang's APAC. It was a darned hot afternoon but because it is a job (and the article will be out in Utusan Malaysia this Saturday), I have to brave the weather.

The Proton Satria is arguably the best known model Proton has ever made, thanks in part to the iconic Satria 1.8 Gti. With the Proton Satria Neo CPS, Proton hopes to rekindle the spirit of performance that the Gti provided to many performance driving enthusiasts.

This new Satria Neo CPS will run the latest engine in the Proton line-up, the 1.6 litre Campro CPS. This engine utilizes two ingenious technologies, CPS (Cam Profile Switching) and VIM (Variable Intake Manifold technology), to give higher power outputs and rapid response, whilst maintaining a fuel efficient delivery.

According to Proton, these two technologies give the best of both worlds by combining the characteristics of two different engines in one compact package. The usual reduction in torque caused by high-lift cams is offset by the long intake runner, whilst the short runner works by helping the engine generate more power at higher speeds.

All this technology translates to 120PS at 6,500 rpm, and 150Nm at 4500 rpm, giving the Satria Neo CPS, one of the most powerful engines in its segment. This power increase doesn’t come at the expense of the environment as this new engine meets the latest European emission regulations.

Awesome backpage of Satria Neo... the rear top wing is soooo... awesome!

On the inside, the Satria Neo CPS features a Lotus Motorsport inspired minimalist Interior Design now enhanced with a sporty red and black leather upholstery and door inserts. The interior finishing is further enhanced by a new leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.

The built-in dash mounted Blaupunkt CD Radio player can also handle MP3 music, which is perfect for entertaining the driver and passengers played through a 4 speaker stereo system.

Automatic transmision. Look at the design.

Manual transmision. I prefer the auto version knob.

Leather all-around the steering, giving the grip more fulfilling handling.

Since it is a standard feature now in the CPS, you guys Mat Motor don't have to fork out money to replace your office seat.

Inside those Gti inspired flared arches sit low profile continental tyres on new 16” rims specially designed for the Satria Neo CPS.

Like its famous predecessor, the Satria Gti, the Satria Neo CPS proudly features that now familiar Lotus tuned ride and handling package that makes for an exciting yet safe drive for the driving enthusiast.

All round disc brakes with ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD(Electronic Brake Distribution) ensure all that performance can be reined in safely when the need arises. Twin airbags and front seat belt pre-tensioners are also standard with a 3 way collapsible steering column providing greater occupant safety. Everything is packaged within a sturdy body with liberal use of high-tensile steel for increase body rigidity and structural crashworthiness. The Satria Neo CPS meets all European Safety standards.

The Satria Neo CPS is priced at RM57,800(OTR) for manual transmission and RM60,800(OTR) for the automatic transmission and comes in two handsome colours, solid white and tranquility black.


ok... nobody got flip-off... I did a decent 29 seconds... average is 20 seconds. hahaha....

17 February 2009

On Voronin We Depart

Do you fancy this t-shirt? I hope non-footballers wouldn't think 1892 is my birth year! Believed it or not, this T only cost me RM25. Good bargain huh? ...

  1. Yesterday we had a good discussion on Lucas. Well, the chief writer for our main club LSCM suggested that we should give Lucas more time to establish himself.

  2. Today let's ponder on Andriy Voronin. Apparently when he left, it was not on a permanent basis. That's why we still hear news from him all the way from German.

  3. The Ukrainian is on a season-long loan deal from the Anfield club and scored twice in the 2-1 win over Bayern Munich at the weekend which sent Hertha top of the Bundesliga. That made Bayern really pissed-off. Deep down they realised, Hertha had a loan-striker and he is still very much a Liverpool personnel.

  4. Actually, prior to his goals, Voronin stole my attention with the cheeky news. He was quoted as saying `he can be a good Keane replacement'. Pity him.

  5. In my opinion, Voronin is one of the mysterious player picked by the ever-mysterious manager, Rafa. What I tried to understand then was, Rafa didn't have sufficient money to get who he wanted. Voronin came in as a free agent. As weird as his pony-tail hair, I believed many of us didn't take on him instantly. Though, a few goals here and there, proves that Voronin can really shoot a thunderous kick. Unfortunately, he didn't really made an impact.

  6. The latest news report says that after his winning goals against Bayern, the management of Hertha has started the talk with Voronin's agent to make the transfer permanent. I wish him good luck and that should end those weird story emanating from German.

16 February 2009

Loathing Lucas by NANTHA KUMAR

Lucas performed really well during the demolition of Newcastle...

This has not been a good season for Lucas Leiva - to say the least as some of you might put it - as he contends with all that hissing amongst Liverpool supporters and insults hurled at him.

Lucas was our first signing for Season 2007/08 at £6 million and Rafael Benitez predicted that the midfielder will be challenging for the first team in Season 2008/09.

Niggling injuries which has been a constant feature of his nascent career with Liverpool as well as Brazil - have impeded his growth.

When called upon to make an impact, however, Lucas is widely seen as having failed to do so. figure? How could a player who had captained Brazil’s youngest player ever to be awarded magazine’s Bola de Ouro (Golden Ball) - an accolade once bestowed upon the likes of Zico to Kaka - and led his side to victory in the South American Youth Championship 2007 descended to the status of hate figure at Anfield?

Lucas’ credentials are beyond question here. He offers the type of versatility that only Steven Gerrard is capable of providing. Lucas is equally adept at playing in defensive and attacking roles, with an eye for goal.

His performance in the 5-1 mauling of Newcastle United in December - when he combined devastatingly with Gerrard - was hailed by even our critics as one of the most influential by any Liverpool player this term.

But the treatment that has been dished out to Lucas by Liverpool supporters here and in England is disgraceful. Not many remember that he is only 22 and chanting for the introduction of Xabi Alonso as our fellow Reds did at Fulham while not giving Lucas a chance to justify his inclusion would do more damage to his self-confidence.

He is already up against it: Brazilians have hardly set the Premiership alight and all those injuries meant less time for Lucas to adjust properly to meet the high demands of league football.

The penalty that he gave away to allow Wigan Athletic to steal a point off us and the red card in the FA Cup defeat to Everton has deepened his unpopularity.

But what do we have to lose to afford him the benefit of the doubt when he is back against Manchester City?

+ Nantha Kumar is the main writer for WALK ON : The e-newsletter of the Liverpool Supporters Club Malaysia (LSCM) www.lscm.com.my

14 February 2009


KETIKA memperkenalkan varian terbaru Suzuki Grand Vitara, berita mengejutkan tapi menggembirakan daripada Suzuki Malaysia Automobiles ialah harganya hanya RM109,900 (tanpa insurans) atau RM113,900 dengan insurans. Ini penurunan kira-kira RM30,000 berbanding harga sebelum ini.

Tidak pula bermakna Grand Vitara ini sudah dipasang tempatan (CKD) yang menikmati kadar cukai lebih rendah atau suatu gimik untuk melupuskan stok lama. Sebaliknya ia adalah Grand Vitara yang diimport sepenuhnya (CBU) dari Jepun.

Perbezaannya ialah varian ini menggunakan pacuan dua roda atau 4x2, menjadikannya lebih murah berbanding varian yang memiliki sistem pacuan empat roda (4x4). Roda pacuannya hanya pada roda belakang dan sekali gus membezakan ia dari model lain seperti Hyundai Tucson 2WD yang menggunakan pacuan roda depan.

Syarikat-syarikat pengeluar kenderaan telah mengenal pasti kecenderungan pelanggan yang tidak semuanya memerlukan pacuan empat roda tetapi mahukan sebuah kenderaan utiliti sports (SUV) kerana rupa dan paras duduk yang tinggi, terutama SUV bersaiz sederhana. Sistem pacuan 4x2 menawarkan kelebihan daripada segi penjimatan berat, penggunaan minyak yang rendah dan tentunya, harga atas jalan yang lebih murah.

Model terbaru yang dipertingkatkan ini bukan sahaja mengalami beberapa perubahan luaran, malah beberapa ruang dalaman turut diberi nafas baru yang lebih bergaya.

Perubahan beberapa ciri luaran berjaya meningkatkan penampilan Grand Vitara di jalan raya, selain mengangkat reputasinya dalam segmen SUV.

Antara perubahan terbaru yang dijangka menarik perhatian adalah padanan dwi-warna, rekaan bamper hadapan bergaya, rim 17 inci dan brek cakera belakang.

Selain itu, ruang dalaman turut mengalami perubahan seperti paparan meter pelbagai fungsi, punat kawalan hawa dingin rekaan baru dan salutan fabrik terkini.

Enjin yang digunakan dalam varian ini ialah enjin DOHC J20A 4-silinder dengan kapasiti 1,994 c.c. yang menawarkan kuasa 138 kuasa kuda pada 5,900 revolusi per minit (rpm) dan kuasa terjahan (tork) 183 Newton meter pada 4,300rpm. Ia menggunakan transmisi automatik empat kelajuan.

Grand Vitara 2.0L ini tidak ubah seperti varian menggunakan 4x4 sepenuhnya. Cuma terdapat penambahbaikan dalam kabin seperti penggunaan warna hitam dan perak pada papan pemuka.

Secara umumnya, ia sama dengan varian 4x4 dari segi sistem audio yang boleh memainkan enam cakera padat dan keupayaan MP3/WMA serta butang kawalan pada roda stering.

Generasi ketiga Grand Vitara ini mempunyai badan monokoq ringan yang dibina unik, yang diistilahkan oleh Suzuki sebagai 'Kerangka Tangga Yang Dibina Dalam'. Pengukuhan strategik di dalam kerangka tersebut menambah baik keseluruhan kekuatan badan tanpa menambahkan berat. Ini mewujudkan kekuatan yang diperlukan semasa membelok serta menikmati sepenuhnya sistem gantungan bebas semua roda yang mengandungi strut MacPherson di depan dan sistem gantungan pelbagai-rangkaian di belakang.

Sistem breknya menggunakan cakera dengan teknologi standard ABS, EBD dan juga Bantuan Brek (BA). Terdapat juga dua beg udara di depan.

Suzuki Malaysia juga menawarkan dua pakej aksesori iaitu pertama, kerusi sarung kulit dan filem cermin gelap (RM5,000) manakala yang kedua ialah sistem navigasi carnavi bernilai RM6,888.00.

Terdapat lima warna yang ditawarkan iaitu Bluish Black Pearl, Graphite Grey, Pearl White, Silky Silver and Azure Grey.

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  1. It was the second time last night when about 19 guys show up for our weekly futsal. We only have 1 hour to really accommodate all. So we agreed the system of 6 minutes or 2 goals winner. In the event of a draw, a one-step penalty is applied. That made the Saturday night game always frantic and full of competitiveness. Every one wants to play a bit longer. My team didn't really do well. We were beaten by the long-shots. If I'm not mistaken... about 3 games we lost because of long-shots. (Shots that were taken from across the opponent team with strikes laden with venom!)

  2. Thus the situation pushed me to play hard and return to my normal position at the back. That's where some of my guys (of opposition) muttered the word... it's gonna be a dread situation. Because instead of playing at the front, pretending to be Torres... I would be pretending to be Carragher when I'm at the back! Of course, upon clearing the balls I won't be using Messi's technique but seriously Carragher's. I would steal the ball with my left foot and bang it away with my right one. And using my physics to body-contact the opponents which most of the time I would prevail !

  3. The key-word is that no matter how hard and vicious my style of football, it has to be done correctly and `with grace'. Meaning, I have to ensure the opponent won't get hurt because of my play. The most is small bruises or sometimes they might crash onto the gates. I once scolded an opponent for tackling (skidding) my frontman. I said it loudly that he could injured him. Of course, he was apprehensive but who cares. Someone got to say it. And I think it's better be me because I don't want someone tackling me on a futsal pitch. The injury risk is greater than playing on the normal pitch. You can block the kick but never do the Masherano on the futsal pitch. After all, the weekly game is meant for fun. The competitiveness is welcome but it shouldn't be taken as if it's a real competition.

  4. On the same note, I do get involved from time to time with some competition for my organisation, in particular the inter-departmental games and inter-media tournaments. It always pissed me off when the opposition or my own players goes for serious kicking and hurting somebody, be it deliberate or not. They say it is difficult to differentiate if a kick on your shin is intentional or otherwise. Yes I agree. But my point is : we're not a professional footballers. On Sunday we play, on Monday we have to show up in the office. Do you want to ruin your working days with a limping foot? So my advice would be, play with your heads. If we win, so we win. If we lose, so be it. We can try again next year. We don't need injuries.

  5. But in the inter-media tournament, the most weird team would be TV3 and NST. These two teams are famous for bust-up. As long as I can remember during my participation, they either had a bust-up with each other or with other people. Fortunately, when we play NST a couple of years back, we didn't have problems. Probably when the two of us met, it was already in the semi-finals and that was like the 5th game of the day for both. Tiredness and the hot sun, didn't really motivate us to really go for the kill. In fact, my instruction to my players (I played left back) is just to finish the game without conceding any and may be get some lucky break in the counter attack. The game ended 0-0. NST advance because of the goal margin. Me and my team were quite happy because now we can go back to take shower and may be a quick nap. I remember I tackled my good old friend, Ramlan Said. He's problem was that he didn't put on his shinguard. He tried to break away from me but my Carragher methods managed to stop him. Of course my left foot hit his right shin and I send him kissing the green! And he thought he got a free-kick. Sorry Ramlan, I got the ball first, then your foot come second. hihihi.... Sorry bro. Unintentional!

12 February 2009

sPAIN 2 - England 0 ( WHAT'S NEW?)

Anybody have that No.5 as your defender, will regret the decision... aren't you, Mr Capello?

  1. Honestly I didn't watch the game. Honestly, I couldn't be bothered. Honestly, I prefer sleep. Honestly, Spain is way too good for any team at the moment. This is a team of the day. 29 games without defeat. A splendid record for a national team. Considering Euro 2008 was the first and only championship they have ever won, makes it more alluring.

  2. After studying the team sheet, obviously Spain is a mini-Liverpool. 2 players started the game, Mr Xabi Alonso and Mr Fernando Torres. Then in the 2nd half, came in Pepe Reina and Alvaro Arbeloa. The 5th player who wasn't fielded was Albierto Riera. A total of 5. So when they play for club level, Liverpool is considered mini-Spain. Unique proportion, isn't it?

  3. From the news report, apparently it was the mistakes of one Phil Jagielka that prompted David Villa to score the first goal. Jagielka of Everton, if you remember was the instrumental baboon in the small-club defence against The Kops. That is one of the major reason he was selected by the English manager. What a throw-back, huh Capello? A lousy defender you got there? hahaha... You should try harder to persuade Mr Jamie Carragher to return to the national team, instead of that small-club personnel.

  4. Now if you inherently noticeable, there was many headlines carrying Liverpool's former players. ``Keane at the double to rescue Irish'', ``Bellamy bust-up in Portugal as Wales slip''... These two characters both had a difficult time while in the Liverpool squad but they can do it elsewhere though in Bellamy's case, he bust-up everybody. Ask John Arne Risse.

11 February 2009


It wasn't me... it was you! said Torres as the man in blue, known as Alex lay motionlessly on the pitch of Feb. 1, 2009

  1. MEDIA is part & parcel of the world football industry. Failure to recognise this, means a definite no-no to anyone. Be it the manager, the whole club, the owners, the fans and of course, the players themselves. Beckham is a good example how smooth he can be with the media and because of that, he was able to manipulate everything to his end.

  2. I'm not presenting a paper on media here. hahaha... My point of contention is the Spanish media (i.e football reporting). By playing the Barcalona sentiment, the Spanish media is on the same level with the UK media. Obnoxious! hahaha...

  3. They tried to be the representatives to Barca (ALWAYS!) and throw names who ever they like. Yesterday it had to be Torres. And they said, Barca is preparing the money because they know what kind of financial state Liverpool is in at the moment. Oh my... They thought they know about our financial situation. hahaha...

  4. Let's play along. Barca wanted to buy Torres. Are they willing to sale Messi? We're not interested with their olden horses i.e E'to, Henry... But we know Barca stick almost half a billion dollar price on Messi. And yet, they are cheeky enough trying to pinch our player.

  5. I'm sure the stupid Yankees wouldn't mind to sale Torres for US$400 million and at the same time, settled their debts. hahaha... Of course, in doing so - those stupid americans know very well it would be the end of their time (which we want it to end as fast as we could now).

  6. Ok it's gonna be LIVE TELECAST at 5 am tomorrow between England vs Spain. Since there won't be any Liverpool player in the England squad, let's cheer it for the Spaniards! It's my off-day tomorrow. At this point of time, I don't think I want to watch the game. Sleep is a luxury that I have been craving for a week now... since that Everton day!



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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